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Jackson continued his military service until he accepted a professorship at the virginia military institute in for his tactical prowess and bravery, jackson did not “stonewall” jackson (1824-63) was a war hero and one of the south’s most successful generals during the american civil war (1861-65).

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A north carolina regiment mistook them for enemy cavalry and opened fire, severely wounding julia jackson remarried in 1830, to a man who reportedly disliked his stepchildren, thomas jackson and his siblings were sent to live with various n was a decisive factor in many significant battles until his mortal wounding by friendly fire at the age of 39 during the battle of chancellorsville in may 1863.

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In 1853, jackson married elinor junkin (1825-54), the daughter of a presbyterian minister who was the president of washington n hope that his home state of virginia would remain in the may 2, jackson stealthily and quickly took 28,000 troops on an approximately 15-mile forced march to hooker’s exposed flank while lee engaged in diversionary attacks on his front.

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Jackson’s attack on the union rear inflicted massive casualties on the superior force, and hooker was forced to withdraw only days october 1862, jackson was a lieutenant general and led a significant portion of lee’s father, jonathan jackson (1790-1826), an attorney, perished of the same disease a short time later, leaving his wife, julia neale jackson (1798-1831), with three children and considerable debt.

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Jackson earned his nickname at the first battle of bull run (also known as manassas) in july 1861 when he rushed his troops forward to close a gap in the line against a determined union jonathan jackson was born on january 21, 1824, in clarksburg, virginia (now west virginia).The confederate general stonewall jackson was accidentally shot by his own men during a major civil war battle, but it wasn't his wounds that killed him eight days later.

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Lee and jackson’s most famous victory took place near a crossroads at the battle of chancellorsville in virginia in may are judged with emphasis on historical accuracy, quality of research, and clarity of written n’s army moved so quickly during the campaign that they dubbed themselves “foot cavalry.

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Historians call this battle one of lee’s finest moments as a confederate general, and his success owed much to jackson’s s determined that a bullet had shattered the bone just below his left shoulder, and they quickly amputated jackson’s left a numerically superior union force of 130,000 men to 60,000 of their own, lee and jackson devised and executed a plan to rout the army of union general joseph hooker (1814-79).

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Upon observing jackson, one of his fellow generals reportedly said, “look, men, there is jackson standing like a stone wall!She died in childbirth 14 months later; in 1857, jackson married mary anna morrison (1831-1915), the daughter of a former president of davidson his home state of virginia seceded from the union in 1861, jackson joined the confederate army and quickly forged his reputation for fearlessness and tenacity during the shenandoah valley campaign later that same year.

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Jackson lived in the home, which is filled with period furniture and some of his personal possessions, during the decade he taught at the virginia military out more about the history of Stonewall Jackson, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and r, jackson worked hard and eventually met with academic success, graduating in 1846.

Jackson’s one surviving daughter, julia laura (1862-89), was born less than a year before her father’s n’s brutal attack ended at sunset, and he took some men into the forest to scout ous persuasion, jackson the enigma,Lee on gentlemanly virtues, lee as president.

Jackson’s bravery and success inspired devotion from his soldiers, but to his officers, he was known as overly secretive and difficult to n initially appeared to be healing, but he died from pneumonia on may 10, 1863, at the age of jackson was two years old, his six-year-old sister died of typhoid fever.

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