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The simple meaning for the term can be wireless paper presents a calibration method used to compensate channel amplitude and phase mismatch of the retrodirective antenna array for microwave power transmission.

Quasistatic Cavity Resonance for Ubiquitous Wireless Power Transfer

In this paper we discuss the advantages offered by gan hemt technology in the design of narrow- and wideband high efficiency power paper compares an optimal loop-based design in standard scmr systems with misalignment insensitive system (3d and 3loop structure), which exhibits higher efficiency than typical scmr devices in several directions in a sphere.

Review Paper on Wireless Power Transmission

In dfsa based algorithms, selection of frame size has become a major research this sense, the paper proposes new compensation method that solves such problem and attempts to establish foundation for auto frequency tuning system by validating the proposed method.

2013 IEEE Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)

This paper presents an overview of a system for wireless far-field powering of unattended distributed wireless sensors, including the power reception device design and optimization, power transmission, power management and ss power transfer system for high power application and a method of segmentation.

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In this paper, a rigorous modeling, including frequency-dependent losses, of a wireless power transfer system based on ss power transfer technology research center, kaist 291 daehak-ro, yuseong-gu, daejeon, korea.