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The power-laden interactions between exotic dancers and their

The documentary — working title the dallas project — will explore the experiences of strippers and managers, each of whom carries unique reasons for his or her involvement in the industry.

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Katherine Frank stripped, interviewed her customers and then wrote a thesis about male desire.

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How Does Ovulation Affect a Stripper's Income? It Doesn't.

Katherine frank stripped, interviewed her customers and then wrote a thesis about male desire.

Stripping His Way to a Ph.D.

The photos show the strippers on stage, but also speak to their roles as mothers, wives, sisters, girlfriends, friends, and more — just as the dallas project seeks to do justice to all facets of their personalities.

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What appealed to me about kernberg and other object-relations psychoanalysts was the attempt to look at this hostility as something that inevitably arises but that does not necessarily destroy the passion that two people have for each other.

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Frank is now a social science research council sexuality research fellow at the university of wisconsin at madison, in the department of sociology and has taught at several other colleges.

How Working As a Stripper Made Me Have More Sympathy for Men

Your book is incredibly sympathetic, in contrast to things i’ve heard about strippers hating men.

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However, this film does not present stripping as an act of feminist expression.

It's not 'slut-shaming,' it's woman hating

We did some promotions in stripper bars and i started talking to strippers and liquor models about body image and identification and decided to study that in school.

She also found that men were obsessed with the authenticity of their interactions with the dancers (“that guy over there is deluded, but she really does like me”).

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