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G-chord with music and lyrics by Stewie Griffin is a song sung by Stewie Griffin preparing to.

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Stewie: god, he's a bigger buzz kill than buzz killington.

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When brian uses the restroom, anne tells stewie that gene maclellan would have known more about the song, since he wrote it.

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Little compilation of visual images to go with the song?

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Stewie: it doesn't bother you the way i pronounce it?

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Stewie is trying to write a song on his guitar for susie swanson].

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While listening to "snowbird", they disagree over the meaning of the lyrics and decide murray needs to explain the song's true meaning.

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Stewie: then brian comes in and i change up the tempo.

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G-chord with music and lyrics by stewie griffin is a song sung by stewie griffin preparing to write a song for newborn susie swanson in "ocean's three and a half".

Stewie: well, rupert, we're out of food, diapers, and just about everything else.

Despite this, stewie forces anne to sing "snowbird" while gagged and bound as a moose listens to the song.

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