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For present weather, all phenomena that do not touch the sensor, such as fog patches, remain unobserved.


The data-logger is the heart of the automatic weather station.

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The change from manual observations to automatic weather stations is a major non-climatic change in the climate record.

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The main power source for an automatic weather station depends on its usage.

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Typically the most important weather parameter measured at this height is wind speed and direction.

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Most automated airport weather stations are connected to the commercial power grid due to the higher power needs of the ceilometer and present weather sensors, which are active sensors and emit energy directly into the environment.

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In high quality weather stations, the data-logger may be designed by the supplier to be the perfect solution for a particular meteorological client.

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An automatic weather station (aws) is an automated version of the traditional weather station, either to save human labour or to enable measurements from remote areas.

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Nowadays, the solar panel, wind turbine and mobile phone technology have made it possible to have wireless stations that are not connected to the electrical grid or hardline telecommunications network.

Enclosures used with automatic weather stations are typically weather proof fiberglass, abs or stainless steel, with abs being the cheapest, cast aluminium paint[7] or stainless steel the most durable and fiberglass being a compromise.

The standard mast heights used with automatic weather stations are 2, 3, 10 and 30 meters.

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Many stations with lower power equipment usually use one or more solar panels connected in parallel with a regulator and one or more rechargeable batteries.

Unlike manual weather stations, automated airport weather stations cannot report the class and amount of clouds.

Power supply: the data-logger manages the power supply of the automatic weather station, using a solar panel for instance.
In the past, automatic weather stations were often placed where electricity and communication lines were available.