Paris Review - Jean Cocteau, The Art of Fiction No. 34

Readings and viewings will include selections such as the following: 1) novels and stories --henry james (the golden bowlin its two versions, the altar of the dead), edith wharton ( age of innocence), virginia woolf ( to the lighthouse); various  versions of melville’s including the recent one, in the heart of the sea 2)  reading of stéphane mallarmé’s essays on dance and versions of dance films: russian ark, the black swan, frederick wiseman’s film la danse, the russian  ballet film, and so on; 3) films of joseph cornell and readings from his letters and source files together with stan brakhage’s wonder ring (backwards), jerome hill’s films overpainted  4)  surrealist films including le chien andalou and writings by dali, such as his novel hidden faces ; jean cocteau’s les parents terrible, les enfants teribles and the plays associated  with the films, and his blood of a poet;  5) peter greenaway’s presentations of veronese  and his films with tom phillips,  such as  the tempest; and rembrandt’s “j’accuse” and “nightwatching” ; biographies of gauguin and his writings, van gogh, and his letters to theo 6) jon krakauer’s into thin air and the film everest (how to film and speak of extremes?

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Which appears only once in johns's statement, in the opening sentence: "what.


Essay cannot just continue, cannot move from point to point, from thesis.

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Which draws on a statement johns makes at the very end of the geelhaar.

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All johns's statement is just an unrehearsed response to a question from.

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To accompany the production of jean cocteau's play marriage at the eiffel.

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Series of statements cited by mark rosenthal in his jasper johns: work.

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Text enacts precisely this statement: what we "take to be a whole".

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Structure, especially since the artist hesitates or withdraws statements,As in "i think i do different things at different times and perhaps.

Through" of an informal statement on aesthetic made by jasper johns.

Prose--a passage from an interview, a newspaper paragraph, a statement from.

Jean cocteau thesis statement

So, i need to fix this up so its coherent, i need to probably double the length, tighten it up, add a thesis, etc.