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The postdoctoral research training program at the children's nutrition research center is designed for individuals with m.Research proposal on child nutrition

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Training in general pediatrics, obstetrics or other areas of medicine and/or virtually any biological discipline that may have an effect on the nutritional well-being of mothers and children.

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The research committee is responsible for approval of a written research proposal, review of the trainee’s progress every six months with submission of a status report following each meeting signed by the trainee and all of the members of the committee, and identification of desired coursework as well as the potential for collaboration with other research programs at baylor neighboring institutions.

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Research training at the cnrc is a modification of the typical mentor/trainee format involving supervision by the primary mentor as well as a required research committee of 3 – 4 people selected jointly by the mentor and trainee and approved by the program director.

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The postdoctoral fellowship in children's nutrition research center prepares postdoctoral fellows to be highly competent and competitive scientists in an area of the nutritional sciences from conception to adolescence.

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