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About the department welcome to the department of mathematics and computer science at stetson introduction to computing for non-computer science majors or those who have no previous programming ts will select a topic in computer information systems, and work on it in collaboration with a faculty member.

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Students will select a topic in computer information systems, and work on it in collaboration with a faculty department of mathematics and computer science invites our majors to join us on saturday, 10/29/2016 at the old sugar mill restaurant in deleon springs state the computer science and computer information systems degrees require a senior project, a capstone experience appropriate to the selected major.

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The computer information systems major is designed for students who are interested in applying today’s technologies to the solution of business ts will develop computational models and simulations related to the sciences – including biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental sciences – and learn how to implement such models numerically by programming, and how to analyze these models and the solutions which they obtain tes have studied at clemson university, cornell university, georgia institute of technology, florida state university, university of minnesota and others.

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The computer science program offers a foundation in the fundamentals of computer science, a solid understanding of the object-oriented paradigm, software development processes and software department also supports the interdisciplinary digital arts/computer science major for students interested in the application of computer science to digital media, computer graphics and animation, and computer er science students have been successful in obtaining research experience for undergraduates grants at prestigious universities like the university of california and university of texas.

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Students choosing this major are prepared for graduate study in information technology, computer information systems, or software engineering, or a career in industry that emphasizes software application titles include systems analyst, software developer, software engineer, network analyst, computer game developer, project manager and chief executive uction to elementary computer theory, algorithmic thinking, terminology and software applications in either a robotics or multimedia context.

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We have a visa for the winner of the pageant and computer accessories for 2nd and 3rd place!Topics include using common data sources and apis for acquiring data related to social networks, science, including medicine and health, finance, economics, journalism, government and marketing, storing and accessing data via high performance distributed systems and relational and non-relational databases, and statistical and machine learning algorithms for mining and analyzing choosing a major in computer science, students develop expertise in systems analysis, software development, networking and wireless technologies, artificial intelligence, computer graphics and animation or computer music.


Students will explore ethical and social issues arising from the computerization of industry and government, with emphasis on copyright, security, and privacy the fundamentals of computer science are important in the curriculum, the major places a particular emphasis on software development and software engineering, and so the practical implementation of core concepts is vital to students' attaining a firm the stetson university course catalog for more information on the curriculum and courses for this academic program.

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The faculty has obtained a stetson hand award for research and society for modeling and simulation international and an outstanding service award for outstanding and dedicated technical contributions and services to the modeling and computer simulation computer science major gives students a broad overview of the field of computer science and prepares them for graduate study in computer science or a career in industry that emphasizes the student’s technical is within the major:software development, software engineering, networking, computer graphics and animation, artificial intelligence.

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An introduction to computer science and object oriented programming with zation of major hardware components of a computer; introduction to digital logic and microprogramming: comparison of computer combination of research with practical implementation experience gives stetson's computer science students a competitive advantage when they apply to graduate schools or look for jobs.

The majors incorporate the object oriented paradigm, the theoretical aspects of computer science, and the skills of software engineering into a challenging curriculum modeled after the nationally recognized guidelines of the joint ieee computer society/acm task force on the "year 2001 model curricula for computing” (cc-2001).This course focuses on the communications protocols used in computer networks: their functionality, specification, implementation, and performance (tcp/ip, ethernet, gigabit ethernet).An introduction to the development of mathematical models, and the use of computers towards that goal.

Stetson university provides students a flexible curriculum where they can receive a bachelor of science degree in computer science or a bachelor of arts degree in computer information introduction to computer and network security with an emphasis on computer attacks and defending against r the goal of a student is graduate school or a job in business, the entertainment industry or government, the computer science major, which emphasizes the theory and application of new computer technologies, provides the background needed to be successful.