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It should be a fluid document which changes as you earn degrees, gain professional experience and acquire new interests and career directions. What to write on the objective line of a resume,

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When we asked the graduate recruiter at baker & mckenzie about her top tip for filling out the ‘interests’ information in an application form or cv, she explained that candidates often undersell themselves in this section. Who can write a research paper for me

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That usually means that you have to make some strategic omissions in your work experience or academic sections.

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Some applicants are tempted to use the legal work experience section on their cv to demonstrate transferable skills.

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In the same way that a career after college erodes the importance of the academic sections, the fact that you've graduated from college erodes your high school achievements. Arapahoe library district homework help

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Cv tip 6: don’t undersell yourself in the ‘interests’ section.


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Sit down and list all of your work experience since high school, including your activities, hobbies and interests.

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Think about the competencies law firms look for: if the rest of your cv is lacking evidence of teamworking, for instance, make sure you demonstrate your involvement with any teams or committees in this section.

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