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Remember that what you say in a chat room or instant messaging session is live — you can’t take it back or delete it later.

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Much has been written about dangers on the internet, but if your child is going to get in trouble online, chances are that it will be because of something that happens in a chat room.

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In many cases, the child and the perpetrator are together in the chat room for a very short time and continue the conversation via e-mail and other venues, including mobile phones.

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In some cases, the child continues to believe that the person on the other end of the chat sessions and e-mail is a child up until the meeting.

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Of course, it’s not really a photo of the person engaged in the chat but of an attractive child about the same age as the victim — possibly scanned from a magazine — often engaged in a happy social activity with parents, friends or siblings.

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Don’t get together with someone you meet in a chat room.

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When he finds someone who seems vulnerable, he invites the child into a private area of the chat room to get better acquainted.

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Children who are relatively quiet in online chats are especially targeted, says rodriquez.

Still, that might not be a sign of a serious problem, but of your child’s desire to maintain privacy while chatting with other kids.

Millions of children engage in chat and instant messaging every day and the overwhelming majority are not victimized.

Next comes private chat via an instant message service followed by e-mail, phone conversations and, finally, a face-to-face meeting.

Predators like to go after kids who tend to express agreement in chat rooms but not say a lot because they know that these kids are vulnerable.

It sometimes takes months to turn a contact from a chat room into a sexual victim.