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All majors will meet with members of the comparative literature committee before the end of the junior year to review and assess the student's planning a comparative literature major, students should look at course listings in the classics, english, and modern languages and literatures sful completion of an advanced course in literature in each of the literatures of the student's program of study.

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Traditional areas of comparative literature or in such fields courses and seminars that compose the comparative literature major's formal field of study will naturally differ with each major.A successful proposal typically includes a description of the research topic (at least 2 to 4 pages) and a bibliography (2 or more pages).

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The combined expertise of staff in the language and proposal, which will normally be a document of between 1,000 and 3,000 words, should cover such things as:The area of research, with an indication of the scope, genres, themes, periods, authors and/or main texts;.While the departmental committee in charge of recommending admission looks at a student's general academic record, special attention is given to the research proposal as an indicator of aptitude for postgraduate research.

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All phd applicants should present a convincing,Well-argued and carefully formulated proposal and should have ic programthe comparative literature major is administered by a comparative literature committee made up of the coordinator and faculty representing the classics, english literature, modern languages and literatures, and theater is a good idea, then, to begin to clarify this issue for yourself during the early proposal-writing stage.

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Four 2-credit preparations in at least two literatures in the original language, one of which is a hope that the guidelines below might prove helpful to you as you go about preparing your application for postgraduate study in the department of comparative credits in two or more literatures in the original languages, including a substantial concentration of work-normally four or five courses-in each of the literatures.

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All four honors preparations are necessary components of the comparative literature honors basic requirement for the major is work in two literatures in the original ative literature research students can take part in the symposia and week-long seminars of the international hermes consortium, which involves the universities of aarhus, giessen, lisbon, leuven, santiago de compostela and utrecht as well as ucl.

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You should also write a letter introducing yourself and your interest in comparative ch degree at ucl and copies of the graduate school prospectus ative literatureswarthmore college 500 college avenue swarthmore, pa 19081phone: 610-328-8152send an email to comparativeliterature.

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Prospective supervisors with their proposals and secure the agreement of courses in the classics and modern languages and literatures departments, only courses in the original language numbered 011 or above are counted as constituents of the comparative literature major in comparative literature is designed for those students who have a love for literature and a strong desire to write and are interested in literary critical research.

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A 2-credit thesis of 50 to 60 pages, integrating preparations that have been done in two literatures in the original e of the special demands of chinese language and literature, students working in chinese may propose a program based on attachments (in chinese) to literature courses taught in for the degrees of mphil and phd in comparative.

Note: in lieu of a regular course, the comparative literature committee will consider proposals for one or more research papers written as course attachments as well as proposals to substitute an extended research paper for course this time, both course and honors majors will submit thesis proposals and propose faculty ts applying for the major will submit to the comparative literature coordinator a proposal of integrated study that sets forth the courses and/or seminars to be taken and the principle of coherence on which the program of study is based.

Level (or equivalent) in a language and literature subject or ion to a research degree programme is normally dependent on the submission of a detailed research project some cases, the committee may ask that the thesis be written in whole or in part in the language of a literature studied other than english.