Research proposal on discipline in schools

Proposal for Restorative Discipline: A Proactive Approach to

The evaluation includes (1) baseline data on school climate; (2) implementation data on use of restorative circles, attitudes toward punishment and restorative practices, leadership support, and changes in classroom disruption, emotional literacy, problem solving, relational skills, and social discipline; and (3) impact data on disciplinary counts and outcomes, school performance, incidents of bullying, positive indicators of successful learning environment and effective conflict resolution among students.

Managing school behavior: a qualitative case study

For improved student progress among middle schools with the same demographics.

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Effective Discipline for Misbehavior: In School vs. Out of School

School climate surveys showed that parents / caregivers had a stronger sense of procedural fairness in how decisions about discipline were made as the year progressed.

Research Supporting Positive Discipline

Ed white middle school in san antonio, tx, implemented a whole-school restorative discipline approach in 2012 and introduced the model sequentially by grade level in a three-year project.

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Format of Discipline Proposal

Campus and district administrators have a limited number of options when it comes to assigning consequences for student discipline infractions.

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Research proposal

All students have now experienced restorative discipline as part of their entire middle school experience.

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Proposal for restorative discipline: a proactive approach to discipline management.


Prior to the 2013/2014 school year, 7th grade teachers were trained in the model and after year 2 7th grade in-school suspensions dropped 47 percent with just one year of restorative discipline.

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