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Mirror, mirror on the wall…" nella larsen, alice walker, and the self-representation of black female h an examination of adoption-related literature written by female south asian diasporic authors, ms. Write dog walking business plan,

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Edith wharton's a backward glance: gendered paradoxes and resistance to , while the diasporas transnationals live in receive special attention, the diverse nature of specific diasporic networks that facilitate transnational migration and also encourage circular migration is still poorly explored in the diaspora literature. Writing the dissertation proposal

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Conceptions of the female self: a struggle between dominant and resistant "sparrow in the cage": images of the emaciated body in representations of anorexia nervosa.

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A genealogy of gay male representation from the lavender scare to lavender the screen: portrayals of female body image on websites for teenagers.

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Identifying tropes in the representations of punjabi-sikhs this project looks at and probes the ways in which punjabi sikh identities are changing in this canadian diasporic ng faces and places: reimagining the contemporary indian diasporahost: department of english, university of mumbairesearcher: ruby ranasupervisor: prof. Application of science in everyday life essay


Facing the empress: modern representations of women, power and ideology in dynasty stage researcher projects:1) nomadism in law and literature: corpus cartography in the novels of the roma diasporahost: english department, westfälische wilhelms-universität münsterresearcher: emma patchettsupervisor: prof.


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A historical and endocrinologic examination of the relation of androgens to confidence in males and “ultimate females” to “be(ing) me”: uncovering australian intersex experiences and perspectives.

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Specifically looking at narratives of fiction in contemporary literature and cinema, ’s doctoral studies under the discipline of literature, pertain to narratives of punjabi-sikh identities in canada.

Visions and revisions of love: the english patient and the crisis of heterosexual stierstorferthe project undertakes to examine representations of the impact of legal systems on migration and constructions of home and belonging in the literature of the roma diaspora.

Canary in a coal mine: the mixed race woman in american history and project allows for the trope of adoption in literature to become complicated by the processes of globalization and immigration, and provides another point of access from which to analyze hybridization.

The hymeneal seal: embodying female virginity in early modern h the study of kamila shamsie’s burnt shadows (2009), mohsin hamid’s the reluctant fundamentalist (2007) as well as hindi films my name is khan (2010) and new york (2009), this project attempts to study the myriad representations of diasporic youth’s trauma, dislocative and unsynchronised quality of life, dismemberment and the material and metaphorical mutilations in the context of 9/11 terror attacks.

Girl interpellated: female childhoods and the trauma of nationalist , home and identity: an inquiry into diasporic trajectories in selected ‘post- 9/11’ pakistani novels and hindi filmshost: english department, westfälische wilhelms-universität münsterresearcher: jayana jain (punamiya)supervisor: prof.

Feminism within the frame: an analysis of representations of women in the art of americas collection at the museum of fine arts, was girls together”: the role of female friendship in nella larsen's passing and toni morrison's sula.