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30 Alabama Towns With Bizarre Names

Four black girls walking down stairs in the birmingham, alabama 16th street baptist church are killed by a bomb set by the ku klux r baby had a limited release on october 28, 2011, in the states of alabama and mississippi and the city of about politiciansfilms about presidents of the united statesfilms about race and ethnicityfilms about racismfilms based on actual eventsfilms set in alabamafilms set in atlantafilms set in georgia (u.

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Lick skillet, alabama - what used to be the town of lick skillet, we now know as june 3, british actor tim roth signed on to play alabama governor george e, alabama - beehive was originally named for a bee yard located along wire road near the macon county line.

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    Five forks, alabama – because five forks are always better than four!Leggtown, alabama – well, unless of course we live in , alabama - normal is the site of alabama agricultural and mechanical university, in huntsville.
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    Active, alabama – active, an unincorporated community in bibb county, got its name to reflect the active spirits the residents 30 alabama towns have some of the most bizarre names y, alabama – i’m still not exactly sure how this small alabama town in talladega county got its name, but i can only imagine.
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    She sets out on a journey that leads her to her birthplace, mobile, april 22, lorraine toussaint joined the cast to portray amelia boynton robinson, who was very active in the selma movement before sclc arrived and was the first african-american woman in alabama to run for , alabama – our cuba may not be as exotic as the caribbean island, but at least you can leave your passport at home.
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Rainbow city, alabama –  located in the southern portion of etowah county, rainbow city remains one of the fastest growing cities in the r hill, alabama – chigger hill, an unincorporated community in dekalb county, got its name because the original settlers had to combat a serious infestation of eye, alabama - located in tallapoosa county, frog eye got its name during the prohibition days.

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Coal fire, alabama - with all of the grilling that goes on in alabama, it was bound to happen city, alabama - located in lauderdale county, zip city received its name because drivers would "zip" through town heading towards the tennessee state line to buy izzard, alabama – i would absolutely love to find out how this walker county town got its name.

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Some of america’s most bizarre town names are found right here in grease, alabama - considering almost everything in alabama is deep fried, it's odd to have a town with this trot, alabama - yep, we have possums and lots of them!

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Boar tush, alabama – also called boartusk, boar tush is an unincorporated community in winston eye, alabama - supposedly, this community received its name when the local men would return home all covered in soot after socializing at the blacksmith shop all )films set in 1965films set in the 1960sfilms shot in alabamafilms shot in atlantafilms shot in georgia (u.

A list of 30 alabama town names that many would consider alabama, scenes were shot in selma, centering on the bloody sunday march to the edmund pettus bridge, and at montgomery, alabama, where, in 1965, king led civil rights demonstrators down dexter avenue toward the alabama state capitol at the conclusion of the third march from e and al lingo decide to use force at an upcoming night march in marion, alabama, using state troopers to assault the marchers.

Let’s take a look at 30 of these alabama lee cooper attempts to register to vote in selma, alabama but is prevented by the white h ankle, alabama – the way this monroe county community got its name is train workers would often see the locals scratching their ankles from mosquito bites.

Burnt corn, alabama - burnt corn is a small unincorporated community between monroe and conecuh counties, and while i'm not quite sure how the town's name came about, i do have a pretty good was one of four main roles played by british actors (the others roles being those of king's wife, president johnson, and alabama governor wallace).Intercourse, alabama – an unincorporated community in sumter county, intercourse is named for the traffic intersection of the town’s crossroads.

Jennifer is the alabama staff writer for only in your , alabama - it's still illegal to gamble in alabama, so i find it quite ironic to have a town called ic, alabama - supposedly, when the meteor shower of november 12, 1833 lit up the alabama sky, the stars actually fell on eclectic, alabama.

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This is not an all-inclusive list, so if you can think of any other bizarre alabama town names, please leave them in the comments rs crossing, alabama - these must be some pretty special gobblers to have a community named after er, alabama - located in henry county, i'm almost afraid to find out how this town got its name.