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When young drivers take the in-car portion of the driving test in the uk, young males do statistically better than young females.

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America is a nation with more passenger vehicles than licensed drivers.

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Men honked their horns three times more quickly than women when drivers in front did not move on a green light.

Women are BETTER drivers than men - but are too modest to admit it

According tom vanderbilt, author of traffic, some research suggests that men do show more technical proficiency in driving as well as a greater tendency to declare themselves “above average drivers.

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A new aspect of driving that compromises the success of both male and female drivers is cell phone use.

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While statistically considered “safer” drivers, women have often been socially stereotyped as “bad drivers.

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In a study of male and female drivers of varying experience levels attempting to park in a closed-off parking garage, men parked more quickly and more accurately.

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The most aggressive drivers are young men between ages 17-35 years.

Research finds that drivers using both hand-held and hands-free cellular phones are four times more likely than non-users to get into a crash that can cause serious injury.

As reported in an article for aaa, an australian study found that women in a driving simulator who were given negative stereotypes about women drivers were twice as likely to collide with a jaywalking pedestrian than women drivers not given the stereotype.

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