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Cornered, disalvo found an excuse: he was all for free inquiry and unpopular opinions (the unpopular question in my case being the rather obvious point that islam is not really a religion of peace), but he just couldn’t allow me to speak on campus because i had received death threats.

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Disalvo, who is the first layperson to be named president of saint anselm college.

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At saint anselm college in manchester, new hampshire, officials have recently invoked security risks to cover up their hostility to points of view that veer too far from the acceptable leftist line.

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While there, i discovered that it was again because of the death threats i had received.

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Disalvo, following his predecessor’s lead, nixed that appearance as well.

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Why saint anselm considered any kind of security arrangements to be inadequate, disalvo didn’t explain, leaving open the question: why is saint anselm college so much more unsafe than all other campuses?

Saint Anselm College: The Most Unsafe Campus In the U.S.

Disalvo oversaw marian’s change in academic structure from seven schools to four schools; development of the inspired brand; implementation of a strategic plan; expansion of the board of trustees; and construction of the lenz field house and acquisition of the mercy medical center radiologic technology program in oshkosh, wis.

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As if aware, however, that forcible suppression of unwelcome points of view is contrary to the very idea of a university, today’s academic authoritarians cast about for fig leaves to cover up their slavish adherence to politically correct norms.

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Such issues were at the front of disalvo’s mind as saint anselm enters its quasquicentennial.

For the first time, the letters following the saint anselm college president’s name include mba and not osb (as in order of st.

Disalvo, who also has a doctorate in educational leadership, was inaugurated by the catholic liberal arts school in october.

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But as ridiculous as it is, the contention of disalvo and levesque that those who have been threatened should not venture onto campus should be taken at face value.

Several saint anselm professors balked at this, complaining to disalvo that colleges were supposed to be centers of free inquiry and intellectual engagement, and that he was acting contrary to what institutions of higher learning were supposed to be all about by banning points of view in line with political correctness.

The presidential search committee landed on disalvo, who was president of marian university in wisconsin for three years and previously held executive positions at several philanthropic organizations.
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