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Steve Blank Someone Stole My Startup Idea – Part 2: They Raised

Idea theft is an ongoing concern for many of these business owners, who see themselves as having an advantage by [.

7 Simple Ways You Can Protect Your Idea From Theft

Instead of requiring a signature, consider simply printing a confidentiality statement on your business plan.

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Dear Julie: “My 'Friend' Stole My Business Plan” | Dame Magazine

The theft was the ultimate conclusion of a plan that was set in motion years ago.

EVE Online player steals ,000 worth of ISK in massive

A business that i've worked seven long years to build to a point where it pays my bills.

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Stolen Car: What To Do After An Auto Theft | GEICO

A competitor could snatch the idea and put it to use themselves, leaving the business with little recourse.

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Someone stole my startup idea | VentureBeat | Entrepreneur | by

Those who want to start their own businesses generally have ideas in spades and are seeking funding to get those ideas off the ground, just as you are.

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The original business plan for titans4u involved the purchase of several original titan blueprints worth over 60 billion isk each.

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AlphaBay Market Launched a Fully-Automated Stolen Credit Card

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The documentation required to register a trademark can serve as written proof that your business idea was in the works at a specified time.

Look for any disputes with previous business partners and make sure the person has established a positive reputation in his or her chosen field.

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