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Me, i love eating out alone–at least if it’s good food.

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Though i would never deign to tell someone else how to run their business, common sense and compassion together suggest that more restaurants do more to cater to the solo crowd.

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Habituation helps with the discomfort: it gets easier as i do it more, or visit the same restaurant more than once while dining alone.

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I still prefer the essay form, but good luck selling it if your name isn’t tony bourdain or you don’t have solid connections in new york.

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Portlands great for dining out alone, the counter is the single woman’s plus one.

This essay, about eating out alone, mostly stands the test of time.

I love eating alone (also, going to the movies alone), and always bring a book or some long article.

The service counter is a great tip to look for when dining alone.

Oddly enough, i just recently dined alone at a restaurant, not something i usually do but i had a gift card and it was lobster fest at the tigard red lobster.

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I eat out alone a lot, and feel many of the same things.