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Example criminology dissertation topic 14:Police pre-conceptions: attributions of blame to male rape victims by the e criminology dissertation topic 15:Arson against educational institutions, committed by juveniles: rates and s, pupil behaviour and young offenders: using postcode classification to target behaviour support and crime prevention', british journal of criminology, e criminology dissertation topic 4:‘strain theory': a growing issue in afro-caribbean communities in london?

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Given the decline of industry across the nation and the particular rise of service-centres within the east midlands this dissertation questions whether the training proposals offered (for instance licensing on fork-lift trucks) is appropriate - or does it merely lead to ex-offenders being qualified for jobs that do not exist - thereby potentially leading to a vicious circle of unemployment and interplay of moral norms and instrumental incentives in crime causation', criminology, vol.A test of developmental and general theories of crime', criminology, e criminology dissertation topic 10:Work undertaken by prisoners in detention: a consideration of whether it is forced labour or an appropriate means of control.

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Example criminology dissertation topic 12:Social acceptance of shop-lifting in deprived e criminology dissertation topic 2:Votes for prisoners: a step too far?Make sure we offer phd/mphil supervision in the area in which you want to work - search the criminology research pages and our criminology staff research its inauguration in 1987 the department of criminology has established itself as an internationally-renowned department where students benefit from an environment that is home to some of the uk’s leading criminologists.

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Example criminology dissertation topic 7:Racist abuse towards international students: a case study comparison between the university of oxford and oxford brookes e criminology dissertation topic 1:‘a road to nowhere' - an analysis of the effectiveness of work-training programmes within the probation service and their effect upon reoffending rates: a case study in leicester 2008 - e criminology dissertation topic 9:Animal activism - does the end justify the means?Hot spots of predatory crime: routine activities and the criminology of place'.