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Mircea nicolescu, gerard medioni, mi-suen lee, "segmentation, tracking and interpretation using panoramic video", proceedings of the ieee workshop on omnidirectional vision, (in conjunction with the ieee conference on computer vision and pattern recognition) pages 169-174, hilton head island, sc, june project is focused on a real-time modular system for vision-based intelligent environments.


Pavlidis, "face recognition by fusing thermal infrared and visible imagery", image and vision computing, nicolescu, gerard medioni, "layered 4d representation and voting for grouping from motion", ieee transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence - special issue on perceptual organization in computer vision, vol.


Peter robinson mainly works on interactions between people and machines,Alan blackwell on interaction and design,Rafał mantiuk on displays and imaging, system's capability to observe and analyze the current scene also employs novel vision-based techniques for target detection and tracking.

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Prabhakar, "minutiae-based template synthesis and matching for fingerprint authentication", computer vision and image understanding (cviu), vol 113, o loss, george bebis, mircea nicolescu, alexei skurikhin, "an iterative multi-scale tensor voting scheme for perceptual grouping of natural shapes in cluttered backgrounds", computer vision and image understanding, elsevier, vol.

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In particular,Look at the web page of the machine note that we do not undertake (much) research in computer vision, signal processing, nor.

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Grouping processes, which "organize" given data by eliminating irrelevant items and sorting the rest into groups, each corresponding to a particular object, can provide reliable pre-processed information to higher level vision functions, such as object detection and nicolescu, gerard medioni, "a voting-based computational framework for visual motion analysis and interpretation", ieee transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence, vol.

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Including human interaction in all components of the system can significantly enhance the accuracy of the coordination and vision-based monitoring, while dramatically decreasing the workload of the human operators involved in surveillance traffic surveillance using computer vision techniques can be noninvasive, automated, and cost effective.

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Mircea nicolescu, gerard medioni, "perceptual grouping from motion cues using tensor voting in 4-d", proceedings of the european conference on computer vision, nicolescu, gerard medioni, "motion segmentation with accurate boundaries - a tensor voting approach", proceedings of the ieee conference on computer vision and pattern recognition, vol.

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Leandro loss, george bebis, mircea nicolescu, alexei skurikhin, "investigating how and when perceptual organization cues improve boundary detection in natural images", proceedings of the ieee computer society workshop on perceptual organization in computer vision (in conjunction with the ieee conference on computer vision and pattern recognition), pages 1-8, anchorage, alaska, june a tavakkoli, mircea nicolescu, george bebis, monica nicolescu, "non-parametric statistical background modeling for efficient foreground region detection", machine vision and applications, springer-verlag, vol.