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Training sessions on the methods, challenges, and strategies associated with writing successful proposals, especially those related to the type of work sesync supports.

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Your Research Proposal: Earth and Environment

A call for proposals (tier 2) for independent synthesis research by graduate students will follow the workshop in 2014.

Socio-Environmental Synthesis Research Proposal Writing Workshop

The Socio-Environmental Synthesis Research Proposal Writing Workshop (Tier 1) will provide graduate students with:School of public health.

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Analysis of Environmental Research and Strategy Proposal for 2011

The proposal should be well-written and no longer than 6 pages, plus references, and include: introduction to the topic, the aim(s) of the project and the research questions, full methodology, and referencing (using a journal style most closely linked to your research).

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The research proposal should be your own work, and will be checked for originality.

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The socio-environmental synthesis research proposal writing workshop (tier 1) will provide graduate students with:Introductions to sesync, socio-environmental synthesis research, team science, and actionable science;.

Environmental Planning Ph. D Research Proposal

If you choose to contact supervisors with your research proposal before making a formal study application, it would be helpful if you could include all of the potential supervisors that you are contacting on the email correspondence that you send, so that the potential supervisors in our school can start a discussion about supervision at the appropriate level.

A Research Proposal: The Effects of Restaurant Environment on

It is helpful if the proposal is written using these headings.

The research proposal should include sufficient information so that we can evaluate the research that you want to do, as well as helping us make sure that we have the necessary expertise to supervise the project.

If you are self-funding or seeking independent sponsorship for your research degree study, you should prepare a research proposal before contacting staff.

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