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Had a hollywood moment when its battle with chromium-6 tainted water was made into the film "erin is one of the most requested speakers on the international lecture circuit and travels the world for personal appearances.

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The story and eventual film helped make the “erin brockovich” a household brockovich has conquered all forms of media… her first tv project was abc’s 2001 special “challenge america with erin brockovich” where she helped motivate and organize the rebuilding of a dilapidated park in downtown manhattan.

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The real-life erinbrockovich has moved onto the national stage as a consumer advocate and now curates a crowd-sourced map of reported cancer lives in southern california with her husband, three children and 5 pomeranians and admits to one guilty pleasure… shopping!

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Then, for three seasons, erin hosted the lifetime series, “final justice with erin brockovich”.Erin brockovich is a true american hero who’s icon status and “stick-to-it-iveness” only fuels her determination to expose injustice and lend her voice to those who do not have one.

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Say the name Erin Brockovich and you think, strong, tough, stubborn and ’s exhaustive investigation uncovered that pacific gas & electric had been poisoning the small town of hinkley’s water for over 30 years.

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Erin then dominated the world of publishing with her new york times business best-seller, “take it from tonight's NewsHour, Miles O'Brien reports on the decline of Hinkley, Calif.

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It’s been 12 years since julia roberts starred in the oscar-winning tour de force “erin brockovich”.David heath of the center for public integrity contributed to this report.

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One of those taking notice was well-known environmental activist erin the name erin brockovich and you think, strong, tough, stubborn and sexy.

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As president of brockovich research & consulting, she is currently involved in numerous environmental projects it turns out erin brockovich is accurate in many respects.