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User requirements4 marks• data capture and inputs• processes including security, queries, calculations, sorts, etc• reports and any other outputs• ethos and house style2 marks• quality and depth of analysis• ‘to gain full marks everything they go on to do should have been requested by the user in general terms’aim for if one calculated field is on a form or query• 1 for the calculation in a report• 1 mark if you use visual basic to produce a calculation• 1 mark if there is a calculated field in a multiple table designed to produce this calculation.

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Automated routines using programming code2 marks• design at least 2 different simple visual basic / code ict a2 it4 coursework 2011noreen kay 1chief examiner ict a level.

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Print and save data - in records via examples given in screenshots of data entry forms• examples of two different original (not default) validation text to support different validation procedures• instructions about using (so no screenshots in design view which is creating them) different types of queries (1mark =2 queries)• instructions about how to print one report (often not there) of security1 markthis could be using software own security lockingsystem or original code.

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Gce 2013 winter - english medium - media studies - welsh version - marking ces1 mark:• what it does - must do data processing related to the database you are going to do unless you justify difference.

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No marks; there must be criteriaand the justification is the reasonbut have not designed how to getthe data from the database x xno marks; justification is thereason but have not designed howto get the data from the databaseno marks; justification is thereason but have not identified whattables or fields are required xno marks; justification is thereason but have not designed howto get the data from the database xno marks query not fully designed x xno marks query not fully g out the as from the bs•an a grade evaluation would be 6 or more pages long•not a running commentary of what you did•evaluation what is good about your database system including data capture anduser documentation and saying why it adds value to the organisation•be critical and say its weak points and why•suggest concrete future developments not general ones such as “i could moredata”, “i could change the colour scheme’. Resume de michel strogoff

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Validation techniques• use range checks• use own original design of input mask• use or techniques• length checkshowever candidates lose marks by not fully designing 2013 winter - english medium - media studies - welsh version - marking scheme. Resume don39t contact current employer

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Ghz ht - 2 x 1 mb l2 cache - dual coreoperating system genuine windows® 7 home premium 64-bitram2 gb ddr3 2dimmgraphics cardati radeon 3000 up to 891 mb shared graphics memoryoutput device• screen type none no printer no mark backup medium • hard drive 500 gb sata 3g 7200 rpmexternal backup medium• optical disk drive dvd writer• sata dvd ram with lightscribe technology create silkscreen-quality disc labels directly from your• pcmemory card reader6-in-1 memory card reader• usb6 x usb mreportoriginal header but no original footer data not suitable toshow sorted grouping worked even thoughtechnique was shown no calculated field shown 0 marks out of 3 85.

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User requirements / expected outcomes / aims and objectives aim for approx minimum of 3 pages long • data capture and inputs 1 • processes including security queries calculations sorts etc 1 • reports and any other outputs 1 • ethos and/ or house style 1 • quality and depth of analysis 2 •‘to gain full marks everything they go on to do should have been requested by the user in general terms’some of the problems we saw last year were less evident but some centresstill award high marks for• a retrospective list of what the candidate didor• a brief very outline of what the system is required to 2014 winter - english medium - ict - marking scheme.

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WJEC ICT A2 IT4 Coursework 2011NOREEN KAY 1CHIEF EXAMINER ICT A LEVEL Past papers and marking of 2 data entry forms 1 form with a sub form• (hand drawn or dtp design)• 1 mark design of at least two forms;• 1 mark for design of form with a sub form• 1 mark is for quality and detail-names of all fields and some of the following; – sample data in each of the three forms – special features on each of the three forms e. Gce 2014 winter - english medium - ict - marking 2013 winter - english medium - media studies - welsh version - marking scheme. Resume for drug dealer

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Gce 2014 winter - english medium - ict - marking isation: 1 mark for identifying primary key and foreign keysmust show links and identify primary and foreign keys pk pk pk fk fk 28. Sidney bradshaw fay thesis summary | Hardware1 mark• details of the minimum hardware requirements for the system to function.A note about calculated fieldsit is possible to get 4 marks here but only if there are4 separate and different calculations. What are the parts of business plan | Each project must be individual and all of the candidates own work• marked out of 100 ates may not have done any security routines for their vb code but these would have to be tested as prescribed in the test plan if however they did write their own username and password code:• they would get testing security: there is 1 mark for testing security measure e. Business plan for online store | A second needed if mark already awarded for this in design of multiple tables queries with no criteria • one calculation cannot be awarded more than 1 mark it 4 relational databases coursework• 40% of marks• time approx 50 hours• does not have to be real it can be realistic but recommended a real organisation be used.