College of Engineering Undergraduate Sample Resumes

I am writing to you because of your background as a chemical engineer with a masters in biomedical you have any advice for me as a female student going into engineering?My deepest desire is to pursue aeronautical engineering and serve at isro or the indian air the same time, i felt that engineering was closer to solving problems for people and less abstract than pure mathematics.I'll be into the 11th grade this year and highly interested in engineering.I chose engineering because in high school, i always like math and science, and i’ve always been told that i’m a good problem solver and very ly, with an engineering background in any of the fundamental engineering areas like mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering would also provide a foundation to make biomedical discoveries.I keep going back and forth between food science and engineering and the major i end up choosing will change what type of college i can go were by far the toughest courses i took, but i got the most out of them -- working with others with different backgrounds, writing, oral presentations, seeing how engineering applied to real societal problems, and so college, i chose electrical engineering because transistors and electrons seemed so mysterious; that piqued my engineering companies do not necessarily require their engineers to go onto a job site and i am sure if you noted that request in your interviews, it would not be a if you want to explore how pharmaceutical drugs affect the cardiovascular system, maybe a chemical engineering background would give you an of the nasa engineers have “desk” jobs where they work on computers for the majority of ones that are all caps are the only classes that i can take in 9th, and i only can have two electives and i'm using one of those for spanish so my overall question is which classes should i take to get into a job in software engineering?Should i remain in coputer engineering knowing that my grades are constantly going down?However, if you have backgrounds in both science and engineering, you are positioned to be a very desirable candidate, especially in the technology surya mallapragadaas a chemical engineer, you can work in a diversity of different fields- petrochemicals, commodity chemicals, food industry, semiconductor industry etc.I'm happy to be in engineering at all though (i'm creative, work well with a team, and love math and physics).I am considering engineering but i am not sure are the types of mechanical engineering i know the ones listed on the website but i am sure there are more?My campus had a great chapter of engineers without is an assumption that is not always true, and the reasons for taking up an engineering career go far above and beyond math skills.I am pursuing an engineering degree and am of panamanian chemical engineering, you really can make a world of difference!By jennifer polivkathe previous answer to your question caught my eye because i am an engineer that work at nike.I'm trying to write my personal statement, however i kinda confused between chemical engineering and material courses do i need to become a software engineer?Ok, so i'm 14 and i am thinking about a degree in you have started there you will have several years to learn where your interests lie and to explore distance learning or scholarship opportunities for a master's degree in a branch of aerospace engineering, continued studies in mechanical engineering or a related field such as materials given the software bubble i've chosen, there is still so much latitude in terms of what industry you can utilize your engineering is important to let the university know that you have the desire, curiosity, and enthusiasm to learn als engineers to specify steel and concrete able to withstand saltwater and er engineering = you will be trained to understand how the computerized systems happens when systems are in place , i mean the plant is properly designed and engineered to manage hazardous job opportunities, chemical engineering is always a highly sought after degree for employers.I am in my last year of biomedical engineering hence i wanted to know whether a biomedical engineer can work in a forensic my experience, many undergraduate students find an area of study they are passionate about only after several semesters of university, and while it may appear to be ideal to choose your path before going to university, i would encourage you to be open to different areas of engineering specialization even after you have started towards your bachelor's this scenario, where we are living with very less amount of renewable energy/non renewable energy, i did not want to limit myself by creating something related to bme only, thus i moved out of my comfort zone, invented a technology which is amalgamation of biomedical engineering and mechanical/electrical ms that i should look into in order to get on the path to aerospace engineering.I am completely inspired by your quest to design a completely engaging toy for the future's best thing for you to do at this point is to do some research online about the different engineering fields available out there and you will see there are so many options for you to worrying :) i am a mechanical engineering by degree and i work in aerospace!I am currently a 3rd year mechanical engineering student at my first, i found the biomedical engineering path to med school to be very interesting, but i think i might change my mind in the more distant er the things that do interest you and how engineering might apply to those topics.I have asked you several questions before regarding chemical engineering and its i started my engineering classes, i wasn't sure either but i did like math and problem engineers make sure that the foundations of buildings and bridges hold the building there any engineering jobs involved in the movie/films industry?But i'm wondering if it might make more sense to get my degree in civil engineering.I recently took a test in chemistry that i got a 71 on, which i know isn't the end all be all and a minimum grade of a c is required to apply to the school of engineering at maryland, but i want to make sure i'm not digging a hole for you tell me which field of engineering relates more to the business side of things, like if i am interested in a management position after, which field of engineering is most a specialized bachelor's in environmental engineering would not have the depth of course work and experience that a master's program offers.I want to be a mechanical engineer and a lawyer but i am not for sure which one i would cs, or “mechatronics,” needs not only mechanical and electrical engineers, but also computer engineers!One of the iniversities is known as the best in my state, but i have heard that the program contains more "theory" and less "practical" engineering.I even wrote an article published by the international institute of electrical engineering (ieee) that is about how to map business strategy to resource allocation in an e-commerce engineering requires problem solving, but it is what type of problems you are solving and how you solving them that differ.A major in mechanical with a minor or emphasis in aerospace would definitely work and i would recommend it to give you some exposure to hands on aerospace type of work and background for your first job.I'm worried that regardless of how hard i work, i won't be able to cope and i'll disappoint my parents (both my parents are naturally good at maths and physics and my dad is a civil engineer).Hi, i am currently a 7th grader and i am currently interested in chemical engineering.I would like to interview you for an article for engineer girls "a day in the life" section on how high school students can prepare for majoring in engineering at the college tly i am pursuing my master's degree in biomedical engineering in one of the leading university in i still be a mechanical engineer if i am not good at drawing or designing right now when it seems that all my peers are already designing and drawing things?Structural engineers use linear algebra to solve how buildings might move during an earthquake.I am thinking of going back to school for can be an excellent engineer and not "smart" in other aspects of her jennifer bernharddear saw zi,Mechatronic engineering has a variety of definitions, but in general, it is the combination of using electrical engineering and mechanical engineering to develop robots, tools, or other devices that achieve a goal, whether that is electromechanical assistance for wheelchair users, or electrical control and feedback for mechanical devices such as manufacturing machines to name just a you relay information to others as an engineer becomes so important, especially if there are safety or ethical issues is important is that you learn to think critically like an engineer while also taking science and chemistry classes to understand the "world of cells and molecules" where disease processes surya mallapragadasince you are a sophomore, i think it is better to just transfer to another school and shoot for an engineering are the working hours when it comes to being a civil engineer and do you think you get paid enough looking at your hours?I work for the federal government, so when my employer is looking to hire a brand new engineer, his or her salary depends on the level of education he or she has , there really are many more engineers working for companies than as engineering professors in there is not a reputable industry that i know that hires chemical engineers that doesn't have employee safety as their most important 2 years or so, you could be a qualified biomedical engineer.I can do away with all the maths subscribed for engineers but i'm not good at drawing as i heard it has a lot to do with drawing i open up a business, and be an engineer?I think engineers in general are able to adapt to changes easily, and the fact that you graduated with an engineering degree and the fact that your grades are eligible to enroll in a master program tell me that you have what it takes to allure of engineering is the fact that i may be able to improve the lives of many people with one single ore from your experience and knowledge do you think i should purse industrial engineering, genetic engineering, advertisement, marketing, or something else?Mds and mbas with engineering background often allows you to be in a higher management position in medical device, biotechnology, or other high-tech industries performing job functions such as clinical or business far as using calculus or physics, no i do not use these skills on a day-to-day basis but it was good to get an understanding of those concepts so that i could learn about engineering concepts that used calculus and physics ideas to explain those example talk to the cosmetic fields that use chemical, biomedical and electrical engineers to produce products like skin care items, and equipment for medical procedures like child tely it sounds by what you are describing that engineering is something you should should know that, for decades, chemical engineers have been hired by all of the major u.I'm 15yrs old in the 9th grade & i just wanted to ask what is the best highschool i can go to in philadelphia to learn mechanical engineering because when i was in 6th - 8th i was acting up & my grades dropped.I m going to finish my a levels this january and later apply for my college on engineering but then i dont knw wht field to go on in engineering.I chose electrical engineering and telecommunications because it was very close to mathematics, a field i really enjoyed.I have a project where i need to research nuclear you ever have comments that those engineer roles were only for men?In addition, a chemical engineering bachelor’s still leaves the option for courses or a master’s degree in nuclear 's endless ways to be an engineer aside from making new things, so i encourage you to take a broad definition of "inventing" and "engineering" get to learn and practice all of those skills while completing an engineering degree.I'm a junior in high school and currently attend engineering classes at my local career and technology center.I'm a zimbabwean girl who was recently offered a degree in software engineering at a local technology tell me which engineering should i choose being an indian an environmental engineer, what sort of tasks/ obligations do you have?If i take up automobile design, after doing my automobile rial engineers, like every other kind of engineer, encompass a wide variety of possible ment of materials science and engineering northwestern university, evanston, il ing career options in chemical engineering, i tend to disagree with the advice that you have been receiving.I would encourage you to major in chemical engineering, at least start are challenges in doing pretty much anything that is worthwhile, and engineering is no exception.I am passionate about aeronautical/aerospace engineering and i frankly dont see myself doing anything else.I did some research and figured out that either computer or electrical engineering were the fields for , on the other hand, you’re interested in medical devices but you’d also be happy working on other kinds of things as well – for example, aircraft turbines, ball bearings, air conditioners – then you might decide to major in mechanical engineering (in this example) and take some biology/biomedical engineering classes on the side.I would assume the kind of thinking and problem solving you do with your art work is very different than what most engineers do, so, in my opinion, your artist’s perspective would be very valuable when it comes to solving any problems.I have always wanted to be an engineer but never thought of what to major in, though recently i am interested in the research and development field.A combination of electrical, software and computer engineers designed the electronics and the software (i.I have a master's degree in k-6 education and am wanting to go back to school for chemical egirl teamhi mehak,There is no one engineering career that you can really say is best for educational requirements and personality traits) and finally how do i create the best opportunities for myself to get the appropriate degree in university and prepare myself for an engineering work place?I am graduating high school and i don't know whether to do mechanical engineering or electrical ly some companies pay process engineers more than others as it's a highly specialised r, i am fearful of majoring in biomedical engineering (and the college i chose does not offer this as a major) so i was planning on choosing chemical, electrical or mechanical engineering degree and getting a masters in biomedical assures you that you can apply to become a pe (professional engineer) after 5 years of working as an it possible to pursue a masters in engineering without first completing a second bachelors and if so what would be the best way to account for this deficiency?We are currently doing a school project about chemical engineering, and wanted your opinion on a few things to help us with our egirl teamthe benefits of being a biomedical engineer are pretty much the same benefits of being an engineer in cing your speaking skills and perhaps taking debate classes, would help give you a solid foundation along with your engineering those types of careers do not interest you have you though about engineer adjacent careers, such as interior design or architecture.I am only 13 and in 8th grade we are currently having course selections and i would like to know which classes should i pick to become a software engineer.I'm kind of more interested in the design aspect of products and machines, so do tell me more of what a design engineer actually does!I have applied to 10 universities within california as a chemical engineering major, and i am dead worried now because my gpa is a 3.I am willing to change disciplines and go into more of an engineering field as that is what i feel i do most days anyway and i am willing to retake the gre if needed.I wanted to know what helped you graduate from rochester as a female you are looking for specific statistics about women in engineering, the best place to search is on the nsf what would you say are three important attributes an engineer should have?If you really want an engineering internship this summer, just keep so, how much of a biomedical engineer's time is spent with people?My number one goal is to help the environment, so i've been going back and forth between environmental and civil philippa martinhi hadessa, i always found electrical engineering (ee) easier than physics, just because of the way my mind works.I am also worried that engineering will be very competitive and because i'm not an einstein i won't be able to get into a school or pass the someone might look at a curriculum at one school and then mistakenly make assumptions about biomedical engineers in , i'm a high school student in indonesia and i'm kind of interested of becoming a mechanical my daughter and all my artistic students, what opportunities are there to combine your artistic talents as a visual artist with engineering?I would like to combine my knowledge in mechanical engineering with pediatric physical ore i had calculus i-iii and differential equations, physics with calculus, thermodynamics, statistics for engineers, and other engineering core courses.I'm not sure where to begin looking at what options i have and mainly just hoping for reinforcement that it it's not inconceivable for a woman in her late 20's to pursue a degree in my experience, a good engineering foundation will open many opportunities for you to get exposure to the business, and these things combined will make you a very attractive job candidate for the type of career you are g is a wonderful profession and shares many of the characteristics of engineering through the background in science and the desire and need to work with people and technology to improve our we say, math and science interests are core to an engineer's , don’t feel that showing an interest in one engineering discipline over another will lock you into a degree and career list or pipeline engineer: these folks usually work in the background, developing and automating processes that make help the above teams work more the absence of internships you can also get experience and fill out your resume by looking for volunteer , is it possible me to get a engineering job with a nose ring or any other body modification?I have the following queries:1) will it be better to apply for a masters in mechanical engineering with a research paper in aerospace and then hunt for the my question is, what is the difference between an aircraft engineer and an aerospace/aeronautical engineer?I wish you all the very best in your careers and encourage you to continue to pursue engineering and be proud that you are doing name is deborah suazo and i'm a civil suniti bidikarcalculus and p chemistry are needed for a student of chemical engineering specially when the engineering principles have to be applied in designing a process and not just equipments.I can't decide between a master in science in electrical engineering or a master in engineering management, very different options.I am in 11 class non-medical student and i want to do biomedical engineering but i have not opted of us have desk jobs, technicians usually work in the actual factory etc though engineer may ng an engineer takes a good amount of effort, becoming an aerospace engineer is just icing on the i am interested in electronics and kinda dabble with robotic kits and circuit boards as a hobby what could i do as a career that would incorporate this interest and an electrical engineering degree?Kindly advise me of whether i should go for an mba or should first try to join a job of my mechanical r, it is usually pretty difficult to start out in biology and switch into kate faymost likely a mechanical or industrial degree will help you get into a masters in packaging engineering later are many wonderful, smart, and successful engineers who are continuing to improve their english you read my profile youll see that i didnt discover engineering until i was older, but i always enjoyed solving problems, exploring the world, and thinking about things if your university offers any engineering clubs or projects (like formula sae, engineers without boarders, etc) you should really get involved.A civil engineer would be involved with the calculations to determine if the roof and building structure could support the honestly made the engineering classes that i took short answer to your question is: yes, you do need a college degree to be a mechanical college or before, take some design or design engineering classes - innovation is a process you can number of women in engineering varies by discipline, and by level such as phd, masters, or bachelors degrees.I would like to receive your advice about how i should proceed with this, because with normal procedures here, i'll need to spend the next 7 years doing this ( 2 years at highschool to specialize in math devision & 5 years at the engineering faculty).Are mechanical engineering students having careers in medical devices industry?Depending on what aspect of environmental engineering you are interested in (sounds like renewable energy!When i was in high school, i actually did not even know what engineering was and it was not a career i was considering.I have searched job types for mechanical and a few sound interesting but civil there are also a few that i know i'd engineering consists of structural, construction management, transportation, environmental and water and wastewater i work in the pharmaceutical/medical/chemical industry with mechanical engineering degree?I just want to have engineering background, but i prefer to work with other people.I am in the 5th grade and thinking about becoming an cindy sheuhi lisa,I used to work with a geotechnical engineering firm that specialized in designing foundations for me being an engineering student has been difficult, because i cant find the right balance to keep up with my school work and you extend the consideration to the people i work with in other groups, then there's even more backgrounds (both engineering, highly technical or not technical at all).If that is biomedical engineering for you, definitely pursue that degree.I am a student of a levels in london, however, i am not studying the right subjects for a direct entry in engineering, chemical that would question was, will my weakness in physics/problem solving hinder me in succeeding at engineering?First of all, none of my adult relatives chose engineering as a career path, in fact most of them are doctors.I graduated with a bsc aeronautical engineering degree but have failed to get employment as an people mostly around me are discouraging me to pursue chemical engineering.I was wondering if materials engineering or chemical engineering would be it comes to electrical engineering, you also can work at the same places i mentioned are some key traits or things that could signal that engineering is right for me?I'm a junior in high school looking to become an environmental engineer, but i'm having troubling deciding on a program is designed to push you and make you work very hard because you will end up being a better engineer in the who are doing petroleum engineering face problems, is that true?I had an engineer working on drawing up plans for a tech idea.I was looking on google, and i couldn't find the answer to these questions anywhere, so i figured i would ask a real industrial engineers do not obviously help people or the environment, are there any other types of engineering or careers in general relating to math and science that you would recommend i look into?I'm interested in computer engineering as i find programming and c++ al engineering is one of the most diverse engineering fields.I was wondering if you have any recommendations as to how i could figure out if this is truly the best fit for me, or more specifically, what a typical day as a bioengineer looks time invested in the additional study payed off, as i was able to fully comprehend the role of bacteria in engineering applications such as bioremediation, disinfection processes, bioaerosol characterization, inactivation of airborne pathogens, and microbially-induced ching and finding answers to creative practical challenges is what engineering is ’s great to be so versatile – it makes for a great engineer as well as a great mom!Join engineering student clubs if you want to learn marketing skills.I believe that your science background can be applied to many areas that utilize mechanical question is, how do you find the right engineering major without wasting you have any advice for someone like me who is considering an engineering career after studying a completely different area?But, everyone has been telling me that a biomedical engineering degree is not a good option because companies prefer to hire meche's or ee's instead, for the same jobs.I still want to be an engineer though - i'm guessing that this would probably be a big problem - any solutions to how i could fix this?I work full time as a electrician to pay the bills but i want to go to school for an electrical engineering degree but the college i was thinking about going to (pulaski technical college) a local cheapish community college, doesn't seem to offer any engineering program of study so does that mean that i will not be able to go to this school and work towards a electrical engineering degree?I'm currently in high school and i know its a long way ahead for me to be an engineer yet, but i just want to know what kind of extra-curricular activities should i do to get into a good college with an engineering or health program?I see the engineering degree as a ticket to the technical world in the highly professional and high-paying is true, some engineers in some jobs work very long hours.I am in such a bind, because my mom is getting angry because i'm always changing my mind about which engineering i want to go into, and i'm over here thinking about chemical engineering constantly.I love nature and environment and somehow the idea of creating and bringing virtual worlds into reality through engineering does not appeal to let me congratulate you on your decision to pursue a career in civil you for being an inspiration to this artist/aspiring engineer!I mentor high school students in an annual model bridge contest that is organized by the local chapter of the american society of civil engineers (there is also a canadian society for civil engineering).I have been working in this field for 7 years now and have met many great women ically, i have found that i prefer taking on more of a middle-man job between understanding the software a client needs and translating it into information for a software engineer (as a opposed to only coding).I am interested in engineering but i do not want to work with customers one on one as in customer service/retail are underrepresented in engineering fields in general, as you mention.I love working in a manufacturing setting, there is plenty of engineering and lots of interaction with the operators/ you prefer the first then consider mechanical engineering, but go for electrical engineering if the latter is the most interesting to you are not yet sure of your direction and are looking at ‘keeping options open’, try to think about the big picture and longer term such as: availability of jobs (probably fewer jobs for theoretical physicists than for design engineers), immediate and long term pay levels in that line of work (civil pays less than mechanical, as a rule), gender based issues  including pay, promotion and workplace flexibility (could be fewer issues in large corporates, but not always).I have got my civil engineering degree evaluated by the ece (educational credential evaluators) and scored a gpa of are entry level positions in architectural engineering but they require a certain level of susan suhi sravanti,I'm glad to hear that you take an interest in , it's perfectly fine to start a major in computer science / computer engineering with no prior experience in a aeronautical engineer work in the airline industry as an aircraft maintenance engineer?Chemical engineers are often preferable to employeers because they have a broad curriculum that touches most other engineering er that a camera is a mechanical system, you could go design cameras and lenses for a from what you are telling us about your performance in college, i am positive you have all the capabilities of being a great engineer one day.I recentky decided to change my major to systems engineering with a concentration in , i am a electrical and electronics engineer with a graduate degree from visveswaraya technological university, india.I'm currently torn between choosing mechanical engineering or electrical engineering since i'm extremely interested in prosthetic design and bionic research.I'm an electrical engineer, but there is also computer engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, bio-medical engineering, and more!I am glad that your daughter is interested in engineering.I would suggest that you identify a passion from one of these main engineering fields, and use it to couple your desire to pursue a biomedical engineering also, i've come to know that environmental engineering has a lot of divisions.I want to be a structural engineer when i grow up.I'm not sure what negative comments you've heard about the biomedical field, but i know from personal experience that the difference between a biomedical degree with a biomechanics focus and a mechanical degree with biomedical focus is only 3 or 4 classes.I am good with math and sciences which is why i decided to become an engineer but my true passion is in sports which is why it is a dream of mine to work at a place like me start by telling you that math and physics in a very small part of my family don't want me to change my major because electrical engineering is for men only.I would recommend that you seek out internships and co-ops from engineering companies in your sophomore and junior years of college to significantly improve you hiring chances immediately after find more introverted, scientific personalities in structural engineering (although i am a structural engineer and an extrovert).My uni does not offer any engineering btw, not my campus anyway.A  site engineer must however be dynamic and highly e who achieve a phd (doctor of philosophy) in biomedical engineering may be called a doctor, but it is not the same thing as an md and not a license to practice it did not, then i would suggest to ask clinical engineers (through acce, the american college of clinical engineers) what courses they would recommend after you explain what you did in the master's program.I am currently pursuing an engineering degree in electronics and communication; however i was never really interested in mathematics and being said, i did need to do well in high school (especially in science and math) to have a high enough average to meet the requirements to get into the biological engineering i am wondering whether there is any pioneer having the similar situation like me in field of material engineering engineering degree should be in biomedical engineering with either electrical or mechanical as the engineering base as these choices have some connection with lly, i can help you feel a little better about choosing chemical engineering, and maybe even give you some information to convince the naysayers!You may not get paid for these, but it can be deeply satisfying to work on something you care about, and then be able to put it on your resume and discuss your contribution with future employers who will be impressed with your abilities and the last year i did some engineering job shadows and i really enjoyed traffic note the engineers who take the time to respond to student questions on this forum are often very busy and may not respond to some questions, particularly those that have been answered this civil and structural engineering has always stuck out to me its fascinating and i know its something i would love and enjoy doing made you decide that you wanted to be a engineer?Any other ideas would be well welcomed coming from the other end as a working engineer professional.I really aspire to be an aerospace engineer, but my father thinks that i am not good at maths because i didn't get good have several materials engineers in our department, focused on concrete, asphalt, and so can apply your engineering skills in any career you choose!I see that usc has both computer science and industrial and system whether i should just consider being a civil engineer?I have just finished completing a foundation year in engineering and would like to get some relevant experience before i start the degree in month, i will start my new journey as an electrical engineer.I really would like to become an engineer myself but i do not have the funds or time for a 4 year to ignore the naysayers and focus on applying to colleges for aerospace engineering egirl teamdear veronica,Many of the engineers in the directory have indicated in their profiles that they would be willing to answer student interview you have some time to spare, participate and/or join different engineering di do not think "environmental engineering jobs" are on their way students take an undergraduate degree in one program, say mechanical, and then a master's degree in another such as aerospace or biomedical ation technology is a very good blend of computer science and electrical engineering, so a student gets well acquainted with software, hardware as well as communication and networking be graduating this semester with bachelors in engineering - bottom line, you don't have to work as an engineer to be one.I go to a stem academy, so i have taken several engineering courses and realize the need for female engineers.I am studying in an engineering college situated in pune re engineering is not a regulated course though there are many different certifications you can get depending on your rachel zieglerhi alina,I'm so happy to hear that you're interested in engineering!I am not sure if biochemical engineering is the one, or chemical engineering, or job outlook page for environmental engineers states that, "employment of environmental engineers is projected to grow 15 percent from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average for all g the answers should give you a very good idea of some of the many benefits of an engineering career for women.I am interested in becoming a chemical engineer like , i do not believe that your lack of high school “engineering related” extracurricular activities will negatively impact you getting into a good engineering program!However, lots of ppl told me girls are not suitable to stay in factory as an world has a group called walt disney imagineering that focuses exclusive on engineering the theme parks and creating the software and it infrastructure that keep the theme parts ’t technically an engineer then, but was doing things that were engineering-focused.I'm quiet good at both but i'm confused whether to take computer engineering or computer science or information question is if i don't understand physics at all, can i be a good engineer?My high school offers an engineering course, but would that really help in the type of engineering i want to do?By moriya chesleran engineer is someone who enjoys solving problems and is persistent at finding resources to help her come up with a solution(s).I also plan on going back to get an mfa to apply my engineering knowledge in a way that has a broader impact on culture.I am currently part way through my junior year in college, hoping to graduate within the next 2 years as a biomedical egirl teamhi lucky,A curiosity and desire to learn new things is a hallmark of a good engineer, and you will always be learning in any engineering egirl teamhi arianne,While i'm not sure if there are lots of positions in human rights, i know that the un hires engineers as , are there any courses, classes or extra activities that could help me achieve my goal of becoming a chemical engineer?Feedback from other chemical engineers about some of their experiences while in school.I currently work with people of all kinds of majors - civil, mechanical, and engineer makes around k after graduation but it could be more.I don’t know if you need to be good at coding/programming now to get into a software engineering program at a university, but certainly, if you want to pursue a career in software engineering, you have to like to line, it is never too late to do the engineering you want to do.I'm currently a freshman at siu carbondale majoring in mechanical groh“hi lou, many students do not decide to go into engineering until their freshman or sophomore years in kind of college course(s) and degree would be optimal for a successful job in environmental engineering?Did you feel isolated as a female minority in an engineering program?Typically as engineers our focus is guest safety and overall functionality of a ride, and we leave the creative part to the visionary folks or the egirl teamwell, most engineering is creative so you'll find creative people in every field.I have been trying to figure out what career i would most enjoy, and i sort of stumbled across environmental engineering.I am also interested in electrical engineering and computer al engineers work in a variety of environments and it can vary based on your day-to-day now happens to be much more expansive that just civil engineering, but the tools i gained from my education translate into the day-to-day business ( is great that you love math because there is a lot of problem solving in engineering as well as lab work and analytical paper now i am wondering, if i study mechanical engineering can i still become an aeronautical engineer?Also, i'm a very introverted person until i know somebody - does civil engineering requiring a lot of working outside of an office?What should i do to get the most benefit for my future in aerospace engineering?According to the advisers i've spoken to, i can earn a bachelors in mechanical engineering and a bachelors in biomedical sciences, or i can earn a bachelors in mechanical engineering and minor in biology.I think it is more important to work towards being a licensed with a background in electrical engineering, an aerospace masters that's maybe more focused on avionics may be easier.I know i want to be an engineer, either a chemical engineer or a software engineer, well maybe even mechanical.I would personally recommend mechanical engineering but both degrees will be highly valuable in the current job importantly, having any engineering degree signifies an applicant is disciplined in methodical, logical mechatronics engineering is not only for boys, and girls can do it, too!Degree to be the starting degree for civil engineers, and 5 years of undergraduate studies is typical in france and several other countries for a first degree in civil ering programs in general i feel is not an "i" program but a " you please provide me example of this and comment on whether or not i would be suited better for mechanical engineering?Martin, i am a second grade student at electrical engineering and i will be 3 at the end of this semester.I am a fresh-graduated electrical engineer and it is difficult to me to find a suitable job inside or outside the country because i don't have any did you choose engineering as your profession, and what are the challenges of being an engineer?However, getting hired into aerospace engineering is not one of should definitely try and intern in engineering, or in the field you want to work later, in order to get a sense of what it entails, and whether you really like are many jobs and opportunities in both areas - in engineering, information technology finance, commerce, depending on your interest.I grew up in a different country where people don't think girls are bad at math and science so i didn't have to face the adversity you're facing with regards to proving i could be an aerospace engineer.I have a few concerns about which engineering major to choose here at penn are classes that you would not normally take if you're a mechanical engineering student, so these would be additional work load besides your engineering i need to get an engineering related bachelor's or do some remedial courses, and try apply for a master's in is contrasted by the other type of engineering (nuclear and system engineering) that i'm also involved with, which requires a tremendous amount of teamwork and engineering management to get things done r, she is also a very, very girly girl who loves high heels, glitter, wearing pink, party dresses, and, well, just think engineer barbie, or legally blonde.I'm very scared engineering will be too hard as well, i recently had an interview in a good university but felt so out of place, everyone around me was a genius.I want to work in the biomedical engineering field, so i decided to pursue a , i’m a third year mechanical engineering student in ireland and i was wondering, are soft skills, such as i.I love engineering, but at times i doubt if i'm good enough to be an answer your questions:How i can prepare for a career in engineering:First, you got to do good in does not mean it is to late to be a civil engineer, but you will need to get some different you are an analytical and number-loving person, environmental engineering will provide you lot of opportunities.I've always been really interested in civil engineering, but now that i'm on my senior year of high school i'm really worried that i won't be good enough at percentage of women in biomedical engineering is around 40%, more than twice the overall engineering average.I would focus on mathematics classes especially trigonometry and coordinate geometry which is heavily used in maritime engineering.I've been accepted to some pretty good engineering schools like university of illinois and others, but many people say that even if i graduate from a good school, jobs in bio-engineering are hard to come by and i will have a tough time finding a you are interested in chemical engineering now - please give it a try!I feel stuck on what to do and what type of engineering degree i would even check in with folks that you know to make sure that your resume looks good.I am going to college in the fall in hopes of majoring in biomedical engineering, i also plan on receiving a master's degree in the same field as well.I am planning on studying civil engineering at university (i have already applied and been accepted to a few places) however i don't feel confident about my maths and physics abilities, my marks at school are better than average but sometimes i don't understand things quickly and i keep being told that university maths and physics is far more difficult than high school math and mariam ismailhello vidhi,I wouldn't necessarily say chemical engineers suffer from allergies due to exposure of strong ering has been a wonderful choice for me, even though i’m not in the work force right now, i find my critical thinking, analysis, and problem solving skills come in handy every day!By tricia berrychemical engineering is an extremely broad field where you can impact our world, create products and process that improve lives, and work in just about any industry out i want to make connections to jobs related to environmental preservation later on, is material engineering appropriate for such sector?However, i do think that engineering is a great field for women, because there are so few women in jennifer nakayamait has always been a challenge to encourage women to pursue any technical industry, engineering being one of the main hurdles.I am not sure what you mean about good and bad things in the other hand, my parents are insisting me to consider safety engineering, which i not know of fact, it's the case that all the new engineers , irregardless of gender, must prove themselves to be worthy to their coworkers before they're fully accepted into the team-- through this informal proving process the team understands where their new colleagues are able to contribute and where they may require supplemental ly i've been considering majoring in engineering (electrical, maybe mechanical or aeronautical).After that question is answered, the second question is what made you consider engineering, and specifically, industrial engineering?I do not have any specific dislikes within environmental engineering.I am currently a second year student of bachelors in electronics and electrical communication engineering in india, however, i am still confused about my future career tend to work in teams of other professionals and other grohhi, i am senior material research engineer at the nasa glenn research center in cleveland, ohio.I am currently a student in industrial and system engineering where we focus on process improvement, human computer interaction, product development, manufacturing, facility design you think that i should just stick it through with mechanical?Any information you can offer being professional engineers would really help me do you decide between opening up your own store, or going into engineering?If you really like be on the job site, civil engineering departments generally have subsets of faculty ( & classes) focused on construction management.I'm a freshman majoring in chemical engineering and i'm in the retp (regents engineering transfer program), which would allow me to transfer over to georgia tech, the only school in my state that has chemical majoring in engineering might seem like the obvious fit, considering your academic strengths, don't rule out other an engineer deviate from government rules and regulations if the engineer believes that she is following standard engineering design practices but the design does not conform to the regulation or rule?I recently applied for a masters in biomedical engineering but i was not accepted for several reasons i are a new zealand after school maths and english tuition provider and i was wondering what maths is needed to become an electrical & electronics , it is not easy to get into chemical engineering degree course in singapore university so if i can’t get in yet i’m still interested in chemical engineering related jobs, should i study environmental engineering ?Firstly i just want to say that your story has been very inspirational to me and i'm sure it is influential for many, many more bright young women looking to pursue engineering tricia berryi recommend that you reach out to some graduate program advisors in the chemical engineering programs you would be interested in applying to for graduate i was in college, i struggled with physics and other higher level engineering courses - they were hard, but i was able to get help from teachers and other students to get back on track.I am considering biomedical engineering hoping to work with either prosthetics and/or medical devices but i've heard that mechanical engineering may be a better option with more job opportunities.D i am going to university next year and i would like to know five things about being a civil engineer: i can tell you some of the things about me that maybe were signs i should be an engineer: i liked star trek, science fiction, and any cool futuristic i find my self being creative in all life aspects except my academic studies so the past few years studying electrical engineering have raised even more questions about who i am and what i want to ng on my product development engineer role, one of my jobs was to work on the development of a process and formula for using a dow epoxy (plastic/polymer) in biodegradable packaging peanuts.I reviewed proposed regulations and prepared background studies to inform regulatory decisions, and i managed teams of scientists and engineers investigating old hazardous waste disposal sites.I'm interested in being a biomedical engineer, but i'm often told by many of my peers that i should reconsider my career choice due to my inability and hate for math.I am done with my fe, and since i didn't really know which branch offers what i took up computer engineering since most of the girls opt for that.I wish you nothing but luck in your engineering studies.I think the first step is to browse some college web sites that have aerospace engineering need more people in engineering who enjoy both the arts and the sciences!As an aeronautical or astronautical engineer what is it that you do on a day to day basis?By victoria coverstonedear nerissa,The willingness to work hard and to be a team player is every bit as important in the engineering industry as having a mastery of engineering ore, it becomes more expensive in some cases to get an engineering i continue trying to attain my dream or should i choose a different career in engineering?Building robots is an excellent way to learn about design engineering.I keep hearing that careers in academia are really hard to find, but is engineering an exception (particularity biomedical engineering)?Hi, i wanted to choose engineering as my profession but i wanted to ask how difficult is my high school there is an engineering program that four periods of the day and covers math, science and english and also 4 different engineering technologies, cad, electronics, manufacturing,and ng mechanical engineering is a great way to get into the automotive industry, but you will need to take things like thermo and fluid dynamics.I never had a steady interest, it always change between being a doctor or a chemical engineer.I am very interested in becoming an engineer, but i don't have any experience in any field what so ever.I have been seriously thinking about returning to school to earn a more technical degree but i don't have the money or time to spend earning another four year degree (in engineering).I'm interested in mechanical engineering, but many of the people i speak to, except my elder brother, are demotivating me saying that this branch is not for will demonstrate initiative, put you in touch with people you will want to know, and give you something important to add to your resume when you graduate.I am sure there are structural engineers who do get to travel to potential project sites, and projects under so kind of minors would match well with mechanical?I am currently a senior at cal state long beach and will graduate with my civil engineering b.I am a senior in civil engineering at michigan state i get my engineering degree in canada am i able to practice engineering in other parts of the world, or does it depend on the school?I thought engineering would be a good choice because i really like the idea that you can use maths and stuff to solve problems in society, but i'm worried that since i'm not the best at maths that engineering wouldn't suit me and i will struggle a lot in university.I am an aspiring engineer and have decided to take up electrical doing a bit of research, it is kind of discouraging to read about a lot of the engineering jobs are being offshored to other countries like china and india, but i think a future in biomedical engineering and environmental engineering still look bright comparing to computer husband is now strongly encouraging me to research engineering as a career rather than continuing on my pursuit for a degree i'm only half heartedly interested in.I'm planning on majoring in biomedical engineering and was recently accepted to catholic university!By egirl team hi laraine,I think you are right that one of the biggest things obstacles girls have to studying engineering is deep-rooted stereotypes that just aren't really anyone explain what exactly this computational biomedical engineering involves and what kind of organizations i get to work for if i have a degree in this area?In addition, i am very hard-working and studious but sometimes i feel as if i am not very innovate or flexible, and i feel as if i would fail as an e the fact that my math isn't that strong, i still want to take engineering.I'm planning on going to college with a civil engineering major.I just would like to know your thoughts and some advice about mechanical engineering and her relationship with biomedical engineering.I was wondering if software engineering is a regulated and professional course and what are my chances of getting a job as a female?From my experience, industry doesn't know what to do with biomedical engineers just yet, and they don't get funneled into a typical job like other have you found it particularly difficult to work as an engineer and maintain a family as well?As the engineer, you dont physically build the airplane, but create the engineers must have a thorough understanding of all the other engineering jobs and duties because they usually oversee those ical engineering programs can have significant mechanical engineering and electrical engineering courses which are also relevant to for internships in industry, try doing research in one of the university labs, do volunteering work as part of engineers without borders, for example.I was accepted to colleges that do not have engineering as a , you need to figure out what type of engineering field you would like to work you have any other questions about safety engineering, check out my profile page and get in touch with me.I'm not one-hundred percent sure what the difference between civil and environmental are but i guess my question is, do you think that the civil engineering degree with an environmental certificate is a better option than going directly into the environmental engineering field?You can also find out about the different engineering fields by doing a google search on the web (sites like engineergirl have a wealth of information based on different people's experience), ask college administrators for brochures of the different fields, join a student chapter of different engineering bodies, ask to spend a day at work with an engineer in your field of choice and read some scientific or engineering magazines.I am currently an undergraduate biology major at georgia state university and am considering changing my major to industrial per your experience please guide me how can i prove my worth as a female biomedical engineer for them?I went to an engineering workshop and learned about all the different types of would you suggest me to study to prepare myself for the interview as i don't really have much knowledge regarding engineering.I think a combination of electrical and software engineering (typically called computer engineering) would allow you to combine both , my name is jaelyn and i'm currently doing a research project over materials learning a foreign language make a significant impact on the number of opportunities for an engineer in a corporate or manufacturing setting?The bridges you drive across, the car you drive, kitchen gadgets you use and the gps system that tell you where to go - all were designed by a team of very skilled civil, mechanical, and electrical ering jobs dealing with design take the ideas created by researchers and break them down into a system that can actually be created and put on the can i go about getting a well-payed job in chemical engineering (>,000 per year) and how likely is it?Many colleges admit undergrads into "general engineering" when they first start sister is making a smart choice to be an example, if you are in nuclear, reliability, mechanical, and specialties along those lines you will probably be pretty safe in finding a job.I am a high 80% on math and 72% on science, would that be okay for me right now for my age if i want to become engineer in the future?I feel blessed that i can be home with my girls and that i had the chance to work as an said yourself that you would be happy with anything that involves math and science, and that is pretty much all of engineering, but you really don't need to worry yet if you haven't selected a specific any engineering discipline you have to statistics classes but that will not be the focus.I would like to pursue my studies in petroleum question is what does a cosmetic engineer do and how do i go about finding a job in this field?The first is for online applications - make sure that you tailor your resume for each job that you're applying for highlighting skills that match the attending various open days and taster courses engineering is definitely satisfying me and i wish i found out a lot earlier so that i could have participated in more relevant activities.I don't want to be stuck in a lab all the time, so what types of engineers are outside, and somewhat interactive with other people?I struggled through my calculus, physics, and chemistry courses when i was first getting into you, as you love robotics you are anyway far ahead of many future i still work in the medical field with a biological engineering degree?However, as to what specific engineering i want to home in on, i'm still ia valian published a book in 1998 titled, "why so slow: the advancement of women" specifically about why the advancement of women in the sciences and engineering has been i'm considering on the background of study (which i want something that can relate with my degree and work), malaysian sosio-economy nowadays in malaysia, and the very worth courses to grab and can apply in all engineering might want to consider environmental engineering or ocean advice do you have for the class of 2018 in regards to being a woman in engineering and business?The branches listed there are the most widely recognized, but it is impossible to really list them all because new specialties and unique fields are emerging all of the time, and sometimes people who specialize in one type of engineering can also work in any number of interdisciplinary computer science/engineering and architecture rely on different skill sets and serve different purposes, both require a good deal of creativity and thoughtful planning as you use your knowledge of problem constraints, design requirements, and esthetic considerations and apply your knowledge to unsolved problems!I also love problem solving and am very happy as a civil is possible to get a degree in just aerospace or aeronautical engineering, and there are things you learn in aerospace/aeronautical engineering that you might not learn getting a degree in a different engineer egirl teamhi bbsree,I'm guessing you mean it has been 5 years since you obtained your engineering degree, and you have not been working in i'm living in the uk, and i am doing mechanical engineering, however i find bonding with the guys in my class really hard, so much so, i've been really upset in class and i've just been down on myself and in my own thought ts considering engineering as a career must be interested in both technology and management, as all engineers end up in management positions.I think that the most important trait a person can have for pursuing a degree in engineering is some of the traditional chemical engineering jobs seem to be stereotypically male (oil and gas refineries for example) i have multiple female friends that have been working in these environments since our good news is that both options are open to you as an undergraduate ing on what environment best suits you, you can find a chemical engineering job to of people write to engineergirl hoping we can answer these kinds of questions, but we just can' students choose to take an undergraduate degree in something like electrical or mechanical engineering followed by a master's degree in is such countries that gender equality on engineering side is not sufficient yet.I have a huge interest in biomedical engineering as i love maths and personal experience, mechanical and aeronautical engineering are challenging but infinitely rewarding fields of ionally automotive was dominated by mechanical engineers, but over the last 20 years, the auto companies have hired electrical engineers in increasing numbers, due to the added software components on vehicles barbara h mulkeyyou do not necessarily need to be good at freehand drawing to be an architectural engineer because most drawings are now done on the computer (cadd).I am a muslim girl wanting to pursue a career in mechanical engineering in many years is it in college if you want to be a computer engineer?You have asked a great question, that really highlights the breadth of the civil engineering dear nisha, first off, huge congratulations to you, and be incredibly proud of yourself for studying mechanical engineering, now in your third field of biomedical engineering has really sparked my interest, but i don't know if i'd be a good forum is intended to allow users to ask questions about engineering can take your introduction to engineering courses to give you an idea of what the different types of engineers do, and when you have a feel for the work you will probably have a much easier time deciding which branch interests you most.I am currently a senior at high school and will be applying to college late winter/early spring and i was really wondering what a biomedical engineer does.I studied in an environmental engineering program that was through the agricultural addition to the required courses, such as engineering design, fluid dynamics, and environmental chemistry, try to add groundwater hydrology, hazardous materials management, and air pollution for an understanding of all media: water, air, and , shall there be an economic crisis, will the employment for civil engineers also decline?I really like my chemistry and science courses i took in college an i am thinking of going back to school to become an you are considering engineering, i would gladly volunteer, but if it is astronomy you will want to find someone who specializes in that area!The work of harnessing those rays and creating reliable machines to use for medical imaging only began at that point and has fallen to the many, many engineers that have come after has an undergraduate program in mechanical and ocean there, i am originally a business student however i have decided to venture in civil s are tough and i can't imagine myself becoming a good engineer because of my inexperience and ignorance.I hope this is not weird but i'm 12 and i am going to turn 13 next month and i really want to become a engineer because most of my family members are engineers and it sounds so you want to work at a medical device or pharmaceutical company i recommend a biomedical degree, if you want to work at a company that supplies into the medical industry amongst other industries then a chemical engineering degree is course this is coming from a civil engineer, hehehe!I work in transportation engineering, but i imagine construction engineering and structural engineering design opportunities slowed down, along with most hiring [in any discipline], a few years ago.I have realized that i truly have a passion for math and am contemplating the decision to go for an engineering disney, there are numerous engineering positions with varying levels of experience and education times as an entry engineer your job can span from being in research & development where you are conducting research to establish requirements for new products and/or r you're a student looking for an internship, a young professional looking for your first job or a seasoned engineer looking to breathe new life into your career, aiche offers a variety of options to help guide jumped right into the engineering when i got to college.I'm a computer engineering major and i have no clue what to stacy m clarki would recommend making a list of a few disciplines that interest you and calling some companies that have engineers working in that field near where you somehow comes to a contrast whith my interest in engineering.I am researching a career in enviornmental engineering, and i was wondering if you could answer a couple questions about college education for that she wants to do her masters degree in aeronautical engineering.I chose engineering because i loved science and math but my first major was civil engineering because i didn't really understand the ering my love for math and science, i am leaning towards pursuing my future career somewhere in the engineering egirl teamhi kellie,This question is difficult for just one or two engineers to answer, so we asked some of the women from the society of women engineers on nmental (combo of chemical and civil); biomedical (combo of mechanical and chemical); biochemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, and the list goes on and third tells me she heading for master's in biomedical engineering after doing an undergraduate degree in europe in math/computer name is lili, and i am a senior looking forward to chemical engineering as a can really make a difference in our world with engineering.I'm in the electrical engineering program but i don't think i enjoy this is that just a stereotype for all engineering courses?First of all i graduated with economics in high school, but deep down in my heart i've always wanted to study computer or electronics you are more interested in the control of things through programming you might consider electrical and computer many validates did you have to take so that you can be register and work as a chemical engineer?During my senior year i began getting more serious about things and decided that i wanted to do bioengineering, because i enjoy the creative aspect about it and i am not too shabby with r, unless they choose to take and pass the required examinations, they will not become, “professional were usually two or three girls in my engineering courses, but sometimes i was the only girl in the whole class.I didn't find engineering until i was already in college, so it is really possible to catch up, but there are things you can do now that will give you an advantage.I am concerned, however, that i will not be able to have a direct and personal level of interaction with those i help,which is why i am torn between going to medical school or graduate school for can i better prepare myself after high school and college to be a mechanical engineer?The trick is to find your passion and then identify the field of engineering that will let you play while you create solutions.I am really interested in being an aerospace engineer but the problem is i do not know how i can make my dream come true because this course isn't available in our sort of degrees would you recommend for aerospace engineering?There are many different job sectors that a chemical engineer can fit i'll be left with either computer engineering or civil engineering.I switched my field to a electro/mechanical design area and have been designing interfaces between electrical parts and mechanical you probably have two paragraphs to convince them you should be on the list and tick – anyone i know sorts into ‘no’, ‘maybe’ and ‘yes’ piles before even looking into the resumes.I cannot find my motivation and my strong advantages among others and i am not limited this for engineers only.I am 24, graduated with a liberal arts degree two years ago, and i want to go back to school to pursue could also contact a local civil engineering company who is constructing a building near you (they almost always have a sign on site with their name and company contact third issue is that i thought engineering would be more “creative” and this schooling seems rather dry… just crunching out numbers and no real opportunities for being inventive or original… (i wasn’t expecting it to be like arts and crafts, but i did think there would be real-world problem solving not just text book problem solving…).I have been doing storm water engineering (via civil engineering degree) for 12 years now and will be doing it for many more.I don't know if i will enjoy biomedical engineering just based on the sole fact that i have never tried taught herself engineering, went to meetings with politicians, and gave instruction to the all-male construction crew before women were even allowed to vote!By aditi dwivedihi noor,Its really good to know that you enjoy mathematics so i would highly recommend you opting for industrial reinforced the areas of my personality that fit in with engineering -- analytical, problem-solving, hands-on learning, name is lizzy and i am a high school student interested in the aerospace engineering career and i was wondering if i could ask you a few ical engineering is the general engineering of dynamics, kinetics, fluids, etc while aerospace engineering is specialization of mechanical simply depends on your employer and the type of engineering work you usually takes four to five years to earn a bachelor's degree in engineering.I can't speak to the entire makeup of the company (there are so many different careers here which are not related to science and engineering) but in my department i would say about 1/2 of the group has a bachelor's degree while the other 1/2 has a master's or chemical engineering, i was planning on continuing for a ists and engineers in physics, chemistry, material science, mechanical, electrical, chemical, and biomedical engineering are working together in this field.I only considered engineering during my freshman year after i decided i did not want to pursue a career in math.I really want to go into biomedical engineering, and hopefully get my phd in the cardiovascular ical engineering degrees often have a programming requirement, so you would learn some software engineering along with the ee side, and that may be preferable if you want a broad introduction to engineering and to apply it immediately in doing what you are doing and you'll be on the right track to succeed as an engineer.I also want to know if mechanical engineering is a good choice for me if i get bored a bit , there are a lot of food science faculty members with a formal education in chemical engineering.I also work with a lot of mechanical engineers and software , i'm going to take civil engineering as my second degree course & third overall (i have bs commerce & certificate in animation & computer graphics) since i have long been interested in the design & maintenance of roads, bridges, dams, airports, buildings of all, how did you first come to learn about or get interested in mechanical engineering?Or i could apply to other biomedical engineering programs that are higher could a an engineering company, or it could be a construction company that does design/build answer your question, you don't need to know how to draw like an artist to be an neha dobhalhi kelly, first of all, it is wonderful that you are thinking of being an summary, many engineering jobs do not require a ately, you can do a master's in biomedical with mechanical engineering as main can combine engineering with medicine by doing a bachelor in biomedical engineering or doing an engineering undergraduate degree in electrical, computer or mechanical engineering, then a master's degree in biomedical engineering.I would like to known how having a degree in biomedical engineering effects or betters an career as a doctor, as in will i have to start from scratch to become a doctor and some if the benefits of having a a degree in biomedical engineering, will i have to acqire additional cxc subjects as well as other information?Hi, i got an unconditional offer letter from leeds university for petroleum engineering(p.I love math and would like to get a degree in mechanical engineering.A solid foundation in math and science is extremely important to you think you are interested in environmental engineering then you probably like math and science.A grad degree in chemical engineering with a bit stronger background in chemistry from the undergrad level could be a powerful combination!So i reevaluated my position and decided i needed to change careers and do something i do enjoy, eventually figuring out that environmental engineering was the better fit for terms bioengineer and biomedical engineer are often used , work hard, do well in math and science, search the internet for information on chemical engineers and the chemical industry, get into a co-op program during college, join aiche in college as a student member so you can learn more about the field before deciding how you use your chemical engineering degree.I see other girls achieving their engineering dreams and i want to do that because they are smart, but i'm simply not that way to think about it is that mechanical engineers work on every physical scale - from designing nano- and micron-sized devices all the way up to analyzing the movements of huge fluid bodies like the air in our atmosphere - and everything in plus of structural engineering over architecture is your starting salary -- architects typically start at a lower salary until they are licensed, whereas engineers can make a pretty good starting salary before getting their professional engineer's example, engineers in the petroleum industry typically have much higher salaries than civil engineers working in a government is a critical skillset to have as an parents have inspired me to an engineering career, and i really want to make them have to sit down and decide what do you want to wake up every morning doing and then research what type of engineer you would need to schools which offer only mechanical engineering do offer elective classes that are more related to gina adamhi alice,Nice to hear that you keep engineering as an option even if you fear that your math and science are not that industrial engineers use math to design airline schedules, while others measure the quality of automotive ad a pdf version of this handy student handbook and access some of the more important chemical, biological, physical, safety, and mathematical data and concepts that are fundamental to the practice of the chemical engineering engineers design the roads your drive on to get to school or shopping, they also design the site plans for those same schools and shopping planning to take a up civil engineering but im not good at math and drawing do you think should i go for it?At mit, many aerospace engineers actually get hired by financial companies because of their mathematical abilities!The worst thing is when i see young engineers who have master degrees in completely unrelated fields then their chosen career path.I initially was just going to major in computer science until a female engineering adviser convinced me engineering you do all kind of writing: memos, emails, spreadsheets, "white papers", project proposals, reports, technical reports, power point presentations, 's challenging for me to want to become an engineer especially leaving in saudi arabia where stereotypes think women shouldn't be electrical could also stay current on news articles about aerospace engineering.I recently applied to two of the job positions (test engineer and materials researcher) through the nike career think they aren't good enough at math to become an engineer.I am currently working on a project for my women in math science and engineering class where i have to contact people in my intended career field, ask them questions, and then write a paper about the responses i skills that i consider you need as a system engineer are: organization, coordination, great communications skills as you are the main interface between teams, process oriented, thinking about the big picture, thinking about what is required for your system to meet all of its requirements, definitely thinking outside the won't need to specialize in something else as well as mechanical engineering in order to complete or control your machine.I got out of biology and decided to do something similar to architecture so i changed my path to civil engineering.I live in georgia, and i want to major in chemical question is this, am i pursuing the correct form of engineering if i want to design theme parks?What are the most interesting and most challenging thing about being a petroleum engineer?By simil roupedear pamela, i think it is great that you want to encourage your daughter to pursue something like engineering.I wanted to know, if i do my post graduation with electronics and communication, am i eligible for graduation with environmental engineering?Though he is not a graphic designer by education, as an engineer, he has the ability to design a product that is both aesthetically compatible as well as ergonomic acceptable for the narrowing down i got down to three fields, it, comp and chem engineering.I advise you to enroll in one of the computer-based courses like matlab as you have suggested, or even autocad because you will be taking a course of engineering drawing next year, and it is good to practice before the official class there a certain thing you have to do before you become a full fledged and higher payed electrical engineer?I took a career placement test in middle school, i got scientist or engineer, i took three required ones in college, all same actuary science and a list of engineering my love for chemistry, i just thought that it would be interesting to study chemical engineering in you have to prove to people that you could be an aerospace engineer because you are a girl?Your love of chemistry might suggest chemical engineering – but that also is a very broad you are confident that your primary interests, and career goals, are founded on science & medicine then biomedical engineering should be a good want to identify what is really critical and in the job posting and make sure that your resume highlights the skills you have that address that so that you don't get filtered requires knowledge of 3d modeling software and mechanical engineering or industrial should i change courses to biomedical engineering instead and do my undergraduate in bme?Many biomedical engineers advised to get a degree in either chemical, mechanical, or electrical engineer, and then, pursue a graduate degree in biomedical i've found is that a number of female students regardless of ethnicity still consider engineering to be field for male or something are so many different jobs i can do, because i have an engineering here's my problem; i've always dreamed of doing engineering for my career ever since my dad first got me model planes and robot arms for my early birthdays, and its a passion ive taken all the way through my life.I am well aware that the uni that i am enrolled in is by far not a good one for aeronautical r, i have become interested in the field of engineering, perhaps financial engineering in college.I am really glad i got my degree in civil engineering, by the , do you know any types of sources i could use to get more information about mechanical engineering?I was very undecided about which discipline to pick when applying to college and at rowan, you can't just apply as engineering undecided.A lot of engineering includes on-the-job training, so it is not completely necessary for you to have all the skills needed right out of you really want to be a bio medical you wish to be a mechanical engineer, i’d recommend that is what you serves a different purpose, but all utilize an electrical engineer's understanding of electrical properties and process and how power flows.I was wondering what exactly is the daily routin of an engineer once they leave their i want to complete my degree in computer engineering but due to some problems i think i have to complete it as a part-time al engineering degrees are notoriously challenging as you have to be good at both chemistry and math.I can’t imagine that you would be asked to actually lift any of the structures yourself; first of all, that’s a safety hazard (you’d have to have hours and hours of osha training to be on the job site doing that stuff), and second of all, that’s not the engineer’s job.I graduated as a petroleum engineer but i want to enroll in masters mechanical means that as far as a graduate program is concerned they may not accept a four-year technology degree instead of a four-year engineering degree so you will need to check with the graduate program, or just opt for an engineering program if you know you want to do graduate work in engineering.I imagine you can see that i have enjoyed my career enough that my three children, with their own personal talents, have decided to start their careers from engineering too and who knows where they will be in twenty a industrial engineer in industry you are seen as a change agent.I don't personally know any engineers to ask them about their jobs so i wanted to ask is it hard to manage your career and your family an undergraduate i studied engineering physics, specializing in optical engineering later as a graduate sections of professional organizations like the society of women engineers or the american society of civil engineers often host activities for pre-college students to give them a chance to learn more about engineering.I have recently become interested in environmental engineering and am exploring options for post-graduate employment with a degree in environmental r, this freedom is not dependent on the field of engineering that you what kind of subjects and programs could you recommend that would help me be more successful as an aerospace engineer in general?While you're still in school, you can pursue an internship or an engineering coop experience that will also help to build your confidence and your egirl teamthat's a tough question, but the best advice i can give is to locate a local chapter of the society of women to your college library and look at the different civil engineer magazines (enr, civil engineering, may be another engineer girl who is able to give a more specific of the more important jobs in all of engineering is the project r i know i want to study something in science but i don't want it to be a pure science however i feel like the only options are pure science or field of engineering will be a challenge you will is my second year teaching engineering and throughout the four classes over the two year groups there were only 2 girls opting to study r, i was told by many people to do a general area of engineering and not immediately go into biomedical engineering (thus chemical engineering).And you will be a better engineer because of your other also how come not many universities offer chemical engineering while stuff like civil,mechanical, electrical are always present.I am currently a high-school senior who has recently become interested in pursuing a career as an electrical i think a guidance from expert engineers like you would be helpful as well.I doubt that it is easy to be a female engineer in any industry and i think you should stick with what you find most , i am in high school and want to become an environmental catherine rosshi lauren,Thanks for your interest in biomedical a high school senior, you don't need to have knowledge at this point as a requirement to be good at biomedical parent worked foe lockheed martin for 20 plus years as a systems enginer and a program there scope for civil engineering female candidates in construction should i do now to know if i can work well in engineering or not?I would visit an engineering school of your choice and ask questions to the professors and students and ask them to let you sit in one freshmen class and one senior class for you to have a taste of what the career is about and the effort involved in getting the it came to choosing a degree, i knew that going down the path of engineering would be really challenging and that intrigued , i'm going into second year engineering and transferring to the university of alberta in electrical nanoengineering.

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I am looking at doing a double degree in biomedicine and engineering because i am interested in combining both fields, however this adds an extra two years undergrad study, so i am undecided about committing to both and am not sure which one to go with if i do choose a single degree crystal harristuskegee university has an excellent graduate degree program in electrical engineering as well as mechanical there any chance you might be able to get a summer job somehow related to chemical engineering?By amelia scharrerhi joanne - i think you will be hard pressed to get a job as an engineer with a degree in are key in all engineering fields so computer engineers can expect to be a functional member of a larger team that may be working on one to many electronic engineering the programming (process of coding) is part of your freshman year classes but not the main focus of the i am looking to work from home completely as a computer software a woman you can opt for r &d , plant design, pilot plant development work, or any other process of engineering work.I see who engineers work for but not what they're actually designing.I am a masters student in chemical engineering with a bs in of being an engineer is learning how to be comfortable with challenging problems that cause some degree of re engineers have to be good at hearing what a client needs and translating that into a software program that fulfills those i become a materials engineer, what jobs would i be able to do?Chemical engineering is highly mathematical and unless you have aptitude for maths and are good with calculus etc you should not encompasses a broad spectrum in engineering; artificial intelligence, robotics, the development of medical devices and considerably debbie sterlingdear lauren,I am so happy to hear you are interested in mechanical engineering!Sometimes though, particular companies may prefer to hire people with nuclear engineering ical engineers find jobs as aerodynamic engineers, as design engineers, as hvac engineers, as structural engineers, as quality engineers, as fluidics experts, as quality engineers, as automotive engineers, as metallurgical engineers, as material studies often involve difficult subjects like thermodynamics, soil mechanics, engineering math which involve advanced math principles in calculus, vector analysis, complex algebra, differential equations and a host of other engineering related courses depending on the field of you give me some information as to what you do as an engineer?Which is why i am leaning towards civil engineering with a "focus" on well did college prepare you for being a chemical engineer?Though i personally have not done much with programming or renewable energy, i know there is definitely a need related to wastewater treatment system design, water modeling (groundwater, surface water, contaminant transport, geochemical modeling, etc), and other avenues of environmental al engineering is one of the most diverse engineering fields.I am definitely better at and prefer the classes related to biomedicine better, but i really like the idea of having an 'engineers' view on things as i am better with math than programming what type of engineering suits me best?I think in the end though, the real question here may be: can you still let music be a priority if you study engineering and not music?Regarding fashion - i don’t know exactly what you are looking at but certainly companies that manufacture and ship clothing to retailers around the world hire industrial engineers to manage inventory control, transportation, and you know of any other environmental or civil engineers that i could get into contact with?After graduation i went on to get a masters in mechanical/aerospace my opinion ie is the best option for me coz it's the perfect mix of engineering & management since i always wanted to go for management g a degree in engineering is a good foundation for your technical background, and you may leverage your prior experience as a lens for bringing human factors into your designs.I didn't even know what an engineer really was in high i wanted to help people, and not lose the people aspect, what engineering focus should i consider?For two years and try to get as many classes as done as possible and the transfer to rochester institute of technology for their mechanical with their "concentration" in husband is a software engineer and based on discussion with him, i feel it could be a good fit.A lady engineer can do well in any field as i have worked in all except to know you are already interested in engineering, but there is no need for you decide which field to study gh i will say, it is not always coupled, and you may have the benefit of cross integrating your engineering background into a new industry and influence the future!I applied to 2 programs which i was most interested in which is 1) biomedical engineering and 2) health informatics.I have been studying law for a year now, but i don't feel quite sure that i love that, when ia finished high school i loved math, physics and chemistry and i wanted to be an engineer but my mom told me i wouldn't be a good one, but now, a year after, i want to try engineering but i don't want to waste more time, so if there anything that i could do to know that this could be the one to me, please help me.I am currently working in the mining industry as a rock mechanics things that move you are definitely into mechanical are task i can do everyday to be the best engineer in the future?I am interested in a few different types of engineering and am not sure which kind i want to do engineering degree can open more doors than you can imagine!The federal government and state governments also use civil engineers.A degree in mechanical engineering seems to be offered more than 16 year old daughter adores math and engineering, and wants to be either a nuclear engineer, or a civil engineer.I know i want to pursue a degree in civil engineering just like you have, and i want to emphasize in structural are all topics covered in physics and kinematics, which are the basis of mechanical jessye talleyhello miryam,I say if engineering is something you really think you want to do stick with it!One of the best things you can do is to begin "changing the conversation" about engineering in your are the key things that i should work on starting from now in order to become a successful chemical engineer in tanding how the world around you works is part of the excitement of being an engineer; we are often asked to take a theoretical model and make it work in reality.I am just curious what software engineers do while working or what projects they work on.I read from one of the q/a sections that one can take up computational biology in biomedical engineering in order to be able to work from home (quite comfortably).By corinna lathan1) most programs in biomedical engineering have a pre-med work also involves lot of simulation work using latest softwares  4) shop floor but here again chemical engineers do not do routine production jobs but mostly trouble shooting and modifications required in the actual plant based on engineering jamie krakoversarah,It sounds like you are on the right track to becoming an conclusion, despite possible or foreseeable hurdles, the benefits of studying engineering still outweigh the negative aspects.I was the only person in chemical engineering to work in the biomedical , there are other fields like industrial design or human-machine interfaces that might interest you that also combine art and engineering.I have made the decision to be an engineer but because i am in my junior year switching my current major (communications) to engineering and finishing on time would be , lastly, does being an engineering major prohibit you from having any free time?What is the role of mechanical engineering in business creation?This would be good experience for you as you head into college in either biomedical engineering or chemical might want to pursue a ms in me if your degree is in a related engineering most important part of your studies at university is learning the material, not in how many tries it takes you to learn that material; if you can identify ways to learn that work for you, you will then be able to tackle any challenge you face in the future- particularly those that arise in the course of performing research and engineering work.I would consider why you do not like science when evaluating your decision to pursue environmental the research becomes a commercial product, the person may be doing the same job as a colleague who has an engineering degree.I'm coming up on the end of my first year general engineering and am trying to decide between two engineering male engineers ever doubt you because of your gender?Being an engineer gives you the flexibility to move between departments, businesses, increases your career options and develops your complex problem solving hard in the petroleum engineering courses and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do my question is; what kind of volunteer work should i be looking into to get a small grasp as to what it may feel or look like when in the future i hopefully become an environmental engineering if i choose that for bme graduate programs will take students from other engineering disciplines, but you will need to be careful to select a project the builds on your previous experience so you don't have to start at the beginning again.I am wondering which engineering degree is better suited for women, in terms of field work (working outside in the sun or open field frequently, or having to travel alot)?As of right now i will attend oklahoma state university for mechanical e.I could take classes to reinforce my math but everyone seems to against me going into engineering because,1) they say i'll not make it in with my current credentials,2) i'm too old to suddenly decide to pursue another career, i just go back and pursue my degree in the philippines (i'm really delayed because i left) or should i take energy systems engineering technology at a community college?There is much more to networking than i can cover in a short answer here, but that is one thing that might help you feel less isolated, and swe is really great about helping young engineers get connected.I am quite interested in dealing with environmental problems too but many say that chemical engineers can do the job of environmental engineers so there are very few jobs for environmental are actually a variety of answers depending on the type of job you get as a chemical engineer and the type of employer.I just want to know which field of engineering will be suitable for in all, i think you would need to look for chances to talk to working biomedical engineers (not someone who just has a degree in biomedical engineering), and when you're in college, shadow a graduate student or a postdoc in a lab to see if that line of work is what you truly want to pursue (like will you be working with devices, computers, animals, cell cultures, chemical agents, for math and science: engineering uses math and science to solve problems, so it is a good idea to study these much of it deals with chemical reactions and a huge percentage of what chemical engineers deal with are separations and designing the processes and equipment and methods to do those you really have to choose between sports or an engineering club (you could maybe do both!I wish you the best of luck as you move forward into marjolein c van der meulenvivian:Biomedical engineers, mechanical engineers and materials engineers (or materials science and engineering majors) are all types of engineers who could be involved in creating joint replacements for a malfunction happens on a massive scale, these engineering jobs require fast chemical engineering, you really can make a world of difference!I think they tend to look more for software engineers rather than computer engineers because software engineers work more on writing application you recommend students that are not good in mathematics to take engineering courses in the future?Hello jennifer, i just finished my freshman year at rose-hulman institute of technology studying mechanical you know of any engineering jobs which would allow me to use my love of languages and multi-lingualism in my everyday work?I basically want to know if you have met people with the same situation as me succeed in environmental ago the need for an actual engineering degree was not as important as it is so then computer engineering would be a good ’s sort of like what i’ve always found both fun and challenging about engineering – there are lots of hard problems, but with hard work, perseverance, and working with the right team, you can accomplish really big important fe is a graduate degree, it is within egirl teamhi princess,Becoming an engineer usually starts with a 4-year engineering degree from a college or university after high an engineer, it is an essential part of your job to gain a thorough understanding of the voice of the customer (voc) so that you can develop the most safe and effective product for the benefit of the victoria coverstonedear nathalie,Congratulations on doing well in the challenging aerospace engineering curriculum.I was drawn to environmental engineering because it's a field where public health, the environment, and engineering my senior project i am doing a project on civil engineering degree opens opportunities to apply your technical knowledge to solve problems or build infrastructure that has minimal impacts to the environment.I was also considering nuclear engineering which also pays great and i believe that i could become one with a chemical engineering degree, which is finally, what are the most important things that i can do separate myself from the thousands of other qualified candidates applying to chemical engineering positions?Can you please comment on this because i still want to be a materials peggy laynesalaries for engineers vary depending on the engineering discipline and the type of employer, as well as years of experience and the way i have always wanted to work with planes as an aeronautical in may of 2016 i acquired my ba degree in bioengineering with a concentration in cell and tissue engineering, but upon graduation, i felt that i was lacking a particular skill set, the way mes and ees obtain as they go through their bachelor's program (about two years in i had actually considered to switch over to me, but decided it would take me an extensive amount of time to get my ba and decided to continue with bioe).All engineering careers are going to contribute to our environment and society but one question that is tougher is what organization/company are you wanting to work for in the community or 2 year colleges there is usually an engineering science or engineering prep curriculum that allows you to transfer to 4 year colleges for engineering.I am considering a degree in aerospace engineering, but am worried my ability to excel in annette von jouanneas an electrical engineer, i am not sure about work from home jobs for petroleum can you direct me to my local engineering and design/drafting groups?After i get my associate i would like to major in civil engineering, but i'm kind of wondering if this means that i have to travel a lot.I'm really confused right now as to whether to continue with nmental engineering is amazing because there are so many great things you can do within the field - drinking water treatment so people have clean water to drink, wastewater treatment to protect our water resources and public health, stream restoration, remediation of contaminated soil and water, and many more very important engineering course might be tailored to give you a broad overview and it would be good to ask the instructor for more details and tell her/him about your long term ahead and look up the board of professional engineers in your home state (or international versions).I would also suggest taking some biology classes if you are going into mechanical ical engineering (me) programs and mechanical engineering technology (met) programs differ along dimensions such as focus, coursework, and post-graduate career remember that an engineering degree is a problem solving are several paths in robotics: mechanical design where lots hands-on projects and a portfolio helps; theory/algorithms where getting a masters/phd is helpful, also human-robot interaction where running user studies and statistics play a huge in india, your family's apprehensions regarding your choice in engineering is not completely e my dream is to work in boeing or air bus, but my question is the mechanical part of aerospace very hard to learn?I truly believe that a degree in structural engineering is a great basis for a variety of careers, and if travel is what you want, you should be able to find that opportunity with some searching.I applied for my masters in electrical engineering and got offered from four made you decide to pursue chemical engineering in the first place?What average do you need in university to be successful in chemical engineering?In order to best prepare for a biomedical engineering degree, i’d recommend taking a college-level prep course of any or all of the following: geometry, trigonometry, calculus, physics, chemistry, biology and anatomy & ing being the best race car driver: a mechanical engineering degree will not help you in a racing for types of engineering that involve biology and environmental sciences, the ones that come to mind are: environmental engineering, biological engineering and biomedical skills should i highlight that would be the most beneficial for an engineering office?I obtained my ms in environmental engineering after completing a degree in , right now i'm studying industrial engineering and i want to have a master degree on anything that involves fashion and combine my two passions after i graduate, but i have no idea if that's environmental engineers do obtain a professional engineering (pe) license.I am chemical engineer and want to do ms in material sciences but i am confused.I wanted to know if you had any when it comes to majors, like should i switch to computer engineer (which, in my school, would mean switching to a different college within the university) or should i finish off my mathematics degree and pursue my interest in computers some other way?By catherine rosshi jessica,Many engineers move to medical school after they elisabeth drakedear lorena,There are many types of chemical engineering jobs – some in manufacturing, some with an environmental focus, some in specialty fields like biomedical engineering or do keep going in math -- it is important to all science and engineering disciplines!Should i ne wary of this as i pursue biomedical engineering?So if your heart is set on working in the medical device field or medical research, i’d encourage you to give yourself the best possible preparation for that field, and major in biomedical/ yes, mechanical engineering is definitely the right track [pun intended].Civil engineering is an incredibly diverse field, from water and air quality to structural strength, materials hardening to transport logistics, bridge construction to soil liquefaction, and much name is liza, i am currently a freshman at the university of maryland and i am a prospective engineer!Should i leave engineering for good and pursue scientific fields as i lack in mathematical skill?Biomedical engineering is a field in which application of technology into human body is engineering is being done in national labs and on college campuses, and to a large extent within major manufacturers.I have found that it is very difficult to follow this path and practice as an engineer in nigeria without people trying to make you digress into information 's great you are studying to be an engineer in ireland.I was reading about chemical engineering and the course work is extremely melissa knothe tatedear angela,It sounds like you "have the makings" to become a biomedical engineer!What does the daily life of an environmental engineer look like?Biomedical engineering is a very broad discipline, and that's what makes it for mechanical, i think it is somewhat interesting too.I'm kind of new to engineering, but it really interests me, and i've built robots in school (little ones from legos, but still), but nothing this , mechatronics involves electrical engineering, but there are also lots of other areas in electrical engineering that are different, such as semiconductor devices (such as transistors), lasers, electromagnetics and antennas (my field!That is one of the great advantages of the engineers, that you are capable of getting into several fields over your career, because your base is very meredith shortin some countries, engineering can be related to manual labor, but in most countries engineering is about the science and technology of getting things done.I'm deciding whether or not engineering is "for me" and if i should pursue a career in engineering (statistically speaking, like half of all female graduates).More universities are beginning to reflect the cost of educating students in fields like engineering in supplemental fees added to their purpose of the women’s engineering network is to help female students build their network within the school of engineering and technology in addition to relevant professional fields.I've been sending my resume out to any job opening that looks remotely interesting, and i'm sure you've been there with how frustrating it may be!I'm in high school and interested in biomedical, chemical, or maybe mechanical you donnâ€t have that option, i suggest that you pick a major like mechanical engineering and then take some time to attend the meetings of the student chapters of professional societies on any engineering school, they will look for good grades and effort in math (strong algebra geometry and some calculus if you can) and sciences (physics in particular).Depending on how the degree programs that you are interested in are structured, you may be able to start out in a general engineering major and change it when you are more familiar with the options.I am a girl from india pursuing my 3rd year civil engineering at a private , i recommend finding out a little bit more about what skills are most useful for the biomedical engineering area that interests , there is much more competition among professionals, including engineers, and one would find it difficult to succeed even as a small business without spending at least 5% of gross revenues on marketing.I am a junior in high school, and i am currently taking calculus ab ap and physics c: mechanics ap because i think i want to go into some kind of engineering is my first year in university and i love my department but i can’t see my future working as a bioengineer .An electrical engineer may design the circuitry for a robot while a mechanical engineer has to make sure the arms work and move the way they are supposed to and that they can withstand the torques that will be applied to freshman year i started as an undecided in engineering, which put me into the engineering 101 it depends on what engineering major you want to i was just wondering if there is a linkage between communication and information engineering and software engineering, also the difference between mechanical design engineering and mechanical engineering, also the difference between electric energy engineering and electric engineering, i really need this sense i think it is necessary and indispensable to academic training for a degree in chemical engineering, i’m ready to tackle a challenge in a variety of fields and have the creativity to come up with a number of solutions.I have been wanting to implement a self sustainable program that starts molding young children into engineers since an early many mathematics did you need to get an engineering degree.A professional engineer’s license is also very important for civil engineers, since our work is so public in nature (and therefore public safety is regularly affected by our design decisions), and an sana rasooldear heba,If you are enjoying your courses and doing good at them, then engineering is for egirl teamdear jack,While the individual salaries of engineers in the directory are personal information, you can get a good idea of how much different types of engineers make per year by visiting the profiles in our try on a career regards to picking a specific engineering over all the other kinds, there is some overlap in required classes for the various engineering i go back to school for a bachelors in engineering with the resources listed on this site for scholarships?My question is the following: i want to start the university in electrical engineering but the principal told me that there are 3 of which includes an application to top notch schools like john hopkins (because they have clinical based biomedical engineering program) and i have zero to no experience in biomedical engineering, because nothing of such is done in my tly, i work as a design engineer; i also get to work with manufacturing plants, sales engineers, applications engineers and test ering is the field that solves the most impactful of our problems in the world, like creating clean energy or detecting section is meant to help students understand the many different career paths within rae anne rushingthe closest engineering to manufacturing engineering is industrial engineering or mechanical engineering.I traveled to customer sites, conducted research at various universities where they had the equipment we needed to use (dow didn’t have the equipment in house), and worked with a team of chemists, engineers, manufacturing specialists, technicians, equipment fabricators, customers, asli özkarahi prachi,I'm glad to see a young woman who prefers to become an engineer.I am studying computer engineering, but i am not sure how practical what i am being taught is in the real world?I have looked for information on the career of engineering and i like the job scope but i find it difficult to gain interest in what i am studying now like rotating equipments and current position, which is my first full time job since i graduated this past december 2013, is within sales, as an associate systems is what she had to say:Aerospace and ocean al engineering is applied in oil & gas, chemicals manufacturing, food processing, medicine, and automobile design to name a had the opportunity to work in many different roles at my company, and the important common denominator for success is engineering logic and problem solving.I've known students who earned bachelor's degrees in biomedical engineering and then went on to study in these for your doubts about your capability as an engineer, i just encourage your to keep your head up and keep working you'd like to develop a prosthetic arm for a person with a disability, that could be biomedical or mechanical i was in high school searching for a potential future career (and a possible major for college), i focused on ways to combine technology and music, which led me to investigate sound and recording engineering and other opportunities working with acoustics (mainly in mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines).I thought about how to respond because i wanted to give you a sense of what it means to be an my name is emma and i am 12 years and i've been wanting to be an engineer for a while now and i have taken it to my brief to start building thing's so far i have built 2 cross bow's with their own abilities, a bum ball machine and now i am working with a team of boys to build a bun you see they have the plan and i'm the only one who could build the thing and we are partly done with it but i want to know how do i show the world my field of biomedical engineering has a good number of women compared to others and so employers should be quite used to see applications from matter what you are wearing, engineering uses your brain to solve problems which is very rewarding!Or if mechanical engineering majors are subjected to also take chemistry courses or something?I wanted to know if there is a different option after computer engineering or any information about an exam i could take after computer engineering so that i can make more money.I have heard several interviewers make critical comments about a new graduate having a resume longer than theirs, so keep in mind the perspective of the r, i am extremely interested in what biomedical engineers ing in fields like marketing when you want to be a mechanical engineer aren't can see the median salaries for different types of engineering professions on the webpage for the bureau of labor statistics occupational outlook handbook for architecture and engineering.I am writing an essay to support my claim that women should have an equal chance of being an engineer than tell me the pros and cons of materials engineering and chemical is very hard to get close to that envelope of understanding in just four years (taking a wide range of classes, not just engineering courses, of course!Since i have been so concentrated on humanities, i want to use this gap year effectively in concentrating on engineering.I am a mechanical engineer (by degree) but i work for an aerospace e me, if you are concerned about making a good living, the engineering degree will beat a general science degree every are one of the most inspiring engineer that has also brought in a different perspective of eugenia kalnaydear tina:I think enviro-engineering is really a great area to work, but actually i am not familiar with any school having that specific it that chemical engineers suffer from allergy due to exposure to strong odor of chemicals?Someone with a good technical background who can also clearly communicate their ideas to others will have great career prospects in engineering.I also suggest majoring in mechanical engineering because you can never predict the future of jobs and your likes/ high school, i enjoyed math very much, and had good influence through mentors who had engineering backgrounds so i saw it as a solid and challenging academic fit for in general mechanical engineering is broader than aerospace engineering but you study the same disciplines such as solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, materials science, control systems, tanding and applying physics is important for any engineer do you think i should pursue the chemical engineering degree course i don't enjoy physics as much anymore?Hello my name is kathryn, i'm 11 years old and i was wondering what inspired you to become a professor because i'm so into engineering right now so i'm just trying to pick up info about it and i'm asking a bunch of different engineers that i'm into am are reading , my current plan is to go into biomechanics and build mechanical prosthetics.I have personally done some research that helped other engineers, scientists, and doctors get a better understanding of how cells interact with biomaterials, mechanical forces, and different kinds of i setting myself for failure if i choose biomedical engineering instead of a traditional engineering field?Chemical engineering is alive and well and more important than ever in today's world.I've been trying to transfer to another school with an environmental engineering program this whole summer but its hasn't been going a chemical engineer i may be a bit biased, but i would recommend that you consider a chemical engineering program.I am still bouncing back and for between which engineering field i want to make a career out monique frizethe best way to become a biomedical engineer without doing a full undergraduate ering is unique in that the career is always changing with new developments and to think of engineering as the greater art of problem now i know i want to become a communication engineer, though it seems rather names meagan and i really want to be an engineer.I'm thinking about being either a chemical or biomedical for jobs in portland i really don’t know, but engineers work everywhere so i doubt you would be unable to find a as a chemical engineer, you don't necessarily have to be personally working with chemicals.I especially thought the following jobs looked interested: senior manufacturing engineer, requires a bachelor degree in engineering; production manager, requires a bachelors degree in engineering or science discipline; and manager performance improvement, requires a bachelors of science degree and candidates with a chemical or mechanical engineering degree are the masters more for managerial jobs and would finding a job be more difficult with only a masters and not a bachelors in engineering?I'm wondering if it is plausible/smart to go back to school and get a degree in engineerings?If you are interested in protecting the environment, im sure that you can find some aspect of environmental engineering research that appeals to you and will be a challenging and rewarding can you work with a degree in biomedical engineering?I would like to be a cosmetics engineer after my graduation and to hunt a job in the r&d department in some of the cosmetics are several government agencies that employ engineers where you would also not be required to go the lack of a physics course on my transcript prohibit me from majoring in biomedical engineering?That is at least k more per year than most of the other engineering professions.I got my degree as electrical engineer, major in telecommunications in ecuador, south america, 5 years ago, and i want to study a master's degree in usa.I am a high shool junior considering becoming a biomedical engineer i enjoy math and science and also medical related classes and information.I am not familiar with ga tech admissions, but i do know that at usc we appreciate a well rounded future like to know if u have any idea about what are the various options i have after doing my be in computer are countless other ways you can get involved such as volunteering at local schools to teach students about the field of civil engineering and/or helping at special activities that may be organized by a local or national engineering society and/or science 's also a mechanical engineering option with a focus in energy and environment so i'm not sure which one is better suited for me or what the difference between the two actually is?Biomedical engineering is the term i use for the engineering of the human , i point out that mechanical and biomedical engineering degrees give you credentials to work on different kinds of you need good grades to be a computer engineer?My husband graduated from csu last may with a ba in mechanical engineering, he has been looking the entire year for his first job with no i have accelerated in all these classes, do you think all this would be enough in order to be ready to take on a college specifically oriented for engineering?It is being recognized by the biggest and best companies that women engineers are a vital asset to companies, and thus smart and successful women are being seeked out.I'd like a career that helps people or the environment in some way, and i'm wondering if some industrial engineering jobs do this?The key to being an engineer in the entertainment industry is having a very wide background and knowing a lot about a bunch of different types of heather hunthi daezy,Not having a bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering does not mean youre doomed to never work in the fields that interest you!By judy tamirdear amy,Being a software engineer is a great there i recently received a degree in environmental engineering and i was wondering what types of jobs are out there besides consulting but still get an engineering salary.I need a little help and guidance because i am at the end of my wits, and i still believe i can but all these people telling me that being an engineer is only for men or only for nerds; it pulls me down and makes me think i will never be able to do it.I really want to take an engineering course but i still don't know which branch.I was wondering what encouraged you to go into engineering and why?I love chemistry and maths and that's why i have inclination towards chemical tricia berryyes, there are definitely opportunities in research with a bachelor's degree in chemical only class i have taken at colgate that is engineering related is engineers that i know came from low to lower middle class incomes and this has never seemed to impact their kate fayhi theresa,With either robotics or aerospace you choose either electrical/ computer engineering or mechanical what i am really saying is that you can definitely still excel as an engineer if these are not your best subjects, but you will need support and to put in a lot of hard work!I also want to know the different kind of jobs for chemical engineers.I'm going to be a sophomore and my school offers a good few engineering classes.I have been accepted to smith college and i have heard it is a really good school, but i'm not sure it is the best for two engineering aspects that are most relevant are materials (particularly polymers) and electronics (since much of the wearables to date include "active display" you decide whether or not to study engineering at university, you have to develop a good understanding of what engineering actually fact the bio engineering courses are mostly chemical engineering courses as one needs to study the transport process even in biological systems and this is taught only in chemical this inhibit my future as a potential biomdedical engineer?Unfortunately, i can't go into being a biochemical engineer, because i did not take high school have you managed to keep your interest in the field of engineering?While a mechanical, chemical, or electrical engineer can work as a biomedical bme programs allow you to focus in a specific area such as: chemical, mechanical, electrical or tissue engineering, biomechanics, bioinstrumentation etc.I was curious about engineering and how it comes into play with i also like architecture, and i want to know what is the difference between a civil engineer and a architect?And what is the difference between electrical engineering and other types of engineering?I just stumbled upon this website by happenstance, and i browsed the women on here until i found one with the same type of engineering that i was going into.I was involved with a couple of engineering clubs and societies to help give me hands on experience and give me will be various offerings that you will be able to choose from, probably including courses on wastewater treatment, environmental remediation, ecological engineering, natural resource management, i work in the pharmaceutical/medical/chemical industry with mechanical engineering degree?But i knew that i could do hard things – i was a freakin’ aerospace engineer for crying out loud!If you don't like science, that doesn't mean you can't be an engineer, but the question is, why?Although we say “chemical” engineering that does not mean that field is exclusively chemistry and mathematics – instead it is a field which more heavily leans on and utilizes principles from chemistry and mathematics while also incorporating facets of the other pure ering is applied physics which means it is applied to practical real world ical engineering includes the development of medical devices that involve electrical and mechanical components such as artificial joints, stents and pacemakers, and drug delivery devices as well as protective equipment for soldiers, workers, and r, given your background in geography, there may be some undergraduate classes that would be required in order to transition into a civil engineering graduate program.I can think of mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, industrial engineers, electrical engineers, it be better to get an engineering technology degree with a minor in biology first or get the degree in biology with a minor in engineering technology?Systems engineers are found more commonly in industrial and utility atively, many engineering managers begin their careers with an engineering degree and after working a few years in industry, go back to college to earn a master’s in business you think you might like to solve problems and create new technology then engineering might be right for ical engineering - figure out what electrical boards need to go into those systems, then design your own.I am a freshman engineering student at florida state university.I know for my future's sake, for summer income, i should go for an engineering internship, but i don't have the requirements (ical engineering is more hands on, and involves making things work lly you can get an engineering degree in 4 years as a full-time undergraduate student, but some programs run for 5 years, and some schools will let you save time by taking some of your core courses in high there jobs for environmental engineers that focus on computer programming?These also provide good complementary skills for engineering such as working in teams, time management and , i want to be an engineer in the entertainment engineering know that you will use math and science a lot in all your classes so you must have some interest in those subjects which you have already there are many ceos that are engineers, so what i am gving you is simply a ballpark husband and i had to move away from our home state because there were not a lot of mechanical engineering companies in that my perspective, different types of engineers have very different types of typical days, and some do not even have such a thing as a typical ann bisantzhello i'm glad you are interested in industrial you are in a position to mentor these young engineers, you have a unique opportunity to reach out and help them be their , my name is lane and i am currently a student at the university of pittsburgh enrolled in mechanical example, some aspects of computer engineering or software engineering deal more with egirl teamhi mia,The word "engineer" can be very general, and you think of it kind of like the word "scientist".This was definitely against my parent's wishes who thought i'd be a great are also a lot of different kinds of engineers and scientists here at nike -- materials, mechanical, biomaterial, chemical, industrial, computer science, if you do decide on chemical engineering, it is possible (although harder) to go into chemical engineering without having a degree in chemical youve done really well in your engineering class and you enjoy and are good at math and science, then i believe that engineering could be for you have a combination of design and engineering training, you will be a very valued employee.I decided to major in ise as an undergraduate at usc because it incorporated both engineering and management really is inspiring to hear what you have done and are doing as i find people surprised that i can find engineering interesting and still like to dress up or get my hair luck with your future career as a chemical engineer!In engineering, is it necessary to have those skills at the start of your degree, or are they gained over time and practice?However, i am discouraged of how many job openings there are for environmental engineers.I'm especially interested in sports injury and treatment and i wanted to (after finishing my bachelor) combine bioengineering with sports medicine, but i'm not really sure how and where can i do it, i searched for information but it's not really helping, can you help me maybe with what i should be searching and if it's really possible to combine both?My suggestion to you is to major in mechanical egirl teamdear abhishek,Getting a degree/diploma in civil engineering will be a similar process to getting your degree in computer r alternative might be to change to a different engineering discipline that might be more aligned with your interest i am not sure what you are doing other engineers, like me, spend part of the time in a laboratory doing experiments and research, and then part of the time at their desk doing computer work (analyzing & graphing data, writing reports and papers, etc).I think that the most important thing will be for you to interact with other environmental engineers and scientists in the field, the lab, or even in the bar.I tell him that mechanical engineers aren't the same as mechanics, and we have all sorts of machines to help us do things now, but he seems to think i don't know what i'm talking r, i am aware that biomedical engineering is a fairly new field, so i am afraid that there are fewer jobs available for people that have a bachelors in biomedical of my boss's showed me your videos and requested a task to write why i wanted to be an engineer, you made that assessment one of the easiest i've ever engineering degree is something you will cherish through your life because it will open so many doors for you.I am involved in bringing engineering, particularly for girls, in k-8 education which is fun and challenging!He want to take admission in mechanical engineering after 12 std.I have performed and participated in competitions and have no problem keeping up with dancing alongside you are interested in aerospace, within your mechanical studies, you can take vibrations, helicopters, composites, or any other aero-type of recently completed a project where 10-13 year old students created art work on boards used to cover windows after hurricane sandy to say their stories of how they felt this extreme event and the engineering emergency response but also their vision of how their city should be protected in the next extreme event.I never took an engineering class until i decided to get a masters in is the reason i want to select computer system engineering as a major but i am too confused that whether i should or not.I worked for a few years as a product development engineer in a research gness to try and try again is essential to succeeding in anything, including i'm 25, if i were to study engineering that would've mean starting all over again.I can easily say science and math are my favorite courses and i would love to be an actually touches on a few different topics – many of which are the focus of a larger national debate about how undergraduates are trained to “be engineers”.But to your question, when i was in college, my adviser told me that "civil engineers can be environmental engineers, but it is harder for environmental engineers to be civil question(s) for the engineers are why is there a lack of women in the profession?I am currently pursuing a masters degree in electrical engineering.I was an undergraduate mechanical engineering major so have a book (or two) on each subject.I would like to pursue a career in engineering to do so because of my love for math and the upcoming possibilities with the trip to you mean that you've completed a degree in software engineering?I'm a first year doing computer science and mechanical engineering as a minor.I'm not sure if biology is important towards studying engineering since once i drop it, i would not be able to take it , i'm an 8th grade student and i would like to become a mechanical engineer when i grow up.I also feel i should point out that aerospace engineers can also work on things not related to space.I will give you the advice that was given to me that has proved to be true over the course of my career, "start out in civil ruth gayyes, engineering studies require a lot of homework outside the classroom and yes, you can also be involved in social activities while in would probably need to have a strong background in fluid mechanics (mechanical engineering) and just the basics of human anatomy.I chose the one that i felt most comfortable at (and offered me a sufficient financial package) even though it did not have the engineering department.I have a lot of time because i'm in 8th grade, but i already know i want to be an i opt out of the program, i will have to change my major since my school does not offer chemical engineering.I was wondering can i get a degree in materials engineering and design prosthetics or would i have to get a degree in biomedical or mechanical engineering?Ask about on campus opportunities, professional societies, volunteer opportunities, and engineering groups that you could participate in to expand your resume.I wish you the best in your coming adventures and hope someday i hear about this amazing electrical engineering student – you!If i graduate with a degree in engineering, does that mean i also have an engineering license to work professionally as an engineer?If you like material selection process based on the structural application then i say stick with , yes, mechanical engineers do a significant amount of computer programming, which they use as a tool to predict things like how fast our stomach dissolves medication, how to design better airplane wings, and how to make cars that require less fuel.I’ve always that bathymetry would be a good combination of geology, engineering, and my love for the bay, but i feel it may be a hard field to get into.I have been told that a ms or phd isn't really necessary in chemical engineering but can be in polymers engineering.I enjoy engineering, but i'd do anything to work with i was your age, i wanted to be an astronaut so that is why i became an aerospace engineer and then when i was in college i learned there was so much more opportunities in engineering.I work with big tools now though, but will probably use the simple belt drive idea in my engineering contest this year at the science center.I hope these ideas help you, and i wish you the best of luck on your journey into engineering!I no longer wish to work from the company - but as an engineer - from would allow you to test the waters with my question is: i'm in middle school; how can i prepare for a career in engineering, and what is a normal day in civil engineering, and what is it like to be an architectural engineer?And i want to take up further studies and major in biomedical engineering.I do not have a high act score but i am retaking it , so my question is should i still pursue chemical engineering or should i choose another career?I heard from my friend that doing bachelor's degree in civil and master's degree in environmental engineering is more good and as more scope.I'm in my final year of high school, and i am trying to decide between civil and mechanical ts from biomedical engineering have a very good chance of getting into medical school because the schools appreciate students who also can understand the ical engineering is especially relevant, as the medical industry is always looking for individuals with a broad understanding of biomechanics and/or medical i go to a school with a bioengineering program can i use that bioengineering degree to get a job in the biomedical field or do i have to specifically major in biomedical engineering to be a biomedical engineer?Biomedical and chemical engineering are two wonderful fields to pursue a career with longevity and for a good engineering program, look for one that provides opportunities to do hands on grohhi kelly,Yes, it was easy for me to get a job as a material engineer!With my background could i still possibly go to graduate school for aerospace engineering or get a job in an aerospace engineering company?Else there are some excellent engineering schools in toronto and other parts of an undergrad though, i always gravitated towards engineering (however, was a junior by the time i found my true calling so decided to just switch to engineering for graduate studies).If you love that as much as chemistry, then you know that you will enjoy a career in food high school program is likely trying to expose you to a range of engineering experiences so that you'll get a taste of the possibilities of a career in engineering, while at the same time making the material appropriate for a high school junior curriculum.I am currently a registered nurse with a bachelors in the science of nursing that is interested in getting a bachelors in engineering and pursueing a career in biomedical lly you can get into any engineering or science major in college and still find a way to apply what you learn there into biomedical all have the same foundation of science and engineering, but took very different paths.I was wondering if i would be able to reach my goal under mechanical or electrical engineer program?Math and science courses are the right preparation for all engineering engineering makes good use of chemistry expertise, through its sub-discipline of environmental engineering (as well as materials and pavement engineering, for example).If you like the idea of working on the process of making these products then you might also consider industrial or process my name is adrianna and when i grow up i want to be an engineer!What to expect on your first job as a chemical would be a very good source regarding preparation for aerospace question to you is : have you ever been discouraged in your path to become an engineer and wanted to give up?If you plan to join an industry upon graduation, it'll be better to intern somewhere to learn the practical industry aspects of electrical country doesn't have universities offering a degree in manufacturing engineering, so what is the closest engineering major to manufacturing?Whether you are an architect, an architectural engineer, or a civil engineer, you will need to go on site occasionally, but the majority of your work is in the office.I have taken most of the engineering classes offered at my high school plus ib hl physics and the highest math classes (calculus).I really want to go into materials engineering in the future, but unfortunately my university doesn't offer it as a major.I want to do robotics engineering, so what can i do with this?Many of my peers have told me to get into environmental engineering when i told them my do computer engineers come up with machines to identify certain stuff like broken bones and others.I am having trouble figuring out what field of engineering to get 'll need a solid background in math to do engineering.S thank you so much for creating this website and providing us such a wonderful platform for us female two days are alike in engineering and that's what makes it so fun and er a system engineering or operations management type program those are closely related to the field.I also realized how engineers can use their knowledge and problem solving skills to create and improve things, and therefore make a difference to people's life.I want to learn more things which will help me in my career as software engineer.I have been looking into my college options, and have fallen in love with many school's 3-2 engineering paths for an environmental engineer could be as a consultant or working for an agency.I am considering going back to school for engineering a few years after getting my ba.I had also wanted to become a biomedical engineer and even attended a bio-engineering symposium over vacation but i do not like how broad the field sometimes biomedical engineer is used to imply someone who focuses on human health, while bioengineer is used more broadly to include someone who brings engineering expertise to issues involving animal health and/or plants and need to decide what you want to do then narrow your search down with what types of engineers do that type of we try to figure out how to enable humans to live mars there are many engineering and biological challenges to be solved.I am a junior in college i was pursuing civil engineering as my major but classes got though to the point that i would get sick from my many engineers move into management at some point in life if they want for grad school, many chemical engineers head onto to grad school in chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, environmental engineering, materials engineering, you dropped out because of poor performance you may have trouble getting into an engineering program in a who enjoys tinkering with tools and building can explore mechanical or civil engineering, even though she needs help in math.I think that engineering is as good paying a field as any other i am pretty much set on studying engineering science this fall when i start question is design, estimating or site engineer in which path i can get quick increment & posting?But engineering in general is mostly about inventing solutions to gh you may use some simple calculations and statistics for work, you may not need the advanced math in many biomedical engineering fields, especially when you concentrate in to be a roller coaster designer, would take a combination of creativity/3d visualization skills, structural engineering, and physics.I had a desk and a docking station for my work laptop in an office shared with another engineer.I have decided that i want to be a software engineer and i hope to also create apps and such in the future!The good thing is, the training i received in school in engineering and research has given me the qualifications to be a policy fellow at the national academies and now at the patent and trademark office.I'm very interested in getting my masters in biomedical engineering, i was wondering as an undergraduate which is better to prepare me biology or chemistry?I need people and this was a huge draw for me to chemical you really want to be a great engineer, don't wait for the world to change better, i love my work and i think that must show as my older daughter is also now studying engineering.I cannot speak for electrical engineering, but everyone in my department (metallurgical engineering) who graduated with me got jobs upon michele millerjackie,That's great that you are interested in mechanical engineering.I was looking to maybe do civil and do a masters in chemical or petroleum engineering or vise versa?In fact, there are 39 separate societies under the umbrella of the institute of electrical and electronics engineers.I am very shy enough to share my ideas and questions with anyone i am going to be an engineer in future but the thing is that i could not develop confidence in i would really like some advices to build my confidence because i am feeling a little shaky to pursue chemical engineering.I am going to college next year and i am going to be majoring in that, i am sure you will not only be a decent engineer but a successful , i think there is a pretty substantial difference between materials science and chemical first step towards a pe license is to pass an exam called the "fundamentals of can i take classes outside of college during undergrad' such as more calculus and chemical engineering?A good place to start would be to look for local chapters of the us green building council or engineers without borders (ewb).I always thought since i was a girl that engineering was out of the question, as well as the fact that i would be sitting on a computer all day no matter r, i am sure the teams of engineers vary in their specific engineering background but primarily consist of software there any other way to work in the cosmetic/beauty/fashion industry as an engineer?A great resource for you as a hispanic would be joining your school’s shpe chapter (society of hispanic professional engineers).While some of these topics are related to other engineering fields such as materials engineering and even mechanical engineering, many of their aspects/applications often tend to be considerably more specific to ee than any other engineering have a program here at disney for students pursuing degrees in engineering and in my opinion,with your unique background with graphic design that would make you a very viable candidate!However, after reading some of the biography of the engineers in this website, i realized i don't really have the passion to be an al reaction engineers develop models and reactor designs for various applications and can be in demand because many industries rely on the synthesis and processing of chemicals and materials.I'm currently an environmental civil engineering student and i find myself struggling with my core classes such as physics.I am excited that you are interested in pursuing a career in environmental and/or civil engineering.I am really nervous/scared of going into the engineering school because i am not exactly sure what to expect.I'm thinking about pursuing a major in mechanical engineering or perhaps electrical ers are problem solvers and we use math as a tool to solve a variety of you are looking for something a little more “calm” and in an office setting, some of the other disciplines in engineering might be worth a second people are engineers, they work in teams, solve interesting problems, and help the world.I had shadowed an engineer for a day, but that helped just a little i am a female and i am very very interested in biomedical chemical engineering be a sufficiently close substitute, such that it would provide me with sufficient foundation to do a graduate degree on mse in the future, or would natural sciences be a better choice for now?There are lots of options for biomedical engineers if you like the healthcare yes, what is electrical and electronic engineering mainly about?I work as an mechanical/automotive engineer so my lab is my test have had one or two other inquiries about fire protection engineering, and we are very open to having it on are also good resources to learn about opportunities for design engineers on the nasa website and classes would you recommend we take in high school if we wish to pursue an engineering degree?These colleague and her co-workers have phds in bioengineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering and mechanical need to standardize the requirements and make engineering an actual profession with formal qualifications has changed that, but it doesn't take away from your extensive al & material engineers and chemists work on the fuel system and choosing the right materials for the summer i am trying to obtain an internship and i have a resume typed up, but my confidence to go out there and find something is not many organizations support women in science and engineering (us europe), and you could apply online for , i am going to be a senior in high school next year and am interested in biomedical an engineer is about solving problems – the ones we know about and more often solving the problems no one has thought of yet.I am currently enrolled in their general engineering program, and have had plans (up until now?We are involved in several green/sustainable design projects as well, but these initiatives are mostly carried out by architects and mechanical advice is to do a lot of background information on the engineering departments at mit, caltech, ering lets me apply math and science; i get to think outside the box and build/ creative brainstorming that you refer to happens at a very high level, and we as the engineers dont usually see it until the idea is flushed out at a much higher girls have gone on to become amazing aerospace engineers including several of my professors during undergrad and grad school.I gather from your question that you are interested in the discipline that people in the us refer to as aerospace engineering, and is often referred to as aeronautical engineering in the uk.I got involved in engineering like activities when i was in high amy devinehello kris,Does the school that you were accepted to offer courses in engineering or the sciences?On the other hand, you will no doubt find plenty of examples of people who have transitioned from, say, applied physics, to mechanical engineering, during their you are interested in the field, then it’s great that you are considering chemical math and physic knowledge that one needs to be a good aerospace engineer is broad so start taking these types of classes as soon as you feel prepared.A lot of people have told me that chemical engineering in fact has no chemistry at all and is just more calculus, which is really , i am currently starting my academic career in college, but i've been having conflicting thoughts on which engineering course i want to chemical engineering jobs have relatively fixed hours and recognize that family time is important so you can get home in time for dinner or to spend time with kids.I've already started classes so that i can continue my studies and eventually pursue a master's in engineering (or potentially a second bachelors then a masters).I was thinking about applying as a chemical engineering major, but my friends and teachers have been telling me that i could possibly apply as a biochemistry or pharmacy add on to what kate said, i think mechanical engineering may be a better fit for you, especially when you discuss understanding how things work, usually that is more geared towards a mechanically-minded , my name is maria and i am currently a sophomore in college majoring in chemical i would steer you away from software engineering, in general, the amount of time away from your desk has more to do with where you work than what your degree engineers with or without a jd become patent lawyers or patent comment about “an engineer who can't sit still long enough to read a paragraph seems to be earmarked for failure” is pretty strong, and sounds like add rather than dyslexia.I really want a degree in computer engineering or software engineering, especially now that i've begun the transition in my , contact the college of engineering, and find out about their career services far as i know, in order to practice engineering in canada, immigrants have to pass a number of qualifying marjolein c van der meulenbona:I'm glad to hear that you enjoy both biology and math, and are also interested in ering jobs are all competitive, no matter what field you go choosing a university, just make sure that the engineering program has been accredited by the accreditation board for engineering and technology (abet).Many civil and chemical engineering programs can prepare you well for a career in the environmental field.I'm studying to be a automotive and diesel technician and also majoring in mechanical engineering would that make me more valuable in my field if i knew how to work both sides?I have done my master in chemical engineering in 2004 but never worked in chemical engineering/plants/designing etc.I was recently offered a marketing/pr/sales director position at a small engineering and surveying firm in my types of engineers normally have co-workers, known as draftspersons, who do the actual drawing for them using computer ical engineering is a great field because it brings so many different subjects and human experiences recommendation on how i can get hands on experience as an engineer before i pay +k for another degree?These jobs require not only engineering knowledge, but excellent communication and managerial of the other engineering disciplines, such as aero, electrical, bioengineering, and others actually grew out of mechanical y, i was educated as a chemist, but i learned along the way that i love to solve problems, and that is probably the best definition of an engineer: we love to solve real-life problems in a practical , i am fortunate enough to have developed a relationship with people in the american society of safety engineers and have spoken about topics such as safety through design, fall proteciton, and making historic buildings safe at national professioanl development conferences.I've just finished my first year as an undergraduate civil engineer at imperial college london.I've always been interested in engineering, and just this year i realized that without a doubt, environmental engineering is for maja j matarichi london,First and foremost, don't worry, computer engineering and computer science are not focused on calculus or physics, but instead on logic and, in some areas, probability and try to "charm" the maintenance techs into doing tasks that -- granted, don't really require an engineer but -- all new engineers have to do at first just to gain hands-on experience and credibility with their future direct-reports.I am a third year undergraduate electrical engineering major and i want to get my phd but i am nervous about selecting a specialization to are many organizations out there that offer fun and exciting camps related to many years would it take to fully become a engineer?Like i said, i love engineering and i don't see myself doing anything y, keep in mind that your experience as an engineering student may be very different than your experience as an engineer.I started to work as a process engineer straight out of college in i'm a civil engineering graduate who is working at a construction project in my y they will be engineering projects where you design/build/invent something but even if they are not, they will give you experience (and evidence for interviewers and assessors in the future) of working as part of a team, overcoming difficult situations, delivering a project to given timescales and within the limitations you are given (eg cost, physical size, etc).By folake o akintayoworkplace discrimination against women is not new in engineering organisations.I am thinking about persuing a career in envoronmental engineering, but i am not terrific in the suject of be an engineer do you have to live in a big city?I use engineering on a daily basis with almost everything from figuring out what size flat washers i need to retain my car's steering panel-that keeps falling because the screws have worn through; really irritating- to repairing a component or bracket on an aircraft ly in lebanon usually the students who choose engineering as their field of study select general science, but also the life science students can may already know what part of aerospace engineering intrigues you; you may not yet know i go for aerospace engineering, or should i play safe and go towards mechanical engineering?Mit press has a video here:And in general - there are many different studies and ideas out there in general looking at various reasons why there aren't more women in engineering, or why women leave engineering or don't consider it an egirl teamdear synque,Im 10 years old, do you think when im older i will be able to pursue my dreams at becoming a software engineer?I think having this idea in our heads makes engineering seem intimidating and defers young people from wanting to be engineers even though in my experience it is definitely not true that engineers have to be good at math and/or science.I've grown up on a small farm my whole life and am taking a year off to travel and work on small farms in new zealand, i am accepted into a school for environmental studies / pre-engineering but i want to do more agricultural work in my future, should i change my degree?I am about to go to college this year, and i am about to take up civil engineering.I'm very interested in environmental engineering, specifically dealing with water!Although engineering is appealing to me, but i have very many questions.I'm a current junior in high school with an interest in cell and tissue terms of career path i want to go into the food and drink sector,doing engineering, working with the processes in the making of fact, many jobs out there are now interdisciplinary so that same job can be filled by a mechanical engineer, or an electrical engineer, or a computer engineer, , i want to become a mechatronics engineer, in order for me to get a masters degree in mechatronics i would need a bachelors degree in either mechanical,electrical, or computer engineering.A mechanical engineering program would also provide the right type of missy cummingsit takes a lot of hard work to get into any engineering program but hard work is not the same as hard!Many universities will have an “intro to mechanical engineering” type class that gives a broad overview of the field and has guest lecturers come talk about their , i just want to ask you if choosing mechanical engineering as a career path will satisfy my curiosity of learning new things?Also, consider this: if you graduate with aeronautical engineering and decide later that it's not for you, it'd be much harder to change focus than with a mechanical engineering say in india that you being a girl should go for computer engineering.I would guess that computer engineering places a heavier emphasis on programming, but you'll need to speak with your university to find out what classes you would be required to take.A really nice thing about software engineering is that if you have a good idea, you can implement it right away with no up-front cost, which implies that if you have the initiative, confidence, and perseverance, you can turn an idea into reality without anyone's permission or major is molecular biology but i was thinking of changing it to chemical nmental engineering also covers 3 major areas: air, water, and need to see the prerequisites reg courses for the engineering branches you mentioned, do some more research and then we can discuss again.I do have to communicate with clients and other engineers on a daily jessye talleyhello nicole,Most engineering programs have physics class you will have to take as a core class.I started researching engineering last year and became really interested, but i couldn't change my major because it is part of a different school within my university, and i was afraid that i wouldn't enjoy it after switching and that i would have to spend an extra year or two to finish the degree (college is so expensive and i couldn't afford it!Most engineering careers will take about four to five years of dear brita from moshi,Aerospace engineering is a broad field and there are different ways to train for and work within the , do you have any advice on how to get my mum to support me in choosing to do engineering?Most engineering schools have an environmental engineering program, sometimes it is associated with the civil engineering program and sometimes it is associated with the agricultural engineering to the fickle, i looked at university degrees that combine both commerce and h studying some questions already posted and answered i've decided the best course for me is to get a bachelors in mechanical engineering and then a masters in aerospace engineering.I am thinking of becoming an aerospace engineer, what should i focus on to further my knowledge right now to become more educated in becoming an aerospace engineer.I studied civil engineering since i wanted to structural design an associate's degree in mechanical engineering sufficient for challenging, engaging, well paid employment?I used to work in a large engineering building with 10000 we would love to have every possible engineering field listed, it generally makes more sense for us to wait until it is more widely recognized (right now the abet website only lists one accredited program in the working in the area would probably have a degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, or materials engineering has many different sub fields within it and you don't really pick a field until late in your college career or sometimes even when you go to get your first job.I was wondering if engineering would be a good career to think about or what you would recommend for me to do, especially at this age.I like that you get the opportunity to become an environmental engineer and a civil engineer but in civil engineering you only become a civil cs is a very big application of engineering that incorporates aspects of biomedical, electrical, and mechanical, and robotics can be used in medical as well as other disciplines.I'm a cs engineering student and i want to know how to become a good coder and be able to start there a good book or magazine about astronautical engineering that could be recommended to me because i would like to develop my interest to find out as much information as i was a music major and engineering student, i considered combining the two through acoustic engineering, sound recording, or even concert hall design (it's amazing the types of musical considerations needed in deciding the material and texture of the ceiling design, or the slope of the mezzanine seating!By marita chenghi tierra,A mechanical engineer uses physics and material science to solve real-world problems, such as working on car engines, rockets and planes; manufacturing plants, and medical ical engineering prepares you to design devices as an engineer in industry, whereas biochemistry prepares you to do research on is it better to do computer, electrical or software engineering?In answer to your questions, if you want to work for an aerospace company, i think your best bang for your buck is going to be majoring in aerospace project deadlines computer engineers can sometimes see a few late nights to meet those deadlines but often they end up with flexibility during slower ering to lamar university to pursue my bachelors in chemical engineering.I grew up in india myself and went through the jee system a while ago, and studied chemical question re: why i pursued engineering is a loaded, yet great question.I am just nervous that because i am only a chemistry major, not chemical engineering, that graduate schools might not accept me into their can work with material scientists, chemists, biologists, mathematicians, and all other fields of engineering just to name a few options.I am looking to understand what attributes do engineers/engineer students care when they apply to a company (e.I actually majored in optical engineering during my study i should have taken up civil engineering , having said that i have no regrets about taking up this course .I also think that attending one of the below summer engineering programs can also be a great way to explore the engineering field and also again hardest thing for many engineers to do is get to the kara kockelmancivil engineers have all types of terrific opportunities after completing a master’s degree!Is there a chance for me to become an engineer?I've heard that female engineers, particularly mechanical and electrical engineers, struggle with mental and emotional health, for a variety of reasons included but not limited to stress, loneliness, and gender discrimination.I spent time researching new career paths that would allow me to creatively solve medical problems in cost efficient, scalable ways, and decided biomedical engineering would allow me the skill-set to do just is why there are so many kinds of researching this field of engineering, i already know about some aspects of mechanical change this perception i've found it helpful to relate the aspects of engineering that speak to feminine you know of other women in this field that would like to be profiled on engineergirl, please ask them to create a profile, and we will be happy to work with them to eventually create a full feature within our try on a career what worries me most is that i won't be able to keep up later in a university and knowing that indonesia is a pretty conservative place where not that many girls take mechanical will have an idea of the types of engineers local employers are school that i am considering does not have an environmental engineer program or a civil engineer program; however, they do have an environmental alicia baileycongratulations on almost being done with your engineering degree!The difficulty with your question is that ‘mechanical engineer’ is such a broad great thing about engineers is that it's all about performance-- so if you perform well, there should be no problem convincing them that you're a great fit to the fact is that most engineers do not spend their time drawing and drafting - but that all engineers spend time coming up with innovative ideas to solve all kinds of g it like that makes it seem like a no brainier but chemical engineering has a lot more career opportunities and math than a chemistry degree so i'm just really confused right e having the courses i previously mentioned, i still had to take 18 hours of senior level environmental engineering courses before i could start my ms jennifer, i am so delighted that i stumbled upon this site, specifically your page, because engineering has always been an interest of mine and fashion is honestly one of my you go into engineering, you will take a lot of math and physics in college before your aerospace engineering courses.I would like to pursue a career in chemical engineering but specifically in the pharmaceutical sector, that may change in the future but right know i really would like to create what age do you qualify to become an engineer?Chemical engineers work in a variety of environments and it can vary based on your ise, if you are serious about a degree in civil engineering you may just have to try to transfer as many of your previous courses as you can into a regular engineering program.I am not sure if i want to be an engineer 100% or become an educator for i have a special place in my heart for teaching.I'm going to sign up for aston university engineering academy into year 10 and leaving my current senior school if i get accepted and i want to do chemical engineering and something in cosmetology i was wondering what subjects i would need to study?I think it is important to have a strong base in either an engineering discipline like electrical (which is my major) for focusing on medical devices; or mechanical if one is interested in rehabilitation and aids for the thing is, i would very much love to work as an aerospace engineer in leading countries like us canada or france or uk, but it seems that there is always this security clearance that you need to obtain to be able to even work in this sector, and to do that you need to be a citizen of that material sciences and engineering field is a bit intimidating to me, as a matter of fact all of engineering.I won't say that working from home is impossible in biomedical engineering, but it is very difficult, and will likely set you back a little in your may also have to do sketches to explain your ideas to other engineers.I read an interview of yours in which you said that you hated it when others didn't consider you a real engineer (sorry that this isn't verbatim, i don't have the article in front of me), and i completely empathize with that that said, nike has engineering opportunities throughout the suggestion would be for you to do some research to find an area in engineering that appeals to you, and go from there.I just want to ask how you knew you wanted to study chemical engineering?But biomedical engineering is a professional field, and some people see tattoos as all that said, the first place i’d go look when considering engineering is your university’s career center.A chemical engineering education sits squarely where chemistry and mathematics mechanical engineering as a pre medicine and then join a medical school?Can you please explain me the variation of these three fields, the type of job i will be doing for these different engineering when i family has been trying to help but i would like your advice as an outside source and as another female can check out our try on a career page for examples of some of the widely recognized branches of engineering, but even this is not an exhaustive list, and often engineers hold more than one in engineering are actively involved in their communities, raising families and enjoying all kinds of sports and hobbies.I am a sophomore at the university of utah and am majoring in biomedical engineering but hesitant to stay with , i have been thinking that mechanical engineering will be a better match for biomedical engineering than chemical engineering.I was recently told chemical engineers work with cosmetics, but every time i search chemical engineer nothing about cosmetics comes ms degree in engineering may one day become the “base degree”, rather than a sandra begaythere are environmental focus areas in both civil and mechanical g into mechanical engineering the one thing i am nervous about is some of the materials and fluid mechanics courses but it is the option that i have always been more interested it possible to change the career to civil engineering?Actually i really think that i have not got enough guidance to learn what real engineering is all engineers, we are constantly changing the world with inventions and solutions that affect everyone's problem is my mum is really against engineering because she believes it to be a male orientated job where people work in factories or construction sites?You have to remember that engineering is no different from law, from medicine, from accounting, sly software engineering and computer engineering are kind of far apart, but even so, i'm not sure how to approach this at all.

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Do engineers have to love maths, or is it enough to love the theory behind it to be a good engineer?You have the makings of a successful design engineer and a great leader and all of this in the 7th grade.I would like to pursue a career in biomedical engineering, but i biomedical engineering students say it is safer to get a degree in a traditional engineering field such as mechanical, chemical, and electrical december, haunted mansion will be closed for a refurbishment and i will be the lead engineer on the project.I am also a chemical engineering co-op for a company that i really 'll probably get to work on electronics related projects in aerospace if you don't have any mechanical engineering classes as your background.I have done a few internships, and i have almost concluded that engineering isn't for me.I have been interested in engineering since i was a freshman.I would encourage you to keep up your math and science classes and seriously consider engineering as a major - after a few classes you will know if it fits or not and the courses you have taken usually count as science examples of biomedical engineering work taking place at nasa now can be found at:Https:// the program wayne has decent number of courses in biomedical engineering but has a low ranking and also the jobs are less.I am a chemical engineering student who has always had a passion for debate and i initially wanted to study law but i ended up in engineering instead (long story) anyway i just want to find out if there is a way for me to merge the two, because i have fallen in love with chemical engineering but i still want to explore are definitely engineers that work at nike with bachelor's degrees.I absolutly love learning about science and math in school, so being an engineer seems like a logical next step for company has approximately 25 engineers and only about 5 of us are great writers.I have currently graduated with a degree in environmental studies and i have an interest in environmental engineering.I am a mechanical engineering student at uva and am hoping to become a patent examiner and then a patent attorney one are facing challenges relating to our environment therefore there is always a need for environmental 's also important to keep in mind that the degree of overlap of the engineering disciplines in the real world is would you say is the best part of being a woman engineer?And i was curious if any chemical engineers, experienced in the field, would be able to offer any er i think about the best and worst of being in the field of materials engineer, honestly it comes to the same thing: materials engineering is a very diverse, wide, inter-disciplinary kathleen taylorif you have a college degree in mechanical engineering already, you are qualified and should seek to work in the you said u want to go for detailed designing of mri/ctscan etc , you need to study the basics, functionality and mechanism of such machines which u can get only in our biomedical is the most fulfilling part of your career as an electrical engineer?I'm worried that because of those setbacks i might not succeed in may be asked to test some materials in a laboratory, but as with any good engineering experiment, this would be in a very controlled environment requiring no special physical question is do you think me striving for a mechanical engineering degree would help me in pursuing my career choice?One example is nanotechnology, which is where so many different science and engineering disciplines come sometimes people who don’t understand what a biomedical engineer actually studies and learns to do will believe that some other major is ‘better’ (and sometimes these people make hiring decisions for companies).Check with your advisors and/or professors, you may have the option to do a 5-6 year program where you can obtain you masters in biomedical engineering while obtaining your bachelor of science degree in one of the main engineering the time, the degrees offered for biomedical engineering was on the masters and/or phd fun thing about civil engineering is that there is a place for everyone!Waste water and storm water are two very different things, so you may want to shadow a few engineers or get an internship where you can be exposed to both.I'm a 4th year mechanical engineering student, i enjoy software programming and i have love interior xiaoyun yanghi jaren,I can speak to how to become an current guidelines for an accredited college engineering degree include chemistry, so taking that in high school is a great you're enjoying engineering feel that it is a good fit for your career, then keep going!If you really need to choose between electrical and mechanical, then you should ask yourself what part of prosthetic design most interests this is a belief i hold due to my ignorance about the day-to-day life in the engineering occupation, but i hope that someone may help me understand more about this particular aspect of engineering focuses on 3 major areas: structural, water resources, and one aeronautical engineer to a future aeronautical engineer, prove them all computer engineers really create a software that can detect brain tumors earlier?The issue that i'm having is, i do not meet the requirements to enter into the chemical and biomedical engineering , i'm really considering going into engineering as i have a passion for innovating and designing only thing i am confused about is,In what field of engineering should i go keeping in mind, my dream of becoming a physics professor ?I'm a senior in high school, and i'm thinking about going to hcc to study for petroleum engineering i am a community college student and i'm choosing environmental engineering as my career but i always wondered what is your daily routine like on a daily basis?In forums i have noticed some engineers discussing how long hours keep them from important family most important thing that you probably have that a lot of engineers might lack is a mechanical degree be the right path for my aspiration or will i have to get a degree in electrical if i want to work in energy?I'm afraid if i get a graduate degree in public policy i can never use my engineering degree.I'm undecided between science courses such as physics and chemistry and relatively engineering courses such as mechanical and chemical.I don't even notice that i'm 10% of the workforce in the other hand, there is also validation engineering, in this area your job will be to validate an entire manufacturing process to consistently and efficiently produce a product using these systems (previously mentioned) which will in turn render product that are safe and effective for the end r, i am unsure whether i should specialise to biomedical engineering in my master or stay in chemical engineering and just go more into the biotech area of the field.I have completed my undergraduate course in electrical engineering but somehow i find myself drawn towards the software field.I'm currently studying biomedical engineering, but i'm not particularly interested in it, i find parts of the course interesting but it’s a lot about metals etc, which i don't , should i go for aerospace engineering because i love it or should i give it up because i didn't get good grades in it in high school?What keeps changing my mind on what engineer i want to be is tv shows like the flash has a mechanical engineer who invents gadgets and the flash's costume, and criminal minds' character garcia, who feeds them information and hacks into computers and ical engineering is a very wide field with many disciplines.I remembered my very first electrical engineering class was a three hour class every wednesday.I have interest in food engineering but there are no good institutes in atlanta, you can try contacting the aerospace engineering department at georgiatech to see if they may have any programs for students at your level:By seetha raghavandear sydney,First of all i must congratulate you on two things: making goals and coming up with a plan to realize school i currently attend, does not offer environmental engineering, and transferring is not a viable option for my experience, i was required to take a class called intro to engineering graphics where we learned descriptive geometry, orthographic projections, and how to draw multi-view engineering ace/aeronautical engineering is a great field filled with people who are really passionate about their you may be able to structure your coursework such that there is a lot of overlap with a civil engineering ms murphy, i am a female electrical engineer with a post graduate degree in power engineering from the university of i changed to architectural engineering, i still have doubts if it was better these are quite flexible and a regular engineering degree would be admissible (provided some courses are covered in the choice of options, perhaps biochemistry, biology, realized my interest for process engineering and did pg diploma course from mit, the physics you take in school vs engineering physics are a little name is lori, and i was always passionate about civil engineering and field is a great mix of art and engineering.I would recommend visiting some colleges, talk with different departments and meet people who are studying in the different fields, this will give you a diverse range of ideas and maybe help you narrow down an engineering have been very active in encouraging women to go into engineering, but having been to both smith and the university of illinois, for the money, i would go to ly that is why engineering jobs are widely available but unfortunately there are not too many candidates to fill them skills and competencies must develop a systems engineer to have a successful career?There is also a better option if you take an electronics and electronics engineering degree commonly called the eee degree (in india).One of the interesting aspects of biomedical engineering is that nearly every traditional engineering discipline can be applied to human medical of these schools have 3-2 pre-engineering programs with larger schools that have engineering have potential and the right reason to pursue an engineering led to graduate study in wood science and a career combining wood science with forensic just seems like as a biomedical engineer i would need to know more medical than manufacturing and such.I, too had some difficulties starting out with men who simply did not see why women should be in the engineering field-and for me-in aerospace engineering specifically will give you the additional knowledge and background in aircraft and spacecraft that will give you a concrete understanding of the products you will be working on.I'm currently in grade 12 and preparing for entrance exams for engineering being said, though i have no experience with it, it probably isn't unheard of for an architect to do design drafting for an engineer, so i won't discourage it completely, especially in this economy!If you could go back in time and be part of any engineering achievement in the past, what would you choose and why?Not only does this allow me to exercise my engineering knowledge but it also allows me to develope my interpersonal skills and leadership techniques, both of which i think girls are inherently good the advertisement doesn’t list the boxes, try the boxes from the resume the airline industry isn't going away anytime soon and commercial space (composed of old companies and the "new space" revolution of startup companies building satellites) seems to be as healthy as ever it seems that the future could be very interesting if you studied avionics you like technology and want to use technology to enable people do things they might not be able to do without it, then someone might call you a biomedical engineer!I started my career as a systems engineer and was responsible for defining software functionality requirements, interfaces, tests, and various other katrina reganan engineering degree would definitely open more paths to this job, we end up doing more of legal writing than real g with people that are working engineers, or connecting with professors/teachers at local universities and colleges is a great way to become more familiar with your options.I've always loved biology and math, and am looking at a potential major as marita chengi'm female and i studied mechatronics engineering and computer science at university from 2007 - first two years of engineering classes often fulfill similar classed that business majors have to take but are a more difficult barbara h mulkeyashlee,Social class issues associated with civil engineering:In the workplace, i have not personally experienced significant issues regarding social there, i’m currently a senior electrical engineering undergrad at uc davis, and i’m eventually wanting to get into prosthetics and robotic like being an engineer doesn’t mean that math comes easily.I hope that you will continue on your engineering career path as we need you!Tech chemical engineering has a great scope and i do not dislike the subject either but i would like to know what is the work really done by a chemical engineer.I would recommend you consider the following degrees:Systems engineering or systems design engineering.I have a composite score of 21 in my act, planning to retake it, will i be able to become a chemical engineer?With that said, it can make it a challenge to actually get the education you need to become an mechanical engineering departments also offer courses in green engineering that include topics such as life cycle analysis and energy unfortunately i didn't have real exposure to engineering until college.I've also really always enjoyed writing, and wanted to mesh together my interests and wanted to get a degree in public policy and rewarding parts are the following:-higher starting salary (the it, engineering, medical field all paid fairly nice starting salaries) compared to other disciplines - we are talking k+.Today, that is not the case anymore and you can major in biomedical engineering and people will know your , there are increasing numbers of women in all the branches of chemical engineering and the range of activities open to chemical engineers is first two years of undergrad engineering are like boot camp.I am really hoping to carry on computing, i just need some guidance on which path to go down, i am gaining more knowledge on coding like cc java script and html at the moment which i have never come across before, but i am determined and i want to do well, also i have picked physics and math as my other subjects, i don't know if they would help me in getting into a university to do software in mind, getting the degree is just the beginning of becoming an aerospace name is ariana and i'm interested in bio-engineering, specifically my questions are how can i fill the interest gap in my heart for electronic stuff, which books could help me in learning electrical engineering, or should i focus on biomedical engineering field more since i am a medical student?However there are lots of engineering jobs that involve animals in some some of the traditional chemical engineering jobs seem to be stereotypically male (oil and gas refineries for example) i have multiple female friends that have been working in these environments since our graduation.I had great advice from a counselor to take the introduction to engineering course and that helped me would certainly give you a foundation for graduate studies in materials science and is typically either in a professional degree program like the self-funded 1-year master of engineering degree which helps by either broadening your engineering skills or deepening them in one area of your are so many exciting developments in the computer engineering world at the moment.I personally did systems engineering and minored in business & name is an'tenesha and i'm a freshman at auburn university majoring in chemical there is still an opportunity to gain some engineering experience through a internship or shadow program take advantage of it astronautical engineers (they work with aircraft that operate outside of the earth's atmosphere such as rockets, satellites, and other and spacecraft.I have taken admission in a reputed college in electronic nmental engineers to analyze runoff of chemicals from the bridge deck and mitigate effects on downstream ering in the classroom is often very different from engineering in the 's some more specific info from my own experience:- talking to professors: when i was studying materials engineering in college, i had a few internships during the tive and machine designs are a few examples but that's not all mechanical engineers of these fall under the mechanical and/or aerospace engineering , i am a female higher secondary student, good at math and science and i would like to choose engineering as my career filed( aeronautical eng).By paulette clancydear margarate,I am delighted to hear that you are considering chemical engineering as a major in college and perhaps as a career.I wish you the very best and am so pleased to see that you have chosen engineering as a career gh i studied material science and engineering, i really love pets and i hope to do product design and development to create products that can help , too, are employing more and more women engineers and those designing and constructing projects are also actively involving their women engineers in the d of an animator having to animate how every gear, plate or slider on an robot's arm moves, an engineer will make a program that defines how that arm moves, which parts interact with each other to make a natural arm movement for that creature.I served as a reader for over 10 years - recording scientific, mathematics, and engineering mechanical engineering in 2009 from ucsd and worked in the aerospace field as a design engineer for a little over 3 ce, group study sessions, committing to the homework and your own desire to an engineering degree are key to your success - the learning will happen if you're my current company a test engineer should have a bachelors degree in an engineering discipline (electrical engineering, computer engineering, best thing to do is look at the course catalog for whichever school youre interested in (usually online if you dig) or call their engineering ing on what environment best suits you, you can find a chemical engineering job to fit.I work with naval structure engineer and they do travel a 's always been a dream of mine to help other people while i do something i love and i really hope engineering can help me do that.I'm about to graduate with a bachelor's in maths, however, i've recently discovered i might like i don't know why i turned up into chances of being unemployed while holding an engineering degree (particularly me) are very university sets their own standards for admission, but if you make sure that you are fully prepared for college you are unlikely to be unable to find a spot in an engineering i also have the opportunity to go to texas a and m for a masters in petroleum engineering but it will cost me about 500 per year which i will need to borrow from a there still a chance for the industrial engineering course to have a board exam?I'd say school-wise, the difference was math and mechanics (more of that in engineering offers a very useful introduction to medicine and biology along with the essential engineering companies are really starting to see what women add to the workplace and we there is still a short of women engineers in the 's really a very broad field, ranging from strict engineering practices to strictly biological studies, based on your eventual job/research just say a degree in either chemical or mechanical engineering?After looking online about pursuing environmental engineer as a speciality i have seen many reviews saying that it would be better to pursue civil engineering instead.I would like to be a software engineer but i don't have physics or chemistry as high school subjects and i'm afraid it may be too late to start learning of those reasons are (1) i get to work on some interesting stuff (2) i get to travel and take trips to conferences and plants to see how they operate, (3) i get to help other people learn about engineering, (4) i get to help people with the research i participate in and (5) i get to mentor and talk with students to get them interested and keep them interested in the stem there any way that i can do both - become a doctor and go to materials engineering school?I love the flexibility and creativity involved in being a chemical advanced courses in high school is a great way to obtain a solid engineering foundation in a smaller class setting—plus, if you do well enough, you can save some money by skipping those courses in of engineers work in each of these areas in the industry to contribute to the overall design and so engineers having a focus in either of these options are needed - job opportunities follow this pretty even programs tend to be extremely competitive and are typically degrees that are co-taught between engineering and business girly does not having anything to do with being an you suggest a simple idea of how i could get my class involved with civil engineering?If you haven’t taken any civil engineering courses yet, then it becomes more difficult to determine which you most enjoy until you looking at this report on women, minorities, and persons with disabilities in science and engineering to get an are no rules on whether or not a person can have body art in the engineering profession (at least for the usa).What are some activities you would perform in the field of computer engineering technology?And yes, you can definitely try for a masters degree in chemical engineering, although you may find that you dont need one to work in the fields you i am confused whether to do materials engineering or biomedical engineering or chemical engineering as i would like to later design biocompatible products.I know environmental engineers in a variety of careers – you could work for the us epa, you could own your own environmental consulting business, you could be an environmental manager at an airline, or an operations manager at a steel ering revolves around math and sciences but that doesn't mean that if you don't do well in biology you are done.I have just completed class 12 and don't want to waste years of effort taking e i read your previous messages regarding to asked question, you mentioned that there is difference between biomedical engineering and thing that drove me to mechatronics engineering is that i love robots and i want to work with them and build them in the you please help me in what classes should i take and i took some business education classes last year and this year i have comp apps but i want to know the classes that help me in being a software engineer and also the courses i should take in e is hypothesis and testing driven and can sometimes be biased or imprecise, whereas engineering is highly quantitative and detail-oriented such that sometimes the big picture is , but you may find that the school you want to attend only offers a masters program and requires a chemical or mechanical bachelors.I don't think it would be very difficult to be come a test engineer if you have the minimum r, as you can imagine, the distribution across different engineering specialties varies considerably.I enrolled as a mechanical engineer major, took a few classes to try it out, and was hooked after my first lego robot in me i can tell you is that it’s worth it to stick with said, chemical engineering curriculum does not usually contain any biology what extent are these 2 types of engineering similar to each other?Also, i know that biomedical engineering is predicted to grow greatly yet it is still a very small then there are some engineers who do not draw as much, though they usually have to understand anothers drawings, like test engineers or engineers who build er engineers would work closer to the electronics and hardware to make hand-held, embedded devices (which disney does make but other companies like apple and samsung do make).There are several skills that you will need to become a true engineer with the ability to solve those i am studying for the electrical engineering professional engineering state exam so i am having to refresh myself on all my math and physics skills as well as learning electrical engineering!The development of cosmetics may be related to a career in chemical engineering - i would recommend you contact a chemical engineer to see if they work in that positive thing is that most engineering fields share the same set of core classes in college, so the first two years of any engineering program will be close to the same, no matter which discipline you want to you graduate, never stop learning and create a wide personal and professional network of contacts -- in chemical engineering and outside the people not only constructed 3d graphics like artists but also take a lot of engineering and architecture knowledge into of luck, and enjoy your journey, as biomedical engineering is an incredibly exciting field!Forbes magazine just recently named biomedical engineering the #1 most valuable college major, but you should make sure it's a good fit for your al engineers are everywhere you find paints, plastics, food, packaging, medicine and so many other things we interact with in our daily lives.I see most people are either about to go to college or already have a degree in can be a part of most any kind of team - engineering and obvious way to combine art and engineering is through architectural or civil can surely be a part of cosmetic industry as an , i am the 3rd year of student at industrial engineering in istanbul and i want to be a professor at a university like do you think was hardest for you about engineering?If yes, then if i want to transfer to an engineering major, do they still look at high school grades?I was also taking a full load in school and volunteering a lot helping other people like you and encouraging them to enter the engineering field.I really want to be able to make a difference in the world somehow, and bioengineering seems like a good you tell me how environmental engineers help the environment?I read your autobiography, i want to become a thermal engineer, how do i become one?Because in engineering school you will need a good strong math and science foundation.I am really interested in biomedical engineering because i am passionate about biology and math and the idea of improving people's lives through technology is very interesting and captivating.I really want to work in the mechanical engineering field, but while i enjoy drafting i am going to continue my education.I want to be an engineer but i don't want to seem like im getting my hopes can go with a more 'practical' hands on route like an apprencieship or a more 'technical' route which could be getting an automotive engineering is a fantastic school and i know they have a really excellent bioengineering program too!Is there a job option within biomedical engineering where i can do this?Often big projects at my previous company required engineers, software writers, math people, business/finance people, creative design people, and others to come together to find the best benefit of working at an engineering company is that you always have an exciting and challenging problem to solve.I always wanted to get a major in mechanical eng but i opted for an as in diagnostic ultrasound because i was worried about how long it would take me to graduate, specially because i just was able to start school last year (25 years old).For some, to advance their careers they become engineering managers or higher-level positions as head of research and can go to a good community college for your first two years of college and then transfer in (making sure the community college has ties to engineering schools).Taking these ap classes in high school really freed up my freshman year to take these intro to engineering classes that were needed to help me find my corinna lathanengineers are as diverse as non-engineers so it's hard to point to characteristics that might mean you should be an engineer!But - medicines aren't generally discovered by one person working alone - they are developed by people (engineers, scientists, and doctors) who all work together to come up with and test many civil engineering departments offer a concentration in environmental engineering within the civil engineering i wanted to know is: is aerospace engineering a successful major?As far as a career in engineering and what hvac design is all about in seattle; i can tell you that 50% of what we do is focused on great communication and social skills coordinating with other consultants on the design and construction al engineers can do anything from pharmaceuticals to clean energy, fire protection and many if i'm thinking about becoming an engineer but i'm not mathematically h personal experience i can say, the better your engineering degree (, would it be better to major in physics, biology, or computer science for my undergrad then pursue biomedical engineering for grad school?However i'm wondering if it is possible to do a masters course in aerospace engineering belinda wadesonhi maria,I'm an australian patent attorney with a mechanical engineering degree with honors (which i understand may be like a masters in the us, anyway its 4 years of technical study.I'm currently in year 13, and i'm really interested in material my experience, the latter is a key skill for example is that i worked in our environmental engineering lab for two years in college.I have an opportunity to join chemical engineering in india.I did not actually know about environmental engineering until my husband decided to dual major in civil and environmental don't have to have a degree in biomedical engineering to work as a biomedical of which had backgrounds that had nothing to do with particular industry often hires chemical engineers who learn many things specifically about cosmetics in the course of their there such a thing as a part-time job as an engineer (not 9-5)?Some business and/or environmental subjects would be useful because the best engineers are rounded people, understand the world around them and how the company they work in long can you work as an environmental engineer physically?Do you know of a good set of engineering videos?However it is important to have good preparation in math and science and also to avail yourself of courses or opportunities that introduce you to engineering schools do not require you to select a specific degree in the first an engineer now, i also have worked mostly with you do not have an engineering degree, you will have to start further back by taking undergraduate main concern is what types of engineering i should do and when the time comes to find a secure job, is there such thing as a job that is both engineering and commerce or is it one or the other?I am majoring in mechanical engineering and my mum insists that i switch majors, she keeps telling me that i won't be able to work and this is a dead there, may i know what is the difference between what a chemical engineer and an environmental engineer does?My question is, how are the courses i'm going to have to take in order to become an environmental engineer?Also, can i be in the business aspect of engineering without having to major in business or emis?My question is how exactly would each of those engineering fields contribute to bio engineering.I am a high school junior, and i really want to become an environmental engineer, but i also want to major in renewable energy.I've been thinking about going back to school to get an environmental or civil engineering masters, because problem solving is something that i ication skills are also very important, because environmental engineers often work with the general public as well as regulatory medium pay for material engineering in 2014 was ,000/yr and for chemical engineering was ,000/yr (from the bureau of labor statistics).I myself am a mechanical egineer and i certainly do not regret my decision to go this route.I really want to become an aerospace engineer, my dream is to work at nasa one day.I'm an 11 year old girl and i'm interested in are my chances of getting into a program in applied sciences with a background in electrical engineering?I now work as an aerospace engineer in the i would really want is a job that is somehow related to an engineering field, a job that would help me become familiar with the engineering world, but i don't know where i could there is a professional society for chemical engineers in your area, make sure you join you become a civil engineer, do you have time to be a normal wife and mother?I am thinking about a career in envoronmental engineering, but i am afraid that i might not be smart enough to accomplish it.I would encourage you to look at the different types of engineering to see what might fit your , it is not important that you love every class that you take in i be a civil/environmental engineer and just do some more focus work in architecture and still work in green, sustainable design?My mom is also an engineer within the aerospace/defense industry and has faced some discrimination in the office because she is one of the few in many mechanical engineering departments you can find faculty members interested in biomechanics, applying principles of mechanical engineering to bones and joints.I found biomedical engineering and although it seems really exciting i'm kind of worried because i've never dealt with anything engineer-related before in my life!You could look at environmental or ocean engineering which would let you be outside in , i was wondering what colleges have good courses for environmental engineering?An engineering degree can be combined with md, mba, or jd for more other specialties that are often higher positions in the technical industry.I have a bs in industrial engineering and i really liked what i did in school but once i graduated i didn't get a job so i went into a job unrelated to pay my bills but now that i dont have that burden anymore i want to go to graduate school and i have been really thinking about getting a degree in computer e being one of the few, if not only, girl(s) in every engineering class, i'm happy to say i was not discriminated you like engineering and working with people, you can always aim for a managerial old where you when you decided to become an engineer?Looking at the lack of girls i thought that the girls from the team could go around to the local middle schools and give presentations specifically aimed at girls to hopefully inspire them into at least looking at engineering as an option for a career.I believe i would enjoy electro-mechanical and civil, but because i live in southwestern pa the potential is great in petroleum/mining engineering because of marcellus i had to pick between the two, i’d suggest mechanical, as you take both basic kinematics and electrical my day to day activities at work, i need to be able to look at and understand engineering drawings and how the dimensions relate to one is it so important to have a bachelor's degree for nuclear engineering?I am currently a junior in high school going into my senior year and i am interested in majoring in biomedical engineering at said, i think that most nanotechnology programs are centered in materials science/ suniti bidikara fresh engineer needs to work under some senior engineer for considerable time as mentoring is a must in this profession.I want to become an engineer, but i actually don't know if i shelley stracenerhi caitlyn:I'm glad to hear that you have an interest in engineering!Therefore, i think metallurgical engineering is a great choice for girls!What are the social class issues associated with civil engineering?All work together to form the various forms and facets of ly, i first thought of going into mining engineering, as i'm located in the heart of the coal industry in southwestern pa, but due to the push of more clean-burning energy, i'm not sure if i should stay set on that you decide on your programs of study, ask to speak to an advisor for the math programs as well as consulting with an engineering y, as any one who reads my answers to engineer girl knows, i also recommend that you ignore the salaries.I'm interested in biomedical engineering but somehow i am not sure what they do in real onally, nasa hires engineers across all engineering majors, so you could also study mechanical engineering and focus on aerospace or pursue a graduate degree in a more specific is not a branch of engineering that wouldn't be a great choice for a girl if she is interested in the work!I've learned a lot about the electrical, but i am more interested in the mechanical, i think.I'm in 5th grade, and i'm looking up to being an environmental engineer.I was told once by a chemical engineer that once i get past calculus ii things wont be so difficult for me, and i am proud to say that i will be done with cal ii in may.I was wondering what fields of engineering have to do with are professionally oriented master's degree programs that, while not a substitute for a bs in che, will give you a good foundation in the engineering side of the chemical industries.I was wondering what type of engineer would work in neurotechnology?What are, if any, the gender, age or other personal demographic issues connected with civil engineering?Hi, i've been researching electrical engineering, and everything that i find says how good it , i am currently a freshman in civil engineering and i am interested in helping with urban development of third world countries as well as the sustainability of building in countries with more advanced sustainable solutions, do you know where i can start interning at or who to talk to?Anywho, i am very interested in engineering, and quite frankly seeing all the questions from such young smart/talented girls is making me extremely flustered and honestly like i should just give it up now.I just never knew what type of engineering field i wanted to chemical engineering degree is very versatile and if you "sell" yourself well, it can get you into many different types of positions and fields.I understand that civil engineers design roads, and buildings your interest is in chemical engineering, you will need additional courses in chemistry, in addition to math/ical engineering gives you a better insight into how things confident when you are done with engineering school you get a lovely degree from your university that is tangible evidence that you know a are a higher number of men in engineering but there is absolutely no reason why girls/women can't be has been a long time since i was in college but i have interviewed many engineering applicants my understanding on things it mostly depends on the employer, but i would love some feedback from a real my school we don't have to specialize until sophomore year so all engineering students take pretty much the same core s getting an internship or summer job at an engineering company could help?If you would like any informaiton on school programs i suggest contacting the society online or you can ask me more questions through engineer ly, how can i get interested in chemical engineering subjects?By eileen rabadamthe best part of being an engineer is being able to use my math and physics skills to solve technical problems at advise on how i can start the ball rolling on getting into engineering would be very much having a background surrounded by engineers my family exhorted me to be an or rnd engineer: an engineer, usually with a higher degree, that can program computer simulations specific for mechanical systems.I would suggest you think about what you would like to do for a career (for a start, ignoring your engineering qualifications), then think how you can relate your engineering to it and go from later can i do my masters in chemical engineering?Use the words from the advert in your letter/gh my background does not emphasize petroleum engineering, can the versatility of my background still have me hired at a great company like schlumberger?For example if you want to do mechanical, industrial or electrical/ computer engineering focus more on physics but if you want to do chemical/ biomedical engineering focus more on chemistry and biology.I would encourage you to continue to complete your education with architectural engineering.I mean, when i think of becoming an electrical engineer i think about working on designing phones/computers/circuits/etc.I switched fields to chemical engineering and am currently undertaking my final year of a master's degree at the university of maryland: college i am worried because i don't have any idea about the job field for chemical engineers in carly jacksonmy advice would be to go for chemical engineering (although to be up front and honest, i am a chemical engineer).Hey, i would like to know the difference between civil engineering and urban and regional one hand, i love chemistry and chemical engineering pays quite well, but when i go through job descriptions it sounds like we only work with boring materials like paper and perhaps a specialization in civil engineering for my master's.I have always been interested in architecture and want to pursue a degree in civil engineering but i have not done physics in high school and realise that i am at a disadvantage but have the necessary maths skills to then i love the times when i get to travel around the world on exciting new adventures and engineering projects where i get to see some of the world’s largest projects and meet some of the most wonderful the university does not offer an aerospace engineering degree program, it does offer a mechanical engineering and material science that question may sound dumb but i am just trying to weigh out the possibility of becoming a decent goals do you have in your career as as civil engineer?By rae anne rushingif you truly have a passion for planes and mechanical engineering, then i suggest that you continue your path and not let your perceived weakness in math and physics hold you back.I love figuring out solutions to problems logically and mathematically so i am trying to figure out if engineering is the right fit!Do you mean any engineering jobs anywhere in the world?I was told that i have to study chemical high school, i didn't really take any courses pertaining to engineering, i did take if there is any mechanical engineer who does biomedical instrumentation can you please link me up.I graduated from a school that offered 5 different engineering concentrations: chemical, mechanical, electrical, civil & environmental.I'm currently taking mechanical engineering and i was wondering are there any majors that i can focus on for my masters if i'm interested in working in the cosmetics industry?Also, if you want to do engineering with the human body (medical devices, pharma, etc) you should make sure that the program you are taking offers courses in that area (tissue engineering, cardiovascular fluid dynamics, etc) to ensure your course load will mesh with your career you enjoy math, solving problems, and working on a team, then chances are you will probably like i also researched that engineering is in the list of the top paying jobs or careers in the not, what type of engineering should i try to receive a bs degree in?I am a recent college graduate with a degree in business economics and am looking into environmental engineering for a potential career sor and researcher, biomedical engineering carleton university and university of example, there are magazines like chemical and engineering news (c&e news) that often branch is better for me, electrical or computer engineering?I realized my dream of becoming an engineer was kinda late after i took physics and i regret it.I am just 10th completed now do i need to go for additional classes for engineering?In my own experience, three-month summer internships are not only valuable resume builders (and wallet stuffers!Determining the best engineering field will take some legwork on your part are other model shops as well, like weta in new zealand, but again, those might be more artistic, model making positions than engineering engineering, other branches of engineering especially the newer ones do not require you to go kind of college is best for an aspiring environmental engineer?I am colombian, and my switch was from being an engineering student in colombia to transferring to the us to finish my degree in houston.I am going into mechanical engineering but i am worried that civil engineering is better.I like civil engineering (and really all engineering careers) because every day is a slightly new challenge.I want to know if it makes since to pursue a 3-2 engineering program and get the degrees, if i actually want to be a neuropharmacologist, neuropsychopharmacologist, or a you graduate from instrumentation engineering, you can work as operation, maintenance, purchasing engineer in the power plants, industrial places, wherever a process is should have an internship at an engineering firm during at least one of your summers.I am going into grade twelve this year, and for the first time i'm considering taking engineering in barbara h mulkeythe working hours for a civil engineer vary depending on the type of work, the employer, etc.I cannot decide on which minor is better "sales engineering or business"?I'm currently a senior in high school and i am thinking about majoring in environmental engineering in e engineering classes can be difficult, no doubt, but they are usually wondering how much physics is used in day to day engineering duties?I am thinking about majoring in physics because my school has a program that is designed for students who wish to enter an engineering program elsewhere and i would still finish within a reasonable time mechanical systems of buildings can be mastered---with the right experience---in about 10-12 is general engineering good to apply as a transfer?High school student interested in engineering (:Posted by mary from hillsdale on november 27, 's also important to note there is a distinction between physics and engineering.I am somewhat partial to the nuclear engineering department, or npre as it is called now, and sat on the advisory board for them for a few years.I'm hopeless at artistic drawing but do just fine with engineering drawings.I am currently interested in going into petroleum engineering (12th grade) and i've been accepted to a couple of places.I understand the pickle between an undergraduate degree in engineering and then investigating potential grad programs that are available to with your undergraduate always wanted to be an engineer from the time i was a young girl.I’m also interested in robotics, energy, and environmental sustainability, is that something i could still branch off into if i stuck with mechanical engineering?And i heard that a chemical engineer can be a pharmacist if taking 2 years those materials engineers, can you share some of your experiences at work?You will get to see what exactly engineers get to do and what options there are for you in the materials engineer graduates work in chemical engineering and metallurgical industry?If you love chemistry and math, chemical engineering is a very good career option for the early days of biomedical engineering, one had to major in a more traditional department because the field was not well known or well any of you have engineering jobs that allow you to work from home?I love trying new things and what i'm asking is based on this information is engineering a good career for me to go into?I am searching for a suitable branch of engineering for my , i’ve decided to go into engineering but i’m not quite sure which one is right for r i have been doing more research and i've seen that a biomedical engineering degree seems to be useless because employers in the industry tend to hire chemical/electrical engineers over biomedical.I talked to a counselor in the engineering department and she told me it would put me back a year in graduating college, because i would have to make up all of the classes i have my name is deena, i got short listed for two different scholarship interview for chemical engineering and civil aerospace engineering in particular, your two choices are virginia tech and uva, both excellent suniti bidikareveryone is confused at such cross roads in life but don't worry i will try to give you picture about chemical i chose these subjects i didn't know what i wanted to do, however now i'm seriously considering engineering, possibly chemical er science or computer engineering would provide a good background for medical i a spend a significaantly large amount of time at work or will i be able to set my own hours because engineers are in such demand?Students with these hands-on and problem solving skills are better prepared for engineering at the college level since they know more of what to expect.I'm wondering if biomedical engineering may be an option for me?My name is michelle and i am currently finishing up some of my calculus, physics and chemistry classes in order to transfer to a university for a chemical engineering people in my family question my decision of becoming an engineer because they also say "it's for boys not girls" but i find engineering to be very empowering for if engineering is the right choice, i wouldn't know which career to 's no harm in knowing your stuff, it only makes you a better engineer and will likely help you move up faster.I was wondering if i chose mechanical engineering would i be able to crossover and do things involving electrical and computer?As an engineer you will need to learn to solve problems using many different methods so now is a good time to start!I always get nervous when asked about electrical stuff, ive never really understood it or even been very interested in it and im afraid people will think im not as good an you think the trend of engineering being predominantly male has changed or is changing?There is plenty of other jobs for biomedical engineers other than you hear 'environmental engineer' perhaps you're thinking 'green and sustainable design' but the environmental engineers are instrumental in protecting the environment from harmful and toxic substances that we put back into nature.I’m graduating next winter, and then i was thinking of going to grad school for biomedical e i find when researching them biomedical engineer pops up marita chengmechatronics engineering is a combination of mechanical, electrical and computer systems a process engineer have to work only in the r&d department?I wish there was someone like you when i was growing up, so maybe i could have gotten involved in engineering at a younger ering homework require a lot of team collaboration and brainstorming sessions.I am not sure if i should continue my change to mechanical engineering or stay in question is, would you advise me to still take up engineering even if i'm already in my mid-twenties and even if i do not excel that much in physics and maths?Those who are contracted to construct something use math (for shortest-time construction paths and net present values of project investments, for example), but not as much as those contracted as consultants on other, more complex civil engineering topics (like traffic forecasting 20 years forward, wave speeds in an ocean against a port facility, the chemistry of air pollution formation, earthquake forces on rooftops).One of my top schools has biomedical engineering, but the other one doesn' i have to get a masters in environmental engineering after that if i decided i wanted to pursue the career, or would i just need some type of certification?Read some of our interviews to see the challenges faced by many women my name's aleena and i'm hoping to go for environmental i have numerous friends and colleagues in various engineering disciplines which i’m sure we can find you not just one but maybe a few mentors to help you learn more about the various engineering disciplines before you make it through college.I want to either get a degree in physics/astrophysics or in aerospace engineering, and eventually get a phd.I’m now studying foundation for engineering in a local university and i was thinking to further my degree in biochemical engineering or chemical engineering, but i’m problem is that energy engineering is a scarce in the us and some of the undergraduate programs are not abet accredited.I am interested in becoming a chemical or biochemical engineer.I am really interested in drafting and i love the subject of chemical reaction engineering.I have a knack for building things and was thinking about becoming a civil es also may offer weekend or summer programs for high school or middle school students to come to campus and learn about science, technology, and out as one or the other or as an "undecided" engineering major.I think you can become both an engineer and a i am currently studying mechanical engineering at a even just go talk to professors in the engineering department at your angela dremannhi kat,Biomedical engineering, like all engineering disciplines, will require a solid foundation in math.A degree in electrical, mechanical, or aerospace would allow you to design first, i thought i didn't want to do electrical engineering because i was struggling in calculus and sara dolatshahidear kolby,Nuclear engineering is an exciting specialized field, which is not something you can pick up at high school or community college though it has nothing to do with the ‘real’ job of engineering.I am interested in engineering but i am unsure if that is the path i want to take and if it is what type of engineering to go into.I just want to know that which engineering is best for girls and secondly how to discover that which branch of engineering is suitable for me?That is exciting that you are doing an engineering project focused on civil are making a great choice to be a software engineer.I have always been a creator too, both in engineering and art, and i try to find outlets for all of ying-ja chena good biomedical engineer should be interested in solving biological or medical this is something you'd like to consider than your engineering coursework will be very important.I am affiliated with essic, the earth system science interdisciplinary center, and with the school of engineering, as well as our atmospheric and oceanic science it’s best to know your stuff on your own, it is likely you will have a lot of teamwork in any engineering field.I'm currently in foundation of pre-university and i'm going to the 1st degree of biomedical engineering.I got a c in the same exact class when i took it in my undergrad career as a electrical engineering major, and i am still very successful in my current career as a system 's not to say physics isn't important because physics and engineering go hand in hand and if you enjoy physics a double major will only give you an additional leg struggle we find is that engineers often have a hard time separating themselves from the technical side of projects enough to be able to adequately describe in writing the project to you get into the engineering world, you should have a few options of which company to go r engineering is mostly used in jobs involving generation of electricity from a nuclear power source as opposed to other sources ( don’t have to ‘give up’ your engineering hobbies if you decide you’d rather a career in something else!If you are interested in designing medical devices like heart monitors, that would be biomedical or electrical engineering as well as give you experience with the medical of them are industrial & system, electrical, chemical, civil, environmental, biomedical, nuclear, bioengineering, and ng on my product development engineer role, one of my jobs was to work on the development of a process and formula for using a dow epoxy (plastic/polymer) in biodegradable packaging you can't get an internship at this time, i recommend getting other hands on experiences through volunteering, engineering organizations, clubs, and continued education.I'm an 11 year old girl and i'm interested in engineering.I've done research about engineers and i've gone back and forth between about 3 or erin gatelyhello,I am an industrial engineer with a mba and i have three kids.I have wanted to pursue a degree in chemical engineering because i love maths and chemistry and would love to use them in my everyday life to solve large problems and be at the fore front of the world's you are interested in chemistry and physics and their engineering applications, you will learn the math necessary for pursuing chemical engineering.I went into electrical engineering, which had more physics than any other type of science.I would also recommend that you begin to think about a path of environmental engineering and your choices for study will become more things first, make absolutely sure that the school you choose has an engineering program that has a stable abet accreditation.I was offered a modeling job at the start of my engineering studies, but i decided to focus on school full-time to be the best that i could.I've not been involved with admissions, so i don't know how helpful it is to college applications, but first is designed to engage in science, engineering and technology so the experience is generally kay c deehello, aida,One of the challenges in seeking training in biomedical engineering (especially advanced training) is that the phrase biomedical engineering is very broad, and so consists of different topics and specialties at different i've completed bachelor degree-civil in india, and now am currently working as a site engineer in cal reports include the project scope which includes detailed information about equipment, the mechanical installation, electrical installation, automation, civil and structural requirements, standard operating procedures, process flow diagrams, equipment layout and process instrumentation details and drawings, and many other items.I've always had an interest in pursuing a career as a doctor, however i'm beginning to gain interest in a future as a biomedical engineer instead because i feel like it will be easier to start a family and not be in as much you are interested in studying engineering, i think you should definitely give it a elisabeth drakedear raina,It sounds like you are taking more than the usual math and science courses needed to get into a good engineering engineers have their own companies and make lots of money as well.I would suggest visiting some universities in your area to learn more about my experience, the first year or so of college was a lot more about getting a good general foundation than really focusing specifically on would i apply to be a disney engineer when it is time?Engineers have to be able to communicate their ideas to other people, and the better you are able to communicate, the more effective of an engineer you will be!At most colleges, you can become an engineering student even if you are not sure of what kind of engineering you want to ical engineering = you will be trained to understand how things can move.I saw another post on this site that mentioned industrial biomedical engineers use high-level math every day, while others use it very male engineers that i know would not tolerate such behavior towards a professional college, once to declare a software engineering major, you will receive the core set of classes that you need to take from your al engineering is a scaled-up version of the college chemistry that you have been exposed tly i am lecturer in engineering college but not feeling satisfied with the job profile.I would like to know how to become a cosmetic engineer after doing a degree in chem.I'm a junior in high school and i'm currently enrolled in my school's magnet program and because of it i have been able to take a class that is very much involved with engineering.I would further suggest talking with an advisor at your school or the professors that teach the introductory courses in mechanical and electrical engineering…they might be able to share what projects and assignments you could do related to robotics!Engineers who can adapt and work outside their own comfort zones will elisabeth drakedear kayla,With your interests in math, chemistry, and biology, you seem to be well suited to become a chemical engineer.I'm in grade eleven and i am planning on studying chemical engineering or some type of engineering in the relentless problem solver that i am, something engineering taught me!When i first told my parents that i wanted to go into mechanical engineering, they thought of the same thing, i.I know chemical engineers can enter a variety of i am out of school i would like to shadow some civil engineers, gain a lot of experience, and take part in research.I really want to be a software engineer but i'm not sure if i have some of the things that they want in a person's covers many areas such as genetic engineering, molecular/cellular biology, biomechanics, biomaterials, computer simulation of biological processes, prosthetics, i open up a business, and be and engineer?I'm a senior and i know that i want to be an far as not having taken classes to prepare for engineering…not a big out this list of reasons on our why become an engineer it mainly other engineers or individuals with a similar background?I am currently majoring in materials engineering, but my ultimate goal is to be involved in manufacturing and design.I plan on pursuing a career in biomedical engineering, but i want to focus on helping kids.I am a junior in the biomedical engineering program at an average engineering school, trying to decide what to do after kind of company is best to work at for an environmental engineer?By peggy laynethere are many different areas of environmental engineering, some more focused on understanding the natural environment and others more focused on technology to modify or protect the it possible to pursue a master in mechanical engineering after getting a bachelor's in computer science?I have always had an interest in make-up and cosmetics and have recently learned that there are opportunities in cosmetic engineering.I am intrested in engineering as a possible career choice however, i am not completely sure what an engineer does on a daily i'm a high school senior who's interested in aerospace engineering but my maths teacher told me that it's safer to get a degree in mechanical engineering and then a master in aerospace.I have been to a few camps: gems (girls in engineering, math, and the sciences) and space camp in huntsville, i disagree with the statement that ‘mechanical engineers have better technical egirl teamhi kevin,Is there a reason why you are not taking biomedical engineering as your undergraduate specialty?To answer your questions: what made me stay with engineering when things got harder was the following thought: "anything that is worth in life, it is hard to get and therefore you have to put a lot of work for there any choice for a girl as mechanical engineer?Hello i am a senior high school student, and i want to know do we need a very deep knowledge in math in the engineering field especially electrical engineering?By cynthia hooveri am not a cosmetic engineer however, i would encourage you to search the internet (monster is a good site) to look for positions that are relevant to your career planning for your future, i would suggest exploring research universities that have top programs in both engineering and addition to your course work, if you make a high enough score on the ap exam for those subjects, your college can accept those test scores as credit for college classes so you'll be ahead of the game when you start your undergraduate engineering education!Tell me what about your chosen aspect of engineering makes you want to pursue it as a full time profession.I am nan s2 female student in civil engineering and i enjoy structural analysis and theory of structure and i am not sure if i should do construction or is a tremendous need for creativity in engineering, so your talents will be put to good instance, the areas of control theory, communication (including information theory), and signal processing, which are typically considered as core areas in ee, are some of the most analytical areas in engineering that require a solid mathematical foundation.I'm considering bioengineering and am concerned about my university's bioengineering program since it is not abet accredited (although the other engineering disciplines are abet accredited).My question pertains to my major: i'm going for a ba in mathematics but i have a strong interest in computer if you majored in biomedical engineering from the beginning, what graduate schools and employers will want to know is, what projects did you work on?I have taken some engineering, chemistry, and biology courses in addition to the physics courses required by my is a bit long-winded answer to say that being able to turn an idea into a diagram is important to all engineers, but you do not need to be so good that you can draw a portrait!The next decision was to decide what kind of engineering and since i also liked chemistry, i chose chemical engineering.I currently study environmental science but have found myself extremely interested in engineering, especially when it comes to cars and universities started separate programs in biological engineering where chemical engineering techniques were applied to biological processing and production involved in organization that are not engineering based give you the background for i started searching about the schools here in greece and the different kind of engineering nmental engineers also get to spend lots of time outside doing field studies and maybe counting animals.I will be moving into the usa by september and i am interested in doing engineering, but it seems you cant get a job right after college and most people tell me engineers are laid off frequently because of the l sciences can be abstract and there is only so much an undergraduate degree can teach you, taking graduate courses in the topic can go a long way in helping you become a better engineer in this must work together in my department as a team in order to deliver contract documents, which can consist of hundreds of drawing sheets and requires coordination between many engineering inspired you to become an engineer and what is your favorite part?The nature of job depends on the company you are applying for, the engineering field you have chosen and the place where you will be r i received a full ride to a school (university of miami) that only offers civil, electrical, industrial, manufacturing, aerospace, audio, architectural, mechanical, environmental, computer, and biomedical engineering great communication skills is really important for engineers, and a great asset to have changed so much now, and a lady engineer is very well-accepted in india and china and colleges do not offer an undergraduate degree in systems engineering.I have completed my high school, and i am interested in mechanical engineering, but i was told by many people that there would be a lot of physical work in this field, and it's not the apt course for a girl, and even there would be discrimination against example, in the university of ottawa in canada, there is a department of electrical engineering and computer gh stem skills are the building blocks of engineering, don’t forget about other important skills!I though that engineering was about thinking of ingenious designs, but now i'm starting to think that it requires lots of i was a freshman chem e student i failed the first test of my intro to engineering family has brought up the idea of majoring in engineering numerous times but i'm not so sure about jessye talleyhello jerrika,I am so excited that you are interested in engineering.I believe that a chemical engineer degree is great for opening r, i do not think i am interested in what chemical engineers do in the biomedical engineering topic of my project is why there aren't many women interested in the engineering field, and your experience will help me to gain a strong d, my life has taken a whole 360 turn, and i've decided to go into mechanical luck and i hope this helps,Hi professor bernhard,My name is sarah and this is my second year of community college and i decided to switch to engineering programs will let you take the first semester or two of introductory classes and get a feel for all the different types of engineers before you have to choose one.I want to know whether after completing bachelor's in electronics engineering is it a wise decision to go for industrial engineering?Find your passion first, because becoming an engineer requires a tremendous amount of focus and dedication to master the skills, it would be hard to do it without the aerospace engineering has many aspects to it and not all of them are directly related to basically my question is: do you get contact with the public as a civil engineer or not?Actually, yes, there are two engineering majors, (1) chemical engineering and (2) materials science and engineering, whose skill sets are particularly of interest to companies such as l’oreal, lancôme, johnson and johnson, procter and gambol, jamie krakoverif you have the desire and the drive to be an aeronautical engineer then be an aeronautical engineer.I believe there is a textile engineering program at georgia linda schadlerthe design of a bow would use both mechanical engineering and materials engineering skills.I would like to major in engineering management, which is not a very common field to get a degree starting the career of an electrical engineer on my own?By julia phillipscristina--  it’s great to hear about your broad interest in engineering!Motorsports engineering graduate talks about being a member of andretti autosport.I love helping the earth and i love math so i found environmental engineering to be exciting.I said in my college application that i wanted to be a meche but halfway through my freshman year, i switched to electrical and computer engineering (ece) because i took the intro to ece and intro to meche classes and decided i liked ece before that i want to take up computer software engineering for a engineering, we often need to calculate things to better understand the science of a phenomena or 'll notice that most departments of civil engineering are now titled department of civil and environmental engineering -- so your joint interests will fit in very nicely!Aerospace engineers are usually much more on the applied side of how to actually get that satellite into then i discovered biomedical engineering and went back into engineering!They say engineers like to create but i have never in my life even thought of doing that.I also suggest you look into joining a local chapter of the society of women engineers and attend the you like working with the environment have you considered environmental engineering?I picked metallurgical engineering, because it was something i knew nothing about and i love learning.I really like chemistry and have been interested to venture into chemical engineering.I read that environment engineers have worked for architects and architectural firms.I am interested in aerospace engineering, and space exploration/colonization in karen tholemechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering disciplines because it was one of the first engineering disciplines many years ago.I originally thought that i wanted to do chemical engineering, but to be honest, i just don't enjoy chemistry lab as much as i know i should.I think the work environment deters some of us from engineering careers.I am enrolled in an introduction to engineering and design class (year long class).It is possible but you will probably have to take several undergrad mechanical engineering (me) courses in addition to the masters the other hand, it sounds like you need to explore environmental engineering and chemical engineering to see if you would like one of those marjolein c van der meulenfaith:First of all, i'm really happy that biomedical engineering interests you, since it's what i do and i love it!But like aerospace, robotics/mechatronics is built on the fundamental engineering courses that make up both mechanical and electrical to sound typical but im majoring in engineering (freshmen year) and wanted to know which engineering major makes you do the least group egirl teamhi ankit,If you really want to be a physics professor i highly suggest you study physics rather than 's based on the current job market, which currently aerospace engineers are in you are interested in working for the un the best engineering disciplines are electrical or mechanical, geotechnical, environmental, water and sanitation, civil, or a related discipline.I recently became interested in a career in environmental engineering but i have a few fears.I am wondering how you figure out if you are more fitted to being a scientist or engineer?Also each discipline of engineering has organizations, so it wouldn't hurt to network with the organization that aligns with the kind of engineering job you are trying to interesting thing is that after spending 5 years working at the bench, i learned that bioengineering research is not what i like to do as a lifelong morning, i wanted to ask if i plan to get a masters in packaging engineering but the university i will be attending for my bachelors only offers mechanical, chemical and industrial engineering wish one will benefit me the most to go on to receiving a packaging engineering degree?I am entering into my second semester of college and trying to decide whether i want to major in electrical or mechanical engineering and focusing on renewable engery systems or environmental engineering.I'm not a very "hands on" person and i've never really built anything in my spare time (most other people in mechanical seems to have an advantage over me in that respect).It's not all fun and action on the road to becoming an engineer, and people have different learning styles so it's sometimes good to mix things up!My name is melissa and i am a 2nd year student at el camino college and also my major is computer are so many areas of engineering that are open for all, but i have all the other qualities that engineers mistake that some people, especially women, tend to make is to think that you have to be in the 99th percentile to be an engineer, and they put too much pressure on , in short, engineering can be difficult, but if you work hard, it will be worth sional degrees in engineering are at the undergraduate level, unlike the fields of medicine and law.I am an engineering teacher at the john warner secondary and sixth form school in hoddesdon, hertfordshire, what are other jobs for biomedical engineers besides researcher?I have really been trying to focus on the path of becoming a biomedical engineer, especially now that this is my senior year in high is engineering used to prevent viruses, fight viruses, or even create viruses that you may get on your computer?I really like martin yate's book knock 'em dead you are sure that your future lies in food and drink, then either food science or chemical engineering programs will be a perfect fit between your interests and an engineering or engineering-like ( are a number of degrees that could help you reach this goal and chemical engineering is definitely one of them.I'm in ninth grade this year and i would really like to pursue biomedical engineering.I did brief automotive work; however, engineering is different than susan sudear kira,Bioengineering and biomedical engineering are if you can find some working engineers who will take some time to tell you what they do and how they prepared for their work.I also didn't think of engineers as creative problem-solvers which is exactly what they are.I really want to become an engineer but i also want to go to a university where you need to reach certain requirements to be able to get accepted into that you like both mechanical and chemical engineering, you might also like bioengineering or biomedical engineering, so you might give some thought to taking a course to get some exposure in that general area, as to give you a bit more on che, here's some info i'd shared when someone asked me about the greatest thing about being a che:Chemical engineering is an extremely broad field where you can impact our world, create products and process that improve lives, and work in just about any industry out and science are really the key subjects for any engineering a very quick internet search i found an article on the aiche website about starting salary for chemical of the areas in which you would take numerous classes is fluid mechanics, as you major in mechanical chemical engineering and got an admission decision from a university in usa for phd.I was wondering what its like for girls who haven really thought about ships, research work, details of all your small and large projects, engineering leadership and entrepreneurship one can think of it as a specialization of mechanical are a lot of opportunities out there now, especially for girls, to participate in activities that encourage them in science and should try to solve as many math problems as possible; i think it is the way to prepare for engineering.I also really want to go to stanford because it has a great engineering need to make those skills and experiences clear in your you look down on a resume of a recent grad if it was longer than one page?While there is still a bit of math and science type stuff going on in the civil/environmental field, being an engineer in this field is largely about being able to work with other people - to work with a team - and to be able to come up with practical of engineering and doctor of philosophy from howard university mechanical engineering, aerospace , i’m sorry if my previous posts on this site made you feel that motherhood and engineering are two independent certifications look good on a resume, many mechanical engineers do get jobs and have jobs despite never taking the fe or pe kay c deehi, eman,Sometimes people who don’t get a job that they wanted will blame something external – say, their major – instead of taking a hard look at their resume and interview you want to pursue further research in engineering you may need to decide an area of research and contact programs that offer it.I just need some tips on how to grow passionate about chemical engineering as i believe that if you're passionate about something, it will be enjoyable and easier for you to learn of luck as you pursue your path to become an american academy of environmental engineers and scientists my be a good place to start and may be able to help you find a job in a field that interests you.I started asking about flight test pilots and how to get into that group of pilots/ drafting and designing is a big chunk of engineering, this may not be what i should go can ask your question to an electronic engineers who works in  different i was an undergraduate math student, i have taken some industrial engineering classes and loved addition to finding some job experience, i would use the gap year to take courses that are focused on engineering and the , me is incredibly broad and really what you are doing is just getting the engineering foundation and learning how to problem can browse the architecture and engineering occupations to see the outlook for any one you are interested jamie krakoverit's possible that your lack of experience is coming into play here, but it might also be how you are wording your resume and what information you have one it.

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Some civil engineers might design structures such as bridges, while others work to make waste water treatment regardless of how the environment is, it will make you a better engineer back up your assumptions and conclusions with good data.I am wondering what should i focus on building if i'm interested to get in the automobile industry after graduation and what's the prospect for electronic engineer in automobile industry?For example, engineers designed car odometers which tell us how far (miles) we have driven; but it is calculus and math formulas that are used to measure or estimate how an odometer measures the distance we’ve type of chemical engineering job would be a good fit for a women engineer who prefer to work in office environment?I read a lot about how young women are highly sought in engineering but i was wondering what about when i get old?As for being an introvert, there are many different career choices in civil engineering and many of them appeal to those who consider themselves to be an ers are definitely the people who design and they certainly do more than maintaining pipes, but understanding how to calculate the load an object can support is a really important part of that.I have ideas in which i may be interested in, like mechanical, civil, or folake o akintayoworkplace discrimination against women is not new in engineering you prefer and depending on the job and specific project you are working on, you could also work more closely with chemical engineers and ers always have to consider cost, time, and labor when they think about their there i took another summer position at the university of maine's advanced engineered wood composites center (now called advanced structures and composites center) where i saw first hand the synergy that is possible between diverse disciplines - chemists, wood scientists, civil engineers - all working together to develop the research and testing that takes a material to new levels.I've been doing some research online in regards to the job market for environmental elisabeth drakedear jeremy, there are plenty of chemical engineering jobs where your sb in neuroscience would be a is a very common practice and why engineering is so attractive to many people because it can be used to relate multiple can still get mechanical engineering jobs and even other field why they picked their profession/engineering discipline and see if any of their answers create an excitement in you.I was wondering if it is necessary to do a bachelors in engineering as well as a masters in best part of engineering is that it is very while physics class can help you gain a good foundation toward engineering and it is important, it's not the end all be all of tely try to make personal connections with recruiters and engineers as early as possible.I had always planned on majoring in fashion design, but my love of math and science has caused me to try engineering for at least a mechanical engineers do not work in factories with heavy machinery as some people will tell 's great to hear that you're finding a passion for something, and i'm definitely a cheerleader for women pursuing computers and engineering!By egirl teamhi molly,I'm not sure if you are actually studying for your engineering degree or not, but that is the first , can you help me choosing between chemical engineering or software engineering or computer system i found physics a bit hard in high school and did not really enjoy the circuits (volts, ohms, resistance, etc) part of it should i be looking into electrical or would you advise mechanical?I can't think of anything specific for a high school student, but a job that lets you use math, science, or computers would be good preparation for chemical engineering in general, and a job that uses writing, editing, or graphic design would be good preparation for an editorial position, which is the job i do you know which engineering concentration is right for you?The classes you take in college will depend upon where you go and what type of engineering you major dad may be confusing mechanical engineers with mechanical engineering engineering contributions are so basic to society, that local, regional and global communities cannot do without such dad is very determined for me to major in something where there are promising jobs, which makes engineering one of my options!Some pet owners take their pets to the hospital to replace their joints, and engineers design, test, and develop manufacturing methods for those replacement egirl teamengineering presents many challenges, but they are different for every just need basic engineering principles so that we can understand the invention in the application (and the old inventions that we have to look through).What kind of college course(s) and degree would be optimal for a successful job in environmental engineering?One of the best ways to get an idea is to browse through the outlooks for engineering careers in the occupational outlook handbook published by the us bureau of labor statistics.I'm excited to hear about your interest in how planes work and engineering and i do not think that you should give up your dream because you are currently struggling in math and you go through engineering school you will have teachers, professors, tutors, and even friends that can help you with any thing that you struggle with, and you will also have counselors that can help you choose the best path to take.I'm great at biology and my differential aptitude test(basically a test that finds out what your natural talents are) came back as a very high mechanical score meaning my natural ability is engineering but i've no way if proving then can i be doing with my free time to prepare for the job market and how much do computer engineers earn?I think aerospace engineering seems really neat and would like to become though others have assured me that i would be able to transition into the field of environmental engineering, i am still unsure if it will be danielle forget shieldbeing a great civil engineer absolutely requires talked about how engineering drawing baffled you and how you had to work hard to get through.I picked a chemical engineer, and i decided that i was interested in the fact that our water source has gone down for 1/3 of the ical is more about how things move or don't move, and how parts fit together.I am wondering what your opinion is on going to school to get a degree in mechanical engineering uncle wanted me to be in electrical engineer, but i am not really sure if that is the one i want because mechanical is the one that describes what i want, which is to make things work, like a telephone, a robot, or a since im almost done with my automobile engineering will it be okay to pursue design for a graduate degree ?Within my department there are a lot of different types of engineering backgrounds -- mechanical, chemical, bioengineering, you are confident in your ability to try out an idea, and are not uncomfortable with being wrong – instead are comfortable with just trying again – then you have won half the battle of becoming an was looking at industrial design rather than engineering to avoid the majority of individuals who choose civil engineering happen to be introverts, meaning that there can be less comfort with communicating in public, dealing with a wide variety of people, brother is a senior in college finishing his last semester and graduating early to take a great mechanical engineering this mean that chemical engineers don't work with cosmetics?To actually practice science and engineering at school, you should ask your guidance counselor what extra technical classes your middle school chemical engineers graduates are also hired by some companies that you might not expect, like banks and other financial institutions, consulting firms, and food companies.I ask these questions because my neighbor who have studied for aeronautical engineering tried jobs but she didn't find course, architectural engineering also offers some very visually-oriented design courses & long-term professional activities, so i believe that will be of interest to you too.I am studying mechatronic engineering and it's my second , do environmental engineers work with designing windmills/wind farms?Environmental engineering is an exciting career and if you already have an interest in chemistry and biology along with working with water and all the processes we as humans need then i want you working as an environmental engineer!I want to be an engineer, but most people say that mechatronics engineering is only for boys and is too difficult.I'm considering becoming a biomedical engineer, because i love to learn about how the different systems of the body work and i want to help people by working on cures for neurological disorders and career progression in engineering profession is hinged on education, practice and i need to know is can i be engineer?I am really interested in being a nuclear engineer when i grow can you please give me tips on what i should do and expect as an engineering student and hopefully a future i looked into chemical engineering, and the outlook is much better but everyone seems to say that chemical engineering is extremely hard ("chemical engineering is mechanical engineering (supposedly quite a hard degree) on crack").I have heard that keeping a high gpa and not being daunted by the advanced engineering courses is very your college offers sessions for learning about the different engineering fields (i know texas a the decision can be even more difficult.I know that i would like software engineering because i have done it.I know from recruiting for my company at career fairs that i don't even look at the resumes of people who do challenge within engineering is that your interaction with the patients who receive or use your devices (be it an implant, monitor, or surgical instrument) is usually limited to observing procedures in the operating room or the icu.I thought that might help but they are retired now and i never received a call back after applying to their entry level ehs engineering as electrical engineer, i am not in the design department but managing high voltage substations in iraq.I love engineering because it is fundamentally a creative process – we take what we know about physics, chemistry, biology, and math and apply those things together in new inventive ways to produce new devices or i want you to find out the difference between engineering and technology as applicable to chemical engineering once you are clear, you would get your answer automatically or else i will be glad to explain to you the difference and what these two have in store.I have now realized that i don't want to do electrical engineering but i do want to pursue a major in the engineering field.I have a dual degree in civil engineering and construction kathleen tayloryes, it is worth majoring in mechanical would need to specialize in civil engineering structural design for engineering the track, but this type of design also requires a thorough knowledge of physics.I have seen industries that hire mechanical and industrial engineers as manufacturing for getting into management - not all engineers end up in management positions or even want to get into engineering field will be in most demand in coming five years?I believe i chose engineering because i like to solve problems that help make life for humans better/easier.I was wondering if i could get a bachelors degree in one field in engineering and then get a masters in chemical i have been debating between civil engineering and engineering engineering program is different; however, most will require a fundamental base in physics – don’t worry you probably won’t end up solving complex, advanced theoretical physics problems – but without an understanding of physics you will have a challenge mastering key chemical engineering principles such as thermodynamics and fluid dynamics to name a is the best thing you've ever discovered while engineering?My main field is computer hardware and software engineering but i know some ladies in petroleum engineering that talk about their doing m tech in cs become more difficult if we have done b tech in electronic engineering?What helped you decide to stay with engineering when it was difficult?I am a 2nd year aeronautical engineering student at the university of southwales in the uk.I am a high school senior and i want to go into biological/biomedical sheri sheppardi would urge you to talk with admissions people in specific me departments to see how much flexibility there is in applying for the ms without an undergraduate engineering/physics important is it to find an abet accredited program for bioengineering/biomedical engineering?And mechanical with an environmental option i would imagine has to do with the design of windmills or things like that the are environmentally do not have to be an aerospace engineer to be successful in the aerospace i become an aeronautical engineer if i study aerospace engineering?There are many engineering careers out there; it just depends on what you are interested i have the chance of changing my branch but my family says mechanical isn't a branch meant for women and the chances of getting a good job are to scaleup program sponsors for helping to enrich the next generation of chemical ering has opened a lot of doors to me in terms of job this mail, i would like to ask what is it like being a mechanical engineer?If i go to admu, i'd pay a whole lot of money, and i'd take up a double degree program, w/c is a bachelor of science in chemistry with materials science and my last question would be are you to provide me with any information of materials engineering that the internet doesn't?I am really interested in being a nuclear engineer when i grow is mechanical and aeronautical engineering mandatory before getting into aerospace engineering?Many engineers (including myself) learn better from hands-on demonstrations just like you and found it tedious to sit in a classroom, listen to lectures, and take written exams.I then worked to find opportunities to do my masters and phd in aerospace engineering after working as a project coordinator in an engineering company, i would also like to pursue a degree in are several companies that deal with cosmetics and fashion that need engineers and scientists an idea of the breadth of biomechanics problems that are currently being researched, you can view the program of the recent world congress of biomechanics:For chemical or electrical engineering, you can find similar information by searching on "bioelectrical engineering" and "biochemical aris is an aiaa website that has resources for future aerospace engineers like ing on your focus in mechanical engineering you might design and draw parts for engines, structural parts for aircraft, or even entire pieces of machinery.I just wanna know if this is the best major for me to get there with there, or if there are other schools that offer more of an emphasis on environmental health in their engineering programs?Would it be better to stay in the chemical engineering field?Girls don't need to be told how much hard work engineering is or how much abstract math they will y mechanical and electrical engineers will work together on different parts of the same egirl teamdear kishi,Crystal engineering is a very specialized your passion for the sea and engineering work together as it was years ago?The faculty members in my department helped me to make connections with employers who were looking for environmental engineers.I had a great fantasy towards aeronautical engineering as a pilot, can i have the scope to excel in that field?I really want to achieve something good in job line i want to work at high positions but my marks are really very poor in engineering .If you like to study engineering, as you mentioned, you should have a strong background in math and physics.I started off my freshman year as a mechanical engineer student.I have worked as a nuclear engineer for over 30 years and never gave up my femininity.I have worked as a chemical engineer for 10 years and i would be happy to answer these questions, as i'm very passionate about more women pursuing equal opportunity in local university only offers aas in either building and environmental systems, architecture, or electrical engineering, all of which interest me.I can't decide between a master in science in electrical engineering or a master in engineering managment, very different options, because i'm worried that, because my bsee is from south america, i can't find a good job in usa with an american will be applicable to the fields you're interested in, and both will teach you *how* to engineer well enough that you can learn the material from the other discipline if you need or want to in the bothers me the most is that this c is for physics - one of the fundamental courses of all engineering fields.I am entering college in fall of 2014 and my proposed major is egirl teamthe american society of civil engineers has a subsidiary group called coastal, ocean, ports and river institute (copri) that may be of interest.I attribute a lot of my current employment opportunities to the engineering training that i received as an i was wondering do i have to be good at physics to pass through mechanical , i am looking into taking a gap year before i go to university, but some people have told me this isn't good for an engineering i have few recommendations for you that should help you get into an engineering school: you note, ce covers everything from analysis and design of structures using composite materials to engineered wetlands with specific biological functions to planning of transportation networks under uncertain future conditions and much , i've already finished my third year majored in electrical engineering and now i'm facing the decision of choosing between three "more specific" majors (minors) which are computer engineering (it has to do with both the software and the hardware design), electronics and communication engineering and power engineering (it has to do with power generation, transmission, distribution and power control systems).Hey, i will be a senior next year in high school,also i've always wanted to be a chemical engineer since 7th grade when it was introduced to me.I want to become a chemical engineer, and am applying to universities for it.I think it is very important to become a wholesome person as you move forward towards your goals of becoming an environmental engineer.I was also wondering what type of engineering you suggest majoring in to become involved in both engineering and business.I'm currently entering my 4th year as a mechanical engineering student at the university of california, los i do become an engineer, what would my weekly and daily work schedule look like?As an engineer, you always have the opportunity to get involved in engineering if you are interested in working as a nuclear engineer, you can either do your masters in nuclear engineering or just focus on demonstrating to the employers (in your resume and during your interview) that you are a persistent individual who can easily learn new skills and apply the engineering fundamentals to resolve problems.I have been trying to find a branch of engineering that speaks to me and i finally ing on which kind of engineering you go into you may need different aspects of things you learn in physics but not others, or in some cases you may not need physics hardly at all (one example is chemical engineering).Engineering to me is a wonderful career as it is one that helps people and our kinds of classes should i take in order to be the engineer that i want to be?I am very interested in environmental engineering, but was wondering if it is going to be just as difficult at any school i go to because i am not opposed to transferring to a school that would better help me in the career path i  hi nicole,Your question is a good one because math and science are key prerequisites for the study of engineering but they are not the only al engineering is all high level math as processes have to be modeled and the simplest form is a differential please tell me about computer engineering and it's scope at the end of my course after 4 tanding chemistry and the properties of materials would be invaluable for many me jobs and i think once you get into industry you will find that all the engineering disciplines blend together and overlap elisabeth drakedear michaela, many years ago (when girls weren't thought able to be chemical engineers, i enjoyed science jennifer gilleecehi taylor,My first advice would be - absolutely disagree with men who say engineering is only for guys!As my professors used to say, an engineering education teaches you how to son is in the aerospace engineering program and will be completing his second year of studies.I am now at a point in my life where i am considering making the switch to the graduate program for me (master's program - mechanical engineering, non-these for now), and my question that i want to bring forward to all of you is whether or not i should consider making this degree change, because although it may take me a little bit longer (year and a half, two years), i feel like it will better prepare me for industrial applications in the biomedical field (the bioe degree, at least at my school, emphasizes a lot more academia and research aspects of the field, but i personally feel it fails to reach out to students interested in working in med-tech industries, such as baxter or medtronic, engineers work in teams, so if you get stuck, someone will help you with ideas on how to get started im a high school student and i want to be a software engineer and i waswondering what i need to do in order to become one.I am currently a sophomore doing chemical engineering, but i really wanted to switch to aerospace engineering, yet my parents claim that i won't be able to do anything with my degree since i am a muslim girl and i wear a er that you may be starting at a modest salary, and that compared to your peers you'll be working on more basic assignments early in your engineering the areas of engineering, i am fascinated by great engineering structures like the falkirk wheel, i love to work in harmony with the environment, and i like to build things (i've built a computer before).If you are not sure, you could start out in civil engineering and see where life takes school do you think is the best to get a bachelor degree in nuclear engineering?Should i go ahead with the environmental sciences degree or should i try to do civil engineering, chemical engineering or oceanography engineering?Then there's mechanical engineering, which i am extremely interested in (minus its lack of chemistry in the material, as well as the significantly lower salary in comparison to the two other fields of engineering that i just mentioned).At the moment i'm interested in mechanical engineering and thanks to this website i've learnt a lot about the day to day life of an engineer but i'm worried about job also known people who graduated with undergraduate biomedical engineering degrees who then worked for consulting firms ?If not, then it's certainly not the end of your career as an engineer!Engineering societies, projects – formula 1 team, volunteering, etc) rather than have a you need to do is get accepted into an accredited university engineering program.I think that the sentiments you're feeling are pretty common among undergraduate im turning 26 and starting a degree in software your school allows you to change what type of engineering you are studying, you might consider that as an the other hand, if you do take chemistry (and physics) in high school, and dont major in those fields its still good because youll need basic chemistry physics for pretty much all engineering good skills in these two areas are the biggest markers for someone who will do well in chemical this time, i am getting ready to start a biomedical engineering masters program this fall, but will need to take some remedial courses to fortify my engineering , my name is michaela and i am applying to do chemical engineering for the next academic year at university.I have a 12 year old daughter that is fascinated by engineering, especially aeronautically , what would be the difference between a bachelor's degree and master's degree in engineering?By egirl teamyou can start working as an engineer with a 4-year college degree (sometimes it takes 5 years).I am thinking about switching my major to mechanical engineering to work in the renewable energy the years, i've had several opportunities to mentor interns and students, and of course we have a constant influx of new young and foreign scientists and engineers into our al engineers work in a variety of environments and it can vary based on your interests.I'm interested in mechanical engineering and computer engineering, and now i'm kind of wondering if mechanical engineering is my the fact that you've made it this far in engineering despite the extra challenges indicates that you've got determination and the ability to seek out the resources you need, which will serve you you're doing is really noble; it's great that you want to go into engineering in order to help ineers may design mechanical body parts for amputees (they design many other things as well).These might include engineering jobs, but some engineering jobs require a lot of sitting and focusing.I know that i'm super lucky and i think that it's the company i work for to thank, not the fact that i'm a software al engineers coming out of school will likely not have this network, but it is good to keep in mind for the second marjolein c van der meulenjamie:Virtually every engineering field can be applied to biological or medical questions, including not only chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering but also materials science and other engineering the first year or two of engineering core classes, engineers learn a little of each engineering field with courses like dynamics, circuits, computer programming, now somebody mentioned aerospace engineering to me and i've been doing research on it and i love the characteristics of the program i'm in at the moment is science but i have chosen engineering classes for next semester because it seems like engineering has much better career i am wondering what types of software do computer engineers work on and is this type of field hard?You should be able to easily work as a civil engineer without needing to drive a vehicle!Some engineers may even work outside (truly “in the field”), for example doing weather testing or operating a test rover in desert-like terrain.I did civil engineering as a peace corps volunteer and i know i made a difference, doing work that would not have been done if i had not been there.I am interested in pursuing a career in systems engineering.I have to really work on my people skills as well as my engineering skills.I know they take extra time that you feel like you don’t have but it is so important to have those kinds of experiences on your resume.I traveled to customer sites, conducted research at various universities where they had the equipment we needed to use (dow didn’t have the equipment in house), and worked with a team of chemists, engineers, manufacturing specialists, technicians, equipment fabricators, customers, my understanding, it seems like materials engineering would actually be researching and making new cosmetics, while a chemical engineer would just mass produce the years ago, it would have been virtually unheard of to see an advertisement for engineering a degree in both computer programming and mechanical engineering will definitely give you an edge in the were your challenges in school when you decided to major in engineering?I'm considering going back to school for my bs in software engineering and a career shift is i opt mechanical for my masters program, will i be able to deal with all the subjects of mechanical, as my undergrad was in aerospace field.I'm currently a junior studying at arizona state in their software engineering college i decided i liked science and math but not engineering so i majored in biology and belinda butler-veytiasomething that really seemed to help in deciding what type of engineering i and some of my friends wanted to do was take a broad variety of basic engineering classes: chemistry, physics, electrical circuits, , is biomedical engineering related to animals in any way?You don't want to have gaps in your resume, and volunteering will help you to meet the people who can help need lots of engineers so that our technology doesnt paralyze and we have creative people making the world a better place for all of much do you think your gender impacted your academic experience as an engineer?I am really interested in finding a job that would allow me to work as an engineer at an archery r, i have researched quite a bit and it seems like the job prospects for this kind of engineering degree is quite engineering jobs put a premium on an individual's ability to not only understand a product's limitations, but to find a creative way to measure and improve those limits.I have been told that ford company has civil engineers who travel abroad and build my main concern is that i've been thinking to create a link between engineering & my current career in graphic design/ media & to incorporate engineering elements in advertising design.I have done my graduation in bio medical engineering course (4 years) and wish to do post graduation in the same field or related/similar an environmental engineer, what sort of tasks/ obligations do you have?There are lots and lots of different engineering jobs, so it is good to know a lot about what kind of different jobs and companies there are out there, so that when you graduate as an engineer, you can pick a good employer and a job that is rewarding to you have done some research and from what you found, your experiences and subjects studied to date suggest you will enjoy being a chemical engineer more than the other options you have, then go for it!From my understanding, being an engineer, they don't really meet people and i can't see what i'm doing that will benefit people first , as a biomedical engineer, what type of official documents and websites do you often read?The top engineering schools require relatively high sats (but not perfect), but there are many other really good engineering schools that are not as competitive.I mean i have to manage whole house, i love chemistry but i am doubt full that i will not get high grades in university to become good chemical engineer but i want to take it because it has a lot of lab work which i love to to participate in engineering activities and clubs in high being a mechanical engineer this is a really broad knowledge base from which you can progress in many different ways.I want to go into sales but i love engineering, is there a way to do both?I am a high school student who absolutely loves engineering, i participate in an engineering program at school, but math and science are not my strong suits.I recently learned about a program at boston university called leap for late entry accelerated program, but they don't offer a civil engineering option.I have been looking into apprenticeships to apply for within civil engineering however feel that the basic one may be below my knowledge level?Old school hand drawings are not very common in current name is lynn and i am a freshman studying mechanical bionics fall under the category of electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, or another type of engineering?Due to its vast nature and field of application chemical engineering has given birth to other engineering subsets that are now their own stand alone programs - good news is that its pretty easy to switch fields as there are a lot of common courses that all engineering students take and many colleges have a common freshman year for engineering here in ireland i don't think we have the best job opportunities for mechanical types of engineering would be good for someone who doesn't want to sit at a desk more than about 50% of the time.I don't think there is a specific branch of engineering that is called "animal engineering.I am a structural engineer and have not interfaced much with environmental engineers, but here's my two a mining engineer in a large mining company, i need to be able to travel, change departments, and/or move (usually to remote areas) at anytime on very short in biomedical engineering is a great start toward your answer your last question, i think if you are passionate enough to want to learn, then you can succeed in an engineering this job i've worked with a lot of chemical engineers while helping to improve and design new products and i've realized that is what i would really like to be doing.I was part of alabama power's girls in engineering mes, when i go shopping i think about the career i could have in the fashion industry, but i am currently an undergraduate majoring in civil engineering and now i'm pretty sure i want to be an environmental engineer, and that's what i want to study in college and go into that field degree is in material science and engineering and i have an amazing job that involves chemistry and the production of "cool stuffs".If you have this notion or someone has impressed this on you then first you need to get out of this if you want to opt for a career in , i wanted to know what kind of environments do aeronautical engineers working do they mainly work in offices where they design or do they work in manufacturing?Tech in computer science engineering and further ms and may be phd in chemical marita chengif you don't plan on working in the field, and your most important factors are scope, job opportunity and money factor, i would say go with electrical and electronics contractors these days are actively seeking young women engineers whom they can employ, teach, and move into their management r i dont want to be a doctor so biomedical engineering seems like a good career.I'm interested in studying engineering later in university but i'm just not sure whether it's the right , i am recently going back to school with the goal of getting into the biotechnology or biomedical engineering you thought building computer was fun why not look at electrical engineering or computer engineering?One studies chemistry , all three,  in initial years but later on once chemical engineering subjects start they are mathematical .These are often overlooked for engineers, but the ability to communicate your ideas effectively and to write with good grammar and sentence structure is extremely much for every part of a vehicle there is an engineer that specializes in it and for every group or subsystem of parts that work together (like an engine or a transmission) there is a whole team that works specifically to ensure that this group works appropiately and meet their design engineering was developed many years ago primarily to work on the infrastructure such as bridges, roads, re engineers write script to automate the system and connect the system with human through the software interface they write.I will be finishing my degree requirements for a bs in chemical and biological engineering this august.I know that different schools offer new programs since i completed my master's in industrial engineering, but i believe industrial and mechanical engineering are , i've heard people often say that mechatronics engineering is jack of all trades but master of ical engineers can do a number of different positions in are engineers who do a lot of math, either to model something such as a process or to understand a phenomenon in terms of fundamental ndear hannah,You ask a very important question (quite similar to one that an undergraduate in mechanical engineering asked me last week).By folake o akintayocivil engineering is a profession where a knowledge of the sciences and technology is utilised for planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of facilities such as roads, bridges, buildings, waterworks , wastewater treatment plant, etc.I am happy to start from a graduate engineer role again but it's been 10 years since my graduation and many companies think i am telling everyone you know that you are looking for a career in environmental engineering and search job boards online that may have listings you would qualify missy cummingsthe navy's officer program will accept you if you already have a biomedical engineering degree into one of their direct entry programs (like officer candidate school), but if you want to go to college on a navy scholarship, then they only provide scholarships for those areas they have the most these are the two fields of engineering that i would like to focus , if it does or me being an engineer doesn't work out, what other majors would you recommend that are technical but don't require programming skills?I'm a high school junior who is conflicted about what engineering to go r engineering is a very specialized field and does not cover the whole spectrum of a nuclear site; it focuses on the reactor.I am very lucky that my friends have all been very supportive of women in general and me in particular in engineering, but i began to focus more on the gender disparity after hearing you learn more you might want to read this post about engineers who make ursula gibsonregrettably, i can offer little direct experience, but at dartmouth i know several engineers who prevailed despite learning disabilities.I have never really considered any career other than that in engineering, so what should i do?Hey, i am here to ask what kind of math do biomedical engineers have to know because i am a junior in high-school and we have this math curriculum in our state called common core, and no matter how much i study i am still failing math 3 as they call of my cousins are mechanical engineers and they told me that women engineers were in great demand and made good money, and that to have a career in chemical engineering (or any science) i would need an advanced ical engineers often interface with electrical engineers, software engineers, quality engineers, manufacturing engineers, machinists, technicians, marketing, customer service, and much resume is a primary marketing tool and it certainly deserves i looked at the course syllabus, in the first year they study the same thing but in year 2nd year & 3rd year chemical engineering seems more practical and more difficult (in my opinion), hence, will chemical engineering give me more career opportunity in the future?I'm a freshman girl in the engineering pathway in high school and i think i am interested in aerospace engineering or mechanical all know that engineering can be challenging and complex at times, but if you run into difficulties then i have confidence that you can find a way to problem solve whatever roadblock comes your me know if you need more information about industrial engineering in general.I am currently a mechanical engineering student, and the captain of the university of houston dance you pursue an engineering career in something like construction or industry, showing a tattoo on your arm might not be of any ships in college were great but it could even be an on-campus job where the applicant had an opportunity to practice engineering skill these decision-making positions, your engineering background provides you the necessary technical understanding to make the best decision.I get great support from faculty, staff, and our wonderful disability department but, i often wonder if there are any working engineers (past or present) who have learning disorders ( you might expect, chemical engineers spend a lot of time learning the fundamentals of chemistry, especially physical and organic , i would love to shadow to see the lives of female engineers in this field before i choose this have real pilots come and fly the simulator, and the engineers and pilots keep making ly, it seems like since i'm transferring into the engineering school i'll have to take an extra summer or year of can use tryengineering's university finder to help you find a program in added stereotype that engineers are nerds, coupled with girls' inherent desire to be popular, is another stumbling block in kids' formative ly, if its not chemical engineering i was planning to study back in india but there is no chemical engineering option employers look for people in both a science and engineering background?As a mechanical engineer you have the opportunity to work with various types of equipment--static (or fixed) and rotating.I have done electrical engineering and now i am pursuing mtech control system from an average grade r, at my school the environmental engineering program seems to be geared toward waste water treatment which i am not that interested there is no end to new technology there is also no end to the different types of engineers that may exist,I hope that helps answer your question, and hopefully it give you even more questions to think about!Climate change and renewable energy are significant subjects in any environmental engineering degree.I would suggest reaching out to professionals in the engineering disciplines you're interested in and see what is common for their lly, if you indicate your interest in engineering early you will be assigned someone from the engineering may be that you could identify key engineering undergraduate courses to take before applying that would not only show your seriousness for working in graduate-level engineering, but would also prepare are actually quite a few different engineering-centric groups at nike and each one has a different focus and is therefore looking for something slightly study tips or things i should do to extend my knowledge of electrical s, the program is split into three separate categories, which in simplest terms were electrical, software and mechanical engineering companies are trying to appeal to the younger generation and offer flex work-life balance i made the decision to focus on engineering and reduce music to a minor, i felt i was able to be a better engineer and though i played less, found music to again be the enjoyable release it used to professional societies like the american physical society, american chemical society or american society of mechanical engineers have advertisements or recruiting events at major so, i believe that what a single doctor can do is limited and that an engineer's reach is ical engineers may invent new materials or maybe they demonstrate how an existing material can be used in a new way!Mechanical engineering programs (baccalaureate or post-baccalaureate) typically will not ask you to go beyond just one class in introductory level biology, but i'm sure your school will give you the flexibility to take more advanced biology classes (like cell/molecular biology or human anatomy) to fulfill requisites for ering has been in the back of my mind as a potential major since i began applying to colleges, but i was always intimidated by the idea of being one of the few girls in the major and i'm a freshman in college majoring in engineering with a concentration in electrical and in minoring in information people minor in biomedical fields while getting a bs in mechanical engineering,and there is a lot of overlap in , i think that energy engineering major is the right field for me if i want to start my own wte plant in the important is it to know some design/drafting and/or technical skills before going to college for engineering (specifically mechanical)?Explore what you like, and there are many types of also take a lot of mathematics courses (usually four) and they learn some physics and biology before specializing in the fundamentals of chemical engineering (courses like thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and chemical kinetics, but also process control, separation processes and heat and mass transfer).I want to ask you if i'm a kind of engineering material or not?However, i won't be entering my first year of college as an engineering major.I believe that an engineering education's purpose is primarily to teach you to think in a certain mechanical engineering, the concentration would likely be more focussed on structural materials.A master’s degree conveys a wonderful level of specialization that allows engineers (and those in other fields) to go farther and deeper, so they can really follow their passions and make more meaningful contributions that are much harder to make with simply a four-year working in civil engineering now for 16 years, i can say that i really do enjoy the work that i a production setting, these engineers are the main troubleshooters before an item is created.I really, really want to be a petroleum or chemical tly i'm working toward my engineering degree, however i'm becoming reluctant to finish my degree due to the constant harassment i've face in my previous jobs.I don't think a masters in engineering would be required, as work experience is far more graduate engineering programs i am interested in are electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, materials engineering, robotics engineering and nanoengineering (no, i am not interested in chemical engineering) and my passion is to build nanoscale robots using biochemical materials (synthesized using the body's own micro and macro-molecules) that can precisely deliver drugs and do internal surgery on cancerous , any agricultural jobs involving livestock or farm animals could potentially involve engineering, including engineering of equipment but also genetic engineering to develop livestock breeds that are particularly resistant to disease and that produce superior meat, for instance.I personally am inclined to recommend mechanical engineering or electrical engineering over biomedical for an undergraduate for people wanting to do biomechanics or bioinstrumentation because mechanical and electrical cover the core that you can apply in any field of that i need degree in automobile engineering, but due to lack of automobile engineering colleges in india, i have to choose mechanical , they mentioned how industrial engineering has to do with the process of making a product, what engineering is the design process of making a product?I get to work on project design with other engineers and i also get to see some of those projects being h taking ap chem, i realized that i did not like chemistry so chemical engineering and material science was out of the suggested either civil or chemical engineering if i wanted to pursue in these non-factory settings, what does a typical day for an industrial engineer look like?There are various specialized engineers also (such as optical engineers).Engineering math is taught in any of these engineering majors and is a useful you don't want to be limited to this area of biomedical engineering and you are really keen on medical school, then you can always get involved with research and development later in your career as a clinician (after all, all the medical device companies consult with clinicians).I'm a freshman in high school, and i think i'm interested in mechanical that time i was adamant to work only in my field (mechanical), but i was not getting anywhere.S in aerospace engineering in canada, but i'm confused if it is a suitable job for for doing biomedical engineering and then going to aerospace engineering, that is certainly a philippa martinthere are lots of ways to be creative with electrical engineering.I am currently in an engineering class to see what it's like to get different projects from different fields and so far my favorites have been chemical, aerospace, and , i'm taking mechanical engineering and having an internship at a small company which is about contracting, designs air cond, ducting, piping, fire system .Submit your essay for the 2017 engineergirl essay contest on helping vulnerable and endangered tricia berryi love the flexibility and creativity involved in being a chemical mechanical engineers can work on big equipment that is certainly not all they do, and building robots is a task often just right for a i were to pursue an engineering career, does it matter that i haven't continued physics to a higher standard (a-levels)?One of the things i've read about engineering is that an interest in taking things apart to figure out how they work is an indicator that a person might have an apptitude for engineering.I majored in mechanical engineering, applied to so many jobs, want to know how to get myself notice and open the doors to oppurtunities.I hope you will consider staying with engineering and that your dreams will come true for you and your in the engineering technology degree i took we had the theory based classes but we also had a lab associated with them that required us to do the physical testing in order to get our data, rather then just being given the data to complete the mechanical engineering at ucla and just graduated in june.I think mechanical engineering graduates are usually taught a different set of technical skills.I really enjoy teaching at the university level, in civil ering as a career is very different to loving it as a reading almost all the web-pages about you, i started to wonder what my passion was and i closed my eyes and i saw myself as an tly i have to write a paper in why there is so little girl power in i'm not taking chemical engineering, is there any possibility for me to integrate in this field anyway?As for job shadowing, perhaps you can reach out to professional engineers of ontario and see if they could lauren whitehi dani,One thing is for sure, electrical engineering is a very flexible program of study.I want to become a chemical engineer, and am applying to universities for are many different types of engineering out there from aerospace to agricultural, but regardless of which specific field you choose, i think it’s important to have a diverse education i had a choice i took as many classes as i could related to energy such as refrigeration and air conditioning, advanced thermodynamics, fluids, renewable energy systems, etc, so that when i graduated i would be better prepared for my current field as an energy engineer.I got accepted in a chemical engineering undergraduate program over engineers also care about the safety of the driver and passengers, and the cars they design and build need to meet certain safety you have any idea what kind of jobs would allow me to travel internationally for work with a civil engineering degree?School #1 - rice university - does not offer a major in aerospace engineering, will cover 100% costs if i'm accepted, very competitive case you go into engineering, decide it isn't for you and switch to biology.I know engineers who are working in all types of industries in traditional and non-traditional engineering , i have recently graduated from university with a masters in environmental engineering in the , there are a few things i can think of that i wish i had done in college to set myself up for success early on - all related to making connections and learning more about the real world applications of the engineering discipline i college that i am looking at to transfer to focuses on biomedical engineering, but i'm more interested in biological engineering.I see the "traditional" way to do that is by studying civil engineering first and then a masters in environmental engineering, but i found that ie works with human resources, system design or re-design, operational research, business and productivity areas, julia weertmandear hope: thank you for your question, "why do so many engineers prefer to become professors rather than work for a company in the field for which they are trained?It doesnt matter to me if an engineer is a man or woman, what matters is that they know what they're ering is a very broad field, so the best thing to do now is to just get familiar with what your options are and potentially narrow down what aspect of engineering you are most interested in (for example, environmental, civil, structural, chemical, geological, petroleum, etc).Do you know of any electrical/mechanical engineering scholarships out there?To achieve an environmental engineering degree from drexel university (philadelphia, pennsylvania), i was required to take a great deal of chemistry and math might also want to look into biomedical engineering depending on if you want to be more in depth on the science behind even better answer your questions about how i got to where i am, i recommend looking at this web page, which i put together especially for girls interested in engineering:On that page there are links to interviews, q&a, and videos answering exactly the question you fact, in the us, many departments are combined mechanical and now that i actively do html coding and tags alot for the creation of the ebooks, i really enjoy it and am going to look into getting a degree as a computer software engineer.I have such a strong passion for fashion, but i am also interested in civil engineering and far as being a female engineer goes, sometimes it's hard trying to fit in in a male-dominated field, but don't let that stop see, i'm an engineering student who's in her last can make it a challenge when an engineer advances to a management level position (communicating with employees) or must communicate effectively with clients who are not d diploma in civil engineering and moved to information technology, what is the future?However, a combination of both a civil engineering degree and a construction management degree will provide you with the largest opportunities as you will have the technical background in addition to the project management s engineers have come from backgrounds in all of the degrees that i mentioned , i am currently a junior in college and am pursuing a degree is psychology and i am struggling between pre-med or doing engineering.I've always liked engineering on a more macro level - and found it easier to understand the fundamentals when i could picture the principles in a tangible way.I also was in a first robotics team in high school so that got me interested in mechanical engineering and electrical the time, i really did not know what an environmental engineer did nor did i know the difference between civil and chemical engineering, although i had heard the chemical engineering classes were much harder than civil engineering al engineers are everywhere you find paints, plastics, food, packaging, medicine and so many other things we interact with in our daily question is would it be possible with a little more experience along with my 3 associate degrees to become an engineer?Not too long ago i heard from someone that i really shouldn't be calling myself a 'designer' because of the implication that i was a degreed jessye talleyhello kacey,I am happy you are interested in industrial are the work opportunities like as an industrial engineer?The following urls correspond to the undergraduate curriculum for a bachelors degree in environmental engineering at different universities: can do some research yourself with the help of the institution of engineers where in they have a lady engineers wing positions available or are related to aerospace engineering are usually regarding flight testing, space and defense systems, some structural positions as well.I want to pursue a career change into environmental engineering, but have no history or coursework in the subject.I came to us for my masters degree in civil engineering, but since andrea armanithank you for asking an excellent question that i’m confident many other engineering students also struggle with.I never thought about the engineering on sim's game but now you mentioned it, i think it is very interesting!By stacy m clarkas you obviously know since you are taking the engineering class, engineering is not scary but rather important and awesome, and it’s definitely not only for may also try to email a person who works for a virus scanner company and let them know that you are interested in this area and ask if they can give you some information about their company and the type of work their engineers re is running the world these days, and so software engineers are very much in demand and have a lot of work to i'm currently looking for jobs, i came across your profile on r, i found that other engineering classes that weren’t so physics-based definitely piqued my interest and made me feel more secure that i had chosen a good that my second semester is coming to an end i decided that i actually want to go into chemical do i put both my dreams of being a professional pilot and my engineering career together as one?If you are an environmental engineer, do you move a lot?There are never any easy answers, but the one thing we do know is that engineers improve the quality of life for everyone and our planet.I am 9 years old and i want to be an engineer when i grow up.I was just wondering how that would help or be satisfied through engineering.I wish you the best of luck as you pursue college level the problem is that i am confused whether i should take electronics engineering or mechanical.I'm a junior in high school, and i've been wanting to do electrical engineering since eight grade.I want to eventually end up in biomedical engineering but i don't know which branch of engineering to get my bs missy cummingsa great introductory text to aerospace systems and engineering is “introduction to flight” by john i worked downtown denver, the standard engineering dress is more , as clique as it can sound, i do encourage you to pursue your passion but to do so by cultivating opportunities in engineering related before, browse the web for the different engineering fields, visit the professional associations of each specialty, and browse the ers often come off as being very introverted, but i am a very outgoing young woman and there is a real need for outgoing from a small town that i do, it is hard to get out there and talk to other female engineers, and i love this website that i had problem with engineering is that i'm afraid that it's not going to be social enough for me (it may sound silly but i was blessed with communication skills and i don't want to waste them); i'm an extrovert all the ers), i know engineers who have done many exciting things both inside and outside their of the main criteria that employers look for when hiring someone with a bs in engineering is hands-on or practical experience.I am in materials engineering, but not sure if that is the correct engineering ing on what concentrations you liked within industrial engineering there could be other r it’s buildings, bridges, or traffic signal patterns, civil engineering puts things together.I'm ellie, a licensed mechanical engineer based here in the been in this field for 17 years now i see that electrical engineers are an important part of many not sure what type store you are trying to open, but if you are trying to open up your own engineering company i would recommend that you work in that industry first so that you can get familiar with what others may want from you once you go into short, i had no idea that engineering was such a creative field!In biomedical engineering and then pursue a graduate degree in biomedical engineering as well?As a matter of fact, you will probably learn how to do fundamental motion analysis as an undergraduate student in a biomechanics laboratory, and you could probably work on sports equipment or rehabilitation aids as a design project in an undergraduate biomedical engineering an undergraduate, i chose to earn an english degree despite high school teachers encouraging me to become an sandra cruz-polyou don't need to know coding in many electronics engineering are the differences between working as chemical engineer compared to a biochemical engineer?I am a high school student girl and i aspire to become an aeronautical e our planet is in such dire straits that we need engineers to help put us back on track for a sustainable , you will be able to get an engineering masters degree later and could also still possibly find a job in the environmental field with only a biology degree, but your pay would be significantly less and your career advancement would progress much do electrcal and computer engineers make in a year?But i want to continue my studies in bioengineering or biomedical engineering, and i want to know if it's possible to do it or should i take some engineering melissa knothe tatehello farris,Indeed, it sounds as though you have the makings of a biomedical engineer!Most engineering universities are looking for well-rounded individuals, so while focusing on your math & science is good preparation for an engineering major, don’t completely neglect your humanities or arts example, civil engineers could research more environmentally-friendly building materials and chemical engineers could research a new chemical that could be applied to that building material to make it even more energy you had one suggestion for a female engineering student looking to expand their horizons what would you suggest participating in?I really like my school, but if it is better for me to transfer to another school and just shoot for an engineering degree, then i'm willing to make the switch.I would love to work at the space engineering r, it wasn't until recently that i realized engineering might be something i could actually go and advice is to search out exactly what you want to do (being an engineer at nasa is my personal top choice ;-), and then do it - no matter what!Throughout my career i've had graduate students with undergraduate degrees in physics, mechanical engineering, bioengineering, geology, as well as materials science, and all have fared engineering degree teaches people how to be logical, systematic, creative, work in a team, how to consider risk and a whole host of other characteristics that are useful in other roles and to jessye talleyhello yetunde,The great thing about engineering is that there are so many disciplines you can focus on just about getting laid off this past year, i decided i haven't been satisfied in a purely office role and would rather do environmental engineering.I am looking at going back to school for egirl teamhi jill,You can find the basics about materials engineering and other engineering careers in our try on a career majoring in environmental engineering be a good decision still?Is there a drastic difference between chemical and materials engineering?Study as much math and science as possible in order to be prepared for college engineering classes and seek out opportunities in the local community to learn more about what engineers do.I am going to be a senior this fall and i want to go into environmental i want to know if i can earn the same in mechanical/eee/ catherine rosshi mairi,I might be biased since i am an engineer, but i think engineering presents a lot of advantages.I've been in courses to help me decide what i want to major in and a majority say engineering or business.I'll be going college this year and i wanna take civil varies province to province, so you'll probably want to look that up (for ontario, visit the website for the professional engineers of ontario).I think any good resume will have an objective statement at the top where you can describe what your goals are for employment and what area specifically interests , personally i believe that any engineering field is not based in gender, it is based in your true interest and your commitment to do the best you can do as an egirl teamhi pamela,There is no specific age when you can qualify; however you do need to complete at least a 4-year college degree so most engineers are usually older than 21 or , i am searching for a job from last two months and i forwarded my resume to many companies but i get no response till now, as my visa allow me to work in the us.I saw that you were a black female computer engineer!Also, how does one go about searching for jobs in the biomedical engineering field?A halfway house might be to start out as a chemical engineering student and, if you don’t like it, transfer to a food science organizations such as society of women engineers (swe), american society of heating refrigerating and air-conditioning engineers (ashrae), united states green building council (usgbc), or american society of mechanical engineers (asme).Women can be aeronautical/aerospace engineers, i know because i am one.I was looking around on their careers page and noticed that they only had openings for engineer ii and a girl, i would like to have a family sometime after uni, and i've heard from many forums that engineering has long work hours which can impede on one having a comfortable home life and starting a family, where looking after children after work can become a problem where you come home late.I also want to mention that if you don’t get directly into an engineering school  don’t let that stop an environmental engineer, the hardest math i've had to do on a daily basis is basic algebra, and maybe some 's likely you would work with chemical engineers and chemists and an engineer who was focused on analytics and feedback, i saw a huge gap in sales and marketing tactics and took on small projects until it was recognized - this created a demand for my skills and the rest is history!By egirl teamdear riley,That's a difficult question, because by definition a cosmetics engineer is just an engineer who works with advice is to take as much math, physics and chemistry to get a solid foundation (along with your engineering classes).I want to make an impact and help to improve people's lives while using engineering and problem solving egirl teamhi anagha,My experience is not from india, but i firmly believe that mechanical engineering is a fantastic career for , i recently won a scholarship to study electrical engineering at the best university in my country, and won another one for architecture at another i be able to work in medical field if i follow the mechanical-bio-medical engineering path?My aim is to become a great aeronautical engineer so what should i study at undergraduate level?If you think you would like to keep your options open for a broader range of careers, then engineering management might be the better engineering is what you want, then believe in yourself and keep your eye on the g out what kind of engineering field you want to specialize in will be the problem is that the school that i attend now doesn't offer a chemical co generation so to fix that i thought why not stay in engineering and minor in many things do you have to do at once when you engineer ?There is also the possibility of being an engineer and working on a team with non-engineers.A major reason that some very qualified girls don’t consider engineering is that they don’t know anything about it, but the best way for them to learn about it is generally from their any engineering degree you are exposed to many avenues.I wanted to become a biomedical engineer, but i am having second thoughts about you think that i should just stick it through with mechanical?I think it’s a great idea to branch out beyond your mechanical engineering major to explore other fields that interest old were you when you first became an engineer?I started off in programming, then shifted over to systems engineering, embedded programming, then to tech lead, then to product management, then to cto of a small startup, now to teaching ios i was the civil engineer for a project, i would walk the project with the contractor, point out any errors or changes in my design, and discuss ology is not usually a college major, so you'll probably want to start with a biomedical engineering (bme) degree.I want to be a successful aeronautic engineer in the my undergraduate studies i was an engineering major for most of my undergraduate career but switched majors towards the end of my junior amelia scharrerhi sophia - engineering sounds like a great career path for you!There are plenty of opportunities to learn those skills in engineering r, in the real world, what i see is there are some people with engineering degrees that go on the get master’s degrees, but this is much more frequent for people with science medical engineering field in general, offers great potential for an inventive everyone around me including my dad (who is also an engineer) and teachers are telling me that it is not very promising career option and it is very different from college chemistry and you will not like it in future and they are also telling me that its hazardous.I'm a 23 year old female studying civil engineering and i've been holding off completing college in fear that it will soon be time to get into the male-dominated r, of the times i encountered that, it was never one of my engineering colleagues who made a rude you want a mix of design in there (which i can recommend, given your stated interests and abilities), then you would find that job type quite easily within design-build firms (which are the biggest civil engineering firms out there - so there are tons of graduates headed into these firms every year).Then you can try to specialize in that area, you can attend specialized conferences and interact with other best way to find out is to go visit different kinds of engineers at a local kate fayhi meagan,That's awesome that your school offers engineering classes, that is something i did not have in high school.I love the idea of working with numbers and i'm not sure what engineering degree i would focus on, but i am interested in it.I would also suggest taking a programming language or computer science course as you mentioned, as many engineering majors take some form of computer science course.I just did my first year engineering last year and i'm going to start learning more specific engineering this fall 2013 being said, there are some hit points that certain employers might be looking for in your i pursue a post graduation degree in environmental engineering?Some schools have specific programs in "entertainment technology" which focus on entertainment themed projects that spread accross a variety of disciplines within egirl teamdear amanda,The best suggestion is to apply to an engineering program them that regardless of what they say, you are going to be an an engineer will certainly broaden your career options and significantly increase your starting salary relative to that of a bs chemistry is a practical idea to combine your interests in sports medicine and biomedical addition to classes, you should search your school's website to see what the mechanical and biology professors do in their research ically in the material science and engineering major, there are courses for material analysis (microscopy, spectroscopy), crystallography, and classes on specific types of material like polymers or aware that i have only a passing familiarity with the uk educational system, but examining the gca advanced level course information available on wikipedia, i recommend that you take classes in physics, math, and potentially electronics or design engineering to support your career a civil engineer, getting licensed is a huge part of our ability to function in our a few summers of engineering work experience, you can attend graduate school in cardiovascular physiology and gain the science ver engineering field you end up choosing, you will overall have a rewarding career option.I traveled to customer sites, conducted research at various universities where they had the equipment we needed to use (dow didn’t have the equipment in house), and worked with a team of chemists, engineers, manufacturing specialists, technicians, equipment fabricators, customers, first two years will probably consist of the basic engineering courses that all engineering students take including: three or four types of math, mechanics (static for structures and fluid for water/air), thermodynamics (relating to combustion), heat transfer (about energy transfer within materials).I feel like i could major in chemistry and go to graduate school for a degree in chemical engineering, but would that still allow for me to end up doing disease research?I love both natural and mechanical sciences which is why i got into this field in the first place, but i'm starting to get you are interested in prosthetic and rehabilitation engineering, then you are likely to have the opportunity to work one-on-one with worries me because how am i supposed to be a good computer engineer with no programming skills?At the moment i am most interested in computer hout my high school career, i have taken and will want to be taking geometry, algebra i, ii, and iii, trigonometry, pre-calculus, ap physics i and ii, chemistry, intro to engineering and design, and principles on engineering.I'm a software engineer, so luckily there's a lot of flexibility when it comes to working of it will stick than you think, and very few people are good at all aspects of mechanical engineering its a broad profession!No matter what kind of engineering you want to be, you should take a solid math and science curriculum in high school - in math, take math every year up through pre-calculus or even calculus if it is you want to be an automobile engineer, want to do something in fluid mechanics, do design engineering, robotics?I am harish goswami from new delhi, india and i just finished a bachelor degree in chemical i have completed masters in environmental engineering and bachelor degree in civil means we should be profficient in our field of choice (i am mechanical, for example), and we should have a sufficient background in other forms of engineering as forward to this day, i chose to study electrical engineering, and i find myself working at a civil/environmental engineering firm designing their power systems!For example i know that i do not want to be an industrial engineer or a test engineer but i may be interested in switching to a sales engineer position because i like interacting with sounds like you have a master's in chemical engineering, so you are different from someone with only a neuroscience my employer hires a more experienced engineer, his or her salary is negotiable, based on experience.I have many friends who have degrees in mechanical but actually spend the majority of their time doing electrical engineering.I learned many skills from my usc education and i am really happy that i studied a former double major in music and engineering, i can tell you that it's not engineering programs require some basic physics and chemistry classes, at least at the freshman your master's degree was done after some remedial courses in electrical and computer engineering, then you could mention these skills in your job , what is a good project to add to college apps pertaining to engineering?I was wondering if it were possible to go to graduate school for engineering (either civil or biomedical, both of interest to me) with a bachelor's degree in you are worried about supporting a family and flexibility then i believe computer engineering may offer more opportunities to work from home, but again, that is very boss has a degree in aeronautical and astronautical you absolutely want to know, environmental engineering classes will likely have 40 to 50 percent females, while all the other engineering core classes are likely to have more like 20 is a link to one of the professional organizations for this type of engineering.I'm in my final year of high school now, and i want to pursue a career related to environmental engineering so to keep my options open should i take chemical or civil engineering?I've decided to minor in biomedical engineering and later get a masters in it, but what engineering field should i get my bachelors in that would prepare me or be good with biomedical engineering?Hi, i am currently applying to employers about voluntary work in mechanical engineering.I know engineering is for me but how did you know what to specialize in?Engineers are in almost every field you can think do you choose to be an engineer when you could do other jobs?Nolli’ll start by listing several engineering disciplines you’ve probably heard of that might include drawing: civil, architectural, and ical engineers not only design many exciting products, they also venture into managing large projects and companies; become patent attorneys; research exciting breakthroughs such as those needed in energy storage; and even become medical doctors!I am currently studying mechanical engineering, and i'm planning what i want to specialize industries are never a friendly place for women engineers because one needs to be scarce and in demand to get the it realistic to become an engineer later in life?How can i learn more about the field and get hands on experience of what cell and tissue engineering is like despite these barriers?By heidi koschwanez dear jeena,If you would like to become a biomedical engineer, then definitely go for it!I believe your mom wants the best for you, and wants to protect you - she is probably talking from her own experience about what she knows about engineering and i know that you appreciate her opinion and her my masters degree i want to move into engineering so i can apply my love of science to help undergrad, i really wanted to get a second degree in computer engineering or software engineering, but my parents were undocumented at the time so i had to work 50+ hrs per week while in g at disney i know some engineers with fine arts minors and lots of artistic skills, but it is certainly not a it doesn’t, talk to the advisors there, do some homework about the different kinds of engineering, and choose a major that you think is the coolest and most mechanical engineering focuses more on what you call building things by hand and modeling real is really impossible to say what area of engineering would be best for you, since it will really depend on what you want to work there a big difference bewtween these kinds of engineers ?Also look out for engineering camps/ workshops for high school students or even internships if you can find gh i majored in mechanical engineering, i am very interested in biomedical devices and have done a bit of research with them.I want to become a engineer quickly and i want to prepare to become one from i need to get another bachelor's degree in engineering?I for one got my bs in chemistry then switched to chemical engineering for my phd because i wanted something more applied.I found that being involved in math and science related activities helped me get a better understanding of i committed a mistake of not doing engineering in the undergraduate level; or is it just the something to do with the employers.I was in 12th standard when i was searching for good professional courses as a career, i was eager for chemical engineering, but since my aunt was working in a hospital as pharmacist, she introduced me to a new emerging and interesting job of biomedical engineering.I prefer actually building and creating things, and so i would really appreciate it if someone tells me what mechanical engineering is really about more than just calculating whether something can support someone's weight and not just plain maintainence of pipes, machines r way to think about it is that mechanical engineers are always solving problems, using modern tools and computing power to help them as needed.I have never considered engineering as a career path for me but it sounds like a great idea!Some of them have a&p (airframe and powerplant) certification, but none of them are engineers.I want to be a biomedical engineer in the future but no universities have it as an undergraduate hi nikka,Mechanical engineering provides a broad, comprehensive education that will prepare you for any engineering or analytical i be facing any trouble in the future if i take chemical engineering?As far as experience for college applications, one engineering activity that comes to mind is the first robotics program.I am interested in computer software engineering and wondering what classes should i take in high school, i'm currently in 8th grade are many different types of engineers that work at are great questions - the trick is that mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering fields, so it's tough to answer what a mechanical engineer "actually engineering discipline is quite varied and diverse even within that ical engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and other people i know that studied material science and engineering with me also found really interesting jobs -- we all ended up in different fields of industry but are all still doing something i begin to study aerospace science engineering, i met a classmate that was interested in flying university of colorado in boulder offers both an astrophysics and an aerospace engineering degree, and both are highly of understanding on the part of the public about what chemical engineers do.I just want to clarify the fact that i'm a commerce student and i love air craft engineering but the problem is that i'm a commerce student :'/ so i just wanted to know that is there any other alternative way that i could do aircraft engineering as commerce student?Having a degree in engineering makes you very marketable once you are finished with undergrad, since a student who does well in an engineering program tells future employers that this student can work hard, learn new concepts fast and apply these concepts and skills to a variety of problems to are some hardships that engineers go through to eventually create or finish a project?In many universities, like my undergrad college, it is the same department and only a handful of courses are different between mechanical and aerospace safety engineers also get into designing machine guards and other con i've found with materials engineering is that it is not as widely known to the general public.I am a high school senior who is very interested in biomedical gh industrial design doesn’t have “engineer” in the title, engineering problem solving is used and a background in engineering would be very , i can tell you honestly that when i decided to go into engineering, i wasnt 100% sure it was really interested in petroleum engineering but family and friends warn me that its a tough job not suitable for a girl and there will be gender stereotyping could look to participate in a shadow an engineer program where you are able to follow engineers around.I am currently looking for opportunities that combine materials engineering and entertainment after seetha raghavandear kavitha,I am glad you’re interested in engineering and in aerospace engineering – i think it’s an amazing field and most of us who are part of it have so much passion for the science and technology of flight.I recommend looking into industrial design or engineering design if drawing and engineering are the two things you’re most interested 's said that it's difficult to land a job as an aerospace engineer and that's what frightens me.I don't know many people in the engineering field, so getting advice about becoming an engineer is difficult.I deferred my admission to a top design school, and i am going to take engineering courses freshman year at a different all the other engineering fields, why did you choose chemical engineering?I am a senior in high school and interested in a career in chemical are three types of experiences you would add to a resume (1) part time jobs during the school year, (2) full time summer internships, and (3) involvement in a professional society (like society of women engineers).Second, dispel any thought that women in the field are either not respected, or that it is difficult to become a woman civil engineer working in the compliment of having a strong engineering background is a great companion to this type of career once you are working as an engineer, how often are those skills utilized?Biomedical projects are frequently an applications of some engineering concepts, either electrical or mechanical.I did think about switching to mechanical engineer since it somehow involves more physics but then i don't have any ideas about that could also investigate textile engineering - they develop methods for creating textiles and also work in research on aspects such as "smart" fabrics that can sense medical conditions, for can absolutely be engineers - i can't wait to see you break down these superficial barriers your friends talk about!If i go into engineering i know that i want to go into civil engineering.I am doing a project for school and i was wondering what do chemical engineers ask themselves or others when trying to further their you belong to a chapter of swe (society of women engineers), you will be able to network with other women and this may help you to find out which firms are good and which ones are not.I have a chemical engineering background and if you are interested in chemistry and math, chemical engineering seems like a good fit for my question is does civil engineers travel a lot?I'm an a 18 years old who desperately want to be an nita patelhi savanna,Software engineering is an excellent choice and provides lots of salary for environmental engineers is not typically on the high end of the salary range, but i would definitely say it is good an employer's perspective, if i were looking to hire an environmental engineer, i would be more interested in hiring one with a master's degree than just a bachelor's degree, because bachelor's degrees in the people in the water/wastewater field studied environmental engineering or civil gh we are not manufacturing and selling these materials, the understanding that we gain and the ideas that we generate can be used by other engineers in industry.

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At least in the us there are government jobs in almost every area of ical & computer engineers work on the control system of the vehicle, which is basically the brains behind the far, i've been expecting to major in biology, and had little interest in the engineering help you decide, i suggest that you participate in an engineering program for high school students hosted by a local state is different but most have some a required about of time you have to work in the field that is longer for someone with an engineering technology degree then someone with an engineering egirl teamhi tn,Most petroleum engineers work in a laboratory or office, although sometimes they may also spend time at drilling sites.I am ashamed to admit it, but i just bombed my first physics with cal 1 test (made a 69), and failed my engineering skills class (which is only a quarter class) with a 68.I am interested in studying material science & engineering but the university i intend to apply to does not offer this specific friends and family didn't laugh when i told them that i wanted to be an what kind of a job does electronic engineer get in an it company?Shall i continue in engineering or do i need to stop and do something.I have always wanted to be a cs engineer but due to my low performance in 12th slandered i am not able to pursue it.I am a professor in electrical engineering so i guess the answer to that question is all of it!Is it mainly other engineers or individuals with a similar background?Currently, i am the only woman engineer on my team at my company.I have been told that i do not have the personality to be an engineer, that i am not tough enough, not serious enough, specifically that i have ¨a hello kitty personality¨.I so glad that you are already interested in engineering and that you want to start preparing yourself for the a look at the directory of women engineers to see a number of talented women working in all sorts of exciting engineering material engineering different from other types of engineering in any way?Due to financial reasons i am unable to go to a school that offers a biomedical engineering program so i am going to do a supplement civil engineers can be environmental engineers but not all environmental engineers can be civil jasmine austinhi aniya,I'm glad you're interested in pursuing an engineering degree!You would be able to find a place in the industry regardless of major you do when you learn the engineering behind engineer works much more as the supervisor, checking her design, making sure that the design elements are in place and that the water drains the right way, the building has the correct rebar and iron she ordered, and that the structure will stand per her specifications.I love physics and started out there but i went to rit and got a degree in mechanical engineering so i would have more opportunities.I know my heart is set to be in aerospace engineering, but i don't know where to begin.I'm actually a girl, but others are saying that aeronautical engineering is only suitable for boys.I want to know, did mechanical engineers work in medical devices, and can i take anything related to biology in ms of mechanical engineering so i can work with both machines and medicine?I haven’t heard of many hardships endured by engineers in the the us the term professional engineer or pe is reserved for those with special licensing by the state to practice as many decades, there has been an unspoken, yet widely assumed notion that women were less equipped to handle the stresses associated with an engineering job.I liked chemistry in high school so thought i would major in chemical and biological engineering.I traveled to customer sites, conducted research at various universities where they had the equipment we needed to use (dow didn’t have the equipment in house), and worked with a team of chemists, engineers, manufacturing specialists, technicians, equipment fabricators, customers, etc.I am planning on pursuing engineering in college and would like to know what websites, books and or organizations, would be a wonderful resource for me while i have 3 more years to think about it?I have pursued my degree in chemical engineering, and worked in a small factory as a process then and there, i changed my major to aerospace science engineering because i thought it would make me a better pilot.I am stuck between choosing to get my bachelor's in civil engineering and environmental engineering.I'm one of the engineering student in my high way it will help you review basic principles you’ve forgotten over that time and it also shows a future employer that you’re still a competent engineer who hasn’t forgotten everything while being a full-time types of engineering would you suggest for a girl who likes poetry, playing instruments, figuring out problems, math, dancing, helping people, and having fun?What courses did you study in college and did you acquire any degrees beyond biochemical engineering?See if you can meet some adult engineers who seem to have interesting engineer jobs, jobs that you think you'd will help you understand what kind of engineering you want to study.I've recently decided to pursue a masters in biomedical engineering after completing my you think that chemical engineering would give me the path into this career?If you are interested in math, science and improving this world in small and big ways…definitely stay in the engineering field.I think combined skills in science & engineering will become more and more valuable as we continue to push biological research and technology.I am currently doing a mathematics degree but i have been told i would be allowed to do a msc in biomedical engineering by a few universities if i obtain my mathematics degree.I know that is a vital skill engineers use a lot, especially since my dad is i was in a freshman electrical engineering class, the professor had made assumptions that everyone in the class had tinkered with electronics and had some basic background or other experience - which i did not do not need a master's degree to work in the engineering field, in fact most working engineers i know do not have good in math just shows that your brain can process numbers and concepts easily, it doesn’t mean that you are a good engineer.I'm planning on doing master of engineering course based in petroleum engineering in canada but the thing is that my gpa is lower than the min required which is senior engineers,I am happy to announce that i have gain acceptance into purdue university!On the other hand, if you work in a very small company, you may work with fewer chemical engineers/people with similar backgrounds and would be working more with an interdisciplinary i still stick to the path of engineering despite how much i am struggling and stressing because nothing is clicking in my head when i do the homework, no matter how hard i try when i get help from the teacher or to take ap calculus since you will be required to take multiple calculus classes that no matter what engineering discipline and it will put you at an advantage your freshman year in college.I'm really interested in becoming a civil engineer, but it is too late to change was a time when engineering and the environment were at odds — engineers were focused on successful project outcomes that accomplished the goals of their clients, and environmental advocates were focused on stopping as many of the infrastructure improvements as possible.B- look online for a good description of each engineering being said, if you really think the program will turn you off from engineering and you can get the important math and science subject matter in other ways, maybe you should not tly studying civil engineering at the university of california irvine, i can only understand exactly what it feels like to walk into a classroom and feel like the odd one biggest question is: is it realistic or easy to go back into engineering once my kids are older which will be after being a stay at home mom for 5-7 years?I'm currently a freshman in highschool right now, and i was wondering what i could do to prepare for when i go to uni for computer engineering/software engineering.I am passionate about the math and science as well as the creativity embedded in the field of engineering and am looking to tie these passions towards a career in fashion.I'm an electrical engineering graduate who is starting a career as a lecturer in a g these classes challenging is no indication on whether or not you will succeed as an ships and research projects through school count, but some engineer work (not strictly sporting-good related, although that would be great) is a highlight on a resume.I studied electrical engineering and my husband studied mechanical engineering at the same saves you both money and time, valuable assets on your road to becoming an , if you are willing to put in the effort, and you have a strong interest in biology, medicine, and problem-solving, then apply to colleges for biomedical engineering!Graduating from an abet-accredited program makes it easier for graduates to eventually become licensed as a professional engineer, which isn’t quite as important in bioengineering as it is in other areas of engineering (like civil engineering), but i think the main value of abet accreditation is that going through the accreditation process forces the faculty and administration to look carefully at what they do for students, and why, and how it could be mom is right, you seem to have what it takes to become an , it may be of your interest to ask some other civil engineers as well!During the first week, i had an in-depth tour of campus prior to classes starting and was awe struck when i saw the display of an f-4 phantom outside of the engineering engineering programs typically require a year of math and basic sciences, your preparatory math courses will likely prepare you for the upper division mathematics gh returning to quantitative classes like calculus, physics, and chemistry may sound challenging, i believe that your previous good math experience and scientific technical skills (as evidenced by the guidance of your high school instructors to choose an engineering career) will kick in after a short brain warmup period if you give them a r, i don’t think you have to consider a completely separate degree just so you can write in your engineering career path was to become a chemistry teacher but recently i have been thinking about becoming a chemical engineer.I have a postgraduate degree in power engineering and have ical engineering is a more general degree than aerospace engineering, with significant overlap in many of the courses.I believe the sterotype for a typical engineer is a 'dirty hands' mans job, but i would really like to get away from school didn't have a bioengineering department so all tissue engineering was under the biomedical jessye talleyhello sabryn,I cannot necessarily speak for nuclear must have something to do with chivalry :) go read 'lean in' or 'nice girls don't get the corner office' and pave a path to be a positive role model for future engineering female.I am having my doubts if structural engineering is the right choice for , my name is sydney brown and i want to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering.I am presently doing mechanical engineering from amity university , india.I don't have a lot of money and have no idea approximately how much is a fair amount to get plans drawn, would a student engineer be a better option for someone like me?It's so great to hear from you, and to see that you have interest in becoming an environmental engineer!At first, i thought chemical engineering will help me to be more successful in biomedical engineering even though i am not passionate about it, i chose the chemical engineering path.I've read many women in the engineering industry are not taken seriously, promotions are hard to come by and obviously do not get fair wages but i assume that's in most professional environments where men dominate and are regarded as superior).By egirl teamwell, that depends on what you think of as fun, but for me and for lots of women represented by engineergirl, it is lots of fun!I have thought to major in engineering for years, but recently some doubts cross in my nmental engineering seems to have the largest percentage of females (~50%) at the university cindy sheucommunication will be your best friend when it comes to being a successful give you a sense of flexibility when choosing bme as an undergrad major, the bmes that i work with now are: research & development engineers, design assurance engineers, human factors experts, user experience researchers, project leaders, department managers and even medical , recently (this summer), i discovered the discipline of chemical engineering and loved it can i do as a second grader to prepare for a career in engineering?We also took tours of the labs and did a few basic engineering projects which incorporated a variety of disciplines.I have been in my schools engineering academy classes for the past two you tell me about a day in your life as a mechanical engineer?Most people who are getting an engineering degree have to take physics and understand the basics of how it works.I'm seriously worried this could negatively impact my career as an engineer too , i don't think i am capable of being an engineer.I was thinking that getting a degree in biomedical engineering will be my best option, but i am not there, i'm a new student enrolled to begin a bioengineering program at my local you can come up with solutions for mathematical problems and conduct a well-thought out scientific experiment, you are a problem solver and an engineer.I am currently a engineer in training that works for a small water resources firm in indianapolis, , i'm currently in my final year of high school and am thinking of choosing to do engineering in if i am accepted to rice what major would be best to pursue and still become an aerospace engineer.I'm an aerospace engineer myself but my local art college offers an industrial design program including evening classes.I am now thinking of going back to do become a biomedical much and what types of reading, writing, and speaking skills are actually required in chemical engineering?Finally, since each school is different, you can always apply differently to them – if a school has a general engineering major, great – apply for that to start, and move to another engineering major if you find one that you like gh i use the computers and don't generally calculate myself, as an engineer i must know the your school does not offer engineering, you may want to see if they have an environmental sciences or geology degree and consider a double there, i'm in my first year of studying a petroleum and mechanical engineering degree in the uk, your answers to to other questions really are incredibly motivating and reassure me what a great degree engineering unately my university doesn't allow engineering students to double major in another engineering , what was your motivation to earn a phd in electrical engineering?I have been looking into engineering, and specifically into industrial and environmental engineering, because i'm very good at math and folake o akintayodear vinoth,A site engineer gets quicker increment and posting than a design engineer and an estimator.I'm happy to hear you are interested in civil engineering and thank you for reaching out to my question is, is it really dangerous to be a chemical engineer?States, the fe exam is designed for people who are nearing the end of their first degree in engineering, and this degree (in the do you know if you're gonna be good and creative at your job as an engineer or whether you're only good when you study the course and take ly, i do not see myself as mechanical, chemical, or electrical engineering.A key differentiator for me and others in college throughout my career has been the ability to communicate in addition to the ability to work on science and engineering type susan cischkeit's hard to pinpoint the key criteria for what makes a good engineer -- having strong math and science skills are important but do you like to solve problems?I failed two classes and fall semester i had a terrible semester which lowered my gpa and put me on probation with the college of surya mallapragadait is possible to major in chemistry as an undergraduate and become a chemical engineer, if you pursue a graduate degree in chemical e being the most experienced engineer on my team, i feel that the things i say are questioned more often, and the things my less-experienced male coworkers say are more often taken as a look at our directory of women engineers to see all the women working in many different engineering fields across the world.I was just wondering how you got started in the business world with an engineering zahra khanthe short answer is yes because in many colleges, aerospace engineering is basically a specialization of mechanical fact, a lot of people do work in engineering without an actual engineering degree.I am a freshman in college studying either computer engineering or possibly computer universities offer an engineering management masters, so that may be something you wish to consider as may however find that at the start of your career you find yourself outdoors more because most engineering career opportunities may start you as an apprentice or trainee engineer to allow you to learn the ropes quickly.I'm writing an essay on the low numbers of women engineers, and i'd love your opinion on the matter!By susan sui don't think there's a so-called best branch of engineering for a you decide engineering is for you, you will need to complete four years of college in an accredited college or university.I also have tried to bring art as a mean that can bring engineering in every day life, schools in another level that may be less intimidating or more people i know who are interested in engineering seem to have known since birth that this is for i want to say that i find what you do so inspirational and meaningful and after reading your profile and thoughts, i am really motivated to pursue engineering with an ignited you know what it is like being a mechanical engineer?Because i was really enjoying my atomic physics and chemistry classes, but i also liked math art, i decided to get an engineering ering was a great foundation and gave me a boost in the field of interest i had in did you know you wanted to go into engineering rather than something else and materials engineering over all of the other kinds?And last but not least would it be better to have a chemical engineering with bioengineering minor degree or a biochemistry degree if i originally wanted to major as a bio medical engineer?Engineers typically love to encourage new and young engineers who are interested in their is it absolutely necessary (though clearly helpful) to learn outside of school for engineering?I researched and found that i could become biomedical engineer and later become a doctor, as a love science and math but i also love history and in my college life i was told by a professor to switch to electrical engineering but due to not having a mentor to guide my education decision i chose not to switch ( i was told this is a man's area).By deya riojas gloverbecoming an engineer completely changed my life around 360 my engineering career i worked on designing municipal water and wastewater treatment plants as well as waste management for oil refineries and chemical here's my real question, as an engineer do you sit behind a desk all day or do you actually get to go into a lab?Just graduating from bachelor of chemical engineering and already working in mechanical/manufacturing line as process example civil engineers might also make roads, mechanical engineers might make cars, and aeronautical engineers might make planes.I know there are three separate degree plans to get your major in each one of those in civil engineering, but is there a way to combine, double major, or get my masters and minor to put a combination of the three together?I have just finished my igcse exams and want to become an environmental engineer.I had people suggest to me to major in mechanical or electrical and then do masters in biomedical i think about it though, being an engineer doesn't sound like that much al engineers work in bioengineering, energy, environmental engineering, as well as in education and the traditional chemical industry.I am a high school senior and i am trying to decide whether to take a path into engineering or biological research i realized that civil engineering is exactly what i believe i will excel immensely in and also love to would be very grateful if you could answer a few questions for us that give us a bit more of an insight into the world of engineering for women.I've never had that insatiable curiosity about things that i read most engineers is the difference between engineering now and how engineering used to be?By rose faghihdear aavion,Based on your description, i think you should study civil engineering in at electrical engineering programs at colleges you are looking at, and look at the professors research areas.I enjoy geometry, simple algebra, biology and environmental studies so what kind of engineer would that make me?S engineering college is certainly prestigious and the level of competition there will be intense, no doubt.I attended engineering school with several, two of which i was close friends with that were in my graduating class, that were in the military first then completed engineering school second.A mechanical-biomedical engineering education will position you for many career opportunities within the medical you look down on a resume of a recent grad if it was longer than one page?I'm currently studying mechanical engineering (thinking of switching to chemical, but we'll see) and everytime i feel disconnected from the male majority in my classes, i go back and watch your segment again.I'm 20 years old, and i've already graduated from college--in a very non-engineering related are lucky that you are thinking about being an engineer at such a young age!I want to switch to an engineering major next semester and i am debating between chemical engineering and aerospace r, most of the companies that are looking for engineers, including nuclear engineers, are really looking to see that the person is a quick learner, would proficiently solve problems and would easily adapt to new challenging environment.I am trying to decide to either be a nuclear engineer or an industrial engineer?By anne spencemake sure that you choose a university that is accredited by abet (accreditation board for engineering and technology).Environmental engineers can work in a variety of industries and a variety of technical areas, from designing air pollution control equipment (which may require knowledge of electrical and mechanical engineering concepts, as well as principles from chemical engineering) to building water and wastewater treatment plants, to investigating properties for you are on property it is a lot easier to network and attend events to learn more about engineering at walt disney you pursue engineering, which i hope that you do, talk to your college councilors and professors.I was wondering should i specialize or should i go for two fields at once, like aerospace and mechanical engineering?Is engineering not the right path for me or will it come later?After that you will need to consider whether you want to continue in engineering or go to medical school.I currently work in accounting at an engineering company and want change.I only had one internship before i started my first full-time chemical engineer main difference between the two degrees is the straight engineering degree tends to be more theory based curriculum and calculus based mathematics, the engineering technology degree is more hands on application and algebra based does the company have electrical engineering jobs that you could move into after a few years in the mechanical department?I'm hopefully off to university next year and am hoping to study gh i am not in biomedical engineering i believe that anything you put your mind to you can do!By zahra khanhi srijani,Aerospace engineering us broader in scope than aeronautical engineering so i'd definitely recommend there any specific skills you need to be a successful engineer?This will probably be the same for you; i think most engineering students are given some flexibility to specialize within their area of yamile jacksonhola, rocio, it is never too late to become an engineer.I realize i might need a masters in biomedical engineering, but the nearest program for such is 5 hours away from where i live, and the other masters are that are offered near by are : computer science, electrical, manufacturing, mechanical , engineering management, and information technology .Having that practical idea of what it meant to be an engineer outside of school (it is totally different) made my classes way easier when i got 's the hardest part about working with other team members and being an engineer?It’s already a generalist degree – other similar degrees are the ‘other’ engineering degrees (civil, electrical, mechatronics, chemical, environmental etc) or as you have identified the ‘applied science’ type a black female computer engineer, the main challenge i have faced is having my skills and capabilities as an engineer underestimated.I'm planning on majoring in chemical engineering but i'm just not completely sure yet, and i have a lot of other things i want to do but i just can't choose.I am enrolled in a technical communication class and was wondering about the types of communication are used in the field of chemical engineering?My degree is in computer engineering which basically combines computer science with electrical , you'll be asked to "matriculate", or choose a field of engineering, somewhere around your junior there, talk to some students, think about want kind of environment you like (big/small; engineering only campus; research opportunities).I am interested into going into the computer science field, specifically software if you love the biomedical engineering students, teachers, and classes then that's the degree you should get!Engineering is applied physics, which is a kind of physics used for a specific engineering or technological application.I am a 7th grade student currently, and i am interested in mechanical the engineering program, i sometimes fail to fully grasp concepts and end up do so many engineers seem to prefer to be a professor rather than working in their field of work?I believe the question you are referring to mentioned computational biology as an option to allow someone who wants to work in a field related to bioengineering and still be able to work mostly with a computer in hopes of being more flexible and potentially working from mechatronic engineers work at factories but what they do is design the machines using in factories, they don't operate the machines.I really like studying engineering, but i'm feeling sad, i have low spirit and really don't know what to do -- this is a purely desk job in an engineering consultancy organization where it is termed as process  engineering .Generally the difference between an engineer and a technician is that an engineer is more involved in design while a technician would carry out that design and turn it into a real product.I like the work environment because engineers get to work in teams.I did my undergraduate research for a chemical engineer in the field of water richa bansalwhen i was young, my main reason for pursuing engineering was that i enjoyed hands-on in all i just wanted to ask you, if i want to work in a field of building smart devices and robots , should i major in cs first or electrical engineering ?I have a bs in biomedical engineering and went directly to law school and did get my would be your suggestion to me as i am thinking to send my younger sister for mechanical engineering in sharda university, new delhi?So all i ask is that, are the love of maths and science are the requirements of engineering?Did any of them go to college for engineering afterward?I have already completed the first year of an engineering program and find that i really like it however i am constantly wondering if i am too old to be starting into a new field at this point in my i know is that i'm confused i don't know if i can be an engineer and have difficulties at physics:(.As for getting a masters in a traditional engineering program after getting a bs in bme, that may be tough, since you would not have all of the course pre-requisites for those traditional degree programs.I scarified my engineering career to raise a child, but my child is making fun that i never worked as an engineer :(.I would like to know if there are any other fields in which i could combine my engineering background and love for art?But i would like to stress that you are always applying basic math and science skills to civil engineering, not really solving complicated math or physics i still be able to become a good biomedical engineer?Additionally, this will do wonders to boost your resume as freshman and sometimes sophomore year courses are similar and flexible so you can switch from one engineering major to another a girl has nothing to do with your capabilities as an one is about the cosmetic engineering option that is part of manhattan college’s chemical engineering program https:// elizabeth keller biermanhi andrea,My advice is for you build a network of other women engineers so that when you do run into someone who is not embracing the benefits of diversity in the workplace you have people to turn to take ap calculus since you will be required to take multiple calculus classes that no matter what engineering discipline and it will put you at an advantage your freshman year in i told him i wanted to be a engineer he literally laughed in my unately, yes, you will not be able to become an electrical engineer if the college/university does not offer that degree engineering major do you think i should choose to be closer to my goal of materials science/materials engineering?I switched from aeronautical to civil engineering because i wanted what i was working on to hold still, it was a great move for , my sister is going to be an engineer, would you know how it will be to become an engineer?Sorry for my bad english but i am happy to find this website and cause i have had a chance to ask my all questions in my mind who is kara coxsophia - i thnk engineering would be a great career to think far as i know, we all got into our units because of our bioengineering background/research, so the uspto does a decent job at matching experience to the job what advice would you give to an engineering student who is currently struggling with the rigor of an engineering curriculum?A few of the many examples include:  aerospace engineers (also called aeronautical and astronautical engineers), chemical engineers, materials engineers (like me), mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, polymers engineers, computer & software engineers, system engineers and planetary there lots of management courses in manufacturing engineering as compared to mechanical engineering?An engineer with a masters degree anywhere between k and $tials which allows you to work under a licensed engineer and put that time towards your professional engineer ( just one more question, do software computer engineers design apps?Others may take the engineering education and pursue an entirely different career such as medicine or law.I would love to be a chemical engineer but my school does not offer suggested engineering because i am a bright kid, just like he was.I think you will be able to make a good decision on what path best works for you only after you have been working in the industry for a little while (~1 year) – whether as a manufacturing engineer, production, reliability engineer – really anything related to mechanical all this is carried into what they choose for a career: engineers, doctors, business person, bankers, etc.I transitioned from engineering to science, and in general, my experience was that employers generally look for individuals who have backgrounds in one or the only will this impress the interviewers, it will also demonstrate how smart you are, your eagerness to learn, and that you are motivated/a self-starter, which are all vital attributes to have in any industry, especially r, i've heard it hard for international student to find a engineering job here, especially for a you need to be extremely smart to become a biomedical engineer?I am not familiar with how to utilize dual degrees between public policy and engineering.I got a degree in category of computer science and a requirement for the engineering course at a university in jamaica, physics at the advance level, a level, is a i pursue a degree in environmental engineering or civil engineering instead?I’ve been told that mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering disciplines so that’s what i’ve decided on for the you specialize in aerospace you'll have more information on aerodynamics, but it is nothing you cannot get with your undergrad in there are any facts on engineering that are really important and you would like to share please i'm always open for more info.I am going to college as a biomedical engineering al engineers often work as process engineers and many shift into other roles over their careers in part due to the doors opened up by having a foundation in chemical engineering.I have a bachelors in production engineering and have an experience of 6 yrs in automotive field as as fea engineer.I really want to study engineering in a university but i my problem solving skills are not strong.I am looking to go to graduate school to pursue a phd in biomedical , i'm a recent engineering graduate (civil technology) and would like to know what are three important things an engineer should be able to do when first entering the workforce (and if without any experience)?Some environmental graduate programs focus on treatment process design, which might require more chemistry or unit operations background than you get in a typical electrical engineering program, but other programs focus on mathematical modeling, and you probably have the background for those types of kind of college is best for an aspiring environmental engineer?I am currently enrolled as a sophomore for the college of is engineering a career you would suggest to young women entering college or who have been undecided such as kim wheelerhi dena,Having a strong background in the engineering fundamentals will help you in a career in the entertainment industry, and having an additional art background will never hurt.I've got my bse in industrial engineering and i'm currently working as a project manager for a large electrical least in the us, where a separate bachelor's degree is required before medical school, biomedical engineering is one of the most popular pre-med are many other engineering 'shores' that are mostly hardware or other you are looking for colleges, be sure to look specifically at the engineering school to see if they highlight a specific environmental program.I was wondering if you could kindly answer these questions about becoming a civil engineer.I'm 24, i'm an aerospace engineer curently studying a master in air transport engineering, but as you know there's not too much aerospace going on in lly, engineering is the application of knowledge to create objects or we do a specialization in aeronautical engg from any other branch like electronics, mechanical, electrical or computer?Really though, you will get a lot of answers because there is no wrong way to prepare as long as you are doing something you enjoy and learning about math/science/ good news is that most engineering curriculums require engineering students to take the basics the first year such that you still have your freshman year to choose which you would prefer to major in.I started as a computer engineer in college, then move to electrical engineer and material science for phd, then who knows, maybe i will even do nanobioengineering in the , i jsut finished my second year degree in electronics engineering.I would like to know what kind of math classes i would need to take in college to learn electrical and mechanical there, i intend to study civil engineering next , i was wondering what is mechanical engineering and what they do?Chemical engineering is one of the most diverse engineering under graduate degree that you choose to pursue will depend on which field of systems engineering you find , at this point in time i still had not fully mentally committed to is your opinion on girls and biomedical engineering, as well as the 3-d printer affect?By christina millerhello teandra,I completely understand your concerns as i was also intimidated by the curriculum outline for my chemical engineering you could, please give me some idea of job requirements for chemical engineers in usa.A chemical engineering will allow you to broaden into more areas then just medical.I wanna know the difference between it and computer science other engineer courses can i take to become a biomedical engineer?When working for top engineering firms how do you set yourself against other engineers?Hello, i am a woman inventor, rather than an engineer, but was hoping for some advice.I would expect the mechanical degree to include things like heat transfer and fluid dynamics, while manufacturing may have more industrial level of math is needed to become a software engineer?I can’t comment on the situation in malaysia, but certainly in australia, if you want to work as a mechanical engineer, you are going to need a mechanical engineering degree to get your first job.I am very interested in software engineering, however a lot of people and professionals have told me that careers in engineerings have little opportunities (compared to lawyers/doctors) i understand that these jobs all differ in terms of studies, work and fields but i was wondering if the job market is favorable (for software engineering).When i was in college almost no women got degrees in engineering.I've not yet decided on which type of engineering i would like to pursue, but i'm leaning towards mechanical or aerospace (maybe electrical).Yet i am in final year of chemical engineering, please guide me how can i achieve my this goal?Hey, i'm from turkey and i really want to be an aerospace engineer when i grow is a fact, not a stereotype: in the us in 2011, women received 18% of bachelor’s degrees, 23% of master’s degrees, and 22% of doctoral degrees (based on data published by the american society of engineering education).I am going to be a high school senior this year and the pressure of deciding on a college major has really pushed me to research different engineering careers.I applied for chemical engineering but i don't truly have a passion for it and i feel like if i do go on to study it it will be extremely stressful and since i don't really enjoy it it will be hard to dedicate.I am really interested in this career of electrical engineering.I am a second year college student taking up bs materials engineering at the university of the i still eligible for more traditional chemical engineering occupations such as oil and gas?By egirl teamdear regine,Having an engineering background can certainly be useful to a marketing career, but in general engineers do not just work on their own.I know a lot about electrical systems, controls and structural engineering.I want to major in aerospace engineering so i plan on transferring to georgia tech in there any thing i can do as a kid to become an engineer?The students who did bs in software engineering, are they called engineers or fact, a degree in computational biology is more similar to computer science (also a field of engineering) than to biomedical is the same theory, but aerospace engineering applies it to aerospace specific are classes that will help develop this spatial reasoning and teach you how to create engineering example, i'm a "mechanical engineer," but researched in aerospace applications, which facilitated my interests in propulsion and combustion of ers tend to offer positions based on very fair competition, in my my undergrad university, the first two years of aerospace and mechanical engineering were identical and so was much of the third year.I got nearly perfect scores in all highschool math and am a good designer/problem solver by nature so i thought chemical engineering would be a good can i have a bachelor in electrical engineering and then go for a master in aerospace engineering afterwards?I've already started classes so that i can continue my studies and eventually pursue a master's in environmental apprehension is a bit manifold:1) i am a girl, and will that hamper my progress as an aeronautical engineer?Yes, it is mainly a male dominated career but i see with the younger engineers beginning their careers that the gender gap every year is less and less.I would also suggest looking into mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and chemical engineering undergraduate programs for your undergrad since many employers are familiar with these classical engineering degrees, instead of biomedical engineering (which is a new field and is sometimes questioned as being a true engineering discipline, depending on who you talk to).Warm regards from another engineer that struggled mightily in physics,Dear mam, since childhood my daughter used to see the discovery channel and was very much impressed by the aeronautical engineers.I completed 6 credits in petroleum engineering because i really wanted to get a masters in petroleum after going through college and getting my first job, i was still a little weary about whether i was going to enjoy civil engineering.I'm more interested in the office and design aspect of engineering, would i be able to stick to that or will i be required to get a bit messy on-site?Mechatronic engineers usually work in designing robotic systems and building and testing there a way to just major in engineering and then take other classes later to be a certain type, like a aeronautical or industrial and manufacturing engineer?A background in the natural sciences, physics or chemistry, would also be provide the necessary background for materials science and engineering, as these are the underpinnings of the for civil engineering as a first choice and engineering geology as a second choosing between mechanical and environmental engineering, we can explore each according to your aptitude:You say you are good with numbers and enjoy physics, so mechanical engineering will be thrilling for would be classified as an engineer verses an engineering i ask you if there are any drawback for female working as a chemical engineer?It is hard for me to imagine something i cannot relate to electrical engineering, that is why i think it is such an exciting , what exactly are you wanting to do with your civil engineering degree?I would love to become a pilot and an engineer like you, but sometimes it feels so impossible because south africa doesn't have many organizations that offer bursaries for aviation.I am really interested in chemistry but my family is worried about my reproductive health because they presume my future workplace must be in factories and have to deal with some dangerous and harmful chemicals.I'm wondering if that level of math is good enough to become a chemical you know which one is better for engineering classes please let me know!Some films use mechanical and robotic film props on set.I've been working on my ocean engineering degree and i'm feeling discouraged about actually making threw it.I had to solve some math, physics, and engineering problems on paper during the interview, and explain to the interviewer how i derived the solution.I want to become an aeronautical engineer but my mom is advising me to study mechanical engineering so as to keep my options might send engineers abroad to help countries improve road networks as part of their broader marketing strategies, but that is speculation on my part.I will be attending college this fall and want to major in mechanical engineering.I'm from zimbabwe and am studying mechanical engineering in my first year.I know nasa has some programs that may or may not partner with other countries for students interested in travel and engineering, of these are just a few examples of what aeronautical engineers engineering roles require specialty clothing, for example, a civil engineer might need a hard hat and steel-toed boots or a chemical engineer might wear a lab coat and protective you could just go back to work as computer engineering if you like that, for a while and 'test the waters", see what's up in that our industry, many problems can be solved using common engineering methods and only a few need special tools like the ones that you learn in a phd program.I encourage you to take internships and co-ops while you are in college to be able to decide which area of civil engineering you like the best and it also gives you an opportunity to get some hands on experience of the daily life of an , i'm currently a first year student in engineering and we are about to choose our specialisation.I'm glad you're considering engineering and i'm wishing you only the very best with your college career and your future engineering , let me congratulate you for you excellent decision on considering engineering as your future career.I think that if you have a passion for the outdoors, then a career in environmental engineering could be very rewarding for you.I can guarantee that almost every engineer has been in your shoes at some point!Electric energy engineering will mean that its about power systems and electricity transportation while electronic engineering is more about circuit boards and small , i encourage you to try to shadow engineers in materials and mechanical engineering careers, or get internships in those fields, to help you decide which of the two fields you are more interested auto industry frequently hires students with mechanical engineering degrees and also electrical engineering degrees.I hope you attended a public university, where great civil engineering educations happen and students regularly graduate without any engineering options would be a good choice for me?By christine frazier-hollinsdear savana:In my experience engineering school has been a test of like there may be too many male egos to deal with in sometimes have summer camps to have high school students come and live on college campus for a couple of months and shadow the engineering labs there.I am a senior in high school who plans on majoring in mechanical g such negative comments has put me in a very tough place as to whether or not i should still do chemical engineering as a career because i do not want to start a course and have to drop out (i'm already a year behind my peers).As biological engineering became an important field twenty years ago, some chemical engineering programs incorporated biological engineering into their you want to be in the food business, your choice should be chemical, food, industrial or packaging , mechanical engineering may be your best bet, but it would be worth talking to some people in the other departments as well just in case there is a faculty member in another department with interests similar to was one of the reasons i wanted to become an environmental engineer.I deal with shop mechanics, customers, other engineers, and all, engineering is all about coping with societal challenges in its various forms such as providing good shelter and portable water for the people, meeting their telecommunication and transportation needs, etc.I went from a psychology major to an engineer major aha) i also want to make sure that i will enjoy the field i go ore, not only did i realize it's possible to link fashion to my major but i also chose to study further and here i am, doing a phd in computer science and engineering and having "fashionology" as my phd research topic.I am a jr in high school and am extremely interested in materials current plan is to get my bachelor's in environmental science and my master's in environmental major i'm going into is bio-medical engineering at umass lowell as internship job might be very different than your actual job out of school, (they usually aren't that fun) but, you will gain access to engineers and can look for a mentor who will help a research engineer work in offices or chemical plant?Second, let me reassure you that there are plenty of jobs that combine engineering and commerce.I enjoy the business world and would like to go back to school and pursue an industrial engineering degree as i've researched to see that it will open a variety of doors in the job market in various industries (is this true?In practice, most biomedical engineers will end up specializing in only one of these areas, or even a totally different one not offered in your high it environmental, structural, civil or whatever problem solving, that is (very basically) what engineers do.I teach and conduct research at a university in the us, and about 30-40% of our chemical engineering students (out of a total of 700) are electrical engineering something i really want or should i look into something else?I would recommend getting a mechanical engineering degree, which is one of these areas.I want to ask what is the difference between chemical engineering and chemical&environmental engineering?Remember that managers often just need the facts and conclusions (and don't have the time to get bogged down) while other engineers may want all the cannot go wrong in majoring in mechanical engineering since nearly all companies requiring engineers need mechanical engineers in particular.I ultimately would like to get into tissue engineering or genetic engineering.I am graduating high school this year and will be attending a&m in the fall to begin working towards a civil engineering degree.I am looking into and researching all different types of engineering.I love math and science but i am still wondering if engineering is the right choice for me, because i did a wood working class in middle school, and drafting portion had to be the part that i least many years does it take for a crystal engineer to get through college?The main thing is your interest and what you would like to do ultimately with a chemical engineering degree.I am sending resumes, but i am not having luck even as en engineering technician.I worked on a team of high school students, engineers, graduate students and faculty from my undergraduate school, and that was also how i was introduced to the me department and my undergrad adviser.I am having my doubts if structural engineering is the right choice for over the last year i realized that i am stronger and more fascinated by the subjects needed for mechanical engineering than for computer studying hard and know that with a solid education, even if you eventually discover that biomedical engineering is not right for you, your education can give you an easier transition into other do i become a robotics engineer in the united states?Cause i found each engineering majors to be so name is michelle and i'm in my final year of school hoping to study engineering next al engineering is one of the most diverse engineering accreditation is an important sign that a program meets quality standards involving the breadth and depth of an engineering education, that the program has facilities, faculty, and support that allow them to provide strong learning experiences, and that graduates of the program have learned skills in appropriate areas and are building successful engineering, this type of anxiety is a healthy r, i know engineering is a difficult and heavy major and i need a good gpa to apply to law are a lot of different problems to solve in my job that require system engineering skills.I'm planning on taking engineering courses in college but i was wondering what i could do in my final years of high school that can prepare me so i don't take these courses with no knowledge and look like a i was a little girl, my grandfather became my engineering role model, he is a mechanical engineer and i fell in love with the work he was able to do as a designer of great thing about engineering is that you would be welcome in any field once you have that degree.I have completed my bachelor degree in electrical engineering with telecom specialization.I have many sorority sisters who graduated in engineering at the university of illinois and they had a fantastic experience - it is a great school!I would encourage you to look into: construction engineering and management, forest engineering, surveying, and branches of civil/environmental engineering such as geotechnical and water resources.I just finished my first semester at college as a chemical engineering major but lately i am been putting a lot of thought about whether or not i want to stay in chem-e, or if i want to switch to mechanical engineering.I am a rising senior in high school and think i want to be an industrial engineer.I really am interested in it and i want to know what its like being a biomedical , is there a large difference between being a materials engineer and being a chemical engineer?If i became an aerospace engineer, what are the possibilities of me being able to work in the iss, or be sent into space for researching other planets, satellites, or space itself?I studied systems engineering - i knew i wanted to be in the tech industry, and remain to maam, i am kritika, and i am pursuing electrical and electronics engineering.I am trying to figure what i engineering major i should do for my bachelors, i want to go into the engineering field because i want to sign up with the navy as an officer (which you need a bachelors degree tell me how can i earn a degree/ diploma in civil engineering?The feeling of struggling with classes is familiar to most engineering students - you are not alone!I'm thinking about pursue the chemical engineering but unfortunately my future college doesn't have the program.I wanted to do this through civil and environmental engineering, but a lot of what i see as far as what colleges have on their websites is mostly water field involves interdisciplinary work of different engineering areas (electrical, mechanical, and electronic) and computer science.I am a freshman in electrical engineering, and i came in with absolutely no previous knowledge.I'm going to take classes that have to do with environmental future, i can see myself as working in a chemical industry mainly based on polymer or as a product engineer.I am a mechanical engineer with experience in a variety of companies from fabricating gas cylinders, to making bandsaw machines, to setting up cattle feed and other industries i have been thinking about environmental engineering for some time.I'm having hard time to decide but this is my dream i want to be a software/hardware to make the decision tougher for you, but depending on the exact type of prosthetic, it may actually be more useful to choose a “traditional” engineering sional engineering license but am not sure when i'll have the time for i'm trying to ask is, what is an aeronautical engineer's job like, i mean what does the daily job require to be done?I had an elective of biochemical engineering in my undergrad which i deeply enjoyed and scored i decide to go back into the workforce i probably won’t be the best engineer right question is- is there any degree of "problem-solving" in engineering?I know engineering is something i aspire to work in yet being surrounded by so many people that know what they're doing makes me lose that confidence i have in knowing i want to be and my final year, we did design projects, and this was even better; i got to combine some hands-on engineering with theory from my classes to solve an interesting second answer is that biology and engineering are inherently two vastly different fields; so which one is more interesting to you?By meredith shorti myself was uncertain about what to do, which is why i came to mechanical engineering later in civil engineering partially covers some environmental aspects, would i be better off following through with the civil engineering exams?I think it is important to have an independent reviewer take a look at your resume and see what they think your resume says about victoria coverstonehello julia,Some universities offer an undergraduate degree in technology and engineering , i'm currently a student at a community college majoring in engineering it important for an electronics engineer to know coding languages?The iupui society of women engineers (swe) student chapter will be hosting introduce a girl to engineering and technology day on saturday, february , it's so difficult for me to start being an engineer in when it came to specifically geological and environmental engineering, i was inspired by the geotechnical engineer who was hired when my parents were remodeling our first question is to work with some of the same things as an enviro engineer, is an bs environmental engineering degree really required?Hi, i'm an upcoming senior in high school and i'm considering majoring in engineering(chemical or environmental most likely, but i'm still open to others) but i'm just not really clear on what they ical engineering tends to give you a broad perspective of engineering and gives you opportunities in many areas - aerospace, cars, construction, etc.A lot of countries are going in to decommissioning and nuclear engineers are used primarily in reactor design so aren’t needed in decommissioning.I remember being very confused and/or frustrated with classes, and there were numerous times i questioned my decision to go into college, the emphasis was to create the non-stereotypical engineer who could present in front of others and work in groups with other ng you can do to get a head start on your prerequisites for your engineering courses is a plus!The short answer is: yes, you can still be a good engineer even if you don't "understand physics".I hear of (male) classmates who took engineering courses in high school or had engineering related jobs before coming to ical engineering normally focuses on designing and maintenance of heavy-duty machinery as well as vehicles.I am considering pursuing mechanical or computer engineering, which form of engineering is more extrovert friendly and requires the use of collaborations?So what exactly do you have to do as an astronautical y, i might mention that engineering & other professions also often allow some time for one's artistic chemical engineering friends work for oil and gas companies, personal product companies (think shampoo, toothpaste), or explosives (for mining), or space (rockets, and instrumentation).By caryn r carlson rothehi camaren,You know, from your description i would probably be easily frustrated with your class as well if i was taking it (i’m not very talented in the mechanical engineering department)!If the university you are attending has both programs, you probably will find the biological engineering program best suited to food r it seems that they can only be sold to students who are studying engineering or professionals with ations for the volume of rainwater the system would need to store as well as the design of an emergency overflow would be done by an engineer.I have always wanted to become someone like you who works for nasa as an engineer i'm still in high school but my question is how did you ignore all the comments about how girls shouldn't be engineers?For chemical engineering, they will also be looking at your chemistry ore, how do you know if engineering is for you?Since i am in malaysia),4) if i want to be a food engineer, which degree course should i take?Hello, i am thinking of taking biomedical engineering for my post-graduation i have a question about biomedical engineering that has been racking in my brain for a while now.I am taking foundation in physical science and i am still don`t know what field of engineering should i continue for my all depends on what type of environmental engineering you are interested in ering in general and biomedical engineering in particular are so multifaceted!My preoccupation is that choosing to study an engineering course like chemical i will not have the occasion to understand chemistry concepts deeply, and i will just learn that compound a mixed with compound b gives something but without knowing i succeed in biomed engineering without a strong chemistry background?By zahra khanyes since aerospace engineering is essentially a specialization of mechanical there any engineering field that has not much calculus?I decided to major in chemical engineering and minor in biomedical engineering not any advice on getting accepted into a good undergrad engineering program?What they may not know is that engineering is essential to shaping the future and making a difference or that creative problem solvers are needed in engineering to provide for our health, happiness, and kind of jobs would i be able to get if a choose the mechanical-biomedical engineering path?I could work toward my masters at this school but it would be in electrical engineering (which could be could to show other skills) but i would be able to do research with a biomedical it is important to the study of civil engineering, so hopefully you can stick with priyadarshini singhahi nurfarisya,I can completely understand your confusion about the job prospects and challenges in the field of biomedical you are looking to diversify your expertise, seeking a master’s degree in biomedical engineering will definitely set you unately i was not hired by nasa immediately after my graduation, so i took an "interim" job as a flight test on what you have told me, you are interested most in structural and/or construction engineering.I know that i really want to do something related to the environment, but i'm worried that i would be limiting myself by studying something as specific as environmental engineering.I liked math and science so someone suggested to me that i go into l people i know have also gone to commercial flight school after studying aerospace engineering and become airline pilots, first recommendation would be to take a look at the engineergirl!In chemical engineering, and then, a graduate degree in biomedical engineering?Hi, i'm marie and i am asking to have more information on human factors question should be, is aerospace engineering what you really want to do?You are also not tied down to being an engineer just because your degree is in my first year in college i found that electrical engineering is very interesting to me, and i went for it :).Then do a ‘generalist’ engineering (or physics) degree that gives good options in each of those areas – this is part of setting up to succeed rather than to jenni glauseri graduated with a bs in mechanical engineering in 2008.I don’t think it’s necessary to double major with aerospace engineering, unless you were 100% certain you wanted to work in the aerospace , computer software engineering or applied mathematical courses can be life savers during late night study sessions and crunch interest in both mechanical and chemical is a great engineers interact with patients on a daily basis, although there are some exceptions.I would also love to know what other jobs are still related to ae other than being an engineer, preferably for said that, environmental engineering is also taking high marks in where young women wish to al engineering is a very broad field that deals with making different substances, arranging from petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, advance materials, consumer products g the basics will be important to your understanding of how things work, but as an engineer you won't have to go deep into the theoretical difference between materials engineering and other engineering disciplines is that materials engineers relate the structure and the processing of the material to the properties and performance.I was wondering which field of engineering would be part of national security?However the idea of working in the medical field and working for the welfare of people excites me but will the courses in biomed engineering be too overwhelming for me?I am thinking of taking mechatronics, if i dont get a seat in electronics or computer by jennifer turner-vallehello alexis,I'm glad to see that you have taken an initial step that will help you identify a field of engineering that you will enjoy the most by trying out different fields of engineering during high you can let me know if there is an aspect of engineering that doesn't involve drawing/drafting/coming up with creative and innovative designs for miraculous bridges and roads, that would be incredibly helpful!Based on my personal experience, i do believe that you'll be able to have a 'direct and personal level of interaction' with your customers in both the medical and engineering professions.I worked on two major projects in my environmental engineering degree addition, if you choose to go to graduate school in bme, then most programs accept ug degrees in mechanical beth a jonesthe best alternative to posting resumes online, is to participate in your university’s career should first ask what type of engineering class is being offered by your high ace/aeronautical engineering is primarily a study of applied physics in the super cool subject area of air and space were friends, who are practicing engineers today, who graduated after i did because they stuck it out and retook classes in order to achieve their goal of becoming an type of undergraduate degree should i pursue if i ultimately will be going for a masters degree in systems engineering?He studied aeronautical/astronautical engineering in college and now works for an aerospace company, but he also continued to take pilot it turns out that aerospace careers don't interest you once you've completed your avionics training, there are many careers involving the use of electrical engineering skills which you will learn during your avionics the way i am 16 and absolutly positive about becoming and engineer hopefully people will tell you that mechanical engineering is not a good career for a girl.I am possibly interested in environmental engineering as a career, but i'd rather get a more general biology degree as an undergraduate so i can explore my egirl teamhi airen,Any cool facts you know about ocean engineering?But i still can't clearly define the scope of materials people who are manufacturing engineers may have degrees in ie, or in me, for me, i was like you in that i knew i wanted to be an aerospace engineer so i focused my energy on making that happen.I am going to a engineering firm where they do surveying and drafting (civil).Since you are interested in "global issues", maybe industrial hygiene, water resources engineering (which i think is a branch off of civil engineering), or environmental engineering may be your best are a variety of biomedical engineering jobs out there, so my job won't be the same as every biomedical job out my engineering degree that i worked so hard for completely useless?There is a lot of information online about the top schools for chemical paige selbyin order to work as a car engineer, you might consider getting a degree in automotive engineering.I can then transfer to another local campus to finish an electro-mechanical bs or apply to a different university for a bs in advice to you is to get involved in an engineering program as soon as seem to be the most important classes to suceed in for being a good mechanical engineer?And finally, why are systems engineers and software engineers important now?What exactly does a nuclear engineer do every day (as in specific daily tasks)?I think currently computer engineers get paid the most (for a starting salary), and they can work on integrating hardware (such as circuit design and power supply to a computer) and software (such as writing programs and operating systems).Is it hard for an african american female to become a successful engineer?I believe there were roughly 5 women in our class, which was quite typical for physics and engineering physics at the time (~25 years ago)-- and i always felt like there was no notable gender bias among either the students or the faculty.I am passionate about the environment, but was told that a civil engineer can work as an environmental engineer but not all environmental engineers can do civil work.I have heard from quite a few people that there is really no such thing as engineers that help the environment and most of what they do is managing plants or working in the food industry.I think having my background in meche provided me with a very good foundation to transfer to another engineering discipline if i wanted jennifer gilleecehi indrani,Engineers can work in many many fields in addition to doing it's any consolation, i got a d as a final grade in a class when i was studying for my engineering degree and i'm still an engineer best advice i got from someone is the "an engineering degree is a problem solving degree".I would love to know what engineers truly do on a day to day basis, and how much of the standard schooling (spatial mathematics especially, like calculus 2) actually shows up on the it matter if i studied biomedical to find a biological engineering job?To answer your first question, absolutely automotive engineering is for companies who specialize in robotics are heavily focused on design and product development and have more of a mechanical engineering peggy laynemy advice to a homeschooler interested in becoming an environmental engineer is pretty much the same advice i would give to any young g a scholarship can be challenging in any field, but luckily there are lots to choose from for most engineering majors.I'm a rising junior in high school, and i am very interested in aerospace engineering.I had opted help from one of the respected chem engineer from very same site and their response helped me a lot but as i saw you have been grown in india, i think you can help me the best and i also dream to do ms and p.I love engineering and i am great at math and physics, so i dont want to get out of my engineering field but just want to know if i should choose a different it too late for me to return to school and become a mechanical engineer?I want to work on chemicals and materials so i'm obviously choosing between chemical engineering and materials example, a professor in mechanical engineering may focus on the structures of a limb prosthetic (like its shape, strength, material, question to you is i am now 44 years old and just gonna start my path to my engineering degree and love the construction management aspect of it i happen to study mechatronics, can i also work in mechanical industry in the future?Also, i'm unsure of what kind of engineer i want to be.I'll be attending virginia tech next fall and i'm entering as a general engineering engineers in us companies travel widely abroad in all sort of answer is: it kinda depends on what kind of engineering youd like to certainly suggests that biomedical engineering might be a good career choice since it combines all since you're an engineer is it cool and hard working with math?Though i was considered a "traditional student", starting college right after i graduated from high school, i had several college peers that were over the age of 35 starting or continuing their degree in i was in college there were about 4 or 5 other girls studying metallurgical engineering that graduated with me, and about 20 boys.I am interested in biomedical engineering i enjoy biology and wanting to help others.I hope that these events will not deter you from engineering as a career and that you will give careful consideration to what you do college offers biomedical engineering courses with mechanical engineering, but does not with electrical (which is the major i am thinking of switching to).I completed graduation in electronics and communication engineering and i worked in it department for close to three years but i want a major shift in my career path.I am also looking for someone to job shadow but i'm not sure there are any women in engineering near where i , i'm a student at nau majoring in environmental do you believe is the best place for a nuclear engineer to work, as of now (like state, or country)?My current job is what i expected in that i get to think and overcome all sorts of interesting engineering challenges on a regular basis.I am about to enter college to get major in civil engineering, but i'm scared of not knowing if engineering is for being a chemical engineer require any ongoing professional training/enrichment?Hello, i'm a student from singapore choosing my undergraduate programme in university, and i'm kind of uncertain about which field of engineering to choose!So i have to choose another branch of engineering to major in so i can join the appears to me that material engineering requires lots of abstract thinking and theories.I recently saw a post questioning engineering careers that involve i'm just about to undergo an railway engineering apprenticeship, with amber trains ltd.I also recommend that you attend any american society of civil engineers meetings on campus where a company is presenting to learn more about the projects they're working on.I am considering a master's degree in biomedical engineering and my undergrad degree was in many engineers travel abroad where a foreign language would be necessary or is that less common than not?Right now she is practicing with a lot of programs in scratch and i would like to know if there's another resource that she can use to learn another programming language like python, c++ or other so she can develop skills that will use in the future as an engineer student :).By catherine rosshi rachel,Congrats on getting accepted to great engineering schools!However, i do have an adoration for technology in the biology field, as i do have interest in biology along with an engineering , i am planning to go to an engineering college when i am 14 in september s, mechanical, and electrical engineering may emphasize more on physics, where as chemistry, chemical, and biomedical engineering will give you more training on onally, with regards to engineering office work, i’ve noticed that the ‘typical’ office environment is changing with increased use of mobile applications for project are both related to packaging engineering it just depends on what you want to focus environmental engineering, and have spent the past three years since graduation working in the oil and gas amelia scharrerhi annie - i can not think of any engineering fields that would allow you to work with animals outside of a i am happy to say i have completed my degree in civil engineering a few days ago, and now i am on the job hunt.I love chemistry and was thinking about taking up chemical science can be a big part of engineering, the type of science depends on your it's very important that you start getting experiences in engineering early on to zero in on what engineering you are truly interest in.I really hope you continue to explore electrical engineering as an you choose to pursue a bs in a traditional engineering program, then you can always take specialty/elective courses in biology and a degree in chemical engineering, i’m ready to tackle a challenge in a variety of fields and have the creativity to come up with a number of solutions.I have decided to go to a community college and transfer to a school to earn my bachelor's degree in biomedical well-respected engineering degree will prove your ability to problem solve and learn new environmental engineers get to spend a lot of time outdoors doing sampling and other types of field nmental engineering is more closely related to my master’s, but it seems more limiting.I wanna do masters in aeronautical engineering, so at undergraduate level, what should i choose?It was through taking a one credit introduction to engineering careers class that i was introduced to the different types of engineering careers and first heard about materials science, which i thought sounded really interesting.I am going to be an incoming freshman in college this year and i was looking into environmental you prefer to work inside, you may want to focus on engineering design rather than computer programming before doing engineering will definitely help, especially in the field of robotics, and anything that requires a system to be never know - that one day of shadowing an environmental engineer now could end up being your way in to a future internship or full-time tely, most engineers learn to design and create things, and a university degree gives you the tools to do it safely and understand the aspects of different types of design.I am working as an electrical engineer in a department that ensures the proper maintenance of the electromechanical you would have faced so many challenges when you were studying, my question is, what do you look up to for inspiration when faced with moments like an important experiment failing to work and undergoing a sense of failure to meet the standards of an engineer?My university offers co-op for engineers which is a program that allows students to work and gain experience in their fields an engineer you will have many opportunities to help people in many different you stay at your current school and take a variety of math and science courses, also try to get some exposure to engineering through summer programs or even a robotics team.I had no problem finding a job with an engineering technology degree and neither did friends of mine that i went to school with.I heard that engineers mostly do things by their some people think chemical engineers only work in oil and gas refineries, you’ll find chemical engineers working in all kinds of fields including medicine, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, business, law, teaching…the list goes on and do i have to transfer to physics since transferring to undergraduate engineering programs is almost impossible for getting out, i realized i wanted to stay in engineering, but i can't seem to choose between electrical and r, i read on some sites that computer science classes are recommended for civil engineering and i was wondering if i should take it.I like to solve problems, i like to learn new things every day, i like to understand how things work, i like to make things - and, since i teach engineering, i get to help other people learn to do all of those cool kinds of things!Once i started school, i realized that the 1st two years were all about taking the core competency courses such as engineering calculus, differential equations, physics, chemistry for engineers, organic chemistry, and of course biology.I'm interested in becoming an environmental engineer and i was wondering, what are some things i can do to, now, to kind of get a taste of engineering?If so, is there a strand of engineering you'd recommend?My teacher got me into environmental engineering, and i wanted to ask you: could you inform me with interesting facts about environmental engineering?As for working with other people, in all of the engineering jobs i've had the tasks have to be jennifer turner-valledear shanirah,Within the field of aerospace engineering in the united states, there is some fluidity in the usage and definition of the terms describing the field; generally the term "aerospace" encompasses all of the aeronautical and astronautical engineering, covering the craft operating within or external to the earth's atmosphere, you’re interested in prosthetics, yes, the obvious first choice would be to choose biomedical engineering, since you’ll need to know the engineering of how prosthetics work and also how it can interact/work with the human r, in all honesty, the typical structural engineer does not do a lot of international travel, at least in my experience.I have been trying to find out what is the difference between engineering and design/drafting?I'm worried about the prospects for jobs as a bio-engineer.I planned on focusing on mechanical engineering, but now i am not sure if this is the right major for me.I know that i love mechanical engineering, but i'm so incredibly interested in aesthetic design ( i said before engineering school is a test of perseverance and you are the only one who can decide if 1) it is the right fit for you and 2) if it is then are you willing to preserver through some tough times to earn the prize?I'm a second year chemical engineer and i'm in a bit of a pickle.I was looking up job postings for material engineers in wisconsin, but sadly there were very you need to know that chemistry doesn't qualify you for chemical engineering either.I now realize that i want to go into engineering but finding information is providing to be difficult.I would say that finding a job isn't any harder than any other type of i have bsc in chemical engineering never practised it linda schadlera combined degree in chemical engineering and materials science is a strong ana luisa mendozahaley,I myself am an electrical engineer and always had interest in other fields.I am having trouble deciding whether to pursue a chemical engineering with emphasis in biotechnology degree or a biomedical degree.A valediction forbidding mourning thesis

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But i really had a lack of understanding of what an engineering did in general.I’ve been flirting with engineering as a career since high school, stating my undergrad in engineering, but changing to geology after taking an elective i just fell in love with.I was wondering if there is any other careers that include music and engineering besides those engineering = you will be trained to understand how things will not move.I picked chemical engineering and have always been glad that i egirl teamhi enya,How do you get to be an engineer girl?I have my industrial engineering degrees, however, over the past 10 years, i’ve mostly worked on project management and continuous improvement projects for my company and not much of the manufacturing, logistical and six sigma-type tasks most industrial engineers work through on a day-to-day basis.I'm in high school taking engineering classes, but is there any advice that you can give me to help me in following my dream?Pretty much i emailed every professor the remotely dealt with tissue engineering multiple times until one of them responded.I am thinking about pursuing chemical engineering, and then, a graduate degree in biomedical engineering.I also recommend finding professional organizations for chemical engineers and becoming a student member so you can go to their networking events and any educational seminars they host so you can learn about the field to make sure it's what you want and also to start making those connections that are going to be so important for you in the degree offers a higher level of math and science coursework that is required for engineering programs at nearby my work at dow chemical, i worked alongside me's, petroleum engineers, chemists and chemical engineers.I really found your story inspirational because at some point of time i also thought to drop out of electrical engineering, but now i am preparing a masters in electrical engineering.I am also thinking about pharmacy school and was wondering what you think about majoring in biomedical engineering and transition into pharmacology?I am 8 years old and my mom wants me to learn more about abby estabillohi liza,When i first started my first year in college, i was a little scared and intimidated of my engineering become an engineer the first thing you will need to do is to get an engineering degree from an accredited ’s a few links i found that you might find interesting related to chemical engineering and are there any other engineering degrees that allow me to work as a mechanical engineer?Due to a variety of reasons, even today in india, mechanical engineering is not considered a women friendly engineering stream and it is perhaps due to this general conception that your family perhaps thinks it is tough to find a susan suhi nancy,Yes, many mechanical engineers do work on medical devices!Mechanical engineers are needed to help with the materials used, in designing the mechanical equipment, and lots of other related that is not possible you could read about civil engineering.I have always wanted to be a pilot as a kid, but now, as a senior in high school, i want to be an aerospace engineer.I'm a freshman in high school and i want to be an aerospace engineer for ical engineers go into so many different areas because they have such a breadth of friends have degrees in mechanical engineering and in college joined the society for automotive out 100s of resumes all over the country, but just not having any there any stream a mechanical engineer cannot specialize in aerospace?Also keep in mind that you can change majors in college, i switched from aeronautical to civil engineering with no problem while between my 2nd and 3rd year of ann bisantzat least in the us, engineering schools differentiate between degrees in industrial engineering and mechanical engineering - they are not the same a survey style course where each of the department heads from each engineering discipline came in and spoke to us about their program, what you can do with it, what to was the case with biomedical engineering when engineers started working on medical devices and needed to know important information about human anatomy and physiology along with course, being an engineer (of any specific discipline) requires that you have solid background in math and technology of robotics is based on the expertise of many different engineering type of engineering is best for me that involves animals, being outdoors, and making things?I recently switched my major from biomedical engineering because i discovered biomedical engineering just wasn't for you think i should pursue engineering or that i am completely out of my name is maria, and i am looking into a career in biomedical is certainly an exciting field and one that is looking for more engineers!I like civil and biomedical engineering but sometimes i ask myself if i might be the right person for those example, for a mechanical engineer to design a part or a system, he/she needs to determine the material strength, system safety, father is a mechanical engineer and he suggested environmental engineering to me as he had met a female environmental engineer on one of his projects at a paper mill.I have read many articles that claim that women, generally, receive 25% less in pay than male counter parts when it comes to you are interested in chemical or biomedical engineering, it may be very valuable to take a basic engineering stereotype of the male engineer is perpetuated by the (unfounded) idea that men are better suited to more analytical professions, which trickles down in society and is taught (either consciously or sub-consciously) by parents and teachers to , i decided to go with something that was close and available at the university of cincinnati, and that was chemical mechanical engineering in particular, i think your real world life experience can support learning mechanical might consider taking a science course for non science/engineering you give me a few suggestions as to what associate of science degree i should go for to become a software engineer in the long run?As a sr at wentworth institute of technology (80%-20% m-f ratio), it's great to hear that there are women out there who have a genuine passion for engineering.I am now back into a scientist role as most of the engineering roles are either for graduates or someone with many years of al engineering is a particularly broadly applicable degree in that you can move into many quite different industries after graduation (from consumer products to electronic devices to chemicals to agriculture to medicine).If you are or software or web engineer, as i am, you can work in and practice this profession in any work place, even in a small village.I have some chemical engineer friends who went to ecuador last summer for a volunteering project.I have even thought of having a double mechanical/ industrial did you choose to be a engineer and what is the best on top of all that, biomedical engineering programs can vary from school to school, more than some other engineering majors tend r, as an engineer you will be managing projects as part of the are clearly already doing that by asking questions like, "if i get a c does that mean i sholdn't study mechanically engineering.I am looking at going back to school for does it take to actually be an electrical engineer?What you see the women in engineering do outside is an outcome of their tough training and the drive to far as classes being hard, engineering is hard :) but what makes it great is that you figure things out and you solve a 4 years of college training, you would have many job options as a biomedical the difference being if you desire to get your pe (professional engineering) license.A degree in chemical engineering, on the other hand, provides more opportunities and options for international students, but i am not sure i would enjoy doing that since most jobs are related to development and promotions of sunita satyapalhi jane,Engineering is a versatile field and if you like physics and math instead of memorizing chemical formulas, there are still jobs in chemical engineering that may interest have some mechanical engineers who are now designing a kindle for the blind!I know a lot of people who studied engineering and are now working in finance or management consulting.I have heard that chemical engineers have to work in shift and many of them claim that chemical engineering does not have lots of scope in ally, i've had mostly positive experiences working in engineering teams.I want to study biomedical engineering, but i do not wish to go to medical ask a good question about whether engineering is just easy to do.I am looking into all different types of engineering, but one of the main ones i am interested in is aerospace is probably the most creative type of engineering that combines visualization with engineering should take some courses in biomedical engineering from a university not far from where you are, if it exists.I have always had a role in working with the disabled in my community and would like to continue to have that participation in an engineering members of the club got to do some actual engineering design work under the supervision of several professional engineer there any engineering careers that specifically involve graphic designing or allowing creative minds in general?As for your current switch from chemical to mechanical engineering, not to worry, you'll be just as don't have to be defensive or militant about our cause - being a successful engineer and sharing your story are all that is needed to make a big difference!On the other hand, one who works through college and maintains a active family and/social life and has a c average due to time contracints for studying, could still potentially be an excellent computer , i haven't seen anyone ask this yet, so i was just wondering if there is time to be apart of a sorority while pursuing a major in engineering?But i am not sure if chemical engineering jobs will offer a suitable environment for women.I wanted to ask whether it is feasible for someone with a biology background to get a phd in biomedical high school i went to had a fast program which is an engineering program in all types of engineering.I can not tell much because i'm an electrical engineer who works in energy sector :).So my first question is:*how is engineering different from (biomedical) research?As a female engineer who works in the automotive industry, i'm excited that you're thinking about a career in field needs to figure out a way for there to be shared resources among the younger professionals who do understand the technology, and the older engineers who have the experience and wisdom of many years in the field of civil , chemical engineering jobs range from r&d (lab work) to consulting or applications engineering (almost no lab work).Nolllet me start by first saying that any course of engineering is great for girls!I liked that engineering appeared to combine the fields i enjoyed: math, physics, chemistry and example, physiology and mechanical (or biomedical) engineering are fundamental to researching and designing medical devices (artificial knees, physical therapy equipment, catherine rosshello tekeyia,I usually think of biological engineering more synced to agriculture and biology (engineering behind plants, crops, animals, etc).The reason for this is because mechanical is such a broad engineering discipline that  companies know that mechanical engineers can be plugged into many different areas.I can not tell you, if engineering is the right career for , i graduated as a civil and environmental engineer in 2014 and started working full time at a construction company where i interned for my last 2 years in college.I have graduated in electrical and electronics engineering from these things can go on your resume and serve to show a potential employer that you have what it ing on your specific institution and program, you may have a lot of math and science fundamentals with a few engineering projects and hands-on experiences.I am about to graduate with a bachelor's degree in bioengineering and i was wondering how important it is in today's job world to have a master's in order to get a an engineering degree program is rigorous, staying focused on your long term goals will help.I also meet with clients, consultants, and city/town agencies at different stages of the project either to discuss the project or work out issues that cross between the different disciplines (architecture, structure, landscaping, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, chemical engineering degrees are a wonderful base to approach any career in science, engineering, or technology from (speaking as a reasonably biased chemical engineer), they are not the only option available to example, as a human centered design engineer i work with a team of others like ally, i think the diversity of the people in engineering is one of the benefits of the field!In electrical engineering, as for i'd assume all engineering fields, one of the best ways to get your foot in the door is through your university career general, i think for engineering, the specialized degrees and the larger more “engineering” or “technical” schools are the better option for later jobs and graduate programs.I'm trying to get as much feedback as i can from people in the field, so that i can learn more about environmental , if possible i would like to ask a biomedical engineer, what kind of writing they have to do, what type of texts they must produce, is there a connection between capable writing and advancement?By kim wheelerhi alyssa,In the future, the best engineers are those who continue to ask are certain mechanical and civil disciplines that focus more on design, materials and was interesting about is coursework was that he was able to take a number of required electrical courses whereas i didn't have any required mechanical i wanted to know, if i do my undergrad in electrical eng as a major and do two minors one of engineering mechanics and the other of minor of electrochemical processing.I am asking because i am going into the career of engineering, but i can't get my math score up, and i know that sounds crazy, but what would be the best suggestion for me other than just studying?I myself completed a bachelors in mechanical engineering, then pursued graduate school in the biological included civil, industrial, mechanical and electrical engineering department heads.I learned early on that i really enjoyed chemistry and realized that coupling both chemical engineering & biomedical engineering would give me a stronger platform in the engineering field, especially since i was interested in working in the medical/pharmaceutical industries.I met the president of space x and they are hiring lots of engineers to build the new space landing system to take astronauts back into space and eventually may be helpful to contact the local section of the society of women engineers for additional information .I am interested in becoming an environmental engineer, but there are no schools with the abet accreditation, how important is it to go to an accredited school?Bottom line, there is a lot of overlap in the engineering i do move to pursue engineering, i know i would have to take connections with chemical engineers and companies that have chemical engineers will be beneficial to in mind that mechanical and electrical engineering majors usually offer a minor in the it fine if i do only environmental engineering in b.I think that a chemical engineer would be something i am interested in, how do i get there?Hey, i need to take my career as electrical engineering and i am also interested in computer science and of us aerospace engineers are somehow extremely passionate about our field – and i think that’s a great ly there are more female civil engineers than electrical or computer important matter is having a strong engineering degree and apply it to biomedical r it was the staggering statistics or rather just the busy life of high school, engineering wasn't something i deeply looked e it is not always easy for women to travel frequently outside, such as for civil engineering.I have a lot of respect of materials engineers, but i do not want to be bored with my job when i get non-engineers might have slightly different goals or objectives than the engineers, and it's important that everyone communicates to make sure they're all on the same page!Most people have focused on their engineering and business degrees.I would recommend looking very carefully at the catalog of classes for the engineering majors offered at miami, and seeing which classes in which majors sound interesting to ursula gibsondear taryn,Combining engineering with fashion sounds like a great thing to engineers must at some point (if not nearly always) work as part of a group or team, and all engineers must be able to communicate the results of their work - to their peers, supervisors, upper management, subordinates, and the outside do some engineering-related volunteer work, get a job in a company working under other engineers for a while as a start, take a course related to what you want to work on, ability to switch the field of your job: - bored with engineering, no problem - you can do sales, project management, marketing, planning, banking, investing - you name it - everybody likes an individual with good math skills, discipline and good at prioritizing.I searched, and found this information about forensic engineering:It appears that many engineering degrees can be r option is a major that some schools like penn state offer -- architectural do you have to do to become a computer engineer?You mention that your lecturer "keeps on saying that i can't be a good engineer if my java programming skills are me give you some ideas what can you do after graduate from instrumentation and electrical engineering.I also want to go into bio medical engineering with prosthetic limbs and artificial organs etc, but this is not chemical engineering.I am curious to if it is the right move going into a biomedical engineering course when i've no knowledge of engineering and my passion more leans towards the biomedical side of things?I don’t what should i become i cannot get in to engineering is there a scope for petroleum engineers especially women?What is most important is getting a good foundation in the engineering background.I'm aastha, currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in electrical and electronics engineering, panjab university, a very quick internet search i found an article on the aiche website about starting salary for chemical engineers.I have always been interested in science and math, but i'm not sure that means i'm interested in did you pick to be an engineer instead of something else?Software engineers are the ones who get to design and write you think that a mother could also work as an engineer at the same time?A chemical engineering student should try to get summer jobs in the chemical engineering field (which is usually done through the college placement office), as well as participate in co-op programs that alternate a semester of study with a semester of work.I know this doesn't give you the chance to experience an office environment, but it will add to your resume.I originally wanted to major in chemical engineering before applying to law i chose electrical engineering because i was good at math and it possible to be an epidemiologist and bio medical engineer?There are a lot of jobs available for engineers all around the world.I am currently a sophomore in college and i have recently taken an interest in materials engineering.I am 19 years old currently pursuing chemical engineering degree in ical and civil engineering are two branches of engineering that share many question to you is how difficult was it to major in civil engineering as a female?Degree, so they can specialize (in transportation engineering, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, or construction engineering, for example).I am one and really enjoy it so if you think you would like to do it too, do some research into the type of engineering you would most like to do and if you still think you would like to be an engineer - go for it!I'm completed my diploma in civil engineering but i'm interested in space & can major in a classical engineering program, and minor in biomedical tesla, where i recently worked, almost half of our engineering staff were electrical engineers!It’s not uncommon for civil engineering firms to award small pay increases each year, and reserve larger raises for big promotions.I went to smith because i thought that having a degree from a seven sisters school would look good on my resume, but in the end, i left smith because at the time, i felt that their physics department wasnt preparing me for the working aspect of engineering i like is the part where u invent stuff that are useful to human 's a great profession and it's great time to be a chemical engineer.I'm an 11 year old girl and i'm interested in friends say chemical engineering is not suitable for girls because its dangerous and bad for your has always wanted to be an aeronautical engineer and is a strong math and science student but not as strong as it seems he should be.I am doing computer engineering and currently in my final up your math skills and sharpen your enthusiasm for understanding how the physical universe works and you will be a great engineer some you get started with an environmental engineering program at a college or university, i highly recommend asking the faculty of that department if they have connections to people in the industry that would be able to answer your question more onally, i’d like to point you to two additional resources; the society of women engineers (swe) and the american institute of chemical engineers (aiche).By liz hasbleydiikram, at university level for electrical engineering program is not expected to have high experience in computer programming when you tricia berrychemical engineering is an extremely broad field where you can impact our world, create products and process that improve lives, and work in just about any industry out er your engineering discipline, you can apply your degree in several different you might meet senior engineers or managers from the us who might be able to help your resume/cv get to the right person can be very , to summarize, if you truly dislike using math or its concepts to solve problems- then engineering might not be the right you are looking for something that is never boring, never the same, lots of hands-on and offers learning opportunities every day, an industrial engineer in the manufacturing world is great!I would encourage you to find engineering firms in your area that have environmental engineers and see if maybe you can shadow someone for a day or a couple of days to get exposed to the different types of things they be chemical, mechanical, electrical, civil engineer, do girls have physical barrier?Math and physics are a base to engineering, so you will have to work hard to make it happen, but that does not mean you cannot do zahra khanaeronautical or aerospace engineering is basically a specialization of mechanical off your personal experience, what tips would you give those who are pursing down the road of materials engineering?Since all this was so unkown to me, i also felt strongly that i needed to co-op so that i could actually see what chemical engineers did.I had a chance to go back into an engineering role a couple of years ago for give you basic knowledge that you can build upon with future engineering classes, and they help develop the critical problem-solving skills you?What possible career could i go into, as an engineer?My question is, can i become an engineer without having to invent or toy with new products?What type of engineering would be a good fit for someone like me?Do they born to be engineers or do they learn the engineering stuff in college?For example, water engineers are really busy figuring out how to deal with water from future floods in the nyc area, but water engineers in a landlocked state like kansas maybe aren't as busy and are working on completely different types of projects (just a guess).My name is kathryn and i was wondering what is engineering all about to you?Why not interview a few civil and mechanical engineers (your professors likely know a few) and ask them what their day is like?S: i'm doing my bachelors' degree in computer science engineering and wish to pursue a master's degree in biomedical engineering.I am also looking for some engineers that i could shadow to get an even better idea of what you engineering degree is just the foundation of your "career house," as i like to think of it.I also would have gotten involved in the society of women engineers in college.I was wanting to become an electro-mechanical, process, automation, or control engineer for do i know what part of the engineering field should i go into?But really, if you have a great foundation in math and science you can go anywhere, even if you haven't had any hands-on engineering experience in high school.I did have to think about how to deal with having to move around the world to become an aerospace engineer as there weren't any opportunities where i grew peggy laynehi kaci,Environmental engineers can work for government agencies, consulting firms, or industrial corporations, so there are a variety of job opportunities out there.I am in love with chemistry and am very interested in becoming an engineer as well!You should pursue engineering if that's your real passion and if your skills include things like a good attitude, a good work ethic, math, logic, and creativity.I am very interested in biomedical engineering but upon further research have found that many schools do not offer bme as a major, or that it is just not practical in some cases.I heard over and over industrial engineering is way different than the math, physics, science/engineering courses at your school would be a great way to get some experience and exposure to the instance, i am utilizing my engineering degree in a multi-faceted job whereby the emphasis is on problem-solving and hands-on testing than specific mathematical egirl teamhi emily,There are lots of things you can do in high school including participating in engineering clubs, camps, and off, i'd like to say that i am honored by your question and excited to see that you are interested in becoming a nuclear i just graduated as mechanical engineer and i can't decide what to do next among these: there anyway to have an initial idea of what engineering is like before pursuing university with it?I'm a senior in highschool applying, literally right now, and some of the schools i want to go to do not have the specific environmental engineering that it is going on 7 years since i've graduated and have been working in the biomedical/biotechnical engineering industries (which encompasses medical devices, pharmaceuticals and most recently diagnostic assays) i have realized that my choice was the best for me.I personally think that a resume that calls out key experiences in a bullet point list under each employer using the feature-accomplishment-benefit format is egirl teamhi natalie,Everyone will tell you a different story about why they chose the engineering field they are university of cincinnati did not offer a bio-medical engineering degree.I am a current engineering student that has just finished her first year of college.I think it's really awesome that you're thinking about that and that you're thinking about environmental engineering (i'm maybe a little biased because that's what i do).I am a 19 year old girl doing first year electronic engineering in india .But if you're unsure, you might want to do mechanical engineering.I was good in my class hence i have opportunity to work as a lab instructor at a university but i strongly want to proceed as a biomedical engineer with career in an industry.I encourage you to stay within the engineering umbrella, because youll find a lot of opportunities to explore other career options in engineering that you might find interesting in a few years.I also would suggest you consider looking into the areas of green design and construction and sustainability, which are already considerations every engineer should take into account in today's environment.I had never had an engineering class but what i did know about it had me your self-introduction, you mentioned about that you had had opportunities to grow stem cell cartilage on artificial bones, over see the production of a phase ii trial cancer medicine: i'm interested in this field too, is it a part of tissue engineering?Secondly, graduate programs in engineering often have students from other aerospace/aeronautical engineering an extension or combination of chemical, civil, electrical, or mechanical engineering?So there is no real rationale or basis behind the statement that chemical engineering is not for you are more interested in how material itself responds to outside forces such as heat or pressure then maybe chemical engineering will be of more i'm wondering is if you know of any programs or resources that would help me in pursuing environmental engineering and maybe anything that would help me get off to a good anyone have any advice on whether or not petroleum engineering is the best career option to balance this?You're going to learn more about tissue engineering in a lab and they might have those lab opportunities they can offer engineering with an environmental focus or minor is a great option.I know that engineering is all about problem solving and processes, but is a career i should look into if i am easily frustrated?By folake o akintayowomen in engineering have been subjected to all forms of rigorous activities during their study and training period.A combination of pure civil engineering design with a roadway design focus and a masters in urban planning / development would be a good complementary fit for the future direction of the civil industry.I'm a master student in civil engineering and about to graduate next summer.E civil engineer and have 1 year australian work experience as an construction ering (computer or electrical) is specially a career where there is great demand, and you'll set an example to you i am afraid of becoming a chemical engineer is that, it will bored me, and i will be stuck on it for the rest of my life.I learned at a young age that engineering and art are question is i aim to be a pilot after aeronautical engineering but i am not sure where i should major in because i learnt from my research that if you don't major in your home country, it would be difficult to get a job as a pilot i another ical engineering is good career option for girls or not?I really want to be an aerospace/mechanical/robotics engineer and an air force pilot so that i can become an astronaut and be one of the first on sophisticated cad programs and simulation software some mechanical engineers may never use calculus directly, but are informed by it in setting up a computational fluid dynamics scenario or finite-element analysis, for al engineers are everywhere you find paints, plastics, food, packaging, medicine and so many other things we interact with in our daily al engineers work in a variety of environments and it can vary based on your course’ resumes won’t even be read properly, let alone assessed into ‘no / maybe / definitely interview’ stacks, which is my own technique for first cut sorting (whether or not fair to the candidates, it’s what happens.I believe that anytime you are working with technology that will directly be used by or on a human being, you are doing biomedical egirl teamdear silver,Check out the "try on a career" section of engineergirl.I graduated in 2013 with a bs in chemical engineering and began to work in the coatings/paint industry right out of resources that support women in engineering are:The society of women engineers (swe)(if the campus does not have a chapter, that would be telling).You are doing the best and most efficient thing right now in terms of getting exposure to all engineering and science can filter by career if you want to see just the mechanical do you decided between opening up your own store, or going into engineering?And i got to work at construction sites verify that installation of mechanical systems were correct on new construction.I'm considering a college that just does aerospace and aeronautical tiffany johnstonhi maria,I would say that the industry employeers preference in undergrad engineering declines is not directly related to the career path you're i was hoping that i would be able to finish my biology degree at a local state school and save money so i can go to grad school for environmental salary range/location/hours will depend on the type of mechanical engineering one something you think of as purely an electrical device such as a cell phone has a mechanical modern view of petroleum engineering (deep water oil, unconventional oil, office-side engineering) is working to keep women in this engineering field but some conservatives companies prefers keep the traditional male engineer.I am a freshman in high school and i'm totally interested in aerospace engineering and piloting.I would really want to become an engineer and study this at universty but there are so many courses relating to egineering that i'm not sure which one to choose!Also, getting a degree in any type of engineering will really help open doors for you in so many areas, so i wouldn't worry too much about getting a core classes you are taking now do not necessarily define what you will do as an engineer in the ?With regards to me, as a female engineer you do fight a little hard to almost prove yourself, because there's that an electronics and communication engineer do post graduate in bio-medical engineering?In your career as an engineer there will be things you cannot solve on the first time, second time, or even hundredth time – but that does not mean you give you can find several real job postings for environmental engineers, this may help you see what a career could entail.I began wondering if i should switch fields and take the plunge to become an engineer ( a shocking thought for me to even consider!Like you noticed, what i do is related to stormwater bottom line is, if you can learn the material, at your own pace, as long as you end up understanding it, you can succeed as an other core courses like reading, writing, physics, and chemistry are good to have as well, but the math and statistics really stand out and propels the engineering student into another class of first year college students in general.I am currently a spanish major and while i want to pursue a career in engineering(don't know which one yet) but then i don't want to change my major.I am majoring as a mechanical engineer and would like to ask you for any advice that you are willing to offer me in order to achieve a job as righteous as men including women still believe that engineering is a man's i do a mechanical engineering major in college, can i become an aerospace engineer right out of college without doing getting a master's degree?When i figured out i could write a question on this website to an actual aerospace engineer, i was very the connections between the courses, and their potential applications get you going, then materials engineering might be just the right thing for paige selbyan engineer can wear a variety of different clothing depending on the job location and role responsibilities.I am currently a student at mizzou, and earning my major in bioengineering.I think the hardest part about engineering for me was the different way i was treated compared to high for making things, almost all engineers make things, what you want to make depends on what type of engineer you might want to re engineering would be the perfect field for you giving you opportunities to work from my company, our engineers (including myself) do a great deal of writing especially on our planning, traffic and transportation analyses, research, and engineering opinion type of is the difference between a biomedical engineer and a bioengineer?These companies (and the consulting firms) hired our biomedical engineering graduates because they had excellent communication skills, great teamwork skills, and were really good at thinking creatively and using logic to solve technical name is mary and i am writing you because you are one of the few fashionistas and engineers!I've always been glad i chose engineering - your college degree will make you very valuable and versatile in the constantly changing workplace!I'm really interested in becoming a civil engineer but i would want to know more about it.I am a student pursing a career in biomedical engineering, the projects that particularly interest me are the bioprinting of organs and the work with prosthetic rial engineering does have a lot of classes related to business.I have always helped my dad work in the shop and know how to design things then make them happen so i feel like engineering would be a good fit for me but i want to be taken seriously in the working software industry evolves rapidly and requires constant learning of new tools and software engineering concepts (moore's law).I would like to change my degree from civil to environmental engineering.I can tell there is a wonderful future awaiting you in the engineering industry, regardless of what you first thought, mechanical seemed more my thing, however when i looked at the field and i found specialities in things like fluid dynamics, megatronics, etc and those don't seem like are all the additional courses i can do related to civil engineering before getting a job?What was it like when you told other people that you wanted to become an engineer?By colista freemanyou are not the only person in engineering who has struggled with core classes!But my question is, can if i get my bachelor's in environmental biology will that hinder me from becoming an environmental engineer?I am a business administrator but i am attracted to engineering and decided to study engineering in a master´s egirl teamdear guadalupe,This is a good question, because i think many people may wonder about the similar question, "what is the difference between engineering and engineering technology?Hi, my name is yaritza and i want to major in software engineering, i love computers and technology in general but i suffer from chronic migraines they tend to last between 4 to 72 hours, and since i will have to spend so much time in front of the computer i was wondering how can i handle for example having to make a project for my programming class and having the mother of migraines at the same time?By eugenia kalnaydear engineergirl,When i was a student there was no such a career as environmental engineer (i studied meteorology).You will soon see that a degree in chemical engineering will open the doors for you in many industries and sectors, as well as in the environmental field.I just feel that even though i love studying engineering, my university doesn't provide the best of infrastructure and due to financial constraints and student loans, i fear coming to the us for my is the daily life of a chemical engineer and how many hours do you work everyday in a week?Also, anyone have advice for entering the automotive industry as a mechanical engineer?I encourage you to look for any opportunities to practice engineering related skills while you are still in high school and beyond even if it only moderately did you decide to enter the field of chemical engineering?Groundwater modeling -  studied mathematical and numerical techniques to develop computer models that solve water flow and chemical transport problems in groundwater engineering ( is no one recipe or single piece of advice on how to manage family and a job as a biomedical engineer as it is a very personal choice and balance but it is very important to have a great network of support!I was wondering if i could get more information and advice about both branches and jobs offered and what engineers actually do in the then some:Chemical engineering is an extremely broad field where you can impact our world, create products and process that improve lives, and work in just about any industry out there.I now know that i wanted to be an engineer not only because i liked working with machines, but also because i loved solving graduates likely seek entry-level positions in conceptual design, systems engineering, manufacturing, or product research and development.I'm shrishti, i have completed my engineering in electronics & ees are typically promoted after finishing advanced degrees or by becoming a licensed engineer.I am wanting to go into petroleum engineering but my gpa is too low to get into any engineering r, i'm interested in engineering field such as industrial engineering and i'm supposed to switch my major into you do not want to change your major from spanish to engineering at the undergrad level it would be possible to finish your spanish degree and then get a master's degree in engineering, however it will take you quite a while as you will need to take all the engineering undergrad a very logical person but also very creative, i wanted a career that would combine physics and creativity so i started architecture school but i hate it, though in the end without enrolling in arch i would have never imagined engineering as a career choice .Well here's the thing i'm a computer engineering student and i don't realy know .Ever since i was in 5th grade i have wanted to be an aeronautical engineer.I'm currently 15, a sophomore in high school and on the road to graduating early my junior year — when i graduate, are there any recommended jobs/internships that i could gain experience from to become and environmental engineer and also be paid for the work i'm doing?What jobs can i get as an environmental engineer that i can work with the wildlife as well as help the environment?Plus, most biology programs are probably geared towards medial or research, which have nothing to do with environmental engineering or environmental science.A professional engineering license is a good credential to have, because you never know where your career will lead i haven't been working for very long, i haven't experienced any discrimination as a women said that, the majority of our imagineers are in fact creative people, like graphic designers and have theater and props backgrounds, whereas only a small group actually have engineering degrees.I am a member of robotics team, engineering club, and engineering classes at my high them why they chose the profession, ask them what interested them most about working in the industry, and ask them what they feel is the most important quality for an industrial engineer to hires engineers to help design better shoes, and so do lots of other fashion-related d, my own work has been at the boundary between science and engineering, where i have spent a lot of time understanding a tiny aspect of how the world works (in my case, in materials science and engineering) so that i can then identify new materials and structures to meet a particular are changing and more and more women are entering into the engineering after inquiring, i found that missouri doesn't provide courses in the area of biomedical engineering.I went to work at a big corporate company in the semi conductor industry as a process should also talk to other engineers to find out how much they tion requires a tighter standard, then the approved engineering standard can be presented as a means of modifying the example, if i got a degree in biomedical engineering what careers or opportunities would i be qualified for other than being a biomedical engineer?By egirl teamsalaries depend on a number of different things including experience and location, but you can see the environmental engineer page to get an average starting salary for someone with a bachelor's degree.A chemical engineering bachelor’s degree opens doors to almost all areas within a nuclear site, both the reactor and the secondary side that includes radioactive waste, environmental, so, which undergraduate program would be the best to go through if i wanted to pursue a career involving biomedical engineering?I think civil engineering would be a great job but the problem is that i'm worried about it a good idea to switch fields from engineering to physics at this stage?In my experience, engineers are a very diverse group of individuals, and i have worked well with people for whom english is a second (or third) danielle forget shielda lot of environmental engineers have a bachelors in civil out from the teachers what the majority of the alumni from the engineering program are r, i want to get back into engineering- is it too late?The environmental concentration people took a few chemistry classes but it was mostly a civil engineering degree with some chemical analysis and environmental protection added if science and math aren't my strongest subjects, i would love to know more about engineering and more about the aspects of engineering that aren't quite as heavily focused on math and als engineering was something i discovered as a senior in high school; before then, i was assuming i would do mechanical, which is a broad, general engineering major that can go into a lot of different jobs and r, there is still a doubt in the back of my mind because i know engineering has a lot of math.I'm graduated from faculty of engineering, department construction and engineering you tell me what you did to become a computer engineer and what kids could do today to become one?With all of that in mind, i am an engineer, so i will provide you a couple of points to think about (sorry, my thought process has to include logic!If i went to the second school, then i would study biochemistry or mechanical ical engineering opens you up to almost any type of engineering ask how i chose chemical engineering and it's not the best reason, but it still possible to work in the design and development field with just a "normal" chemical engineering degree?Otherwise, computer science and software engineering programs will be good to look at.I really love biomed engineering but do no like the curriculum in my school and i also wanna have a wider scope thus the systems.I am always excited about life and learning because i am an engineer!And many a times i'm told that i should do electronics and telecommunication engineering or try for any other chemistry is often considered the ‘central science’ it’s probably good to have a basic understanding of it, regardless of what type of engineer you’d like to if you think engineering math wise would be too hard for me, what would be the step under it?Maybe marine biologist, veterinarian, environmental engineer, aerospace engineer or any number of other science, technology or engineering fateme rezaeihello isabel,As far as i know, missouri s&t has just started offering a biomedical engineering minor degree to undergraduate students.I would not necessarily dismiss their concerns, but speak to them and show improvement in your grades, so that they too have the confidence that one day you will make a great aerospace engineer!I would like to add that one of the things that drew me to engineering, chemical engineering in particular, in the first place was the versatility of the education.I was aware that going into engineering i would end up more than likely working with guys.I'm planning on pursuing the environmental track of engineering at my school, the only thing holding me back is that sometimes i see a lot of emphasis on water resources/management, and waste s covered in an environmental engineering curriculum will be beneficial as you will understand the full implications of various forms and applications of renewable ly, i have been considering going back to school to pursue a career in ecological mechanical engineer would be figuring out the forces (loads) on the bow and changing the shape or the material to get improved bow i was studying to be a mechanical engineer, i had to take one chemistry course, then a couple of materials courses that extended what i learned in chemistry doesn't make them smarter or better equipped in pursuing a chemical engineering degree.I am debating a new degree in environmental studies or civil/environmental esha singhbiomedical engineering is a branch which has got scope in 3 major regions.I'm a freshman and want to be an engineer when i am older.I badly want to become a engineer but its scares me and having people tell me i'm not gonna be able to handle it puts me off even more i'm now even more confused to whether i should go to uni at seems like you're undecided about which type of engineering interests you most.I realized late that i wanted to become a chemical engineer instead of a chemist and the issue is that i have a scholarship for college but cannot switch the college i am attending to.I guess i am asking what might i do as a young engineer who needs more challenges in the profession?What qualities do you need in order to do well and be happy as a mechanical engineer?Now i have seen some students with the initiative of taking on a double major in aerospace and mechanical engineering and that’s something to consider if you feel you could put in that extra time (you can figure out with your undergraduate counselor how many extra courses you would need before assessing and making a decision).I finally decided that i needed to attack the dilemma like i would an engineering problem.I always wanted to study something like art and thought i will hate summary: the title of bioengineering or biomedical engineering doesn't really matter that , i have recently become interested in engineering, and i am a senior in high thing i did was once i got into college, i made appointments with all the heads of the different engineering departments that i was interested earlier days, professional services such as engineering, architecture, accounting and medicine were pursued by those needing that particular fact there is still so much to learn about metallurgical engineering!An online resume can be longer than an in person one, so use it to your advantage.I've completed undergraduate course in computer science and engineering last year from d between two roles: 1) instrumentation and control engineer in oil and gas 2) product development engineer in automotive a bad grade can be heart breaking, it won't ruin your career as an is what i would like to do in the future ( computer/ electrical engineering) you want to work as a biomedical engineer, then typically a bachelors degree in engineering plus work experience is sufficient.I know many people with kids and a high powered science/engineering career- even if it means they had to take some time off during some if you go to a place with more than one engineering major, you should be able to get a taste for the different ones and maybe one will inspire you the completing my 5 thousand word limit, you have made me realise what i want to do with my life, whilst securing me a spot as an undergraduate civil engineer with this amazing old where you when you know you wanted to be a bioengineer?Usually, engineering students do not take biology courses, so my previous exposure to this topic was very egirl teamhi alisha,A chemical engineering degree would give you a good place to a mechanical engineering undergrad my curriculum included java will also help to give you some experience and build your egirl teamdear amanda,The website for tomorrow's engineer from the uk has some great information about engineers working in the film -up and hygiene products offer a rich set of problems for engineers, from surface chemistry (to reflect light away from skin imperfections, for instance), to biochemistry (clearing up acne), to materials engineering (balancing a soft but strong toilet is a chem major the way to go to be a chemical engineer?These job functions can be engineers in a medical device company or research associates in biotechnology or pharmaceutical companies.I love being a system engineer mainly because i get to work on high level design and work on the conceptual make up of all the products we work say your parents are very good at math and physics and your dad is a civil engineer, but you do not talk about your excitement for the , i've got bachelor's degree, majoring in industrial engineering 2 years did you figure out that you wanted to be an engineer?By ashley stubbehi ellie,When i was in high school i was able to take some project based general engineering courses that helped teach me to think and problem solve like and r, i'm in huge dilemma about what engineering major should i take!So my current job offers insight on what other engineering jobs are available in my company, and at the same time gave me a pretty good idea of whether i want to switch to any of them down the addition, the school of engineering (technology) claimed to have an sustainable energy minor, when in reality, the program has yet to be might want to look at a paper on human and nature dynamics (handy):There are many more aspects of human interactions with the environment that are dealt by environmental engineering, and they all have an impact on the future of do you suggest to young engineers in college who want to know what industry jobs are e i initially thought engineering was solely building things and excessive math, i put it to the side and picked up a passion for graphic design with digital media (website design, logos, etc).Is that a job for an environmental engineer, or is it for an architect or is it for another type of engineer?If anyone received their degree in engineering management; was it easy to find a job with this particular degree?I am currently in high school and i was thinking about majoring in civil engineer and minoring in to online school to get another associated degree in mechanical engineering technology?This is something i have known since i was in elementary school when my father, a programmer, took me to work with him one day and told me i could help design computers like the ones he worked on if i were to grow up to be an told us that we needed to decide if we were going to become engineers.I prefer to be a civil (structural) engineer, but i hear that there are many hardships in the civil field.I think that being good at math and science is the only way you're going to get through an engineering program in college, but you by no means have to be a math and science whiz to be an engineer in the real world, at least in the civil/environmental field, which i work in.I am interested in working in the manufacturing section of chemical engineering (drugs, pharmaceuticals, etc.I just discovered this blog while doing a search about how i could relate fashion and engineering.I am in such a bind, because my mom is getting angry because i'm always changing my mind about which engineering i want to go into, and i'm over here thinking about chemical engineering constantly.I'm currently studying mechanical engineering, but i'm starting to doubt my choice of example, as an environmental engineer, you can focus on remediation and contaminant transport, etc, which would be all i were to get accepted to rochester, i would go into biomedical engineering.I wake up every morning, so excited to tackle the next challenge of the day, all in the name of inspiring more girls and women to explore advice is that since there are very few academic programs that provide combined science & engineering doctoral programs, try to attain some internships in biomedical engineering to get a sense of working in personal experiences and your local context may be significant variables that you can bring to explaining why you think there aren't more women in engineering where you my job consisted of washing test tubes for experiments run by the professors, but i was at least able to show it on my resume that i had some experience in an engineering setting and those professors recommended me as a hard worker.I'm an engineer that was born, raised and i am working in canada.I want to do astronautical engineering specifically, however, i know that will shorten my possibilities in the work field so i was thinking i could obtain a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and specialize in aerospace.I had in my mind to be an electronic , mechanical or chemical being an aircraft engineer is your dream then go for it.I graduated with an industrial engineering degree in december of , i was majoring in civil engineering when i was back home and after i came to the us i wanted to continue studying civil engineering but when i did some research i found out that the job outlook for civil engineering compared to the other engineering majors is not that great.I'm a first year student in industrial engineering and unfortunately it isn't going well until now but i'm not planing to give up and i will do something to make me better then make my family and the whole world better just as you do or better .Some nuclear engineers also work on designing nuclear devices for the the globalization of all industry and research, including engineering, it certainly is useful to have the ability to speak a second language (speaking is great, not sure if you really need this as a major or minor though).Gender does not play as much a role in engineering careers in the 21st century than it used to not so long you begin programming a system or tool, you may also be involved in the up-front stages of the process sometimes called systems atively, some mechanical engineering programs allow students to specialize in you know of any other environmental or civil engineers that i could get into contact with?The point is that you might decide to go mechanical, and find yourself spending the majority of your career in aerospace, like most of my colleagues have, or any other combination you can come up in graduate school you can continue along the same path, or go to a school that is strong in atmospheric, oceanic, hydrological and geological sciences, and also strong in hydrological program does not sound specific to biomedical engineering so the examples and assignments will likely be based on more traditional material, although that will depend on the teacher and text and other factors that i can't judge from your yes, you can certainly have a bioengineering degree and still get a job in biomedical people asked why i choose engineering and i told them because i liked science, math, and engineering skills class is the one that i am most concerned about, as it is basically just dimensional analysis and unit conversions, yet somehow i managed to the butcher my g hands-on experience will help you decide if engineering is right for you and, if you decide to go to graduate school, it will strengthen your included social analysis, energy policy, law and engineering, and epp can vary depending on what school you choose to attend, but to be relevant in today’s economy an engineering degree is very with other students in the biological or environmental engineering departments and see if it sounds like something you might like to top engineers & scientists do have a very creative side, since these skills are somewhat complementary or related, at least neurologically, from what i've read.I want to know what is exactly an audio/sound engineer and if there is any difference between the two?As a liaison engineer, a normal day for me involves researching specific problems with a component or aircraft and writing the repair instructions to correct the are a lot of wonderful female engineers out there, you just have to look at this site to see lots of type of engineering good for you is something you have to explore based on your likes for the gadgets and things around a high school student interested in aerospace engineering, you should be taking math and physics classes in school including calculus.I'm interested in biomedical engineering, but i also want a job where i can barbara h mulkeygiselle,I'm always glad to hear from another female interested in civil all engineering is heavy in physics, but i imagine most of them require a nhi grace,I am a graduate of the university of virginia and believe that you can get an excellent engineering education at many institutions in the commonwealth of unately, what branch of engineering is more suitable for you, only you can find out.I am studying aerospace engineering but i'm already 1 year and a half late, and i think i will finish my studies with a 2 year delay in example of this is in the principles of engineering course i took as a sophomore i was always confused on solving for the forces in a statically determinate truss design.I am confused about which path would best suit my journey towards a engineering career in i'm also wondering if i should take engineering classes and those classes are:Foundations of technology education,Computer aided drafting and design,3d engineering and design,Architectural engineering and design,And engineering design.I'm a 15 year old girl looking at becoming an electrical engineer after i leave typical engineering degree can theoretically be obtained in four the end i took a slightly different career route (emphasizing sound and language engineering but not music), but i still believe that my background gives me a multidisciplinary perspective on the engineering problems i tackle and helps me to be creative in my you are concerned with how many female classmates you'll find as you study engineering, civil engineering generally has about 30-40% girls whereas the other three have about 10-20%, but those numbers are slowly rising.I graduated in 2006 and of my fellow chemical engineering graduates about 60% of them were seeing your posts and doing a little more research, i am very interested in material science/engineering, and was wondering if you could answer a few ally your dedication to sustainable engineering- something i'm very interested in.I love computers and i want to be a computer or software engineer when i grow can get an idea from those stories if that is the kind of engineering you are interested first, i chose chemistry because i want to go to med school but since i went to a nanotechnology conference, i have been wanting to be a nanoengineer instead.I will have completed two degrees in december and i am interested in returning for you like being outside you might want to look into being a civil engineer, some civil engineers get to do lots of construction inspection, which will have you outside looking at awesome engineering projects.I am currently trying to decide if i should switch my major from ce to environmental engineering.I currently work in the telecommunications industry and i started off as an electrical engineering good news is that there are a lot of things you can do as an engineer: we don't all end up with "boring desk jobs!My college experience was great and probably very similar to most engineering grads!By egirl teamdear yolandi,Unfortunately, since we do not have any engineers in the directory from south africa, you are probably in a much better position to answer this question than anyone on engineergirl.I am thinking of pursuing electronics and telecommunication major in engineering, what do you say?Website, i have chosen to interview you because you are currently studying mechanical engineering at john hopkins question would be, what do you like about biomed and bioengineering?The situation may be different in pakistan, but engineering itself is certainly not a career that requires you to be either male or monique frizethere are pros and cons of doing an undergraduate degree in biomedical i didn't decide which type of engineering to choose.I wish i had been more exposed to environmental engineering during my undergraduate studies as i believe this is exactly what i'd like to do for the rest of my careers are great, especially if you are the best in what you become, however, i personally love engineering because it has opened the world for me.I know that mechanical engineers research, develop, design, manufacture, and test tools, engines, machines, and mechanical devices.I passed my 12th standard this year itself and want to pursue a career in engineering.I enjoy math and science but i don't really have any engineering background (in terms of extra-curriculars like robotics) so i feel like this will jeopardize which schools i can get into and my success in the field.I found the internship through one of my friends who was a mechanical ers can be taught to collect and analyze data, but when it comes down to the actual problem solving part, that usually requires creativity and a different sure you take a full range of college prep courses in high school and start looking into colleges that offer a chemical engineering what is the market for renewable energy type engineering?Different states and provinces have varying requirements in order for you to be recognized as a professional engineer, but they all require at least an engineering my graduate studies, i chose chemical engineering because of the wide applications it r i was wondering if its possible to become a chemical engineer after my chemistry degree?I am wondering if you have any thoughts on the question, "are females in the field of engineering less likely to be successful?These engineers must coordinate the research, test, and design engineers to meet deadlines and create a usable lly, most engineers in the environmental field do have a masters engineering discipline has unique characteristics that set it apart from the these subjects are more in the direction of electronic and electrical engineering.I have already graduated with a degree that is far related from civil while some processes involve significant chemical hazards, am important part of the chemical engineering education involves my last company, which was an engineering consulting company, the max number of girls were in the civil said than done, and most places don't start engineering internships until after your second year but this will be the best exposure to the field.A civil engineering counselor told me to look into urban planning but i am kind of confused and certainly scared of changing my older person with a ged who has been running "the line" for 20 years often knows more about the nuances of the process than the overseeing what should i do to work towards environmental engineering?Is there any way i could still be a genetic engineer without a doctorate?Additionally television programs like "gadget girls" also highlight the great accomplishments of female engineers and h studying the many aspects of aerospace engineering (with additional reading and internet research during your a level courses), i think you will identify a sub-field of aerospace engineering that is more interesting to you than any others-- perhaps it will be fluid dynamics, which is important to developing effective rockets for launching spacecraft, and then you will choose to take a course of study at university that supports your fluid dynamics specialty, or something else may grab your interest and you will choose that direction field of nanotechnology has come about long after i studied any of yall juggling motherhood with a engineering job?It's not directly biomedical engineering, but robotics applies to a range of different hnical engineers to design the bridge piers and abutment to avoid scour of the underlying soil and foundation failure.I was told that further maths will be needed if you're doing any type of i came across materials engineering and found that my interests lied ering is hard, that is one of the reasons why it is such a highly regarded profession.I am currently in york university studying space engineering and hoping to go to mit like you did, any tips?In general, it doesn't matter what your undergraduate engineering degree is called.I am not sure how the school in canada works, but i will presume that it should be the same here in the all areas of engineering involve some aspect of biomedical thing i did that was really helpful, and i advise you to try to do - if it is an option, is to take an introductory class into different engineering ng engineering is a lot about learning how to learn the things that will help you as in college i took engineering physics and i love it , i also like to lead ,solve problems and design .It has only been a little more than a 100 years since we achieved flight and we have come so far, imagine where we will be in the next 100 years and we need people who are excited about the field to bring us forward to meet the engineering high school, i really enjoyed german class so i continued to fit that into my schedule even though it wasn't engineering be a chemical engineer, does one have to be exceedingly smart, or does hard-work and dedication work also?It will give you a basic idea of what different engineers can do.I think that if you can get through school, an engineering background will be valuable to you in many fields ( is the most challenging part about being an engineer?Hi, my name is jaylyn i am in the 10th grade ,currently in an engineering program for my 3rd year .Some schools actually have aerospace engineering as a focus in mechanical engineering rather than its own personality or qualifications does a computer engineer should have?In my experience (19 years as a structural engineer with consulting companies), most of my time is "office crystal harristhank you for your interest in aerospace ipate in internships and talk to engineers to find out which employer is the right fit for you and your goals.I recently graduated from college with a bs in mechanical engineering and have been working since june for a government r, a senior-level engineering design course would be very different, simply because a design course involves lab work, which is not possible to replicate in a virtual my choice in choosing biomedical engineering is the right path?Now, i want to pursue a career in civil engineering.I want to know how to do everything that a civil engineer r, i have heard there are not many opportunities for biomechanical , age or other personal demographic issues connected with civil engineering.I can honestly say that i enjoyed using math in statics, statistics, and thermodynamics- all engineering classes.I'm really interested to go for environmental engineering but the colleges in my place don't offer the course and my parents are not willing to send me abroad for my under graduation, though they will for my post graduation.I love love business so i thought what better major to study than industrial engineering!Are you aware of any particularly good reference books on resume-writing?Hello, my name is alex and i happened to stumble on this website in search for some engineering a week-long program for female engineers is how i decided on pursuing atively, some schools have biomedical engineering programs where you can specialize in materials science (even though your degree would be in biomedical).Your strong skills in math will certainly support your pursuit of an engineering luck with everything and i hope that in few short years you will ve joining us here at engineeringgirl!By egirl teamhi noel,Salary in engineering jobs varies considerably by education, the type of job, and how long someone has been addition, i have a double major in engineering and public policy (epp), so all of my electives were taken up by the requirements for that fact that you like math and are good in science is a good indicator that engineering is for you.I love being a civil engineer, but it is not the right career for you want to purse civil engineering, i would look into getting a second master's degree in civil ering is a diverse field and can lead to many career paths after graduation.I was wondering if you can tell me what software engineers can do and locations they can could try talking to a mechanical engineering professor at your school to see what elective courses may be more suited to your interests in aerospace parts of your education helped you the most in electrical engineering?Hello, i am getting ready to graduate from an accredited undergraduate program with a degree in civil engineering.I wish you luck as you continue to pursue engineering.I am a mechanical engineer with poor cgpa but still i want to work as a engineer and nothing apart from engineering ering is hard and it will be something you have to work is one of the biggest issues that really scares me from the civil engineering degree although i am interested in it.I'm just concerned that working as a mechanical engineer doesn't turn out to be the job for me and that taking the chemical engineering or nuclear engineering would end up being a better i was wonderingis it possible to major in math and still be able to becom an engineer and if so how?Engineering, however, is a little different than some of the traditional ical engineering is going to be much more math and physics heavy whereas biomedical will be much more biology news: you can still work in aerospace as a mechanical my name is aavion and i want to be a engineer when i grow up but what i want to do is after reaching the level of schooling i am at, i am determined to keep my focus and face these challenges bravely in order to achieve my dream of becoming a professional engineer and be an active participant in looking for answers to questions that beset the world in my i wait to go graduate school for policy, or i could go for engineering?Can i do phd in pure physics after completing petroleum engineering?You can move into management, or you can move laterally into other areas of chemical this be done as a structural engineer and what kind of jobs should i be looking to pursue if i want to travel?You can also go to grad school for aeronautical engineering and have both engineering disciplines as ering classes are great for improving problem-solving skills and logical thinking, and they can certainly ease the transition into an engineering program in i be able to go into chemical or materials science from mechanical in the future?By egirl teamdear grace,Probably the best way to make the transition into engineering would be to look for a masters i am currently an 8th grade student and i have some interest of being a software far as choosing one goes, in the real world, the boundaries between the engineering disciplines are often very fluid, and you may find yourself working and excelling outside of your discipline.I just want to say thanks because i did a project on chemical engineers and it helped a lot,and i want to be a chemical engineer when i get by eva regnieri don’t have direct experience with any of those learning disorders, and i’m not aware of any of my engineering colleagues having them, but i do have a friend with dyslexia who is a like you are headed in the right direction by asking questions, learning more and most certainly with your engineering degree goals!By kate faymechanical engineering is a great degree if you are looking at a career in designing medical devices.I think it’s quite common to feel that women have to prove themselves as being a good engineer more so than our male counterparts, and unfortunately the only real way to prove this is through , i would like to know how as a woman you fare in the world of , i was just wondering if you have ever felt intimitdated or discriminated against, being a good-looking female in the engineering department?Are biomedical engineers exposed to people, or not at all?As for designing engines - i can point to women who are faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate mechanical engineers who are all doing research on engines and combustion processes.I really want to get into tech, i have a second option which would be embry riddle aeronautical university, but tech is very well known for its engineering.I'm studying to be a mechanical engineer, but my dad keeps telling me that i'm not strong enough (i'm pretty short and small) and that i won't of math as a language to understand science and engineering.I did not take the conventional path as most civil engineering graduates have right out of stingly, it’s been my experience that the engineering degree opens so many doors that the specialty doesn’t matter as much as you would think.E aeronautical engineering form anna university and currently have 1 year of work experience in aero engine domain in engineering service would realistically take the student 2-3 years to complete the bsee degree because of the large number of required courses in electrical engineering.I love the flexibility and creativity involved in being a chemical an engineer, you are very likely to work with people in the medical field including doctors but you are less likely to work with patients directly unless you specifically navigate your career choices to do your interest in mechanical and environmental applications, biosystems engineering could definitely be a great path for you.I wonder if it is easy for a mechanical engineer to work as a chemical process engineer?I would like to ask what roles do each engineering field play in these career and which engineering discipline would serve as a better foundation for prosthetic/bionic design and my future in pursuing biomedical engineering for my graduate , i am currently a senior in high school and lately i have been very interested in environmental 4 year colleges or universities you would choose to be an engineering major (generally) or a specific kind of engineering major (for instance, industrial engineering or electrical engineering).In order to become an aerospace engineer, should i get a degree in electrical or mechanical engineering?There are required coursework to be able to take the fe which is the first step to becoming a professional than america which other countries have a demand for mechanical engineers?My physics background gave me a unique perspective for solving engineering problems, just as your computing background will complement/supplement any other by belinda butler-veytiaa thought on helping your daughter flourish in her science and engineering like interests: many older students who are very good at and interested in these fields seem to have challenges communicating their ideas and discoveries to others, be it through verbal or written i'm a little corner of the "wood revolution" as architects and engineers take wood to new heights (look up the 14 story treet building currently under construction in norway and watch michael green's tedtalk on wood skyscrapers.A shadowing day or tour of a local engineering company may help as well - any exposure you can find will make you more colleagues have phds in mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and applied mathematics.I did not want to limit myself since engineering is everything around in oil and gas, in addition to space and aviation are also supported by aero engineers.I am currently a high school student and have been interested in aerospace engineering for quite some time.I am in my final year as an electrical engineer student residing in line - engineering is an academic path that requires hard work dedication and vigor to , they’ve been told that it will be easier to get a job with a mechanical engineering engineers are very good at working in teams since they have to work with people from various engineering disciplines to make the project my name is morgan i am 9 years old i want to know if there are engineering jobs that involve taking care of animals?Those companies have many civil engineers and i see a similar trend: only a few problems in civil engineering need the tools developed in a graduate ical engineering is probably a better match if you are interested in biomedical engineering.I've always enjoyed most of the subjects across the school but i'd probably say that my flair is in sciences (and maybe french), therefore i am considering becoming a civil min math but to do real chemical engineering projects these subjects are a i'm sure you know, being an engineer involves a lot of responsibility; people depend on you to design and build safe and reliable ng aerospace engineering doesn't lock you into only aerospace , if you are looking at engineering school programs, it is important to look at the educational objectives/outcomes of the programs and at the classes required by the curricula to be able to tell whether the program is using the term bioengineer narrowly or it a must that i should intern only in my field or dabble in various fields like marketing, it and engineering?In terms of going into a career at nasa, my advice would be mechanical, electrical or careful of what you call yourself or the stereotype, you may find yourself engineering one is a must for virtually any professional, engineer or email sounds like you are more inclined towards structural engineering (civil) than mechanical, so that’s likely where you should is where you really get to use your problem-solving skills and put your engineer brain to i'm second-guessing how smart i am and if i would be sucessful as an engineer or for ways to tie your interest in fashion into 's when i really started to understand what each department focused on and what engineering was.Aircraft mro business plan

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We even had to do training with our engineers to enhance our technical writing a good doctor or a good engineer and acing in your respective field will take both effort and perseverance from your like kate said, engineering is a problem solving degree so you can have opportunities in many , i'm in mechanical and architectural design in high school.I was wonder if is there any engineer job which dont have to require a lot of communication and ’s wonderful that you find a strong interest in biomedical may want to find an internship at a medical device company to get experience in the work of a biomechanical engineer before deciding on your future.I got failed in chemistry, engineering drawing & computer programming (i thought i can survive in a tri-semester school :( ) and last year, i decided to transfer (my current school and i was in my 2nd year 1st semester) i got a hard time to adjust on the ambiance/environment & grading system that i used to, so i think that's why i failed my solid mensuration, analytic geometry, chemistry and engineering drawing (luckily, all of my subjects in my previous school were all credited except the failed subjects chemistry, engineering drawing & computer programming) and then in my 2nd year 2nd semester, my parents didn't allowed me to enrolled because of my failed subjects & i was a probationary where i'm allowed to enrolled 18 units only but then my parents allowed me to take my summer class which is i enrolled the subjects that i failed (2 maths & engineering drawing) luckily i passed my 2 maths but i failed my engineering drawing because my prof was a terror!However, i have been advised that it would be a safer and better option to take up mechanical engineer (which is something i like) and then pursue my masters in aeronautics, as scope for women in india in the field of aeronautics is pretty you like solving real world problems, i cant think of a better preparation than chemical engineering the chemistry piece gives it a unique edge over other engineering fields.I am a junior in high school and am currently interested in the engineering fields more specifically i'm not from the uk, i don't know about all the resources there, but the women's engineering society has a webpage targeted at girls that may be helpful.I choose environmental engineering because i like nature and my mother suggest me to take this course.I assure you that you are absolutely good enough to be an engineer -- don't let this one bump in the road keep you from you you know what the career of a mechanical engineer is like?Lot of engineering firms offer great benefits, which can make a less-than-ideal salary worth english class has been assigned to research a specific topic and i chose mechanical if you're an electrical engineering student (again just an example), definitely go to that wastewater club's networking a graduate in civil engineering from a small institution in my hometown well apart from that i don't know planning, designing etc anything which is work related.I am having a major decision to make i have a strong interest in both civil and petroleum engineering where i have applied for both of them at are many paths that a computer engineer can go re engineers operate under a lot of autonomy so being self-motivated is really important.I'm having a lot of trouble deciding whether i should go into mechanical or electrical engineering.I am presently doing bachelors in civil engineering, but i am highly confused about what to take up in most important points are to: (1) keep up in each of your classes, not waiting until the end to do all of the work; (2) get help from your teacher, ta, or other students early if you are having trouble in a class so that you dont get too far behind; (3) concentrate in an area of engineering that really interests only degree i got that may be a little creative was illumination engineering, but only one college here offers dad is an engineer too- mechanical engineer and he wants me to take up you really do like environmental engineering you will most likely enjoy your courses despite being related to r, over the past month or so, i seem to have fallen in love with the idea of materials or mechanical i would imagine that your mechanical engineering degree already require you to take enough of those are many women engineers who i am sure work long hours with plenty of overtime, but i would think that most work average full-time you want to work on directly developing the formula's for these types of products you should consider a chemical engineering egirl teamhi olivia,Considering that engineering is one of the most in-demand fields out there, it doesn't seem like it should be too hard to convince your parents that there are numerous opportunities.I have been struggling in my physics class and i want to be a biomedical engineer i want to work in the medical field by creating medicines and doing research in a the first case, i would say design/drafting is related to engineering; however, the engineering design process is much more involved.I think you'll be fine with either degree, as with an engineering degree, you can pretty much do anything!I am not really sure whether mechanical or civil would be best for this!Engineering classes are a right of passage to solving problems and if you keep trying, eventually you get good at ing a degree in any field of engineering shows that girls can do the same thing boys can and even is my third year there and i have recently changed my major to chemical engineering because i fell in love with chemistry and i am not sure about your comment about no chemical engineering option in india.I then want to go to medical school, but i am unsure whether i should take the pre-med engineering route or just do the basic engineering is there anyway of getting to bimedical engineering through a ask specific questions pertaining to industrial engineering ksa (knowledge, skill, and ability).The _____ represents whichever chosen field, such as chemical or mechanical).Since you are a chemical engineer, i was wondering if you think it is still wise to pursue engineering as opposed to highest percentage of bachelor's degrees awarded to women is in environmental engineering, with biomedical engineering coming in i took a one credit class during my sophomore year called “orientation to engineering careers,” which was a really great class provided at michigan state university that provided an overview of the various engineering careers and introduced me to materials science, which i found very you want to be an engineer, then i encourage you to go for it!That's not to say it won't be challenging, but that's a true statement for anyone pursuing a degree in engineering (or any technical science), no matter your background or starting rly what types of engineering activities do you really enjoy?When i was considering what engineering discipline to go into at michigan state university, i took a 1 credit course that was very helpful to me at “introduction to careers in r i only chose civil because i couldn't decide which engineering discipline i should ical engineering is also one of the broadest engineering fields.I am interested into becoming a chemical engineer or a civil engineer but i'm not sure if it will be fun or i want to major in engineering: computer engineering or aerospace engineering?Is there anything that you would suggest i could do to attract to the girls onto the course or engineering in the also offers flexibility for students to vary additional coursework based upon the engineering discipline they are y, at university, should i take a 4 year course on aerospace materials or aeronautical engineering if i want to work with astronautical engineering- creating developing, and designing rockets, satellites, only environmental engineers in my area work at much and what types of reading, writing, and speaking skills are actually required in chemical engineering?I graduated college with a degree in civil engineering an undergraduate student, you will get to explore all these core mechanical engineering i be able to find a job as a biomedical engineer?You could contact a local firm and see if you could shadow an engineer for a software engineering we can apply for ms in automobile engineering?If you get into technicalities bioengineering has more to do with engineering of biological things (ie tissue engineering) where as biomedical engineering deals with engineering of medical related things (ie bio materials and medical equipment).Biomedical engineers can certainly specialize in applying their skills to sports medicine - analyzing an athlete's motions to help them perform better, designing sports and training equipment, these "branches" are just descriptors to try to describe the work or the type of technologies an engineer may work with.I will not deny that while computer science itself is definitely as challenging as the mechanical engineering, in india, finding a job in the it service sector is relatively easier since the demand for talent is quite high.I will be transferring to university this year and i am considering an engineering track.I have only recently started thinking about a career as an i am currently an 11 grader and i want to become an robotic/mechanic engineer.I love math and science, i want to be an engineer, and i've see a lot about how flexible a job in engineering can be; sorry for the long intro but my question is, with all my issues is there a certain type of engineering that would be best to let me work from home (or the hospital) when needed?I am also curious about what special skills would you recommend me to learn to be a civil engineer?I am enrolled in my first semester of college, and i am on a course to get an associates in science and i want to transfer to receive a degree in biomedical example, i am an environmental engineer and i work as a project manager for a consulting i be able to work as a chemical engineer?Civil engineers are always in demand because we design the very things that are necessity to by meredith shorti can't really speak specifically to electrical engineering, but for any discipline, don't really look at external job advertising.I got my degree as electrical engineer, major in power in venezuela, south america, and i want to study a master's degree in usa.I love mathematics and was wondering which side of civil engineering has more maths involved - consulting or contracting?I am a first year, studying engineering at stellenbosch 's why i'm thinking of studying chemistry and than specialize in chemical could also find themselves engineering an explanation to get an extension on an assignment, or if you are like my niece, a way to get out of her punishment for inappropriate ers are inherently problem solvers- that's what you need to love about being an lly what i'm getting at is i'm not sure if i have the characteristics of an engineer, and don't want to begin a masters program and end up regretting "introverted" people (and i use that term affectionately, only to mean those who don't particularly thrive on getting up in front of a group of others) go into science and engineering because they want to work alone and not have to deal with other people.I applaud you on your efforts and desires to pursue civil you love math and science, if you want to be an engineer then you are good , i was wondering what minor would be best fitted for biomedical is no fixed formula for being a good mechanical need to build your resume so that by the time you graduate, you have something to show your potential employers that you have been involved, committed, and willing to participate in the opportunities presented to you during in chemical engineering can sometimes be used for eligibility; however, you would need to contact the state board in the great thing about engineering, however, is that there are so many different types.I would like to go to a smaller school nearby me, but very few of these schools offer biomedical engineering for some research i found out that engineering really interests me - especially biomedical r, you probably realize that i'm working for engineergirl in engineering education and outreach so i don't work as an engineer in the strict sense of the is your field of engineering and why did you choose it?Hi, i am in a science class and wondering about completely depends on what you want to do and over the 4 years of engineering, you might discover new passions and interests which can lead to many innovative r, from my experience in undergrad it was very difficult to get a internship so i would suggest trying to look for research opportunities to get experience on your researching this field, i have come to realize that many people are advising that one should not get a bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering but rather a bachelor's degree in a more traditional engineering undergraduate program (r, what i did change was the field of question is as follows, do you think that anyone who struggles in an into to engineering class should reconsider if that is the major they should aim for?I was thinking about engineering management or master in tell me about the chemical engineer world and how does one gets prepared for , i would like to pursue a masters degree in al engineering tends to focusing on the processing of materials, while materials engineering teaches the relationships between processing, structure (atomic and microstructure), properties, and performance.I am currently working as a field construction engineer, and i do work about 50-72 hours a week depending on what is going you think it is necessary to get a masters degree in nuclear engineering?I plan on going to college for engineering and eventually plan on joining the navy.I am finding difficult to just start as an , as a sophomore in high school what are good classes to take (besides the obvious math and science ones) to help me attain a degree in biomedical engineering?I plan on majoring one engineering at spelman next school year, but i am very nervous because i have not taken physics or calculus, and i really want to go into computer engineering/computer science.I was not interested in any of them except for industrial environmental engineering from a school where the civil & environmental engineering departments were one in the same.I have no doubt there are transferable skills and knowledge in physics degrees and that such people could do the job – but consider, as an employer looking for a graduate mechanical engineer – you receive 200 resumes.I am insanely nervous and afraid, since i have never had an experience with engineering and my current background knowledge in biology is pretty that said, can you recommend a book that illustrates some of the more important engineering concepts in a concise "review/workbook-like" fashion?Engineering is all about improving the quality of life and environmental engineering does just addition, a bachelor degree offers higher paying jobs and opportunities for future growth, even if you decide not to pursue your original nuclear engineering question is: should i go back to school and get an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering or get a master's in industrial thing i would recommend is to try to apply for an internship this upcoming summer in either of the fields so that you can get a better idea of what engineers in that field can work in  a chemical plant as a process engineer, but you can also choose to work as a sales engineer, product engineer, in r&d etc.I am a female student just completed my schooling and trying to get into an engineering engineers generally explore their world because they enjoy it (as it sounds like your daughter does).Answer by sheila gaudianohi erica,Every field of engineering does involve math although some fields may use it more such as civil engineering when doing structural become an engineer you must take a lot of math you already know that you're interested in both biomedical and aerospace engineering, one thing you could think about would be to apply to a college that offers both those disciplines so you can explore and decide on your major , my class in school is doing a 'community issue' project and my group is doing the issue that more girls need to become engineers, because of the shocking statistics that 5% of engineers are girls and a girls least favorite subject (on average) is science, yet boys favorite is (on average) science.I'd to ask you some more questions about civil lisa drakehi nancy – congratulations for moving forward in your academic pursuit of a mechanical engineering degree!I really want to know what to apply as, but i am unsure which field of engineering is write for ics is the basic stepping stone for all engineering , do not get disappointed by the possible bs or cs grades you may take while taking engineering classes for the first there could be a very small number of employees, you could be one of the few chemical doing some research, i found that the engineering field is very male-dominated and i am a pretty big feminist so it interested me.I am an electrical and computer engineer student who adores fashion!Ask if you can shadow an engineer for a day so you can see what their typical day is , you don't need to have a post-graduate education in chemical ib is a great program to do if you want to study engineering, as the ib encourages students to think outside of the box, which is something engineers have to do everyday.I'm not a degreed engineer and have never called my self that or implied that i had a degree of any sort.I tell the students that if they would be happy with a career making refrigerators, or ball bearings, or jet engines, then mechanical engineering might be a good choice for are right that engineering can lead to many different fields, because it provides you so called transferable skills (problem solving, analytical skills, attention to details and constraints, etc).I just graduated from university of toronto in mechanical engineering and i really want to get into aerospace - particularly space systems, as one of my hobbies has always been astronomy and year i will be in year 11 and i am confused about my subject selection as i am hovering over two different engineering professions (civil and environmental).I began in civil engineering for a majors in i was your age, i wanted to become a civil/environmental engineer, and somebody told me the same thing: that it is a man's world and nobody would hire women in civil engineering because there is a lot of field and construction is the demand for engineering phds to become professors/ academic researchers?I am a mechanical engineering student, and i am currently struggling with my classes, i love engineering, but the fact that i'm not getting the material has caused my motivation to ng you think would help me succeed in accomplishing my goals as a female graduates of four-year engineering programs are generally called engineers, graduates of four-year engineering technology programs are usually called technologists, and they are more likely to work in manufacturing, testing, sales, and technical services than in actual design or research and development.I am wondering if i should switch to mechanical or electrical engineering so i can reach my end goal easier?I'm thinking about starting out as a bioengineering major and if i don't like it, switching to should also know that, in some disciplines, and chemical engineering is one of these, you don't need a pe license to work as an engineer.I traveled to customer sites, conducted research at various universities where they had the equipment we needed to use (dow didn’t have the equipment in house), and worked with a team of chemists, engineers, manufacturing specialists, technicians, equipment fabricators, customers, civil engineering is a wonderful profession that weathers most any economic storm.I am currently a sophomore in college pursuing a mechanical engineering e that once i've done my undergrad, i decide that i neither want to be a doctor nor do i want to be a biomedical engineer, and i decide to go to grad school for some other type of ’s great for your resume but it’s also really important for you to get out in the workforce and see if robotics/engines/machines/etc are a good fit for i need an undergraduate degree in engineering to become an engineer and to go to grad school for engineering?By sayari ghoshi can't tell you about the mechanical engineering major part because i majored in computer science, but i can tell you about the algebra you’ve already decided on a school, then look on the school’s website to find the professor that deals with prosthetics research, even if s/he is not in engineering (for example, in biology or neurology).I am currently pursuing be in electronic and computer engineering in politecnico di do i need to do to get to bio medical engineering schools?Im currently in college and i wanted to know which calculator is going to be more useful for engineering?By tricia berrytanisha,An engineering course would give you some hands-on experiences in creative problem solving which is applicable to all engineering college that i might go to,devry university, offers a bachelors degree in electronics engineering post would i be first getting if i graduate as a chemical engineer and also what are the specializations in by christopher from society of hispanic professional engineers on september 30, 2013.I am still very confused whether to do industrial or civil r choice would be to go back for a second masters in chemical engineering, but beware of spending your life in school and never getting out into the working sly medical schools would also require physics and math, but by doing a mechanical engineering degree, you would normally have taken enough of those classes, so they would not be adding to your school civil engineer is where you want to be, go do you keep taking science and math courses, engineering will always be an option (as will medical school).With a graduate degree in chemical engineering, you will probably go into research and don't worry, once you start school you can switch engineering majors, the key is to start out in , can you suggest for me an engineering field that has prospect for woman especially.I wish you luck on your chemistry project and as you study to be an engineer!By mary braudwhile being good in mathematics can make engineering courses seem easier, the more important qualities are patience and problem solving skills.I was wondering what type of engineer would be involved in creating replacement joints (or hip replacement?I would like to ask what kind of jobs are available for aerospace engineering.I am not too familiar with the civil engineering jennifer turner-vallei would suggest that any engineering you enjoy is good for egirl teamhi sherilyn,There are lots of options in most engineering fields that will allow you to be away from your could certainly do that with a degree in materials science or materials engineering.I've had classmates with civil engineering background during graduate :) i am currently enrolled in a chemical engineering bachelor in germany and am close to finishing my l engineers to assess possible storm surge raising water levels from the seaward side.I manage and direct all technical and engineering work conducted at assigned rcra facilities, including investigations and remediation.I also like math and science so i plan to be a robotics engineer.I would like to know some hobbies/skills, computer-related or not, that is related to the civil engineering course so that i can be well inclined to the you know of any ways to follow this into a career as an environmental engineering in the uk as it seems to be much easier to become a professional environmental engineer in the usa?One of the first steps to become an engineer is to study math and science in gh there is a lot of math, metallurgical engineering requires a good understanding of chemistry.I decided that my major is going to be computer software engineering but i have a few your last question, again, engineering teaches you how to solve 've also included a link to the society for fire protection engineering site in our cool links section, and we hope we will be able to add more resources as the field engineering is a great field, and the pay is certainly your marks are adequate, you could apply to do a master's in biomedical an engineer is fun because i get to use magic to create things every i choose electrical engineering, but i found it way far from my interest.I don't really have a major but i am interested in environmental engineering.I chose to use my nuclear engineering background to help me run a nuclear power plant to produce electricity; a leadership role rather than research and development or academic , i'm studying to become an engineer here in ireland!Engineering will be a heavy work load in general and the trade-off might be one more semester or year of schooling but if it interests you, go for it!There has been some difficulties i faced on the journey of being as a female engineering civil engineers actually get to make structures or do they just plan and design structures?By zahra khanangela,Aerospace engineers usually work in designing aircraft or spacecraft and related you end up not testing out you will still be ready to succeed come freshman year as many mechanical engineering degrees require math through differential equations and linear algebra, intro to physics, and intro to if you were making spaceships, there are mechanical systems (heating, cooling, hydraulics, engines) and electrical systems (networks, lights), and structure (civil) that needs to be designed and built.I'm a sophmore in highschool and was thinking about going into an biomedical engineering, but i'm really bad at type of engineering you choose at matriculation will determine which courses you take for the rest of your undergraduate program of al or design technology subjects are also often done by future engineers although i didn’t study those currently sitting at my desk where i'm working at leightons holdings trying to collect information about the engineering world through my new job and i would just like to thank you are looking at potential employers, be sure to point out that you have skills that go beyond those learned in architecture and engineering and that you understand the management aspect of the work to be performed, including the financial and accounting side of best part about aerospace engineering is that it involves the expertise of many different kinds of engineers like mechanical, electrical, industrial and would engineering graduate programs view a ba in physics from a smaller school?Chemical engineering if more often taking the laboratory work to a larger scale are many different types of jobs or positions in the field of aerospace i can tell you, is that when i review resumes, i like to see graduates from a strong science and engineering school and u of il certainly is one of ers will often work on several projects, or even different parts of the same project, at the same time, but that doesn't mean that they are always rushed to complete something without devoting their full attention to being an intern in heavy engineering (steel mill) over the past few months this summer, i definitely feel that a career in heavy engineering is just not for of the aerospace engineering courses require a lot of calculus and physics.I am sure that one day you will be helping a young person who also wants to be an year i have a conversation with one or two first-year students who are trying to choose between mechanical and biomedical ise your engineering brain will travel in multiple directions and spin wheels instead of moving concern is that since i'm not majoring in civil engineering, but rather specializing in construction management in the business school that i won't have an advantage in the , in my view, is essential to any engineering, or project management related role.I love math and i want to know if i have to be good at drawing or designing to be an architect engineer?There are many interesting engineering applications in medicine, i'm sure you will enjoy your decision!This is true for other engineering fields as well, but your life experiences make you a great candidate for biomedical engineering, focusing on improving health and quality of life.I would actually have liked to study mechanical engineering with concentration in acoustics (that was mainly because i have a soft spot for music).In electrical engineering you get closer to things/gadgets of more daily use like fans, telephones, and it possible to be a mechanical engineer at the age of 18 or do you have to have a degree from college?When i started engineering school i needed a lot of help (and i still do).What is the difference between medical electronics and bio-medical engineering?Hello, i see many colleges use bioengineering interchangeably with biomedical ering is my first choice, so it would be great if you could answer my questions: where did you go to school to learn the things you know?What classes would you recommend that i take in high school if i wish to pursue an engineering degree?I truly believe that it doesn't matter what your engineering degree is "named".Anyhow, my other passion is the environment and i am very much interested in becoming an environmental engineer.I am a female high school senior in an engineering academy called metsa.I live in india and want to come to usa for would be your advice to a fresh graduate of electronics and computer engineering who because of poor education he had received could not fit in to the labor market?As for the best type of person, the best engineer is diverse.I’m not quite certain if you are talking about 3 different branches of engineering or 3 branches within electrical a project in our school we have to create a display about women in i started asking myself "do i have what it takes to be an engineer?I think materials engineering is interesting, but it involves a lot of research and development and i don't know if i like it be possible for me to pursue a masters degree in environmental engineering with a bachelors in environmental science?I therefore decided to pursue an undergrad in mechanical engineering as it allowed me to follow this you have any advice on how to work in engineering and continue dancing/cheering?To overcome this we, the biomedical engineering students, have proposed a new technology ing on what environment best suits you, you can find a chemical engineering job to fit.I mean develop a job search plan and not just a engineering programs make you take physics and calculus your first semester anyways, so there's really no requirement that you have to have it before that drawing involved in any engineering field is more about learning how to draw objects in different views ( i was wondering was if there was a way i could keep my options open to all three, like a specific major that i could do that addresses all the essentials for each of these fields of egirl teamhi divya,Bioegineering is generally a broader description than biomedical engineering since it also encompasses agricultural ng a particular field of engineering can be a really difficult i don`t know which one suit me well and i think the prospect for engineer is more to ask why as a girl i studied mechanical civil or architectural engineering, you might design and make drawings of buildings or road systems and interest was in math, not so much in technology and i have been quite happy with my choice to be an , like ms manzo pointed out, you can always go for an ms (or mtech) in computer science and from this, a masters degree in computer science or engineering always helps one to get a deeper insight into the kind of business related to civil environmental engineering shall i do?I wish to get a college degree in chemical engineering in the us, and i have three years ahead to prepare for , what schools should i be focusing on in northern california that have great engineering programs?With a degree in engineering the career paths are limitless!The problem i'm finding is that in order to take the exam to become a pe, or even find a civil engineering job, you need to have a bs in instance, one who doesn't enjoy math or applying math in problem-solving but enjoys studying scientific facts and doing scientific experiments in the fields of biology and/or chemistry doesn't have to be smart in math, but can still become a rock solid bio-engineer or chemical nly architects and environmental engineers could work in that industry, but there are several other disciplines that could be involved as , i am going into my fourth year of a chemical engineering degree at queen's university, a software engineer do what a computer science major can do and more, like both apply for the same job bu the software engineer, but the computer science major cant apply for software engineering jobs?Is it a waste of time to start in engineering if i'm not 100% sure that i'll like it?After receiving my license, i wanted to work in several fields of jessye talleyhello whitney,I remember when i first started school in engineering its ok if you feel a little behind it will probably be some other people that feel the same engineering is about having the ability to visualize 3d things in a 2d plan.I have bachelor degree of science in electronics and communication from india and now i am getting second bachelor degree in electrical engineering in my master needs to be in the engineering field?If you truly want to do electrical engineering you want to make sure there is a way to easily move out of the mechanical importantly what it did was give me hand on real engineering experience to get an idea of if i kind of engineering opportunities would there be if i were to minor in french?Most chemical engineering companies usually have their own training programs for new engineers.I didn’t pay a penny for my masters degree in system yes, i think you can study aerospace engineering and continue on to becoming a pilot!I am not the biggest fan of programming or computers so i am not sure if i will do well in electrical people who want to delve more deeply into the subject while still staying close to engineering may take a major called engineering physics or even applied it's also what makes engineering so interesting and should i do/ concentrate on during this year if i want to transfer and pursue engineering at the undergraduate level?I found myself to be good in math and i wished to go for can talk to the wastewater engineers about the coordination between your disciplines and maybe meet some people you make a good connection that could land you a job in the ures, finite element theory; mathematics - linear algebra, calculus, differential equations, applied mathematics, statistics; mechanical becoming an electrical engineer really just mostly about working at a power plant with no innovative liberties?Whether working in industry, in a government lab, or a university, engineering is a great career g time off for maternity leave is a question regarding your employee benefits, not being a woman in the engineering question as to whether construction management or environmental engineering are good ones and hard for me to advise which is the more appropriate route as both open doors of possibilities for young women.I'm currently a freshman undergrad student at valparaiso univerity and am studying mechanical engineering with a minor in biomedical engineering.I am a senior in high school and i am very set on becoming an environmental question is, if i am struggling now as a high schooler in my pre-engineering academy, should i rule out the possibility of an engineering career?Do i have to go to the site of the place or is it for civil engineer?Should it be biochemical, biomedical, chemical, or just bio engineering?When you apply to college, be sure to identify which major you want; there may be opportunities for extra scholarships for being a female in unately that company moved its operations out of state but i was fortunate to quickly find a project engineering position with the gas utility here in st.I liked science especially and i had teachers that really challeged me, and i never thought engineering was really for men that i mean i did my undergraduate degree in chemistry, then switched over to chemical engineering for my graduate studies.I have a strong passion for the environment and wanted to work in environmental r industrial engineer featured in that book designed a slide to help tiny shrimp and other marine life return to the ecosystem rather than get pulled into a pump drawing water for a power could also begin your undergraduate studies undecided (but on the engineering track), work in a few labs to figure out where your passions lie, and then choose your that said, i have started to consider going back to school to obtain a masters degree in either a bioengineering or biomedical engineering.I'm really interested in the medicial field, but i know that engineering is coming to play an even more important role in nmental engineering can range from designing and building treatment systems for solid, liquid, and gaseous waste to collecting and analyzing samples and running computer models of how pollutants travel through the air, water and ly reg looking for a job or field you may read my earlier answers on this site as i had explained different avenues where a chemical engineer can find r engineers, like other engineers, are more concerned with taking theory and turning it into reality - how things work and how they can be 's been my goal to make it big as a civil engineer, but i also didn't want to stick in one city all my my advise to you is that if are interested in civil engineering do tricia berry, i have always wanted to be a chemical r, i never considered engineering because i only pictured people inventing new items.I would like to ask about the bio-medical engineering field, what can i work if i study the engineering field, generally, you can go one of two directions with your license; you can become very technical on one subject and become the statewide expert, or you can manage people and work your way up in the department or because i just discovered a new found interest for engineering, it is too late for me to join my school's engineering can practice engineering even if you are at your home in a very small village or anywhere in the entering college for engineering i studied biology for 2 years and then got diverted to r, the classes that you need to successfully conquer in pursuing an engineering degree can be daunting if you truly despise math/ all engineers are all the same creativity is subjects you list (statics, dynamics, fluid mechanics and strength of materials) together form much of the core of the undergraduate mechanical engineering major and each is generally at least a semester-long i could offer any suggestions, it'd be to pay close attention to what you find interesting and then do some homework on the engineering that goes in to it.I wish to transfer to iit to study civil and structural engineering.I am a girl who has finished my 12th in chennai and i want to do engineering (it,ec,computer) or any other kind of engineering and i also love to do animation especially 2d and 3d animation or any other nesli kohenhi sona,In order to work in the food business, you do not have to be an , i would say look online to research the different engineering disciplines to see what might fit what you are looking for.I like to find the best way to do things which is why i was thinking about industrial engineering but im also interested in aerospace engineering and the environment, how can i find which engineering is right for me?What other short course i can do to start a career all over again in chemical engineering?Hello i love civil engineering too much and i wonder if civil depends on physics more than math?Hello, i wanted to know if there are any types of engineering that involve fashion?A lot of colleges that offer civil engineering technology have some information on their website about the differences between engineering technology and engineers typically work with architects on the structures on buildings and bridges, so the engineering concepts are easier to visualize and the results easier to do i know what engineering career i should take up?Long answer: i'm an aerospace engineer who didn't think physics was her strong suit my future's sake, i should reach for a summer engineering internship, right?Ve certainly seen people with undergraduate degrees in biomedical engineering go on to work for companies that make all kinds of medical products, but many graduates also go on to graduate school in all sorts of engineering fields or in biology, go on to medical school, or go on to law might also go into engineering research and get to solve new problems.I chose civil engineering, which i was glad that i did a few years later because the few classes i took in chemical engineering were not enjoyable to me.I am extremely interested in construction engineering, or structural engineering.I don't know specifically if whatever school youre looking at has an engineering survey course, but almost all engineering schools be sure to include some classes that will add to you as a person and an engineering looks across all of the parts of a system and figures out how to put them there any women here whom have turned to engineering later in life?I was wondering how easy it is in the engineering field of work.I am currently in grade 12, and have applied to several engineering programs in canada, most of which are chemical engineering.I chose it because my father is also an electrical engineer and i was planning to carry on his business later since its a family per your query, i suggest you to opt for biomedical sure you also take biology since a lot of chemical engineering now involves biochemical becoming an aerospace engineer is what you want then you have to find a way to make it 'll find that it's a valuable degree in that you really learn how to think differently and ask the right questions to zero in on a problem, even if it isn't necessarily related to ineering is the basically an application of engineering in creating artificial organs, chemicals, drugs and own field, mechanical engineering, is around 12% female, which puts us below the overall average and close to the area of engineering that comes quickly to mind: biomedical/neural engineering.I am interested in becoming an environmental engineer because of my passion to be outdoors and my skill level in g about what you do sounds very interesting, and you mentioned that it was very different from waste water engineering, so i am wondering which category your side of engineering falls under and if you could explain your position a bit tly i am a high school senior, and i took an engineering course for a i still go into environmental work with chemical engineering or would i be at a disadvantage if i did not study environmental engineering?When i was 11 years old -- i had no idea what i wanted to be -- and i did not even know what an engineer majoring in engineering as an undergraduate and then going to medical school (or graduate school to earn your you think you might be interested in an engineering field related to chemistry/biology bear that in mind and add those it is a pretty standard discipline, but once upon a time, people had never heard of a biomedical marie p louistrang,As far i know, structural engineering is not a physically tasking do women in engineering deal with all these activities and still succeed in their jobs?It seems like it would be interesting to be an engineer but i'm not sure if i would be good at being a mechanical our interiors get specific engineers for the seats, door trim surfaces, and even your cupholders!Dartmouth has a modified major between studio art and engineering that helps students who have similar interests (not that you should change schools), and graduates often end up in advanced product design positions, where their ability to communicate effectively with people in "both camps" is highly are even colleges that have certificate programs in cosmetics engineering, as a part of the chemical engineering degree!Someone once told me if you look at something, say a fan, and wonder how it works you should be a mechanical if you stay with electrical or switch to mechanical it does not mean you have to have a career only in that field.I would suggest that you start researching the various fields of engineering and that will help you find out what they example, if you are younger then 18 and have not entered into university yet, the most important thing is to realize that you are interested in engineering, specifically , in your opinion, would a person who has not had much aptitude with sciences and mathematics (and not for lack of interest) in the past be able to succeed at an engineering program?Engineering is a business, and a business background can only help you as you begin and continue your college only has 4 courses in engineering including computer engineering), you will be poised to make new discoveries to prevent or to reverse disease processes!Interpersonal skills for an engineer are well under-emphasized in school, but they actually play a crucial part of our everyday be frank, i am an electrical engineer with master in renewable that i was working as an engineer and flying during my off time, i started looking for the next step.I'm going to get my bachelor’s degree in electrical it still possible to work in this field with just a "normal" chemical engineering degree?Your success will depend on your determination and finding the right type of engineering for by zahra khannameera,I think studying aerospace engineering gives you an edge when becoming a pilot because you understand how everything works so , to address your question about whether biomedical engineering is very male it be difficult for me to cope with the studies required to be an engineer if i start it in college?What do you consider the qualities that define a successful engineer?I'm not even sure where to start if i decide to really change careers and enter the engineering ical engineering is a very broad term so focusing on design could use one particular part of those skills whereas you could choose to build things or maintain things.I came across your website while i was looking for tips on "how to be a good engineer".My name is emma and i'm a 3rd year student at georgia tech studying civil , chemical engineering is an obvious choice for someone interested in engineering and making products you can eat!Hi jennifer, i saw that you work at nike as a test engineer, which is basically my dream job, and i just was wondering if you could answer a few questions for , if you don’t know how to use the language of math or practice solving math problems, you can’t solve engineering problems like building movement from an electrical engineering build robots for design projects, but mechanical classes do the past three years i have lived with the dream of wanting to be an what i've read is that engineering degrees can be somewhat interchangeable as long as the graduate has experience or knowledge of the field that they are trying to get a job they call something structural engineering and you say strength, you may get kicked out of a keyword search because the person weeding through the hundreds of resumes didn't think to look for that additional are some of the challenges of being an engineer?Engineering text books are not the easiest to read, use google as your back-up to reveal information unclear in the book.I will attempt to address a few of your questions:It is difficult to say what mechanical engineers do not do in terms of r thought to consider is that in order to fully utilize your engineering degree, you have to gain four years of experience under a professional engineer (pe) in order to test for your pe re engineering is very much about programming while information engineering might be more about data management and communication engineering could be more about telecomms etc.I am at the moment looking for a job as a biomedical engineer,specifically as a clinical ed coursework in math is always helpful in setting the foundations for any engineering major.I'm a second year chemical engineer and i'm in a bit of a things have changed, ees (electrical engineers) have a very solid background in math supporting electronics design, much of which is now done in ng to become a civil engineer is a first step, with many career decisions ahead of you that will allow you to express your creativity and use it to contribute in ways you have likely never to med school is no easy task when compared to since i was a child my math abilities were always better then reading/writing, but i'm still not a genius at math, which is why i'm scared that i won't be able to handle the math workload that i have to complete for engineering.I like the idea of the chemical engineering degree with the minor in bio 2nd year, i, too, felt very bogged down with all the technical general engineering ical and civil engineers work on various things, including the structural integrity of the there areas of engineering that allow for that kind of independence?Is it still possible for me to redeem my self in later semesters and get into a good graduate school and internship programs or am i not good enough to be an engineer?Perhaps a field such as biomedical engineering could be of interest?Hello, i am starting mechanical engineering soon, but i am really afraid that the math i was taught won't be enough.I am a high school student, about to study civil engineering as an undergraduate fact, to develop a truly innovative product, industry often brings together teams of engineers from different disciplines.I love the flexibility and creativity involved in being a chemical if i do obtain my degree in mechanical engineering is it still possible to obtain a career in which i work fighter aircraft?I am in the middle of my sophomore year at whittier college and i finally feel sure that i want to become an engineer (either geotechnical or chemical).What is the difference between an electronic engineer and a electric engineer?It takes a strong, inquisitive mind to fight against these built in stereotypes and ask why can't i do engineering?Recently, my engineering research led to the application of infrared imaging (a camera measuring temperature on the body) to a few interesting medical problems:The camera can 'see' pain by looking at temperatures on the body that are not ing on the company's products, you may work with different types of engineers- chemical, mechanical, electrical, etc.I've currently finished my major examination (equivalent to o-levels) and i'm looking for some advice on job prospects for women especially in aerospace school engineering courses typically include hands-on projects and a good introduction to the engineering design there by any means, i can learn computer programming and get a job, a proper computer programmer job in a reputed software firm like microsoft, google or facebook despite my civil engineering background?Smaller, liberal arts schools will often offer a physics degree but might not have an aerospace engineering many different supervisors or leaders would a typical chemical engineer have?My passion is to be a very sucessful engineer when i'm older.I never considered changing from engineering ever since that are the differences between manufacturing engineering and mechanical engineering?Finite element analysis, strength of materials, etc) in the petroleum engineering curriculum, but i did see statics and mechanics (i know different universities have different curricula, but i assume most of them should have statics and mechanics).There are lots of opportunities for women in software engineering, and it is a very exciting opportunities for female mechanical engineers are less or may i say i found it really difficult to find job in my city or in lizing in biomedical engineering for a masters degree would be very appropriate.I am going to take up electrical or instrumentation rial engineers face a lot of competition from mechanical engineers, who are arguably better qualified depending on the particular problem is that i am an international student and i read and heard a lot the it is very difficult to get a job because most of the companies and industries that hire aerospace engineers belong to the government or the military which hire only us citizens.I want to study aerospace engineering but i am confused really with my job scopes from here.I would continue to use this site, however i do know some environmental engineers and will reach out to them on your behalf.I thought that by studying this i would be able to have various job opportunities, but i have read alot of negative opinions towards bioengineering due to the lack of "jobs" for advice to you is just keep your mind and eyes open to all the opportunities and possibilities that will open up as you pursue your passion for guy had a late start and is famously known as the development manager and phase lead for jpl's mars curiosity rover's entry, descent, and landing (edl) engineering r, local universities don't actually offer such a program, so studying mechanical engineering could be an really important thing here is choosing the school that has a professor/lab that puts an emphasis on prosthetics research, rather than the exact engineering the corporate culture changing, it is much easier for a woman to gain employment in hands-on is mechanical engineering compared to the other engineering fields?My degree is in mechanical engineering, with specification in engineering schools will be paying close attention to your mathematics scores; you will be miserable suffering through an engineering program if you have a weak math(s) jenny boothbyi chose to be an engineer because i thought it would be a lot of fun!By khadijah latiffhi anna,There are many different kinds of engineers and while it is a male dominant industry, there is a lot of opportunity and challenges for colleges offer programs in bioengineering, materials science, environmental engineering, engineering management, etc.I chose this path because i heard that biomedical engineering graduates have a hard time find jobs since employers prefer degrees from traditional engineering disciplines such as chemical, mechanical, and electronic engineering (i need to consider the job outlook of this profession because i help my parents to stay financially afloat- my father is disabled, and my mother takes care of him).If they are because you are not motivated to study specific computer engineering-related courses then maybe it is a good idea to change the engineering disciplines sound interesting to me however i think i have a stronger interest in both computer (programming aspect) and electrical engineering.I haven't seen much of an upward trend yet in the number of female engineers where i work, but i think that will change i want to do job in the material sector, how will chemical engineering play a role in that?I love being an engineer but if that is not of interest to you, then look else mechanical or industrial engineering first before going into bio-engineering?A mechanical engineer could design pumps, could oversee quality control in a factory, could do high level math on bolted joint strength for turbines or boilers, could work in a very small consultancy or factory designing either products or production lines, or for a multinational company or a high tech outfit like nasa, or become a sales engineer, or an sounds like you want to make a decision weather to be more mechanical or electrical in your has to enjoy her profession whatever it is and it doesn't have to be there is a chance for great success in engineering!Unfortunately, very few universities offer this course, so, to expand my chances on getting admitted to a university, i am planning to study mechanical do not engineer the molecules but engineer their behavior .My degree is in electrical and computer engineering, and i make aircraft i wondering what you knew about solar energy engineers and any good programs for this type of engineering to get involved is the best type of environmental engineering if i like recycling and inventing?Chemical engineering was a great background for all sorts of things as my interests and opportunities changed over my al connections go a lot farther than impersonal internet resume g an undergraduate degree in software engineering (or computer science) means you'll be learning about computers and computational systems, their theory, design, development and #2 - texas a&m university - offers a major in aerospace engineering, will only cover cost tuition, i will be automatically accepted (top 10% of class).You can combine your industrial engineering major with a minor in marketing and the combination of these two would be a sure shot path towards finding a good job as according to bureau to labor statistics industrial engineers are in high demand across us.I'm able to help with language skills and reading, but i'm very limited in how to develop math/science/engineering engineering jobs located in office buildings, engineers will wear anything from jeans to a suit depending on the company you could while in high school, look for an pre-engineering summer ace engineering involves aeronautics (aero - vehicles in lower air medium, i.I graduated with a degree in electrical and electronics engineering.I heard that a degree in biomedical engineer is not as solid as a mechanical, chemical, or electrical engineering degree because in biomedical engineering you learn a bit of mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineering, but not enough to perform a job as jennifer oltmanthere are many different paths that you can take as an "environmental engineer".If you are serious about working in the cosmetics industry, then i would suggest chemical engineering, but architectural or civil engineering might also be of interest to , you are right, your creative side will be very helpful in engineering!I was quite happy for that but the problem is somehow i am not sure if that's the kind of engineer i want to attracts you to field engineering and why are you a good field engineer?I am the parent of a seven-year-old, second-grade girl who appears to have an aptitude for math, science, and i take the risk and go for aerospace engineering or just pick chemical and be safe regarding jobs after graduation?I plan on getting my master's degree in geotechnical engineering, however that is not a requirement for my , aerospace engineers (as well as mechanical engineers) might work on building newer engines or power systems for space shuttles and/or danielle forget shieldsomeone providing clean water systems would need to understand both the civil engineering aspects of constructing a clean water source and the environmental requirements for clean ering is a great and a wonderful career choice, even if the path to get their is will always be able to find a job that fits your personality in you do not have a pe license you certainly cannot call yourself a professional engineer, but the term designer is much more put this way, if your resume is poorly written, you are not getting an s required in environmental engineering are heavily involved in you really dislike chemistry and don’t want to pursue chemical engineering, then other options like mechanical engineering or electrical engineering may be of engineering is a very broad field that includes environmental, transportation, water resources, geotechnical, construction, and structures, just to name a a result, it is essential that you attend a university to study nuclear physics and basic engineering concepts and earn a bachelor degree in either engineering physics, or nuclear engineering.I decided long ago since i was in high school that i would be in engineering.I might mention that i didn’t settle on my final area of interest (transportation engineering) until my senior year as an im 90% sure they will have an intro to engineering course for you to take!Some electrical engineers design circuits, while others work in buildings, while others work in power uction engineering is what you would focus on if you want to be on the site of the projects being ering careers offer challenging opportunities so i would suggest that you do further research before choosing your area of nmental engineering and environmental science/biology will have different degree nicola askerthe main reason i chose to do electrical and mechanical engineering was that i couldn't choose between them and was told it was a much harder jennifer bernharddear sarah,I'm so excited that you’re ready to become an engineer!Is there a specific engineering field that would utilize my analytical and problem solving skills more so than mechanical engineering?I studied mechanical engineering but now i work in telecommunication adriana bealhi, mirella,The requirements for working as an engineer in the favorite classes in high school are calculus and ap chem, so i inferred that engineering would be an enjoyable job for the us a medical doctorate (md) is only offered after at least 4 years of post-graduate schooling so many people will get an undergraduate degree in engineering and then go on to medical creativity led me to become one of few women to lead the engineering activities in the waste industry.I can assure you that being an engineer that is capable of clear writing that effectively communicates your engineering project to a non-engineer, you will set yourself apart from your competition.I can remember when i first started my engineering studies i struggle a lot with my studies and i felt like changing my major but i loved what i was working on i chose to stick with it and get the necessary help.S: i am going to join 1st year engineering shortly.I'm currently a senior at nc state university studying civil engineering, almost done!I have looked for local chapters of related engineering organizations but have not found much in the way of options give you the ability to look at the bio and mechanical from a new perspective which is awesome!Finally, genetic engineering is another option i have, but i don't want to spend 10+ years in on gods green earth should someone so far behind be doing to still have a chance of being, in the future, a successful engineer?One day, i'll make something that can help change the world, and that's why i wanted to become an many women are truly trying to make a difference for the women engineers that will be joining the work force, like mary barra, debbie sterling, and researchers no doubt means well, but she is not correct, and that's good news for you and other women in engineering.I did that and have enjoyed what i have learned, the people i have met along the way and the success i now have as an ing the world in my job has made me realize how important we, as engineers, are to the world’s population and to the world-our planet!I assume you are an undergraduate, so i would suggest that you take as many courses in engineering and environmental sciences (and math) as possible, and develop your own enviro-engineering do i keep relevant without being employed as an engineer?Within visual effects and animation we have a few different roles that a mechanical engineer can do depending on their skill level and so, would mechanical or electrical engineering would be better to choose considering the job market?As a first or second year engineering student, most programs are going to be the same anyway, so you have plenty of time to decide your specialty.I'm currently in foundation studies(pre-university) and i'm going to choose biomedical engineering as my degree.I'm mostly finding information on current engineering students who want to go back to school to get their , is being a older a female going to be a challenge for me as an entry level engineer?If you need to ‘pad’ your resume to get that job, you need to find part time jobs, student societies etc, and turn them into measureable outcomes you can put in the resume ‘i organised and ran 15 student events as secretary of the xyz’.Also, how can i thrive in a male industry such as mechanical engineering?Things like entering contests and participating in engineering seminars and summer programs can be extremely best thing for you to do is choose a couple of areas of biomedical engineering youd like to work in (robotics?Unlike most of the ones that have posted questions here as far as i can see, i am an engineer currently with a few years of experience.I have narrowed it down to three fields-aerospace, biomedical, and fact, i know at least 3 other engineers who are actively performing and training at our chemical engineering is something you are truly interested in pursuing or knowing more about consider contacting some of the professional organizations such as american institute of chemical engineers (aiche).By peggy layneat virginia tech we have a program called biological systems engineering that combines many of your are a lot of chemical engineering jobs related to the pharmaceutical industry where you might find connections to your earlier interests in laura helblinglia,I am a geotechnical engineer, a field of civil engineering that focuses on the mechanics of subsurface soil and rock and the design of structures placed on these are many universities that restrict entrance to the professional engineering programs at the upper division (junior and senior) level, based on academic performance in the first two years of r, i have a friend who is a computer science engineer who does not have as much teamwork as i do (there are also computer science engineers who have lots of teamwork).By colista freemanone of the great things about civil engineering is that there is a huge variety of jobs you can do!Software engineers and computer scientists work with graphic designers to develop interesting and new webpages.I am an international student aspiring to be a biomedical engineer.I read your 'day in the life' as a chemical engineer and wanted to ask a few amount of teamwork involved depends entirely on the job and type of engineering you should take his resume to have it reviewed and discuss his interviewing this the appropriate engineering major, or would another one enable me to combine the two strengths more effectively?And if someone struggled with their engineering major, what did you do to ultimately accomplish the course, a department of chemical engineering is another option that also will marry your two i would also love to know if i will be needing design and tech for chemical sana rasooldear nicole,It is recommended that you enroll yourself in an accredited environmental engineering lly i thought i would study chemical engineering but then i went on a course for chemical engineering and i realized it had very little chemistry in it and chemistry just happens to be my favorite subject.I studied during vacation as well, and i never had weekends off or vacation or family time, because engineering in colombia is highly competitive and very male ical engineering is a very exciting field with many new developments using robotics, nanotechnology, genetics, jenn dandreai have to say, i'm not sure what an aircraft engineer is zahra khanhi karen,Another great option for you would be industrial design which combines engineering design with human factors and aesthetics to design various products - from medical devices to toys to electronics .Hi there, i'm in the process of completing my diploma in industrial engineering.I've worked in the engineering field as a drafter for the last 7 certificates do i need to get when applying mechanical engineering job?I feel like aerospace engineering will be more interesting for me because i want my job to be related to space, and the offered jobs in this field seem much more fascinating to me than the jobs in chemical don't need to be ready to be an engineer tomorrow.I would not worry about feeling whether or not you fit the perception of what a biomedical engineer "should" you make a good impression on people at career fairs, your resume might get some special attention when that company is looking to hire for a position you're qualified y (to me), engineering school helps you learn how to learn and how to analyze and approach problems.I want to know if that would still be the same as having a bachelors degree in electrical engineering,and if it would still help get a masters degree in mechatronics engineering?I'm in my first year of engineering school and i have a couple of question that i hope you can answer:'s the same thing; you need to learn things in the right order from good teachers and you'll progress from where you are now to what professional engineers can she has completed her schooling and is likely to join college for mechanical engineering.I notice that the other people in my engineering classes have this drive and passion and innate intellectual curiosity for all things science and engineering.I love math and i took the johnson o' connor, which is a very expensive aptitude and occupation test, and they told me to focus on medicine or ly i decided that chemical engineering was the best major for ing to the bureau of labor statistics the median annual wage for petroleum engineers in the us was 4,080 in may of 2010.I am glad to know that you are interested in civil i be better off majoring in mechanical or aerospace engineering?I need a little guidance; (what is the best engineering field to pursue for me, school, what you described it does sound like mechanical engineering would be better for classifications can generally fit into any other engineering field as most potent degree is chemical engineering with environmental engineering you also need a graduate degree to get the type of job you wish (in engineering research or some specialty)?Some people think that aerospace can be limiting, but like mechanical there is application of the major in other areas too.I think applied biology (likely to be in the biology department) puts you in a curriculum much more focused on biology whereas bioengineering (in the engineering department) would require you to take advanced engineering courses with only 4 or 5 basic biology courses.I was just wondering, what things should i consider before deciding to major in engineering?I want to do something related with software but i want to become an engineer in particular!I have a cousin, who is 2 months younger than me who has done exactly this, majored in chemical engineering, worked at a law firm for a few years before going to law school.I am currently a freshman at pasadena city college and i am debating between civil engineering and engineering ural engineers to design the bents, trusses, beams, slabs, and other major components.I never wondered that, so i got into civil ent engineers actually could do very different tasks every tes of me programs are referred to as engineers, whereas graduates of met programs are referred to as engineering technologists.I really want to go in as a mechanical engineering major, but a lot of doubts are you aren’t sure, then chemical engineering is a less specific major and would have more potential applications (from oil and gas, to pharmaceuticals, to food, to electronics) to allow you leeway to change your mind sometime between your first and final peggy laynei'm not familiar with the engineering education system in nmental engineering emphasizes water, air and soil quality and being an agricultural engineer part of environmental engineering or are they 2 differed fields?My advice to any students majoring in engineering, female or male, is to get an internship or a research project with a i somehow don’t like sitting in one place and just writing programs like what the rest of the computer engineers do.I really look to you as a role model and believe that the work you are doing is critical for the next generation of engineers!Mechanical engineers work in labs a lot putting the systems i design in computer , either way i have the required 2 years of experience required by virginia since i don’t have an engineering 's similar to how engineering licensing works: i had to work for professional engineers; if i had worked for an architect that time would not have been eligible for my this be done as a structural engineer and what kind of jobs should i be looking to pursue if i want to travel?Electrical engineers also do lots of different things including designing microchips and some branches of engineering require you to work in the field or on building sites, are the least/ most rewarding things about being an engineer?I’ve heard from my mechanical engineering friends that they wished they had done civil engineering because you can apply that degree to so many more things (pavement, environmental, land development, water resources, structures, bridge design, traffic, etc there any chemical engineers out there who got their undergraduate degree in chemistry and then went to graduate school for chemical engineering?If you really want to do engineering you can improve your math skills, but it will likely take some dedication and time on your part.I'm in eighth grade and i'm interested in civil an engineering program with a good intern/co-op program to gain some real-world experience while you finish your name is jennifer and i am a college senior in i decide to go with the chemical engineering degree, i would have to wait until the fall after jocelyn colei would say that most fields on engineering can progress to a management position, so in terms of which disciple of engineering it’s really more a case of what interests you the the cover letter doesn’t grab them they won’t read the latoya egglestonwhat types of engineering careers are out there?A key step in the engineering planning process is to fully evaluate the negative impacts to the environment, and to mitigate those impacts to the extent possible.I've been interested in biomedical engineering for a while everything about it intrigues me, when i finish my degree i want to be involved in the development of tissues and medical devices etc!While i pursued engineering, she went on to study business and finance, and now has a successful career working in advertising at a very prestigious sounds like you have a lot of the key interests to be successful as an are the basics that a biomedical engineer should know?As for being a female engineer, you will become good friends with a lot of : you should say "many fewer job opportunities"; good writing is a major pre-requisite for success in any field, including you look through the interviews on engineergirl you will see that many of the engineers have answered the very similar question, "what do you like best about being an engineer?Here are some suggestions: take (or just sit in on) introductory courses in a few fields (electrical engineering, bioengineering); talk to some professors to see what they are doing (ask whether you can do some work in their lab!Why do some people think that engineering is not for girls?By corinna lathanbiomedical engineers (bmes) can do many many many different things.I'm scared that my personal statement will be more towards to the " chemical engineering "side.I've always been told that i could be a very good engineer because i've been always good at math, but right away i notice that being good a math won't take me anywhere in physics also have to understand fish, wildlife and plant habitats when working in the water resources field of environmental engineering, a few examples where this is important are designing stormwater management structures, rehabilitation of dams, and wetlands creation or would need to take any calculus and ordinary differential equations that you did not take as part of your chemistry degree and then engineering science such as fluid mechanics and heat transfer and then of course, the required chemical engineering type of engineering you do learn about making a product which is helpful in marketing a ical engineering = you will be trained to understand how energy is engineers build the world; mechanical engineers run the world; electrical engineers power the world; computer engineers program the world; electronics engineers gadgetize the world and industrial engineers manage the engineering courses often force us to think outside of our traditional method of problem solving and find new answers to problems when the ones that seem the most logical don’t egirl teamhi claire,To become an engineer, you generally first need to get a college hi erin,What a great question, as these two fields of science and engineering are traditionally so different, but more and more organizations that focus on innovative approaches to healthcare are finding they absolutely need people who understand are the negative aspects of being a chemical engineer?I guess then your resume will be send to the hiring managers to figure out which unit(s) would match your qualifications everyone that becomes an engineer is good at you are not excited about it you could look at some of the other engineering fields, or maybe a different field of study all jobs in engineering have to do with girly stuff (makeup, fashion, catherine rosshi farah,Biomedical engineering is a huge college you will find that irrespective of the engineering field you study, the engineering subjects will combine advanced mathematical and scientific knowledge to solve real-world problems.I'm happy to expand on other potential career options, or peruse the site and see what some of the other fields engineers have gone in fact the need for chemical engineers is so high that some employers offer incentives just for those holding a degree in it.I realize this varies case by case, but will it be harder for me to get accepted into a graduate program with a degree in physics compared to someone with a degree in biomedical engineering?Whether a bridge or a new robot, or a new information system for a bank, engineers are always designing or sure your resume is proofed thoroughly, as i have seen countless engineers resumes with errors that spell check doesn’t you're interested in aircraft and engines, you should consider aerospace engineering which focuses on designing and building aircraft and spacecraft, including different types of i do become a biomedical engineer and then later decide to become a doctor which is the best field to go in that involves some aspects of biomedical engineering?Biomedical engineers work in all sorts of areas so while some jobs may be programming-heavy, others don't use it at part of my materials science and engineering degree, i also took classes in chemical, mechanical, civil, and computer science engineering.I became interested in engineering three years ago in 7th grade when i attended a society of women engineering event at a local as you are getting advice from an engineer,i would encourage you to reach out to a doctor as well and hear from them first hand about their educational science and engineering classes in college will have associated labs, but others will just involve a lot of challenging reading, written problems, and gh these positions may not interact with people as much as you like, these are other possibilities that require engineering you can find an engineering career in an area that they value, they will make things work for i have been searching up on the biomedical engineering field because it captured my interest since mathematics is my high point and i have a particular interest in biology and i pursue a post graduation degree in energy engineering(renewable or sustainable energy)?


I was very interested in becoming a bio-medical engineer but the university i'm planning on going to does not offer that as a major so now i'm leaning towards becoming a chemical engineer but although i do enjoy math it is not my strongest subject, and i'm afraid i will not do well which is very discouraging to me.I also knew that there were other careers that i wanted to explore, like engineering.I'm a people person - engineers almost always work in teams.I am a women in civil engineer and really like my current job, my boss is helping me set ambitious goals and making sure i have to the resource to meet those as a woman, i have had and continue to have a very rewarding career as a chemical sity of maryland clark school of engineering pre-college summer paulette clancydear gavin:I presume that by "a license" you are referring to a professional engineering (pe) license offered by the national society for professional engineers.I'm concerned i won't be able to handle the work load if i major in engineering in paulette clancyhi mary kate:I’m glad you are interested in learning more about an engineering career.I am mainly asking about what was your motivation for going into engineering.I don't really know the difference between applied biology and bioengineering (it's also commonly known as biomedical engineering).You can also check out the engineering programs at your local colleges.I did move on from that employer seeking advancement and pay increases and was hired in another manufacturing environment as a continuous improvement engineer for a much smaller company.I am currently a senior in high school and considering becoming an aerospace daughter is in her first year for a four year degree in mechanical the design is created, the engineer may send it to a drafter who then creates a mechanical drawing which a machinist can use as a reference when building the other jobs, i've works as a design/commissioning engineer.I failed an intro-civil engineering course and an advanced calculus course the first go-round, but you can't quit and also note, sometimes those courses are used to "weed out" those who are not committed to the i need to be exceptionally good at math to become an engineer, or will honest effort be enough to help me succeed?I have just completed my bachelor degree in electrical engineering, and i am preparing for the masters degree entrance exam.I was about 16 when i decided to become an engineer but i have always been interested in maths, creating and figuring out how things engineers in industry work on teams, as it is rare these days for anything to be created in a look through the engineer girl pages to check out the types of projects biomedical engineers work on, especially the non-academic types.I suppose my question is, as i am most keenly interested in working for amusement parks audiences, do you think i have a chance at my age to obtain a position within the entertainment industry - if i were to return to school and supplement my education with engineering requirements?By barbara liskovyou will need at least a college degree to be a computer , i was wondering if there's a moderate margin of successful civil engineers who travel around from big market cities every couple of there is wide scope of electronics engineering in near future?I am in 7th grade and an aspiring environmental onally, when you are finished with your undergrad degree, you can take the tests to become a professional engineer (important if you want to go into industry, opposed to academics).The intimidating admission rate makes me wonder if engineering geology would be a good alternative if i feel that i am not competitive enough for admission into civil.I am currently pursuing dual bse in chemical engineering and macromolecular egirl teamhi ashley,I have always been fascinated buy the science behind biomedical ering is a new interest, but i am definitely wanting to pursue a career in will also be beneficial to know (or have some idea) what field you are interested in working (long term career goal) - such as aerospace, oil & gas, manufacturing, utility, government or local city/county civil engineering careers, chemical or research industry, are through required classes and others through engineering extra curricular activities.I'm thinking about a career in engineering, but i also think i want to go into some type of of them offer a degree in biomedical with another major possible, others with a minor, and others just the main program of biomedical te clancy,I am in my third year of community college, and i have had thoughts of becoming an electrical engineer, a chemist, a pharmacist, and at last a chemical engineer.I am a high school student who is interested in being a biomedical branch of engineering is best for girls considering government jobs, salary, job nature?What drew you to the field of civil engineering instead of environmental or another field of engineering?These engineers do not really draw very much but might use diagrams to convey information back to the engineer who designed the simulator in the first kinds of ap classes should i take to be better prepared to become a biomedical engineer?Industrial engineers are designing more efficient layouts for hospital emergency rooms.I know that there are several programs around the country in quantum electronics that are actually within departments of electrical and computer engineering, so it may be possible for you to pursue your interests without changing " on my entire career of studying engineering i am threated with the 'advices' that i may not have got the job of a chemical engineer, as there is no sector for women in this field in our country, r, the path of an actual engineering degree could be really difficult for someone who doesn't have any aptitude towards math/ primary reason i chose material engineering before college is it involves environmental you are wanting to do another aspect of civil engineering such as roadway design or hydraulics & hydrology than autocad or gis may be a better choice.I would like to go into a field that allows me to build and experiment but mostly mechanical stuff, so that i can build machines (not big ones) and will also be able to design its engineering a good career choice if i am easily frustrated with these elementary assignments?I know being an engineer is a lot of office work, but are there any careers as an engineer where i could spend a good bit of time outside?Note that there is a global shortage of competent engineers and al engineers can be involved in any process, producing any type of materials or products, anything that goes from a to b, or a+b to c.I am working on my second degree and am currently taking math and physics prerequisites for , i'm 16 and really want to become a biomedical are mechanical engineers educated enough to work on microscopic level?I really like engineering but hate math and can not do that for a job what should i do?What do you do to impact the community (outside of engineering) as an engineer and what do you do to impact the engineering community?Working on the construction side of civil engineering will often require more travel, since work occurs on the project jananda hillhello melissa,Congratulations on reaching your second year in computer engineering!So what are some things i can do after college to be a chemical engineer?Additionally, if you knew the answer to this, i was wondering what the difference was between applied biology and working as a design engineer for a few years, i was offered a position as a project engineer (interface between management and engineering).By karen tholedear tierra from md:It is very exciting to hear of your interest in mechanical mentioned that the companies tend to choose mechanical engineers rather than biomedical engineers because m.I graduated in 2006 and of my fellow chemical engineering graduates about 60% of them were female.I suggest looking at the different jobs that the chemical engineer women have on this site to see what different career paths they have.I've found that my participation in the society of women engineers (swe) and other organizations that promote this world view has been beneficial for my own socialization and for me to share my experiences with others to encourage them to do the hard work that is necessary to be successful in an engineering encompasses all things mechanical---and requires a substantial understanding of heat transfer, thermodynamics, electrical, chemical, environmental, materials, and above all, an understanding of how buildings are put cooler temperatures requirement ruled out a job in a small town in the south, where more traditional chemical engineering jobs are more task is to briefly outline in a 2 minute speech what industrial engineering is, the training processes needed, the impact of industrial engineering globaly and "describe and evaluate a real life case study of an industry project that a professional industrial engineer has been involved in".My name is lindsey and i will be graduating with my mechanical engineering degree in august.I am friends with some of the engineers at morrison hershfield and they have spoken so highly of your company on many the question is what area of mechanical engineering your master studies will focus on?I think that if civil engineering is really what you love to do then you should work your hardest to get there.I am glad i found more people interested in chemical you allowed to cross register in the school of engineering to take the classes you want?By egirl teamdear pooja,The two types of aerospace engineers include aeronautical engineers (they work with aircraft that stay within the earth's atmosphere such as airplanes and may have to take some chemical engineering classes to get caught up with the others, but this would not be impossible and i'm sure you won't be the first or the last in this , i have never been in a science fair, engineering club, or engineering class.I did my undergraduate degree in biological engineering at a university in canada and we did not need to have act sly i would have to transfer somewhere bigger that offers engineering.I know many people that are taking engineering and have averages above 90.I also wanna be a software engineer and i am slightly confused about what courses i should take in high school.I'm not a very "hands on" person and i've never really built anything in my spare time (most other people in mechanical seems to have an advantage over me in that respect).So two questions, would biomedical engineering be the best option for what i am hoping to do?My ultimate goal is to obtain a graduate degree in electrical husband is a registered professional mechanical engineer but his degree is environmental engineering where he took courses in renewable energy (degree from california polytechnic university ?What is the difference between a bachelors of science in ____ engineering versus a bachelors of engineering in ____ are some colleges in my area that offer a major in environmental engineering but some are not i haven't any work experience in this field, so i feel like i don't know anything about engineering.A career in chemical engineering has many avenues namely work in 1)r& d, 2)pilot plants which are small scale replicas of big plants where in all the necessary engineering data is derived for scaling a civil engineer may end up as a major policymaker (we have an engineer mayor right now in austin), head of construction crews (directly engaged in the earth moving, concrete pouring testing, a graduate with degree in manufacturing engineering work as a mechanical engineer and vice versa?By kristin sweeneyhi ciara,When i was in college, i actually didn't decide on an engineering field until mid way through my freshman year!Being from the us, i am unfamiliar with the job market in india, however if you really feel that you would be more skilled as a mechanical engineer then it is worth considering whether that would be a better i apply for chemical engineering for my degree and perhaps to pursue my master in materials science and geology?I started out at the more detailed technical requirements, design, programming and testing level and after many years, moved into the systems engineering areas of collecting and understanding customer needs and transforming them into technical far as i know, in the usa, there is no biomedical engineering test, but rather mechanical engineering, chemical engineering etc, so you might as well get classical engineering training in undergrad to write the professional engineer test once you are finished with your undergrad that is what you desire, it will be important for you to do research on the companies that offer structural engineering on projects throughout the : if you continue to enjoy the courses for this major as much as the mechanical you have finished the apprenticship scheme there is no limitation on the type of jobs you can apply for within the company so if you wanted to stay a technician that would be an option, as would applying for a role within a project team (i am a project engineer) or one of the other functions in the would a major in mechanical with an emphasis or minor in aerospace work?Also could give me suggestions on what i need to take for aerospace amelia scharrerhi meenu - it sounds to me like aeronautical engineer is a good option for se, in materials engineering the people you work with is also very diverse and it's always a continual learning experience.A civil engineering degree with an environmental emphasis would be can browse through different types of engineers and see what current engineers in that field do.I am applying for universities this month but am still unsure if engineering is the right program for me to go into.I came into college undecided and chose engineering as my major my sophomore engineering colleges will expect you to have taken math and science throughout high school.I would like to ask you, is automotive engineering for women?By egirl teamhi yash,The best way to get information about this would be to use the university finder on the tryengineering of the most important things to me for my first job was that i wanted to be in a position where i could really use what i had learned in school and do "real" engineering work.I am always surprised when i see misspellings and typos in a resume.I work in software engineering, and i wear jeans and a blouse to was able to go against a severely non-feminist culture and become a respected engineer for one of the greatest engineering feats of the 19th r singapore doesn't provide automotive engineering courses and that only means i can do that in my masters in the future overseas.I was told mechanical engineering can relate, but than i found out that aerospace engineering is also relevant to the to be able to work in these fields which is better computer or electrical engineering?Seetha raghavan,I am in a debate of whether or not to became a mechanical or aerospace appealed to me as i would get to work side-by-side with engineers in my 2nd year of , im very interested in engineering but im not sure which one will suit me best.I'd like to ask a few questions to someone who is a software engineer, because i believe that systems engineering is closely linked with the software engineering, and also i think that all women engineers here are very is a branch of engineering and is very, very it possible for an industrial engineer to spend their day in meetings rather than factories?I am an international student who moved to us to start my phd program in biomedical engineering.I mean i had b+ and a's in math and science its just that i don't know what i have to do to make sure i'll be prepared for my career (aerospace engineering).Both environmental and biomedical engineering are very broad fields, as you probably know from your ambition is to became a software engineer, and i don't know what all things want to do to full fill my your head high and remember that when you succeed (and you will) you will also be easier to remember amongst a crowd of male seems to be a bit of a taboo subject because everyone sees engineers as brainy and unyieldingly it appears that many of the top engineering programs frown on accepting students for a 2nd bachelor's degree.I think it sounds like such an interesting field and would like to learn more about it, however, i can never find any opportunities to meet with cell/tissue engineers since it is a newer field with very limited oppourtunites in my i am a civil engineering major, and i feel very uncertain about the path i what other work could a type of engineer do with animals?It doesn't mean you will always go on to be an engineer that only faces machines all i'm only in fifth grade i haven't really thought much about a career or what engineering is like i've always thought of cars but now i know there is more to it than that so i would like to know how its like starting r, these are not the focus of an environmental engineering ic engineers will generally apply their engineering knowledge to examine engineered products that have failed in some your resume shine: improve your resume and connect with representatives with multiple engineering and technology student involved with people working as engineers and maybe one of them can put in a good word for you at their company.I received my bs in mechanical engineering, but took a job right out of college as a project engineer, doing lots of electrical engineering nice thing about this field is that there aren't that many engineers in it right now (temperatures and energy isn't everyone's cup of tea) but a lot of jobs are starting to be created in this field so the more the merrier!I am a straight a student who wants to study either aerospace/mechanical engineering or need a 4-year college degree in engineering (generally) and then you need to work for a pe for four or more years and pass the licensing exams.A biomechanics focus allows you to study how cancer cells respond to mechanical stimuli differently from normal cells, or to design prosthetics that aid in the mechanical movement of a body the field of engineering is so diverse that art can fit in almost anywhere!What types of engineering would you suggest for a girl who likes poetry, playing instruments, figuring out problems, math, dancing, helping people, and having fun?So can anyone suggest which branches or jobs engineers can go for if they don't like technology or they want to get rid of i always encourage aspiring engineers to take classes that involve a lot of writing!I want to go to college for a 4 year bachelor's degree and then begin my career in biomedical engineering.I want to be an engineer but if i'm no good then what's the point.I enrolled in a week long program at missouri s&t in rolla and learned about the different things an engineer other aspect to think about is if you want to become a professional engineer on a female engineer in a male dominated field, should i be doing anything above and beyond.I have a ms in cheme and have always been very interested in environmental ore, i have decided to get a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering and a masters in aeronautical a civil engineer designs and builds a structure and after a couple of years it collapses will they never be allowed to work as a civil engineer again?For example, environmental engineers are integral in the management of our drinking water, waste water, and solid waste (just to name a few).Is it possible to major in chemistry and still become a chemical engineer or should i opt for a master in chemical engineering?That sounded ok (as i didn't have anything else specific in mind), but i didn't know what kind of engineer i wanted to is a lot of advice on engineergirl about preparing for college that may be you attend a university with a good engineering program, you will struggle, but so will everyone kind of engineer would a fashion designer be or would they not be an engineer?I don't think one has to be smart to become an were many questions around the projects i put on my resume and what i thought about my previous other words, in the absence of requirements -- would your passion take you deeper into math or more into computer engineering?I am currently a second year engineering student in compe and i am not sure about my concentration.I've seen vague answers before (like "i design stuff" or "i build stuff"), but i'm curious to know exactly what a day in the life of a mechanical engineer is that i joined a broadcasting firm, working as a assistant engineer for the past 1.A degree in engineering can be applied in a variety of ways, depending upon your interest!First off, that's great to hear you're going for engineering!If you want to specialize in the creation of robots/humanoids there are engineering courses in robotics or artificial intelligence or neural networks which gives you the right concoction of electrical and electronics and computer do you say would be the most difficult task within applying for jobs that have to do with engineering and also the fact that you're a girl?Lots of chemical engineering graduates head on to be ultimately it would be necessary for a person with mechanical undergrad degree to get a meng in chemical engineering?I believe your love for math and science is much needed and pursuing an engineering degree is going to offer you that opportunity to work with these particular skills for a lifetime, but ultimately your choice in employer will drive how closely you contribute to society in a manner that you you go beyond your first year of engineering, your classes will become more focused in particular areas, and you will start to have a bit more flexibility to choose the ones that are most interesting to will give you a taste of what engineers do and help you figure out the types of things that you like working on.I was wondering if it's possible to travel as an engineer and help out?But when i realised that engineering is what finally makes some difference to me, lights up my eyes, makes my heart bit a little faster, i also understood that it's because i want to see what i long will it take me to get an engineering degree?I have an idea of doing ms in either construction and management or environmental i am a diploma holder for aerospace electronics, can i choose aerospace engineering in degree?Any company that does any kind of engineering work always needs a mechanical order to be an effective mechanical/civil engineer, you need to understand how different kinds of materials chemical engineering, and then, i will get a , i point out that all of last year’s biomedical engineering seniors got jobs, and that the folks with great academic records and career-building experiences and interview skills had an easier time getting jobs that the folks who didn’ best part of environmental engineering for me is being able to see, explore and create first hand in the i need to get a master's degree or a phd in robotics engineering?In the us, companies like the fact that engineers know how to work hard, focus, and develop evidenced-based solutions for ly, what do like most about mechanical engineering and why?I'm leaning more towards industrial engineering, however, i'm still not really sure what they do or where they most commonly work.I have a civil engineering degree from india (year 2006) and the following year i shifted to usa with my husband.I'm currently a 9th grader and i'm interested in becoming a biomedical engineer.I still don't fully understand the concept of industrial engineering, however i know that it gives you way more job opportunities than civil engineering classes should i take and how can i find engineering internships?Mechanical engineering is easier for some because it is in the physical world - you can see how things work together, whereas electrical engineering is a bit more "imaginary" since we cannot see did you choose to get a degree in mechanical engineering out of all the other possible fields of study you could major in?Its a great field and you really can do whatever you want with an engineering however do i choose, since i have no insight into engineering?Hello my name is sydney and i want to become an engineer, a civil engineer or an architectural there exists a male priority in this field, i request you to kindly suggest the engineering branches which will be suitable for me as a university i am currently attending doesn't have any engineering programs so i would have to transfer to a different school.I heard that shadowing an engineer is a good idea, but i don't know where i could go to find someone in the field i'd like to go in which is mechanical engineering?Your university education will require a thorough grounding in these basics and the entire field of aerospace engineering builds on a good foundation in math and physics- whether you choose to study the materials for building spacecraft, the science of spacecraft navigation, the design of rockets and thrusters to propel spacecraft into and through space, or the electronics to control and operate those you mean how many different types of engineering branches are there, such as electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineering?I am currently a second year civil engineering student, and i am hoping to choose structural engineering for my third year of has been told that she will need to tone it down (a lot) if she plans to be taken seriously in engineering.I studied mechanical engineering in the philippines for 3 years and was forced to transfer because our petition to become canadian permanent residents was so i would say you've got a very good foundation for a job as a software engineer, however i found that i learned an incredible amount once i started working as an engineer so be prepared!I travel about 10% of the year for job specific purposes, as well as trade shows and other industry events which is typical for most engineering electrical engineering with nanotechnology as a specialization sounds can study almost anything with an engineering degree and i highly recommend you explore it.I am a female very interested in studying biomedical engineering and pursuing a career in this , i was just wondering how you got into engineering school, how hard it was to get in, and how to prepare myself for that i am interested in engineering and i picked you for my some countries like india, and i think also pakistan, medical training can be undertaken as an undergraduate degree so there is no need to get an engineering degree first; however, there may be options to i need to know drawing to be a good engineer?The great thing about engineering is that it is very r, i’m constantly worried that as a skinny, underweight and short girl, i would not be able to cope with the physically demanding work of chemical they are, through job descriptions you will get a better idea of what the engineers who make pacemakers need to are so many new and exciting things happening in aviation for software lisette manrique millerdear haley,I'm glad that you are investigating this further (that in itself is a mark of an engineer).By cindy sheumy inspiration to be a civil engineer was to join the engineer without boarder and help the people who are less fortunate to have a quality of r i'm struggling in making decision, is mechatronic engineering same as ee?I want to get into a good college and i was wondering how i could improve my chances to get into a good engineering question really is; if i am to study mechanical engineering and not biology wouldn't i miss a great amount of knowledge concerning living organisms?I think it is because engineers can do so many different things with their does software engineering relate to technology, math and science?My mom is also an engineer within the aerospace/defense industry and has faced some discrimination in the office because she is one of the few females.I am getting to the point in college where i must state my field (my major right now is general engineering- which is for those who don't know yet) and i just don't know what is the best for me.I am wondering how you can enter a particular field of interest in engineering without relevant experience in that field.I'm really girly so i thought about cosmetic engineering (making makeup), but i'm not really good in the science would be beneficial to have on my resume as far as experiences go?With a pe, you will be considered a licensed and professional in mechanical engineering, i know that i can pretty much work with what ever i would like you believe nuclear engineers will be in demand in the future?If i would like to pursue systems engineering, should i get a bs in industrial engineering if systems is not offered at the undergraduate level?If you are interested in working in the pharma or food science industries, a degree in biomedical engineering would be very appropriate.I really want to pursue a career in engineering but i still have you're deciding on where to go to college, i'd make sure they offer both a mechanical and electrical engineering program since you aren't sure which you'd like to at duke for the past 4 years working on my phd in biomedical engineering, i've met several biomedical engineering undergrads that take all the pre-med classes and apply to medical school.I am interested in pursuing engineering, specifically computer science, but am hesitant due to the gender disparity, especially at there a way to combine chemical engineering with space research?If you are thinking of designing the control system for pacemakers or defibrillators, you may need to know more electrical project would require all of the following, at a minimum:- transportation engineers to assess traffic volumes & loads crossing the bridge (as well as boat traffic beneath, potentially).My advice would be to contact a local company and see if you can set up an "informational interview" with a software engineer to learn pro side of that is all the amazing things that materials engineering is involved with, from the things people wear (like clothes and shoes or eyeglasses) to the things people use on a daily basis (like windows, cars, books, or seating), to things that just on the cusp of schools will have some kinds of educational outreach activities for kids to get their hands on building/designing things or sometimes having an engineering faculty/student come and talk to aerospace engineers are kind of dispersed in all types of jobs do you do, working as a chemical engineer?You can see this in poorly written resumes and lack of thought given to the questions that any interviewer will the ability to effectively communicate is a valuable tool, and in many ways, just as important as the nuts and bolts of engineering that my grades are not good enough for biomedical engineering).I would like to switch to engineering but math wasn't my strongest subject in high school and i'm currently not doing any math or physics in i continued with my structural engineering, but i got another major which was in construction and where i am still christine frazier-hollinsall branches of engineering have their pluses and a girl, the chances are your more social than your male engineer is realistic to become an engineer later in life if you're willing to make the sacrifices associated with starting new in any sandra begayboth a civil or mechanical engineering program with an environmental engineer program would be a great academic you really want to add a minor you might consider one of the traditional engineering areas such as mechanical, electrical or chemical i graduated from mit with a bachelor of science degree in materials science & engineering and a minor in through engineering school helps you to build character and resilience because you cannot afford to be lazy but have to keep persistent.I chose engineering because of my illness and want to be able to help people like me in the b-med engineering india there is no scope for an electrical engineer to do a graduate course in computer ly, in college representative meetings and the like, multiple people have told me double majoring in music and engineering is just plain , like myself, work in areas such as space system engineering, which is a discipline that ties all the different parts of a space system mechanical engineering your studies will range from strength of materials to heat transfer to fluid michele millersince i'm a mechanical engineer, it would be great if you stayed with same can be said for both electrical and mechanical engineering - they work hand-in-hand with all of the engineering disciplines example, some engineers choose to work individually or in small groups to develop software, hardware, devices, structure designs, new materials, even new i am alina a 5th grader who is not interested in space, but i was wondering if aerospace engineering is a good job if you have no interest in is/was one of the biggest obstacles you’ve had as an engineer?Throughout your journey to become a female engineer, what struggles did you have?What challenges do you face as a black female computer engineer?Ve known people with undergraduate degrees in biomedical engineering who have been hired by companies that make non-medical products ?You and all these other woman engineers inspire me to keep trying!If that is not the direction you want to pursue, then you should try to get an undergraduate degree in chemical cornell, for instance, a chemist can complete a master of engineering (chemical) in under two years (4 semesters), depending on the courses you took as an marjolein c van der meulenbasma:First of all, i am very happy to hear that you are interested in biomedical engineering!How long do you have to go to school to become an computer engineer?Interest in technology would be very helpful to a student considering a career in engineering but not advice was to get a civil engineering degree instead because there are more job opportunities and i could work as an environmental engineer with that degree lly the "imagineers" are the creative people behind the rides, and we the engineering departmnet bring the ride to life.I wish you all the best in your career and life,I am a fresh graduate chemical engineer and i have a genuine interest in the environmental engineering field, my question is how i could enter this field and what specializations are there?However the problem is that the university that i would like to attend (which is the only one close to home and abet accredited) do not offer the program of biomedical engineering nor environmental melissa knothe tatedear morgan, you asked whether there are engineering jobs that involve taking care of there is some specific area of environmental engineering that you would like to work in, see if you can find a way to apply your current courses did you have to take in school to become a chemical engineer?I am 18 years old and currently in a polytechnic college for - not every engineering school puts you into a career box right from the start - places like harvey mudd, dartmouth's thayer school, olin college, smith and others do engineering as a cross-disciplinary program, and it seems to work really well.I am afraid that if i a choose biomedical engineering as a major when i graduate i will not be able to find a job as i heard from biomedical engineerings that companies hire mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineers instead.I might have studied chemical engineering if i had been in school ten years mom is also an engineer within the aerospace/defense industry and has faced some discrimination in the office because she is one of the few you give me any information on careers related to this field, colleges with good engineering and/or medical research facilities, and colleges that grant scholarships based on merit (i don't think ivy league schools do this)?The math skills are part of the qualification for any engineering , be aware that a big part of the engineering world is networking, and being on a campus is an easy way to accomplish and talk to as many engineers as you can, and take part in a design friends who decided to pursue a mechanical track instead of biomed have had equivalent career opportunities to my , i'm currently on my first year of my bachelor in bioengineering and i'm really interested in sports medicine because i've been involved with sports all my your are interested in the environmental aspect of engineering, taking classes like chemistry, physics, astronomy and biology are an important base for for skills to learn, many civil engineers need to be comfortable working in autocad or microstation or ways would be to attend career fair events that local engineering schools are hosting each usha banerjeebasic qualifications like a bachelors degree in computer science, electronics, electrical or any other basic form of engineering is a pre-requisite for computer , we were watching "dexter's laboratory" and i tried to explain that dexter was an " canada, (as at carleton and university of ottawa) students normally get a degree in biomedical engineering combined with a major such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or chemical ly, after my high school i'll be doing phd in aerospace engineering, so is there any particular institution or university that nasa prefers?The number of projects assigned to any particular engineer at any time depends greatly upon the industry and the specific a degree in chemical engineering, i'm ready to tackle a challenge in a variety of fields and have the creativity to come up with a number of c engineers also spend time in their lab designing the robots, just curious, but do you have to read a lot of paperwork?But since i am not a civil engineering graduate of a local university of sri lanka , the companies don't give me a ying-ja chenan engineering degree provides you with the basic training in a technical field.I am look at starting a family in the future, and was wondering if there are any other women engineers in the same or similar industry that could share any advice for half of the group's engineers have additional degrees, but everyone has at least 4-5 years of work experience which in my opinion is equally valuable as continuing is an exciting environment on the manufacturing/production floor and offers a great training area for new engineers (of all disciplines).Is there a introductory to engineering class in any florida college or univeristy?I believe that the breadth for mechanical engineering is wider whereas electrical engineering stays more focused, i think that both majors benefit from one es usually offer courses to help introduce freshmen to all kinds of engineering careers - even some you haven't ever heard of - to help students make that decision.I have been accepted to university of saskatchewan for luck to you--sounds like you will make a great civil engineer!Personally, i really want to become an entrepreneur or a ceo of a technical company, since i've always had a strong interest in technology, but i don't know which major would suit me better: economics or an engineering job, you might point out ‘i received a credit average in (subject vaguely relevant to job) and am keen to start using this knowledge in the real college program is offered to international students and even thought its not in engineering it is a great way to get your foot in the door.I was preferred to select electrical engineering which is one of the major engineering field.I'm a junior in high school and i have just recently taken an interest in computer and software engineering, but i'm unsure if i'm ready to handle these majors in i'm very interested in trying to find a solution to resolve global warming (by acting on the pollutants in the atmosphere), but i also wish to preserve the natural environment, i would like to know whether it would be more useful for me to study environmental or chemical rae anne rushingscience and math skills are critical for engineering so keep up on these skills in school.I am looking for jobs in spain due to my background in spanish, and the majority of the engineering jobs i have found require a degree in a different engineering field (chemical, computer, electrical, etc.I want to enter environmental engineering, but i want to know if it involves mechanical and electronic ann bisantzdear ally,You ask a great question about what engineers really do, in school and on the only can i get a degree from a great liberal arts school, but i can also get a bs in engineering from a larger university!We interviewed three AIChE members, representing different career paths in chemical i don't know which engineering feild i will like to be in.I know environmental engineers who are lawyers, work for the usepa, own their own consultanting company and work in manufacturing- so many you need to know that basics of both physics and chemistry to be a mechanical engineer, unless you decide to major in areas such as bio chemistry, optics etc (just to give you a few examples) you will not need to deep dive into the nmental engineers will also need a good amount of basic biology and chemistry (some of this could be done in high school if you take ap classes).By eugenia kalnaydear maggie:I would say that different types of environmental engineering require different levels of math: for example, modeling (which is what i do) is usually heavy in math, whereas bio-environmental engineering is more intuitive and observationally based, and is mathematically much softer.I was going to be an aerospace engineer but everything is about going green now!I really appreciate your mission to empower young female scientists and ering considers the environment much more than in the go out to schools and teach girls how to build and program robots, to show girls that they can be engineers you need to have all types of engineers you think you may want to become an engineer, then pursue are the negative aspects of being a chemical engineer?I'm a very creative person and i'm afraid that civil engineering won't allow me to create artistic things as much as architecture i am an undergraduate in computer science engineering, i am good in c/c++ programming, but now i have enough idle addition, there should be many exciting and creative possibilities (for example, in technology, education, or entertainment) for someone like you to combine your joint interests in animation and computer will keep you from having a large gap in your resume, and may just lead to your next job persistence in learning the material in your electronics class and your work to identify how you best learn the material will serve you throughout your engineering career.I am contemplating returning to school to pursue a degree in telecommunications engineering.I'm choosing my gcse options soon and i need to know what to choose to pursue my career as a hopeful chemical engineer!By santiana jean-baptistehello dabeera,First congratulations on obtaining your degree in biomedical engineering, this is a significant is really important is that you find something you love and the interest in how things work is a key aspect of environmental engineers i know are environmental lawyers, business owners, or work for large chemical manufacturing accreditation concerns should i think about when attending an engineering school abroad?This link is from the same website and talks about the engineering that has gone into several cosmetic products https:// might be unique in the chemical engineering field if you actually like chemistry lab, etc; lots of my college friends in chemical engineering didn't really like actual chemistry all that much.I love the flexibility and creativity involved in being a chemical , i am really interested in engineering and i was wondering if there is a type that works a lot with wildlife or animals?By mariam ismailhi alexis,Happy to see you considering an engineering schools accept transfer students into a “general engineering” major and then give students time to sample classes over a semester/quarter or two and choose a major from l engineering means different things at different schools, but usually the first two years of courses at any institution are roughly the same for all engineering majors, so taking the physics, chemistry, and calculus courses while you’re at community college is the right first would you say is a niche market involving environmental engineering?Finally, what would be an advice you could give to a young engineer who wants to learn, create and succeed?Do employers more often look for someone who is naturally very smart and has a very in-depth understanding of engineering fundamentals, or someone who may not have to upper advantage but is willing to work hard and is personable?Recently, i started my engineering transfer degree hoping to go into a 4 year college.I am currently a college student pursuing a mathematics degree and i am very interested in a career in engineering, however, i am still undecided about whether or not a career in engineering is for me.I’d like to think that as aerospace engineers we design structures and systems just like mechanical engineers do except we do it while dealing with several limitations – extreme environments, weight limitations, is the base for many new streams like bio mechanical student but i always wanted to work as an aerospace katherine faberhi aj,Some chemical engineering programs have courses and research in "soft" or polymeric or biological one caution is that biomedical engineering and chemical engineering do have different fields of emphasis, so if you decide to pursue a masters in che, be prepared to do some studying, because they will expect you to know a lot of the undergraduate che curriculum in order to do well in the che classes at the masters nandika d'souzai know several mechanical engineers working in environmental fields and one very senior person who started a biomedical program had a degree in mechanical erin fitzgeraldthere are a lot of different areas of robotics (controls, mechanical design, dynamics, stability, motion planning, etc.I think of avionic engineering as being electrical engineering specialized to address the problems of aviation and soha jawabrehto be an engineer, you have to believe in yourself that you can be an engineer, a successful engineer who will make a difference in engineering.I really enjoy applying scientific concepts in real life situations and i am very keen on pursing mechanical engineering in college with a long term desire to work in the themed entertainment drew you to the field of civil engineering instead of environmental or another field of engineering?For example, i’m a civil and structural engineer by training but i now manage renewable energy work and education for potential engineering is a career that helps people and our world could not exist without it.I recently graduated from the university of houston with a master's degree in mechanical egirl teamhi priyanka,I'm not sure who is giving you all this advice, but there are plenty of opportunities for women in chemical recently i've been hearing that mechanical engineers have to deal with how things support the weight of people etc and honestly i am not really interested in subjects like of the industrial engineers featured in this book helped create and develop disney’s typhoon lagoon water park in kim wheelerhi dena,Being an engineer at disney can mean a lot of different things.I have an associates degree in land surveyingand a bachelors degree in civil at nasa there are engineers who test the simulators where the astronauts train to make sure they work own training is in mechanical engineering, and i now work in orthopaedic biomechanics, which applies the concepts of mechanics to orthopaedic problems such as osteoporosis and fracture healing.I am now in my first year of college and taking up construction engineering and management.I am currently in my last year of bachelor of engineering course in electronics see, when i grow up i want to be an engineer, my grandfather was an now its been six years, and although i constantly receive recruiter emails, none will touch my background because of the lag of engineering sandra begayall of the engineering disciplines you mentioned can support your renewable energy career pursuits.I have gotten accepted to my dream school, but i have been looking more into civil engineering and its a bit discouraging because i feel i would , i talked with the dean of engineering, who suggested mechanical engineering for its vast applicability in nearly every field of interest!If the answer is no, then what kind of engineers do?Tissue engineering), a lot of other exciting areas in bioengineering such as biomechanics or bioinstrumentation will involve and require mathematical i'm a senior, graduating in two months and still am confused which engineering department i should get since i loved fashion i was wondering could i tie that into a different avenue of engineering ( like maybe tie that into working on clothing items of a sim's game or the sim's franchise , i love the sim's).I am now a manager at a gas utility so i don't really do much "engineering" as much as managing people now.I am an international graduate student, majoring construction engineering at instance, a field job in petroleum engineering may be challenging for somebody who doesn’t like to be socially cut-off for longer periods of time.I know you are a civil engineer, but found you via a question you answered about environmental interest in 'going green' is definitely something that relates to environmental engineering.I was thinking a major in mechanical and a minor in electrical should pair up zahra khanhi nia,I agree with jessye about math and science being the key subjects to prepare for engineering in high example, i too wanted to pursue a biomedical engineering undergraduate you are interested in renewable energy generation such as wind, or solar, you should look into electrical or mechanical barbara k nielseni am not well versed in aerospace engineering, but my understanding is nasa may offer summer just have be a good problem solver to be a civil engineer.A graduate degree in engineering does not give you the same background to make you work-ready for industry and to be able to apply your engineering question is if anyone as a woman engineer has studied for a pe with a baby as young as 3-4 months of did you decide to enter the field of chemical engineering?As a result, i learned a lot of electrical engineering skills on the job that i never learned in er what courses should i take in my post grad to finally be environmental engineer?It's called the imposter syndrome, and it's very common among both women and men in as a sales executive in an mnc & now i'm planning for master in industrial engineering.I am healthy and i can’t change my weight or size so i’m wondering whether a career in chemical engineering is suitable for i attend, i'd work towards a ba in physics with the intention of going to grad school in first year of engineering school usually focuses on basic sciences and maths.I want to become and engineer because math is one of my best subjects, and i love that i could be a part in solving some of the problems in our world.I have also interviewed one of my colleagues who is a structural y, yes, you can pursue a career in biomedical engineering that's not too grohhi best,Perhaps another general way to look at it could be that materials science & engineering is typically more research/testing laboratory work, and chemical engineering is typically more large scale manufacturing/processing engineering degree can be a positive factor in getting a higher salary or considerations for promotions (especially if you have a professional engineer certification in the long run).I currently hold a bachelor of civil and environmental name is giselle and you had answered a question for me a few years ago,"do structural engineers often work internationally?There are mechanical engineers who work in fluid dynamics, heat transfer, mechanics of materials, dynamics and controls, g in this area provides engineers the opportunity to design replacement joints that can be used in the clinic for both humans and , i just wanted to know what it took you to get into a good college to then study on being a bio medical engineer.I also know one person who studied aeromechanical engineering and now works as a wastewater engineer.I am really confused as i am not sure what exactly my job profile should be and what work is done in each job and also where will i be able to apply the skills i have acquired as an engineer be most suitable to r, it seems as though these programs are a mix of civil, environmental, and biological engineering with some ecology r i am really confused as to if environmental engineering is right for me.I guess what i'm most concerned about is being behind with my lack of knowledge on the topic of engineering in general if i were to change my major to civil , do i need to be able to drive as an engineer?Sometimes even if you are not curious of how things work, or if you don't want to take things apart, that doesn't determine whether you will be good at engineering.I recently got my degree in environmental studies but was thinking to go back for a masters program in environmental a chemical engineer work in a biomedical field or is this a specific discipline in and of itself?My first answer is that biomedical engineering is a sub-discipline of engineering; therefore, you would be better prepared for your master's program with a bachelor's degree in engineering (and biology minor).Tech final year students in an environmental engineering studies which should be helpful in future needs?And i plan on making it better with these last round of courses and i am currently serving as the marketing chair and active member of a civil engineering honor society at my college, however my question is, do you believe an employer would consider this or overlook me because i don't have a bachelor's in or related to environmental engineering, but instead have a master's?Math (including statistics) and science (chemistry and physics) are the most important classes to prepare for a biomedical engineering can i take up computer software engineering first and then biomedical engineering?Factory settings are a minor part of the hvac or building mechanical systems natural sciences), and career-wise, i'd say scientists and engineers work hand in hand together all the time and are both equally involved with problem means as a mechanical engineer you will learn fluid flows in pipes and ducts and in aerospace engineering you might focus on aerodynamics (fluid flows over wings).People who study either degree can work in robotics, and depending on how good you are at applying and interviewing you could probably find a mechanical job with a mechatronics g in the renewable energy domain with mechanical engineering background will make you a valuable professional asset.I want to go into engineering but am a little doubtful about which branch of engineering i ying-ja chenchemical engineers, biological engineers, plant biologists, agricultural biologists, microbiologists, and food scientists are some of the many disciplines that may work on genetically modified food.I'm interested in going into engineering, but i can't figure out which field is right for me, and i don't want to end up studying something in college that i don't like.I would like to know a description of your engineering field , your current job title , describe your job and duties , average work schedule , how was your high school education back round , and if you were to start all over would you still become an engineer or would you peruse a different job title ?I remember being insecure about studying chemical engineering in college, but once i got there i found that i could do the work if i wasnt afraid to ask questions when i didnt understand something.I am an incoming freshman for college and i am a little nervous that i am behind to become an engineer!From all of this, i want to ask you two questions:1) how do you deal with people who don't consider you a real engineer and/or who treat you differently because you're a female engineer?Now, 8 years out and doing cheme work, i am still feeling compelled to make a leap into environmental e it is so male dominated, a majority of companies are looking to diversify their pool of employees by looking for qualified women engineers and engineers from different cultures to fill open job ers come from all over the world and each one has been trained managed a little bit differently.I am currently an environmental engineering bs candidate at the georgia institute of technology (aka georgia tech), and i was wondering what led you to decide on your concentration/ you think it is possible to major in engineering and minor in ballet in college?So you should not worry too much about her desire to choose mechanical aerospace, both will provide her an excellent foundation.I am thinking about studying chemical engineering, but many people say it a really difficult career, and i am staring to get scared.I'm sure this question is asked a lot, but do you have to be extremely smart to become an engineer?Do you think i can survive engineering courses even though i am not really good in drawing?For example, i had a bunch of friends that minored in electrical engineering or controls as they had an interest in i'm trying to say is, just because i have a degree in environmental engineering, doesn't mean that i am limited to that career lecturer is going too fast and i can't follow at all, and he keeps on saying that i can't be a good engineer if my java programming skills are bad.I am planning on getting a master's degree in biomedical engineering but have just learned that the college i will be attending does not have a bachelor's degree in that first thing to do is decide what type of engineering degree you want and what you will do with of that travel was to teach, which is an unusual reason for engineers to me, at the root of it all i knew i excelled at math and science in school and that those were the areas that i enjoyed learning the most; from there i wanted to go into engineering because of the people i knew as i grew up -- my dad is a former chemical engineer, my oldest sister got a degree in civil, among other influential al engineering is a very diverse field and a solid grounding in a basic science area is always if you don't think you're interested in wastewater engineering (for example), and the wastewater engineering club on campus is hosting an event, definitely go!Once women and minorities enter the workforce in civil engineering, i feel that there are no more gender or race issues in our field than any other career field, and in many cases, it is much less than some r, thinking on what to do next, i decided to go for environmental engineering as firstly, i'm interested in helping to do something good for the environment.I have a bachelor of science and want to pursue masters studies in chemical or environmental engineering but i don't have any undergraduate experience in matter who you are, becoming an engineer requires hard work and g back, i chose engineering because i enjoyed science and math, but i did struggle with many of my classes in key core competencies are chemistry, engineering, and math (you have to model and analyze the product designs you are considering).Its difficult to say but, i didnt even know what an engineer was or had even heard of "engineer".Chemical engineering allows me to do work in pharmaceutical companies, and perfume/food would help a lot and inspire me more to be and engineer and remember i am only 10 years old and i am a girl and trying to be like you and inspire my friends that are girls to be engineers when they grow up engineering degree gives you the foundation to be able to problem solve with data using sound scientific methods, and then chemical engineers specialize more in chemistry, materials, fluids, and solids processing.I thinking about switching from chemical engineering to mechanical engineering.I actually had the aiche's career services review my resume and give me their important thing a lot of women engineers around campus will offer in word or deed or example is that you transition from the kid who appears diffident who thinks they are not as good to the graduate who speaks confidently and realizes they are as good or better than most in some area or the you're still worried, you could try taking some math and engineering classes without officially switching your major and see you how you like is the actual job for an electrical engineer like?I was involved with organizations such as society of women engineers (swe) and american institute of chemical engineers (aiche).A final thought: my goal was always to work at nasa, so i worked hard to get an aerospace engineering with mechanical engineering, specializing in machine design and specializing one step beyond, if you want----but don't get too narrow in your focus.I'm currently a mechanical engineering major student who was originally torn between choosing mechanical and chemical engineering as my ical, electrical, chemical)), thermohydraulics (study of how energy flows from one form to another), material science (study of different properties of material including their melting points, freezing points, etc), and many other specialized  fields needed to understand how electricity can be produced from nuclear high school, i took a lot of ap classes that i knew are required for any engineering degree, do you as civil engineer like and dislike the most about your job?For some engineers, like civil engineers or mechanical engineering designers, drawing is a big part of their day to day life.I am currently a junior civil engineering major at osu this semester has been very difficult for me because my continue to be low percentages of female engineers in the workforce and it doesn't appear that a radical shift will occur anytime soon.I am interested in working for a structural engineer to gain insight into how an engineer works and how to better work with engineers in the future as an chemical engineering, you really can make a world of difference!I had a very similar life choice during my time studying but looking back at that time i think i’m a better person and a better engineer for having had something to struggle to my passion of biology, i was thinking about going into biomedical engineering (however only as a masters).By valarie king-baileyhi,I think it is great that you want to be an engineer in the katherine faberdear sherry,Can you become an aerospace engineer even if your high school grades sucked and your sats were only slightly above average?Posted by nkosinomusa from graduate engineer/ bulawayo zimbabwe on march 22, we start looking for engineering schools with our daughter, how can we find schools that are actively and successfully graduating women from their programs and are creatively working to retain women in their programs?I currently am going into my senior year with a civil engineering b.I'm worried that the work load for engineering might be too jessye talleyhello cal,I am not a biomedical engineer but, it is important to try to keep a high gpa in order to be competitive for internships and jobs in many people usually think that if you are taking up engineering, you are automatically good in math.I love technology and digital stuffs, that's why i'm into computer you end up working for a large company, such as a large chemical or other industry product manufacturing company, you could end up working on a team with engineers, scientists, technicians and so what types of engineering should i go into to somewhat avoid science courses?We encourage you to seek the services of a professional engineer for any engineering advice you may course, having math and physics helps to get accepted into engineering programs, but is not is particularly true in engineering, because engineers try to solve now, i don't know if i just miss that part of my life or if it is just because i want to actually do some engineering and we can't as chem-e's until we get through a lot more chemistry colista freemanwhile there are many civil engineers who devote an enormous amount of time to their work, there are many others who seek to strike more of a balance between work and home.I have friends who have the same degree as i do who have gone into civil or power engineering industries and spend their days "in the field" on construction sites or power rigs, complete with boots and hard hat dress it is because you are having a hard time with basic general engineering courses, such as calculus or physics, then switching to ie is not an option, since ie has the same basic coursework as all engineering if it does how does one get to this specific part of biomedical r option to consider is pursuing your advanced degree in mathematics then working for an engineering company as the math specialist.I was wondering what i needed to do so i could become a chemical good thing about engineering is that it is entirely problem-solving (like math).The most challenging courses i took:Uncertainty and risk analysis - learned the approach towards probability, statistics, and stochastic models under the discipline of engineering.I highly highly recommend that you get an internship to help figure out which field of civil engineering you are interested sound so motivated, that i am sure you will have a bright future in some part of the engineering you want to work in engineering an engineering degree is basically required.I really want to do engineering as i feel that i can succeed in it and there are so many things that i'd love to make and design with my own general, women and men in engineering start out with very similar salaries.I am currently a junior and want to take chemical engineering after i ability for you to obtain your ms in environmental engineering will depend on the program you plan to apply to and what they will require you to take.I have applied to some schools and one school that i have been accepted into only has civil engineering and i can also receive a certificate in environmental advantage of chances in school where you can visit engineering companies or contact engineering alumni to find out more about the daily tasks of their a degree in chemical engineering, i’m ready to tackle a challenge in a variety of fields and have the creativity to come up with a number of end goal of aerospace engineer may sound difficult (and impressive!Maintenance engineers might work in figuring out problems with factory machines and design solutions for there opportunities in what i'm interested in with just a bachelors degree in chemical engineering (if i don't want to join grad school just after)?However, in biomechanics we definitely have a greater female representation than mechanical engineering as a i grow up i want to be an environmental strategist or environmental you answer yes to these two questions then you should think of either computer or electrical engineering or even computer i want the hard way, i love computers, technology, sony, nintendo, games, digital world, ugh many to mention, so i decided computer lly inventing something new is less common than you might think in engineering overall - a lot of mechanical engineering and engineering in general is the process of refining and improving an existing product to be less expensive or more ace engineering is usually its own degree; some schools combine aerospace and mechanical engineering in one department or offer a mechanical engineering degree with an aerospace 's fair to say that mathematics and science are core subjects for engineering but equally important skills include problem solving, creativity, innovation and chemical engineers would say corporate politics are a negative, but i haven't experienced that in the jobs i've you already have a lot of french under your belt (which you can list as “language fluency” on your resume), then perhaps a minor in business might add more to your current skill set and make you more marketable in the long there, i am a local food systems professional with a hankering to pursue opportunities in the engineering field.I have worked with a lot of environmental science majors in my career as well as engineers.I'm wondering what would be the best field of engineering to study to hopefully one day get me there?What would you say are the pros and cons of being a chemical engineer?Mechatronics gives you a broader range of knowledge across mechanical, electrical and computer systems she could deal with all of that to [kind of literally] pave the way for us to be able to go into engineering, then we can certainly use these opportunities that she and many others created for us to make it an even easier choice for women in future generations to make.A great resource for young aerospace engineers is the aiaa career center,I am going into my senior year at high school and i recently decided that i might want to study engineering at these activities together will give you a good foundation of scientific understanding and thought processes to make you a successful practicing engineer.I work with a woman who studied chemistry, and she is now a water resources will provide a certification as an engineer in far as picking an engineering track at this point, try the classes that your high school has, and see what you like.I also passed the patent bar, however i have no work experience as an engineer.I'm also planning on taking the engineering classes that my school offers,but i'm not really sure if engineering is what i want to ipating in high school clubs, sports, volunteering in the community) shows that you can manage your time, be a leader and a team player, and take initiative, all important qualities no matter if you decide to be an engineering student, a psychology student, a biology student, a music student universities have opted to offer only the four core engineering fields (cheme, ee, cive, and me) and allow their students to choose concentrations with electives.I'm currently a double major at university at buffalo in aerospace and mechanical engineering (with a minor in physics).With chemical engineering, you really can make a world of difference!Bolyardyes i think environmental engineering will give you an excellent foundation to pursue renewable r, i didn't do biology or chemistry, will this prevent me from becoming a biomedical engineer?If none of them are researching tissue engineering, nobody will be able to help lastly, on a lighter note, i and my few engineer friends haven't lost our fair skin or other external attributes by opting for engineering as a career - but one has to be good in maths and physics - there is no short cut there.I've had an unfulfilling career in the fashion industry and really want to pursue industrial engineering, hopefully in the product development far as biomedical engineering, it is not the same thing as medical training, although some of the materials may you can begin to focus your engineering classes on practical problem-solving and include plenty of design-based projects that show how engineering really matters to the world, you'll help both the boys and the girls become better engineers, and you may see many more girls showing an interest.I also took engineering courses in things like statics and dynamics, computer aided design, and technical biology and biochemistry are my strong points, i have not had any exposure to electrical or mechanical engineering concepts in material engineering be good to pursue if i wanted to design the bows also?Many people say that engineering is usually related to men's work, such as lifting heavy weights.I am graduating from university in april 2016 as a civil you give me some examples of how being an engineer can be interesting an exciting?Some well-renowned biomedical engineering programs in the country include these: johns hopkins, ucsd, georgia tech, mit, uw (seattle).Abet accreditation is really a sign of quality, and it’s common for bioengineering and biomedical engineering programs to be abet-accredited, since the accreditation is such a widely recognized sign of now, i’m sure you can find it challenging to solve the immediate problem at hand – how to get your college education to become an engineer.I looked a little bit into it, to my understanding looks like those are part of environmental engineering programs, of which from what i found those are couple with chemical and mechanical engineering degrees, does that sound about right?I am thinking about being a software engineer and wondering if it is hard to balance family and work while working 40+ hour it be advantageous to acquire solid engineering experience before going to law school?With these skills from a materials science or chemical engineering degree, you will be able to go to companies for an internship during your college degree program and set yourself up for a career in cosmetics or skin marita chenghi sura,If you want to be a great mechatronics engineer, start doing projects outside of your normal class sounds like mechanical engineering is what you might want to go into or, depending on the school, possibly electrical example, someone may be both a mechanical engineer and a naval engineer depending on the type of work she is doing, and an agriculture engineer may actually describe herself as a biological engineer.I'm interested in aeronautical engineering, but most of the people i talk to say that muslim girls do not get a job in this are lots of engineering fields which don't require you to take things apart.I encourage you to pursue the type of engineering you think is most interesting, and then do as many internships as you can manage to get an idea of the many opportunities in your field.A rainwater filtration system and cistern would probably need to be designed by an engineer, but not necessarily a civil engineer as some mechanical engineers design these types of nmental engg has very little of hard core chem engg and it really doesn't need a specialist like chemical engineer.I am an incoming senior and i am interested in taking a materials engineering course.I guess my main questions are:How and when did you know that engineering was the right field for you?Posted by nancy from mechanical engineer students bs on june 5, i have to study and try to find out more about your life accomplishment, how were you inspired to be an engineer, child stories about yourself, what limits did you push, and just basic fact about do you think is essential for a good engineer?What are the best future plans of civil engineer after completing the master egirl teamdear vandna,You will need to take biology at some point if you want to be a biomedical changing the conversation about engineering in schools i think we can give girls a much clearer perspective about the opportunities and benefits of the you want to know how many engineering jobs are available for trained engineers, then that answer also depends on several things.I'm going to start my 2nd year in electronic engineering.A biomedical engineer is an engineer who works on medical problems so they need some of the same training in physiology and biology that would be expected of a doctor, but they also need a firm understanding of , be aware that most engineering workplaces remain to be male-dominated, which may be different than what you're used to.I think the idea of becoming a roller coaster engineer would be look at engineering schools that offer that degree and review the required other thing that may help you feel more confident about your choice is an internship or some way of experiencing what mechanical engineers "actually" this is the time to see which colleges might best meet your interests and to learn about the different engineering disciplines they offer.I'm the type of person where i want to travel and help other countries through engineering.I teach the basic principles of an engineer within lessons so i have basically taught myself the knowledge equivalent to an a level student's r i should do further studies after my engineering or should i do a job.I am one girl who is interested in engineering, electrical or example if you want to do mechanical, industrial or electrical/ computer engineering focus more on physics but if you want to do chemical/ biomedical engineering focus more on chemistry and ering by definition is the mechanical art or science of making practical application of the knowledge of pure science as physics or chemistry in the construction of real world applications.I was looking at combining the fields of music and engineering but all i can find is audio and recording engineering, but i don't want to do i get chemical engineering job with a master's degree but no related bachelor's?I think as engineers we’re wired to be as efficient as possible and it is hard to just allow ourselves to sit and enjoy the moment.I chose environmental science as a major, and i am taking calculus, physics, and programming for engineers as do i take into account to be a successful engineer?Currently i am registered for civil engineering, but we are allowed to still change courses within engineering before because you fail one test (or several) doesn't mean you won't be a fantastic engineer one day!Many engineers actually get their mba (master’s degree in business administration) even if they are set to stay in the engineering field, for precisely this finally, engineering students who can write clearly and professionally have a real advantage (in college, when looking for jobs, and in their careers!Do chemical engineers need to work with machines and operate the chemical plant?When i addressed this with the professor, he clearly wondered why i would have chosen electrical engineering if i did not play with electronics in hs; but i noted that it was not a prerequesite and this assumption was making it difficult for an environmental engineer you will be able to guide people towards reducing these dangers that past generations, including mine, have stephanie e lewishello nurse desiree,First of all, i believe that being an older female should not be a challenge for you as an entry level engineer as long as you are motivated and looking to cotinue a, at times, challenging certainly don’t have to be stuck behind a desk all the time if you choose a career in chemical my experience, employers understand a late start to a career when you show military on your someone is studying tissue engineering, email them, set up a meeting, tell them this is what i'm interested in, talk to them about exactly what they electrical engineering degree is usually more hardware oriented though there are electrical engineering disciplines that also have software elements (such as power system engineers that focus on electricity and the power grid), computer engineering focus on the combination of hardware and software, and software engineering focuses on how to build as dates for admission into colleges approaches, my parents have been pretty hell bent on me taking electrical related fields (i dont really enjoy it as much as mechanical) as its more 'women friendly'.I am currently a 2nd year college student in the environmental engineering program at my school.I am really interested in pursuing a career in engineering, with a particular interest in renewable materials engineer would be working to change the strength and stiffness and fatigue resistance (how many times you can string the bow before it might get a crack).I don't think you need to find a course that combines engineering and commerce to achieve your goal (i only studied electrical engineering and developed knowledge about business and commerce while working as a systems analyst).From your pespertive what would like to see happening in schools that can help girls to take such exciting careers and also to make them better engineers off, i want to thank all of the people who have put together this web site for women/girls interested in engineering!Can you suggest some more skills i must develop which can help me in future to become a better engineer?However my school has a 3-2 engineering program where you do 3 years at whittier and finish your degree by doing 2 years at i've heard an issue with woman engineers is sexism, have any of you ever been treated unfairly at work just because you are a female?I work on inlet and jet engine design for highly integrated vehicles (that means an aircraft like the x43) so my colleagues are electrical/computer engineers, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, materials engineers, aerospace engineers, physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, chemists, and even some civil engineers.I've been really confused lately as to which type of engineer i should all chemical engineers work in production facilities, but i have found you can apply the chemical engineering discipline to all sorts of process type work.I am looking into going to school for bio engineering, a couple of the colleges have a requirement that you get a bachelor's in either chemical, mechanical or electronic i absolutely love that someone decided to make a website dedicated to increasing the interest of girls in engineering!Dear susan su, i would like to know what are your accomplishments in your job what asspirations do you have and what inspired you to be a bio medical engineer?I thought of doing engineering for my degree, and i might change to marketing(sales) in the having an engineering degree, environmental or civil, will open many doors for you!By egirl team petroleum engineering is one of the highest paid engineering professions, and the demand for new engineers can depend heavily upon the price of oil.I was just wondering, how do i know for sure if engineering is the thing i want to do?If i pursue electrical engineering, for example, will i be able to work on many different types of projects?Having worked with many larger companies i believe the general feeling, right from senior management, is that female engineers are a good asset to any ng on my product development engineer role, one of my jobs was to work on the development of a process and formula for using a dow epoxy (plastic/polymer) in biodegradable packaging when you know that you want to be an engineer, you have the decision about what engineering you would like to an alternative, you could consider taking an introductory class in both materials engineering and cheme, as both classes would likely provide good background knowledge for any engineering , if i want to go into pharmaceutical engineering should i pursue a degree in chemical engineering or biochemical engineering?As an interviewer, i frequently ask chemical engineers about any experience that looks like job-hopping, but usually it is only a factor when you see 3-4 jobs in as many linda slonksnesboth the university of virginia and virginia tech have aerospace engineering programs that have been accredited by abet (the board that makes sure an engineering program meets expectations for granting engineering degrees).I have been weighing my pros and cons of being an engineer to being a high school chemistry teacher.I am currently a 3rd year mechanical engineering student at my university.I have heard that it is difficult to find a job in industry as a bioengineer with only a bachelors i need to take physics and chemistry 2 if i wanted to be an engineer?I imagine that most of the replies you have received suggest mechanical engineering as the most appropriate have a great career opportunities center, and the career fairs have sometimes 200+ companies looking for engineers!Perhaps as a high school senior, you could try shadowing different engineers in your area to learn about different engineering disciplines, and the types of tasks they do.I don't remember his name or what he even looked like, but i remember getting curious about geological you like bridges and architectures and how they are built or how you can make them stronger, then you should consider architectural or civil engineering.I think it's also important to understand that just because you're studying one engineering discipline, you're not locked into a career in that discipline or even in engineering.

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Perhaps you are aware that engineering is of various of my very favorite books to recommend to you is called “changing our world: true stories of women engineers” by sybil hatch.I am currently an 11th grader wanting to major in aeronautical engineering later on in my masters, with a mechanical engineering degree for the college that i want to go to doesn't have and environmental or civil engineering option, but it does offer civil engineering technology and i'm not sure exactly what that is?At least when we were in india, students from all fields (mechanical, architecture, civil, etc etc) got picked up by companies like tcs, infosys, etc.I really want to be an engineer for the u.A job posting for a technical support engineer with experience in mixing at fluent came up, i applied and was reason that i like civil engineering as a profession is that you have interesting projects to work on and get to work around other intelligent, problem-solving egirl teamhi anupama,If you are committed to being an engineer, you may still be able to do of recent i've been looking into engineering as a possible career for are clearly mistaken about that, as i studied chemical engineering in india, and there are several wonderful universities and institutes that offer degrees in chemical thing is that i have had to take calculus ii two times and it is demotivating me to pursue this route of engineering because it is just getting harder and harder.I am interested in pursuit a career in biomedical engineering, but i am not sure if i should pursue a more general engineering approach such as chemical engineering to acquire the skills employers look for (i heard that most employers prefer candidates with either a mechanical, electronic, or chemical engineering degree as opposed to a biomedical engineering degree).Once i decided i wanted to study engineering, i chose the mechanical branch, to stay as broad as possible (other engineering choices are much more limiting for the future).By jenny zhangi think my major (environmental engineering) has a close relationship with chemical engineering, and we do have several graduate students in our department who have undergraduate degrees in cheme, so i will try to answer these questions:-).The ratio of women to men in engineering classes is often higher than that in industry, so don't be misled by the gender balance in your there an engineering field more focused on math or is engineering not right for me?I thought i wanted to go into wildlife biology, but now i want to get a master's in environmental engineering kind of project have you done of environmental engineering?How would i go about finding a mentor for my major (computer engineering) ?My love for science and math lead me to the engineering my advice to you is to go into engineering, find an area that you enjoy, and do as well as you can in mechanical engineering is not very closely linked with environment.I'm currently just starting on the path to become an engineer but am very lost as to which specialization to choose.I am planning to be a software engineer working with system who is planning to go to usc after high you go with the bachelor's first it will help you get a better sense of the engineering side of in college, most engineering majors take the same classes their first two years in an engineering a mechanical engineer which classes do you think would be most helpful to take in high school?Hi, i am a junior mechanical engineer in a power plant with only three months experience on the job.I can honestly say i have never heard that come from an engineer.I was wondering if biomedical engineers create tools to help forensic scientists?I am currently majoring in environmental engineering with a minor in you tell me why engineering would be the right path for me?Right now i am having a interest in chemical and environmental engineering and must admit that i am good in chemistry and have good understanding and enthusiasm in working for environment.I basically want to know whether girls should really opt for chemical engineering?Faculty in our department of mechanical engineering are working with a visual arts professor to create better devices for use in pediatric medicine †something that might not look so scary to kids.I love medicine so i could be an engineer that does stuff with 't be afraid to look beyond the engineering school, as a professor with an architectural or building construction background may also be able to provide you with some resources with the previous positions i've held, i've optimized workloads for assembly line workers, worked with vendors to optimize delivery of materials, re-engineered production lines, managed hardware inventories and deployments, implemented new software solutions to field personnel, lead projects within my organizations and served on special focus groups as a resource and subject matter engineers go on to earn masters degrees (usually in another 2 to 3 years), and some get a ph.I was just wondering about being an engineer, particularly a female engineer and having tattoos.I am torn between majoring in aerospace engineering, physics, or double majoring in both (i am willing to put in the extra work), and hope to work for nasa, spacex, spawar, or other similar company.A degree in chemical engineering would require a second bs, but would not take you four there a specialty one should pursue if trying to become a cosmetic engineer?For example, electrical engineers may design circuits which may involve drawing of the circuit on a , so recently i have changed my major to environmental science in hopes of one day becoming an environmental a lot of colleges aerospace/ robotics falls under mechanical engineering, some schools even have an undergrad program specifically for aerospace neha dobhalhi anusha,It is so nice to learn of your interest in physics and astronomy as well as to learn that you aspire to be an aerospace , i'm a seventh grader studying civil engineering, i was wondering if you could tell me valuable information on how civil engineers impacted our lives tricia berrylots of mechanical engineers are hired by chemical companies to work on the chemical you give me some pros and cons of going into civil engineering?The usual route for becoming a clinical engineer is a strong degree in electrical engineering with software and computer skills, as most medical devices are electrical (electronic) with much software added.I understand that working as a field service engineer is required to travel example, i received my undergraduate bachelor of science in chemical engineering and took masters level courses in biomedical i have better career opportunities than an engineering graduate from private sector?I'm looking into possibly pursuing industrial engineering but i would like to have an idea of tasks you complete on a day to day basis to see if engineering is something i would truly enjoy doing.I am considering becoming a mechanical engineer after i become a computer even draw things that get pretty detailed in illustrating how something will look in real life those engineers are also great artists!By melinda piket-mayhi tanima,Electrical engineering is so much more than power plants!Even the controls and the software can be considered mechanical y chemistry is science and chemical engineering is how to engineer that science, which means how to make these chemicals behave in a way you want , to get useful al engineering is a wonderfully versatile degree to have and we make important advances in the production of products that make life better.I sincerely believe that engineers of the 21st century should be trained with more than technical subjects including project management, leadership and public policy, among ask if there is a big difference between different kinds of engineering - there are differences in the types of things people work on day to day between different kinds of engineers (say, chemical compared to electrical) - but there are also differences within the types of you don't like it, don't let that get you away from father, who is my mentor and also an engineer amongst being one of the pioneers in software over 50 years ago, always said a wise thing when i was in your position many years ago.I am an engineering major, and i am enrolled in intensive calculus i have already been interested in engineering and was not sure which engineering to take, after taking chemistry i am seriously been thinking of doing chemical to sum it up: clubs, networking events, expanding your knowledge about other engineering disciplines, and getting some (however limited) hands-on experience in the field(s) you're interested approach is look first to a degree such as mechanical is power, power is generated either chemically (petroleum, natural gas), mechanically (wind, hydro), or by radiation (nuclear, solar).You can search the university finder on the tryengineering website to find some that offer the major you are interested in.I'd also like to point out that the salary of engineers tend to be much higher than someone with an environmental science degree and sometimes the entry level positions would be basically the same!Is there any hope for me to be an engineer or is it truly best for me to look somewhere else?Also, as a practicing engineer money and time are never fortunately or unfortunately i ended up taking environmental engineering in my undergraduate .We then work with these partners, along with input from maintenance and facilities engineering to deliver solutions.I suggest that you ask your sister some questions about what it is like to be an now i'm only in 6th grade but i want to get my self on the right path for becoming an engineer what steps can i take right two of them i got interested the most is the one of electrical and computer engineering(here in greece the two fields are in one school and degree) and mechanical engineering schools will let you take the first year as an “undecided” engineering major, so you can take some time to figure out what suits you best.I would highly recommend seeking internships with engineering firms while you are in school, which will allow you to see many different options available to civil engineers.I want to be an aircraft engineer so i did research about it, and it came out about aerospace engineering.I don't think you need to have an aerospace engineering degree to work are the subjects that i have to take in year 11 and 12 in order to get into the course of bachelors of engineering (environmental)?I had no idea that landfills were highly engineered structures with lots of room for creative solutions.I am sadeen a ninth grade student and i am planning to become a biomedical engineer, but my family tells me that i can't be an engineer because being a girl would get in the way!With this being said, you would be much better off to pursue the engineering degree now, even if it takes extra time and i want to get enroll in aerospace engineering, but i have a lot of civil engineering in september and i have intentions of doing a masters in something along the lines of sustainable design and didn't just jump on a bike and automatically know how to ride it, and engineering, math, and science, especially advanced classes, will be the example, what separates material science engineering from chemical engineering class?First, you should tell all your friends that engineering is not a "man's" job!Basically, anything relating to the design, build, launch, and operation of a satellite would be mostly aerospace your education fully prepare you for a profession in the engineering field or were there some surprises along the way?I was wondering how important where you graduated from college is when applying for a job in the chemical engineering field.I am almost done with the first semester, and although i am doing well in my classes, i am very unsure of whether or not i would actually like to be an electrical engineer, or if that's where god wants a system engineer, i help design how the pieces should fit together and then i work with all of the different people involved in the project to make sure things come togther still in engineering, i gave up my career as an expert witness of over 25 years and decided i wanted to be an belinda wadesondear anees,Resume books (or the internet) will give you a lot of information and tips on how to write your resume, what to include, that you should try to find out the person’s name men including women still believe that engineering is a man's , my name is rachel and i am interested in becoming an engineer when i am check through our directory of women engineers to see all the women working in different careers throughout the resources engineers to assess river levels under flooding scenarios and the potential for strong currents to undermine the bridge seetha raghavandear karla,Both aerospace and mechanical engineers have the ability to adapt to positions in the industry that require technical capability in either of these positions…with some work (courses).And although the university doesn't offer bio medical engineering as a major it does offer a chemical engineer with a minor in bio engineering degree, is that a good deal?This will allow you to talk to other women engineers working in different fields of engineering.I was thinking of getting into environmental eng or engineering sciences.I think the biggest reason for this is in the work place, for a science degree to be considered the equivalency of an engineering degree generally requires a master’s not, should i get a chemical engineering degree and then opt to work with environmental stuff, or would that be stooping below my pay grade?Good luck with your career path and please keep in touch when you land that perfect engineering/design nicolette yovanofhi andi,I studied in aerospace engineering and now work in mechanical engineering, there is a wide variety of are indeed some fields where you can try to combine engineering and music, such as audio engineering or architectural sound design (designing concert halls, etc.I'm angela, and i'm currently a junior in high school who really wants a career in engineering.I wish you luck on your journey to becoming an engineer, and it sounds like you are already on the right track in your hunt to find the right path to of the best ways to start making professional contacts is to join a professional association like the society of women engineers (swe) or the american society of mechanical engineers (asme).You might ask a science or engineering teacher or guidance councilor for help with technical you want to design software regardless of where it goes, i would look into software you please advise me regarding the job prospects, pay and type of work that needs to be done in chemical in many cases a computer engineer will find themselves in a desk/cubicle environment where computer work takes might also want to search online for “what do chemical engineers do?I am an electrical engineer but i got job in the mechanical experience has been that "biomedical engineering" requires more of a solid engineering education primarily, and biomedical education is you are in middle school then this would be a great time to start looking into engineering clubs and after-school and summer an engineer, the math and science are not in my face every chemical engineers work in so many industries that, if safety is a particular concern, you can work in a department or in an industry that does not involve exposure to hazardous mechanical engineering i would want to pursue in a job that i enjoy, could fascinate or inspire individuals with the creations we have made, and would like to bring joy to others from the works of imagination and hard your engineering training, it never hurts to learn about business and strategic planning, because the best companies will expect women and men alike to deliver value in everything from designing a product to deciding the future of a company.I was wondering if i can do my bachelors degree in bioengineering and then do my masters degree in biomedical engineering, is this something that can work or are the two fields too far apart?By aprille ericssonhi mackenzie,There are quite a few requirements for a job in al engineers are everywhere you find paints, plastics, food, packaging, medicine and so many other things we interact with in our daily lives.I have met a few male engineers who have given me great insights, but i am more curious from a woman's a b+ still an acceptable grade if i'm looking to be an engineer and be accepted into a good college?Engineering is an exciting career for anyone as it builds the quality of life for all of us.I am in final year of my civil engineering degree and want to learn computer software like autocad and staad pro.I am currently taking a computer architecture and organization class for my undergraduate in electrical more information i would look into colleges that offer masters in packaging engineering and reach out to an admissions officer and ask what they look ering is full of possibilities - many good wishes for a great future!I am almost one year into my current position, but my development as a young engineer has not been the experience that i have ering is an amazing career and offers a wide range of opportunities for young women.I got the following tips from a professional resume writer who was giving a workshop to government contractors on how to apply for permanent federal are many types of engineers; mechanical, structural, civil, chemical, energy, electrical, matter your age, get involved in your community and share with younger women and girls that being an engineer is cool!What are some good colleges and universities to study mechanical engineering around the world?Industrial engineering for example is dealing more and more with services than with aim is to look forward to invent things and inspire many more women to join the wonderful field of engineering in you pursue a mechanical engineering degree, you can focus on how to design environmentally friendly there any work from home jobs for petroleum engineers?However, it will be extremely difficult to get into an environmental engineering program without an engineering degree.I could say that i am an electrical engineer with a losted i am an engineering drop out currently working as a technical support executive in a four year old daughter only knows her mommy to be an " egirl team dear noluthando,There are a number of answers to that question, but i think one of the biggest things that needs to change is message we tell people about colista freemanly,There are so many career options in artistic talent is definitely a plus for engineers here, but is not a of all, i'm thankful that i discovered this org/website because i badly need an advice (this is a long message please bare with me) so here it is, i'm a girl and 2nd year college (well i'm supposed to be a 3rd year college student if i didn't failed my college algebra in my first school year) with a course of computer if i got a masters in biomedical engineering, i could do some amazing work are millions of engineering jobs in the petroleum engineering field that are suitable for also note that environmental engineering is an emerging field and looking at global developments, it will soon be a lucrative profession in the )  given your chemistry background, it's likely you'd try to be licensed in the chemical engineering a support group of friends, women engineers, and people at school that can help you understand and work hard on those classes.I want to know your opinion on if it is okay for a young engineer like me to be searching for another position with a bigger will have a lot of options available for you once you graduate and this is only possible for those who major in industrial chemical engineering programs (especially in the us) sprang up around industry - so you may tend to see a larger concentration in one geographical area a degree in chemical engineering, i’m ready to tackle a challenge in a variety of fields and have the creativity to come up with a number of solutions.I understand your questions about the engineering job hours and day to day office :), i'm natalie and a senior in highschool and i have wanted to be an engineer for quite some time now but i have an interest in so many fields!By elisabeth drakedear emy,Twenty years ago, most chemical engineers did not study biology!I'm from mexico city and i'm studying computer systems engineering online.I am a college freshman in engineering, and starting to decide what to specialize in.I am sure you will find something that makes you feel like you are a good fit in electrical engineering (maybe even research that a female professor is doing).T and communication, more important than math related subjects for a newly graduated engineering when looking for employment?But i cannot do that now, so i want do do a job that requires artistic creativity or designing in electrical engineering, and i want to do a masters degree in such a y, if you find your interests spanning across multiple engineering "disciplines," that's quite alright because there are areas of application where you can be immersed in multiple types of engineering/sciences.I've currently begun career exploration with the assistance of a career counselor and one of the areas she suggested that i delve into was our chemistry teacher has asked us to look at jobs that involve chemistry, so as i want to be a mechanical engineer when i'm older i thought that i should look into civil r i feel as though most masters of engineering programs require a bachelors of engineering.I am sure you will find lots of excitement and rewards in pursuing any engineering career there are so many challenges and opportunities available if you have a good fundamental education!My friend says that i should go for cs because i may have more career options and that software engineering is not broad example, i was hired by lockheed martin as a mechanical engineer and went on to work as a aeronautical engineer for class, honer degree), so i want to take my masters degree in petroleum engineering and i want to take it in canada.I am a mom to a few very bright children, one of which desperately wants to become a biomedical would be impossible for a student with a commerce degree to be hired as an aerospace you study engineering now when you could be studying something you are really passionate about then you may miss your chance to do what you really was hard for me to know what type of engineer i wanted to be in college if i hadn't taken the ap classes and intro engineering classes early ering that you have good analytical skills, i should also add that with the advent of big data analytics, fields such as electrical engineering and computer science (cs) that build a strong mathematical foundation for students at the undergraduate level are becoming very popular, particularly among those students who find themselves more interested in engineering than in pure math or other words, you will be equally qualified to join the industry if you are an electrical engineer, a mechanical engineer or an aerospace engineer.I recently was studying to be a engineer ,but do i need a ph.I’ve been an engineer for a long time – and i highly recommend engineering as a career for women!By amelia scharrerhi abdul - if you applied for a civil engineering position with your computer science degrees, i would not invite you for an interview.I got into materials engineering because it's exciting and interesting, so of course to me the pros far outweigh the cons!By marita chengboth streams of engineering require collaboration and are friendly to extroverts.I'm just wondering if it is worth graduating as, say, a c average engineer?Depending on what environment best suits you, you can find a chemical engineering job to can do tissue engineering with either degree if you set your sight on all that said, i guess my question to you is what do you (or an regular engineer) do every day?What area of mechanical engineering you will be focusing some mechanical engineers work with calculus every day, but many mechanical engineers may not use calculus at ver path you choose to follow to become an engineering manager, remember that possessing a hard work ethic, a positive attitude and being a good team member will make you a valuable graduate!I can tell you that in my work and what i do today, a masters in business would have been a very good compliment to my current role as i have moved into a management track in the field of rly some mechanical engineers may do a great deal of design work, while others instead validate and test new engineering degrees require base coursework in math, physics, chemistry, and earth/life sciences; start there many engineers working at nike with bachelor's degree?I've worked on building, heart implants, flight tested airplanes, designed airplanes, and now help fix airplanes with a mechanical engineering degree.I am wondering what other helpful master degrees do civil engineers have besides the traditional masters in civil engineering and mbas?If i want to be an industrial engineer, would it make the most sense to major in industrial engineering or potentially something more general like mechanical engineering?The focus in electrical engineering will be calculus, mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc and over the course of 4 years many other classes around to the application of those theories.I even took a principles of engineering class and i did really well at it, and i enjoyed as it turns out umd doesn't offer enviro- there many jobs for me as an engineer in portland, oregon?But the unique thing about engineering is that it never stays the same.I know i may get some lash from asking this, but as a person who equally loves engineering and literature, i'm not sure why i would spend the excess money on a degree that will offer me very little growth or pay respect, because i am a matter what path you choose you have some very exciting choices in front of you as a mechanical engineer that point in my work experience i worked in the mechanical engineering department designing all sorts of the areas covered in your options - aerodynamics and propulsion as well as structures and materials - are important when it comes to designing aircraft and working in the aerospace engineering field - they cannot exist without the mom really wants me to be an engineer, but i just don't you please suggest which country will be the best option to do a masters in aeronautical engineering?Find another student who is as passionate as you are about engineering, perhaps an upperclassmen, and get together to talk about concepts to make sure you have them down.I seen on here that an application of biomedical engineering is coming up with treatments for cancer that have less side ers who design things need to convey what might be a difficult will give you an idea of the types of things that those types of engineers do.S: i don't know what type of engineering i want to do).They are not paid, but may beef up your to narrow your choices to two or three, then just research they types of jobs that engineers in those fields typically parents are pressuring me to do medicine but i have great passion and desire in engineering.I am having trouble figuring out if i am fit for engineering.I was wondering if you could tell me the outlook, requirements, and good and bad things of the job of engineering.I've noticed that a lot of the young american women engineers often behave in ways that undermine their professional , here are a few of my questions:What is involved in being an aerospace engineer?It is not like i am bad at it, but i am a little worried because of the engineering you think it would be possible to balance a collegiate level, year-round sport with a biomedical engineering undergraduate degree?By urbashi mitrai do not believe that one form of engineering is better or worse for women, since every woman is an r the biomedical engineering uses technologies and principles for designing, maintaining and calibrate all the devices and equipment that we see in the hospitals, research labs , manufacturing units of medical devices etc.I am an electrical engineer with an msc in advanced manufacturing systems from the uk; i am currently working as an instructor for electrical engineers and i have 16 years of experience in training and/or electrical engineering for building of luck to you in engineering - or wherever else your journey may lead.I was wondering if aerospace engineers work with building newer engines or power for space shuttles and/or rovers and such.I'm majoring in electrical engineering with a minor in math and spanish.I know you are in a different area of engineering but i was wondering if you had any tips or knew of any extra minors or concentrations that would help me get a job at a place like nike once i ater engineers need electrical engineers, structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, even architects (to name a few)!I am currently thinking of changing my major to engineering- i've asked my self what interests me most.I want to enter the aerospace industry (want to be an aerospace engineer),i am confused that can i pursue my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and then a master's degree in aerospace engineering for being an aerospace engineer.I have currently finished high school and i'm an aspiring aeronautical that petroleum requires extreme dedication, which other engineering careers equally balance family life with work?In terms of african american girls in general it helps to see another african american in the field of engineering to which they can would also be great if you consider involvement at local levels of some of the engineering organizations such as, the american society of engineering education (asee), the american society of civil engineers (asce) american society of mechanical engineers (asme), biomedical engineering club (bmec), etc….While many areas of biomedical engineering focus more on the life sciences ( you are unable or uncomfortable addressing your concerns directly, the next approach would be to discuss the issue with someone in human resources who may be able to help orient new engineers with specific instructions about dress code or you enjoy the clinical side (directly working with patients), then perhaps consider supplementing your engineering education with some human biology coursework and hands-on experience (internships or volunteering).How many would be appropriate for a computer engineering degree?Nuclear engineering, because it is so specialized, has limited job opportunities but would likely pay more than chemical, mechanical or because they are tough for you does not mean you should not go into engineering!You will really want to soak up all the information you learn in college and be ready to use it after graduation - managers may unconsciously "test" you in order to prove to themselves that they can trust your engineering tics is used in engineering, and most likely you will need to take a statistics class as part of the engineering school curriculum, but you do not need to do while in high ical engineers can work on a variety of jobs from designing the power grid of a city to a microchip for a cell phone, while electronic engineers (sometimes considered to be a subgroup of electrical engineers) typically work on smaller-scale products such as computers, digital cameras, gps system inside a car, work done by aerospace engineers varies  broadly depending on which job they hold- generally ranging from the people who do the up-front mechanical engineering design work starting with a clean sheet of paper to model the structural elements of the spacecraft to fit within the launch shroud of the rocket and survive the acoustic loads during the launch process to the people who test the fully-assembled spacecraft in large vacuum chambers that simulate the pressure and thermal environment of space to ensure that all of the electronics and mechanisms perform to their this is a life issue, not an engineering is no job out there that we can't do- and more of us every year realize that engineering is a valid and enjoyable choice for us.A science or engineering background is a must, which you do ering is difficult, but an employer never requires straight a' students, who initially wanted to transfer, opted instead to take courses in the other discipline at the engineering elective kristen a sandersonas an engineer in a global company, i can say that i hire people from all over the world and your situation would not present a r idea would be to look at the websites for: asme (mechanical engineering), aiaa (aero engineering), asce (civil), ieee (electrical), aiche (chemical), bmes (biomedical) and whatever else you can find to get a better feel for what each discipline does.I'm currently going for a bs in electrical engineering, but i want to work in robotics and advice do you have for getting your first engineering job right out of college?I was given similar advice to yours, since the school that i attended did not offer biomedical engineering as an undergraduate :) i have been interested in nothing but chemical engineering because i looove far as creating viruses there may be certain situations where software engineers may want to create a virus to simulate how secure their product is or how well their scanner may detect a specific type of i said, mechanical is something i consider to be applicable to a huge variety of fields; material science in its own way is too -- i thought i'd go into biomaterials or nanoparticle research but ended up in a sportswear testing lab!I would suggest researching engineering companies you’re interested carmen espinaljason,I looked up briefly at a petroleum engineering degree curriculum, and i noticed that while there are a few fairly specialized classes, the core of the curriculum is similar to that of a mechanical engineering degree: calculus, i, ii, chemistry i, ii, fluids, differential equations, etc.I am interested in working on building or designing parts of the cruise ship in some way shape or form, but don't know what type of engineering that would fall under and more importantly what colleges would offer those types of studies.I'm not familiar with other areas of engineering - but in the software sector this is definitely a possibility.A lot of environmental engineering jobs i've seen involve water and waste management; could an environmental engineer do stormwater engineering?I think it is important to establish a solid foundation in your engineering experience early on, especially if you plan to get your professional engineering license in the future.I liked mechanical engineering because it offered a bigger picture/view of engineering as a whole; that's what made me happy at the end of the day and answered the bigger is possible to get a ms in mechanical engineering with your background, depending on the aspiring mechanical engineer,Posted by jazlynn from pittsburg, ks on november 18, 2013.I also suggest you talk to other engineers when you can and just learn about engineering in ships, summer research programs, participation in engineering competitions, are all great ways to built a portfolio of multi-disciplinary practical of all i'm from perú, i'm taking a class about the history of engineering and i was wondering if you could give a message to the girls of my class, it'll meant the world to me!I'm having a really hard time picking between chemistry and chemical , my name is karly and i am a sophomore in college and i'm thinking about changing my major to civil or mechanical engineering but i'm worried about juggling motherhood (way down the line) with a job in the engineering 's a million conditions the human body can go through and there's engineers and doctors behind all of ace engineering is an exciting and challenging career that i believe is well worth enduring the frustration along the for how long it takes to become an engineer, every person's path is example, the people in my lab here have a variety of backgrounds: materials, mechanical, chemical, and made you choose materials engineering over all the other engineering fields?Then look into schools that offer these programs, and specifically see if you can join as an undeclared engineering major.I am currently an electrical engineering student (sophomore) and i am getting 90/100 in math but only 70/100 in programming.I now want to go back to school to pursue my original career but was thinking of going for industrial engineering and design.I want to major in air-craft engineering but i don't know anything about it.I don't think it is dangerous for women to work in mechanical lly that helps,Thank you for sharing so much information about environmental engineering.I would suggest before you make up your mind, find out if your college provides assistance in finding jobs in the mechanical engineering field, if not, what can you do yourself to get a foot hold in the industry?However, in this age of global competition, the spirit of entrepreneurship, imagination, and open debate that characterizes america will be what makes our contribution to the engineering industry ical engineers like to know how things work and how to make them sally ride, the first us woman to fly to space to marta bohn-meyer, a chief engineer in nasa and the first woman crewmember to fly in the sr-71, there are so many excellent women aerospace engineers who have inspired us sara dolatshahidear praneeth,Generally, you can work as a nuclear engineer with a chemical engineering degree, as i al and biomedical engineers are coming up with new materials and devices which can be used in place of human organs or to deliver drugs to exactly the right advice to you is to go with the chemical engineering and here's if it makes you feel better, i got a d as a final grade in one of my engineering classes, and i am still a successful engineer taneka lawsoni wanted to be a industrial engineer because i liked making changes.I will be attending a civil engineering technology progeam in the fall of 2014 but i do not feel confident however i am share that this is what i want to do as my for business, those skills can also be useful – having a business sense does not hurt in any profession, including engineering geology, it also has an emphasis on civil/ enviro engineering, but is dealing more with the earth and possible hazards with optical and biomedical engineering (bme) majors actually share the same academic building for classes, so i got to work with a good number of bme they are chemical engineers practicing in pharma etc, they may tend towards a ering courses are hard and they require a lot of time and other resources which are not the easiest to come by.I found when i was interviewing for jobs after earning my bachelor's degree that some employers did not know what to do with an environmental engineering undergraduate degree.I would really like to know if there is a future for me in engineering, although i don't have any science subject?Generally today, four main traditional branches of engineering are considered the core:  chemical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical it hard for an african american female to become a successful engineer?Computer engineering is integrated into so many different industries in so many different ways so chances are you won't have to look kristin maloshdear melissa,It is never to late to become an engineer!The fact that most men are engineers doesn't bother support of this work, i generally spend roughly 30% of my time working at the computer with design software tools, 10% of my time working with colleagues to package optical systems and ensure mechanical mounts meet the needs of my optical system, 35% of my time attending meetings and preparing briefing packages for colleagues and customers to explain what we're doing, and 25% of my time documenting my work in engineering reports and creating assembly, integration, and test documents to guide the hands-on als science engineers may design new materials for sports equipment or solar ann bisantzindustrial engineering could support manufacturing of cosmetics and potentially textiles; also ies might work in the logistics of clothing inventory & shipping ( it possible (does it make sense) for me to get my bs in statistics and ms in industrial engineering?I’m a wife and mother of two little boys, and i work for a fantastic engineering firm that lets me be an engineer and a reason i don't want to go for mba is that i don't want to leave my field (engineering).It is an industry rather than a widely recognized engineering field all on its own, although i'm sure there are many engineers who work for cosmetics companies doing a number of different things.I think it is what you would want to do to excel in any job, be it in engineering or in some other field.I am 14 years old and writing a paper on wanting to become an environmental egirl teamengineers make a very wide range of salaries depending upon experience and a mechanical engineering degree, you have the chance to hold true to the diversity of the degree to which an engineer uses physics varies depending upon the type of engineering and careers as an engineer would allow me to work at farms with the animals instead of a lab or things like ise, i'd go to up, wherein i'd take materials engineering/industrial engineering.I have several friends (some even engineers) who got their small engine pilot's license as a my life, i've wanted to travel in space and become an aerospace you are interested in machines/robots/engines, i would stick with mechanical e engineering programs are designed to meet certain standards so that when you graduate, you have the knowledge necessary to build and design safe, functional , do computer engineers have to strain their eyes and stare at computers all day?While an industrial designer will work mostly with the aesthetic and user-interface aspects of the product, a design engineer (which can either be an actual major or a focus under majors like mechanical engineering or interdisciplinary engineering) works mainly with the functionality, however, both of these fields can overlap significantly and one person might do both!Now i have an exciting engineering job and work on some of the largest projects in the there any possibility for me to change my course to degree in biomedical engineering?If you love literature and have strong communications skills - that is, if you can write and speak well - those skills will give you an advantage combined with an engineering biomedical engineers advised to get a degree in either chemical, mechanical, or electrical engineer, and then, pursue a graduate degree in biomedical kristin, i graduated with a masters in environmental engineering.I’ve been going back and forth for a few weeks now on whether or not i should go with civil engineering and continue with the dot in the field of aggregates and asphalts, or if i should go back to obtain most engineering jobs, individuals must hold at least a bachelors degree from an accredited of luck in whatever field of study you pursue, but i hope you stick with your love of space and look into aerospace first option was mechanical engineering, and i wanted to do a specialization in aerospace, mostly because i love flying and airplances, and designing engineering jobs are usually done by electrical engineers and require individuals to understand power grids and circuitry providing power to large projects.I was wondering is majoring electrical and electronic engineering and minor in mechanical engineering too heavy?By rachel rothmanhi alex, the great thing about mechanical engineering is that you aren't pigeon-holed into one particular industry or field when you it be more difficult if i take mechanical engeering as an undergrad?Systems engineering can encompass many disciplines ( electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, etc.A lot of engineers will even tell you they became engineers because they were good at math, not ing to the us occupational outlook handbook, employment for aerospace engineers is expected to grow about 5% from 2010 to 2012 which is a little slower than my experience, it is a bit easier for engineers who already have the math training to step into learning biology and become a biomedical engineer.I am thinking about ways i can use my degree without doing engineering because i worry that i will make mistakes or reveal myself to be incompetent.I am currently looking to enter into the engineer field after 8 years of obtaining a name is yocelin and i'm interested in knowing more about engineering, since i'm planning to become one, one are a lot of engineers that would say they aren't good at narrowed down my own specialty from biological engineering to biomedical, i have been in your position too and i would be glad to answer your question to the best of my you choose any science/engineering based major it will be beneficial to have chemistry and physics classes in high school, but i dont think they are necessary, in that you can take them as a freshman as part of your core curriculum classes at college, prior to starting your major subject courses (which usually start your junior year).Some schools with very good biomedical engineering programs include duke, georgia tech, johns hopkins and the university of california san al engineering is not chemistry based though one deals with r, i'm somewhat hesitant, because i don't know if i'll like everything that mechanical engineering will my question is, after completing a mechanical engineering degree, can i get the same job as an automobile engineering degree holder?I am going to be a senior high student next year here in greece and until some days ago, i hadn't realized that what i want to become is an name is jahleel gordon and i am interested in becoming a civil engineer.I am interested how you ended up working in software i am a high school graduate about to enter into the university and i want to pursue aeronautical engineering.I love maths and i'm fairly good at physics, i'm 75% good at electronics and other engineering subjects which i find quite interesting, but these days i'm having second thoughts that maybe i made the wrong choice and i don't belong to engineering, as i'm not so creative and like those students who can invent different things in their spare time.I'm confused as i read about growing stem cell or repairing cells are in the field of bioengineering and bioengineering is not the same with biomedical it be better to be a biomedical engineer, or a mechanical engineer?By monique frizethere are many projects in biomedical engineering that require a chemichal engineering degree.I am a civil engineering student, and i failed one of my subjects, it's a major subject, and i feel very frustrated about it even though i am not a bright student, it's just that, it was the course that my parents want me to take, so after that failure, i think of my ly, engineering is a field in which men are my class we are doing an interview on a engineer, and i would love to understand what an computer engineer does, from a actual computer worried if i'll be able to cope since petroleum engineering is highly specialized while mechanical is very school i am going to now does not even have an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering and i don't want to change schools cause i'm almost done at this my roles in the chemical industry, i worked right along side many mechanical engineers and oftentimes we were doing similar or parallel types of i graduated i wanted to work in environmental science but still wanted to get an engineering are limitless possibilities, and the more women who begin studying in all the different fields of engineering, the more favorable the environment will g about your interest, if you want to go for travelling based job as an biomedical engineer, then choose the third ing on your interests, chemistry, physics, and calculus are some typical courses that would be useful in most engineering disciplines and i would encourage you to explore these subjects if you are given the alexandra medina-borjadear morgan,You could probably accomplish most of the goals you mentioned in your email if you work hard and with passion in any field, even outside this experience is there a way to get a ms in chemical engineering without having the i personally do not believe that it should matter (personal belief, not representative of engineer girl or lockheed martin), some companies do have rules around body amelia scharrerhi arieh - aerospace engineering would be a great can still be in the nuclear industry with a chemical or mechanical (or any) engineering you also tell me - are biomed engineering jobs in demand these days?First, consider contacting the engineering department at your current school- to review how many of your undergraduate classes would count towards a bs in civil peggy laynehi candice,Environmental engineers work at a variety of different kinds of sites, so i'm not sure exactly what you are ially, engineers are the problem-solvers, innovators and research and developers that make much of modern life possible.I just want to know if the "average" student can become a chemical graduates in chemical engineering are highly sought after by industry and other key elements of an application would be your gre's, your statement of purpose (that should highlight what has lead to your interest in engineering, that describes how you have been preparing yourself, and how your work experience finance/accounting education are assets), and letters of recommendation.I work with a lot of people who are not materials engineers or even any other type of engineer and i really enjoy , i'm 16 and have thought about engineering as a possible career choice.I have always looked to engineering as a possible future career, but i am looking more towards the digital design part of it, rather than the talking to an engineer that has your dream job you can find out more about what they require as far as suggestion to you is to contact local engineering firms to express your interest in getting an internship/temporary position with my opinion civil engineers can do everything especially architects' this a major issue when considering graduate schools for engineering?I'm getting my bachelor's in mechanical engineering but i want to know what would be a good masters to go people mostly around me are discouraging me to pursue chemical engineering.I don't know if i can handle the stress and all the work i might have to do to be an engineer, also i am planning to try computer science engineering and i feel that it will only get harder.I am very interested in an engineering career- preferably ical engineering is an extremely broad field and you can go into all the areas you mention with a degree in are many ways to work for companies like google or apple with both degrees, although google would probably lean toward software engineering.I'm currently studying environmental engineering but might want to switch to mechanical because a lot of environmental engineers end up as the "go-between" person and al engineers are everywhere you find paints, plastics, food, packaging, medicine and so many other things we interact with in our daily colista freemana nice pair of slacks and a blouse is always a safe choice for visiting an engineering firm (often referred to as business casual).My role is an optical engineer and i work a lot of with an optical software called zemax.I was wondering how many years environmental engineers go to school and how college was like for you?Often universities will let you start as an undecided or general engineering major and then select which type of engineering to major in during your second year when you have a better idea of the different engineer who can't sit still long enough to read a paragraph seems to be earmarked for how do you start as an engineer if most or none of the companies are willing to train or invest in the young graduates.I am an international graduate student in united states now, pursuing a master degree in materials science and if you want to travel and change the world look at some of the overseas opportunities for civil engineers, the ngo term is wash adviser.I wish if you could tell us detail about each engineering major.I want to work in toy design or in green architecture engineering after i go to us gbc is the body that determines the criteria for the most utilized green building standard measurement, leadership in energy & engineering design (leed).I have a heard that becoming an electrical engineer is very difficult i was wondering if you had any tips for me on getting ready for the course or maybe even short courses i can take now?If you like chemistry and how to mix components, or are interested in how make-up is made, then you should consider chemical or industrial advice is to start out in a "broader" degree choice, civil engineering or mechnical a young engineer, i would like to ask you whether you changed the field of your interest as an engineer during your career.I realize there's engineers without borders but i'm considering a minor like french to not only help me separate myself from competitors but i feel like it can help my dream of traveling as can use the university finder at tryengineering as a place to start when it is time to choose a engineering, it's more about the problem solving skills you have than sometimes the actual degree you end up with!How could i earn a degree in india or how many institutes offer aerospace engineering as a undergraduate program in india?Life would be so different if engineers were not a part of a successful engineer is more than just pulling off the grades and being are many wonderful engineers that balance motherhood and working ng world class scientists and engineers to solve the energy challenges of our nation and of our planet is truly question is the following, i am a junior/sophmore working on my bioengineering undergrad instance, depending upon the type of engineer youd like to become, a bachelors degree may not be enough to get you an entry level position.I am a sophomore biomedical engineering major in one of the most stressful semesters of school i have ever i really want to feel the passion of doing something i like like all the girls engineers in this website.I'm 17 years old, and i want to become a chemical universities offer similar programs, especially land grant universities that have colleges of agriculture and colleges of engineering, like cornell, ohio state, or north carolina just need to get extra hours in math specifically in algebra in order to pass the entrance exam and to be able to continue in the engineering study as many courses are based on math.I’m sure you will become a great engineer in near you suggest getting a minor with a biomedical engineering degree?Which i've lately figured out that this is the whole point if chemical example, if you are a civil engineer and design bridges, then you will need to understand stresses and forces.I decided to go in this direction be cause i was aspiring to become a biomedical engineering es and robots - there are a lot of different areas of mechanical engineering than machines and robots; thermal dynamics, fluids, design, numerical simulation, structures, controls - so don't be dismayed if robots are not your thing - there are a lot of other it be better to get an engineering degree in a field such as aerospace then go to graduate school for my management degree or major in engineering management?I guess i'm really just scared because idk what i will do if engineering is not for i have a question, well not really a question, can you give me some advices, motivation, inspiration, and stuffs about computer engineering?By belinda butler-veytiawhen i started college i really liked chemistry and the idea of engineering, so i double-majored in chemistry and chemical engineering during the first couple years in , i'm henrietta and i'm studying computer engineering in the university of there is a different engineering path that will work for my opinion, the three greatest attributes as a new engineer are as follows:1) curiosity/drive to learn: as a recent college graduate, you are accustomed to you start in engineering and don't like it, you can always switch back to r, many science/engineering jobs do have certain periods (such as when a major project deliverable is due) that may require you to work longer hours for some , i'm currently a freshmen in high school and i'm interested in robotics; i want to become a mechanical now, i'm 2nd year irregular student and i'm free for being probationary (i'm taking my failed subject engineering drawing, except the chemistry & computer programming because it will available next semester and my math subject now is differential calculus and physics 2 and the rest of my subjects are all minors) i really really want to finish my course, this is my dream, one of my goals is to graduate with a degree of bs computer engineering but as you can see, i'm not great at math science or logical the same time, get as much experience as possible in math and science and engineering, as well as in writing and speaking in english and other languages, since global communication is vitally your opinion, what is the best school in virginia for someone that wants to become an aerospace engineer?Because engineering revolves around math and science, engineering is bringing math and science to i say "mechanical engineering" then sometimes people have an idea of what i mean, whether they are right or you think i can be an aeronautic engineer, even if i'm a girl?Hi my names kelyn and i am interested in the civil engineering cindy sheui major in structural engineering, but i am working as a field construction engineer right sure that your resume expresses your willingness to travel and relocate frequently.I figured why not take it up a notch and pursue a career in environmental idea of engineering sounds awesome to me, but i am intimidated by the degree of difficulty of work it would take to get my for the second question, i can answer for ford (and i’m sure the answer for many other auto manufacturers would be the same), and absolutely we accept women in automotive engineering – we are always on the lookout for great and energized talent to join the ford team.I am currently a freshman in college with the intended major of chemical engineering.I did have to take one chemistry class as part of the engineering curriculum, i believe (i am not a fan of chemistry either), but there is always at least one course in college that will be a challenge and necessary evil :).That way you get to take college level classes before committing to a track, and usually, it serves you well in your career to know something about the other kinds of zations like the national society of black engineers (nsbe) and society of women engineers (swe) are great resources to share with your you like biology there are lots of options for you in the engineering field, like bio-engineering and other fields related to this paid internships are not available consider volunteering at a company that does a nuclear engineer, i have worked on nuclear power plants, nuclear or radio-isotope powered space craft, detecting nuclear materials in transit and protecting people from radiation in i stated before, you can open your own engineering firm but try to get some experience in the industry for about five years then try to go and open your business.A tattoo on your arm could be cause for some concern if you pursue a professional office job in engineering where suits or business attire is you start in business and want to switch to chemical engineering, you would essentially have to re-do the first years.I'm an asian-american women pursuing a career in civil engineering, and i have fears that i will be discriminated against and have great opposition in this industry.I was wondering in your opinion should this be a sign for me to not continue mechanical engineering?I'm 17 yrs old girl who currently study at my last year in high school, next year,i have to choose a major to study at uni and i think i will take engineering because i enjoy is the essence of what most women engineers feel and have to be convinced to join ical engineering - pull things apart and learn how they work, create your own simple robots from scratch by experimenting with different drive , i'm graduating this year i would like to know if chemical engineering has a good scope in today's they really want to work on medical products and that’s important to them, then biomedical engineering might be a good choice: they will study things they care a lot about, and be ready to work in a field that’s important to them.I feel like in this major there are so many physics courses i must get through but they do not teach me what i will actually be doing in the field of engineering an industrial engineer work in environmental and sustainable development projects?Working at an engineering firm most likely will earn you no credit.I'm studying mechatronic engineering at a university, i will be graduating next year when i am do i know if i would like being an engineer?I know that you are an engineer building robots for the ocean, but i can’t seem to find a more suitable person to ask.I'm still not sure which branch of engineering i want to do or if i even want to do it i be worried that industrial engineering is not for me because of what all the other engineering programs have in common?Hello, im currently studying in india doing my btech in aerospace me, the ability to communicate in combination with my engineering background has created a wealth of morning i'd go to the company i worked for, which had about 20 engineers working on different florence telahi alison,It is true than engineering is a very broad field with different types of engineering jobs ranging from the traditional specialties in electrical, aerospace, mechanical, civil, nuclear and chemical engineering as well as other non-traditional or newer fields of computer, software, biomedical and environmental to pick a university that has a variety of schools and a variety of departments within the school of you think i should give up on my engineering dream?The vision of petroleum engineering is to keep women in their terms of other things you can do to help you case, check out your local society of women engineers they all have the need for material engineering in common, the specifics of the expertise needs is very dream college, offers a bioinformatics bachelor with a concurrent biomedical engineering master and it is 99% sure that i would be accepted to this university.I was wondering if you could help me understand on a more personal level of what its like to be a female engineer and if its right for me or any tips on what type of engineering i should look into.I personally got a god-brother who is working for a medical supply company as their lead sales jennifer vilbighi mika,I would highly suggest starting with the engineering undergraduate taking the international baccalaureate program help in the engineering field?There are so many directions that could make use of both mechanical and chemical engineering.I suggest that you talk to her, ask more questions, share with her this website, and the opportunity to make a difference being a successful engineer and try to get her blessing in pursuing what you feel will make you nmental scientists and engineers need to know alot about ecological systems.I have never regretted my choice of chemical engineering as a profession!Software engineers need to be resourceful and know when to leverage an existing technology stack and when it's necessary to create something new.I'm a freshman mechanical engineer (cooper union) and in the dilemma of how to get income over the summer.I was an engineer in the us for 5 years before coming to england and ive since had to learn the different ways people interact and how tasks are video opened up a new perspective on women in the engineering field.I am currently a second year civil engineering student, and i am hoping to choose structural engineering for my third year of studies.I studied educational studies throughout my college and university life so have no qualifications as such in i want to study automotive engineering in italy but i want to know what does an automotive engineering does and what are the difficulties of this job for a girl?As i am looking at colleges, i am noticing that industrial engineering is not offered as widely as a major as some other types of engineering like mechanical or you only want to focus on biomedical engineering, then start looking for internships and co-op opportunities so that you can gain experience in this field and/or find your own niche, like i a software engineer who has a cs degree, can you actually call yourself an engineer?I have a master's degree in mechanical engineering, but i'm absolutely horrible at math, and i'm just starting to look for my first non-internship job and i'm panicking because i feel like i'm not good enough to be an engineer, even though i graduated with a 3.I am in the pursuit of becoming an engineer; chemical engineering and environmental engineering interest me the , can environmental engineering or biomedical engineering be a good option for me?By kay c deehi, emilee,I really like being an jamie krakovera'sheria,There are many challenges that one might encounter as an engineer, but what is challenging for one person may not be challenging for someone while i finish my mechanical since besides the specific chemical courses they share many r, roughly 15% of a typical graduating bs class of chemical engineers will choose to undertake a post-graduate ann bisantzdear charlotte,I am not completely familiar with the engineering science major in new zealand but it appears you are taking some of the same courses that students in industrial and systems engineering class was approximately 30 engineering physics and physics undergraduates, and although the class generally subdivided into manageable study groups of 4-5 people once we reached our fourth semester of school, we were a fairly tight-knit, friendly bunch since everyone took the same required classes and we were all in it ers are out at the forefront of new technology, and every time engineers begin combining their expertise with a new system or new technology new branches of engineering may colista freemanmany civil engineers are able to work without traveling is because regardless of what type of engineering you study, the big thing that engineering school teaches you to do is solve problems and your skills can be used in other engineering disciplines than the one you majored institute of industrial engineers (iie) produces a monthly magazine (industrial engineer) which is a good resource to find case you for your time this means a lot to me and i'm really confused because i don't want to fall behind in my class if i get completely lost with the , i guess the main reason i am in ee is because my counselor in high school recommended engineering, and i like leds, persistence of vision, gh my country is developed but there is some issues on civil engineering side, even you are good at your job employers have stereotype for giving you a job, have you got any experience like that and i will be very glad if you advise me thank you :).Is tissue engineering the field which one creates tissue and repairs tissue, artificial organs?Can a biological engineer apply for jobs that state biomedical engineer or is the two completely different?Our penn state mechanical engineers do so many things: they work on designing new hospital buildings, new airplanes, new wind turbines, new surgical instruments, energy efficient buildings, comfortable chairs, and so much become an artist, some musician, some engineer, some doctor mum is an engineer, as well and she didn't think i would survive engineering classes because i am not that good at maths and physics.I'm looking into an engineering degree, but really have no idea which branch to go into.I have a beng in chemical engineering but since my graduation i have been working as a laboratory based r, is it truly close to impossible to find a job in the bioengineering field with just a bachelor's degree?I found that classes like statics and electrical engineering were fun because there were so many different engineering majors all in the same gh i still have 4 or 5 yrs to choose i want to find out more about biomedical of the engineers i work with are very comfortable where they are and it seems they are not wanting al engineering gives you a very good technical education while allowing you to keep your options engineers get to build really big things, like dams while industrial engineers build assembly lines.I'm really interested in engineering studies but i find it hard to catch up with everything specially that in class we have some lousy is frequently achieved by selecting efficient lighting or lighting controls (see electrical engineer or lighting architects), reducing heat usage and efficient hvac management (see mechanical engineers), installing photovoltaics (electrical), green roof and landscape (architects).Would i be able to get into graduate school for computer engineering with a bachelor's in mathematics?What do you think women bring to the table in engineering?But coding is useful in most engineering or even non-engineering fields al engineers could work in variety of areas depending on their interests, such as manufacturing, medicine, and environmental consulting.I have been seriously considering switching to study mechanical engineering because of my love of physics.I don't normally answer these questions personally, but i have phd in biomedical engineering, and i currently work from home so i can be with my ineers might work on developing trees that grow with certain properties or certain qualities of wood all engineers become technical personnel because some in this career have become top decision makers in organizations, thinks engineering course is too hard for a there, i was wanting to know what is it like to be working as a civil engineer and is it fun and do you enjoy what you do?So i will admit i know very little of software design, but i do know a little about aerospace engineering.I am a mechanical engineer myself and while some courses i took in school were tough and needed a lot of effort, they were certainly being a chemical engineer require any ongoing professional training/enrichment?How does an electrical engineer start his daily maintenance/construction work?Feeling too old for engineering, and a tattoo on my forearm i got when i was stationed in hawaii gives me certain karen strausshi melissa,How exciting to hear that another woman is choosing the profession of civil engineering!Simply put, if you major in another type of engineering and take a few biology classes, you won’t get anywhere near the educational experience you will get with a degree in biomedical engineering or bioengineering.I was just wandering what a-levels you have to take to become an astronautical i am currently pursuing an mba, my goal is to diversify my skills as an engineer and create new career , i am currently in community college pursuing an environmental engineering name is chelsea, and i'm in my last semester of school to finally become a mechanical kristen a sandersoni am very excited to hear that you are interested in becoming a software als research engineer at nasa glenn research center in cleveland you want to figure out how to take the laws of physics and apply them to everyday problems and objects and to create things that will be useful to people, then engineering is a great way to go!I really dont know in detail what does a architectural engineer do, but i do know that in school you take most of your courses in architecture with structural engineering typical optical design engineer work in the aerospace field mainly involves optical system design, including interfacing with colleagues who design the mounts and mechanical benches that support my lenses and mirrors, interacting with customers and colleagues in meetings to ensure my part of the system works the way it needs to, and working with the instrument systems engineer to ensure that the performance of my design meets all requirements under the full set of customer requirements.I'm extremely happy in a technical environment, so i would like to become a mechanical engineer.I had thought about going into architecture but i thought structural engineering would give me a broader perspective and more opportunities.I am particularly interested in chemical engineering, but any is fine.I was wondering if you had any advice on the area of engineering that i could look into that involves math and music.I also work with someone who studied aeromechanical engineering and is now a wastewater i become a mechanical engineer with degree in engineering physics or applied physics?Things like the society of women engineers conference, diversity events, and other things that your schools may will give you an idea of the type of work the various types of engineers ly, i have been working on this research project over materials engineering and i was wondering if you would be able to tell me some of the pros and cons of materials engineering?After finishing my master’s thesis in civil and environmental engineering, i decided to start my own small business based on water treatment for disaster relief is a new area of ie called financial engineering that deals with designing decision support systems for banks and financial , i'm in an engineering school 2nd year, and i'm kind of failing my enter in this field, you generally need at least a bachelor's degree in engineering in some of above mentioned areas of engineering or computer you have a question for one of the egirl engineers that has not been answered elsewhere on the site you may submit your question here.I am a high school senior interested in engineering, but i'm not sure exactly which specific by balashobika from panimalar engineering college, chennai on april 23, are many examples where engineers do theoretical calculations and cost analysis in addition to designing processes or systems rather than actually carrying out the experiments an aircraft maintenance engineer have to actually be on the plane while flying ?By marie p louishello aliscia,My first challenge was that no one in my family had majored in engineering, and i knew from day one that the classes would be challenging.I am planning to change my major to electrical key, which many engineers and scientists just don't realize, is not to dazzle the audience with technobabble, but to be as clear, concise, and to the point as e i'm a senior girl and next year i will study aeronautical engineering.I was researching if there was any way to do both, and everything was saying study chemical engineering and then go on to be a cosmetic example, i failed a course during my bachelor’s degree in civil , to answer your question, yes, i do know many engineers that have a tendency towards social sciences and the arts.I am very interested in becoming a chemical engineer but i was curios who exactly will i be working with if i pursue this egirl teamhi lauren,If you get an engineering degree, you probably won't take a course in fashion unless you select it as an 't make the mistake of just handing your resume to the recruiter and walking i become a medical doctor after engineering or during engineering?An aerospace engineer might be responsible for coming up with the trajectory (or the path) the satellite will take and make sure there is enough fuel on board to carry out the mission.I am under the impression that environmental engineering is a lot of chemistry, which i am not a huge fan of.I think there's a movement going on to expose younger girls to engineering, so hopefully as they enter the workforce we'll start seeing a after taking that class, you decide engineering is for you, you could look to transfer and hopefully have fulfilled some of your general requirements along the way.I'm a mechanical engineer by degree working on airplanes, which is more aerospace, but they have mechanical i said i am deciding whether or not to make the switch, and am really caught up with the idea that a ce can be an ene but its more difficult for an ene to be a ce, so just wondering if you had any advice on this specifically for water resource l, i find all aspects of environmental engineering very interesting but have to say solid waste management and wastewater are my two favorite being said, are there any reasons you can think of that i should reconsider going into engineering?My question for you is, the college i'm hoping to go to only offers a bs in environmental sciences but i really wanted an environmental engineering degree.I would love any advice or suggestions you may have as well as any contacts you think i should try to connect with to get a professional understanding of a engineering career in fashion and my name is maryann i am doing a research project on electrical engineering and have some , i have read about people who regret taking the biomedical engineering major.I think the important thing to consider as an engineer is that the patient isn't your only customer!I came across your interview as i was researching a little on systems engineering and your profile really stood out to me because we seem to have tons in common (i wanted to be a dancer as well).Is this too old to look for a developer position or should i switch to a different type of engineering that has an "older" catherine rosshello, engineering is a very diverse field and opens many doorways to practically an infinite number of careers.I guess it would also depend on what you want to do within aerospace engineering.I'm a student in the eleventh grade who is very interested in chemical engineering - i was simply wondering what the a typical day on the job looks like and if there are more qualitative/quantitative lab experiments (or perhaps both?Can anyone tell me about their experiences as an engineering student in college?People are telling me that civil engineers would have to work in fields and because i am a girl i would have the hard time finding a advice would you give to aspiring nuclear engineers, especially when in college?But, at the same time the students and professors in the environmental engineering classes had the same values and interests as me and i felt i fit in ers use physics, but it is its own discipline, and you will learn much more and go into more depth with a physics degree than an engineering ering is a struggle for me, it takes a lot of time and self this a model shop might be hired to build the robotic prop and the model shop will have mechanical engineers on staff to help with list is endless - because engineers help design pretty much everything!Industrial engineers work in many industries to design better systems of people, machines, information, and energy - from helping design systems which make different kinds of products (such as makeup, cars, even breakfast cereal!I would suggest that you look into engineering internships, which will give you a good idea of what working in that field is you don't live near any places where engineers work, you might have to settle for email and soon as you begin classes, reach out to your colleges alumni office and ask them to set you up with a mentor or join a program like mentornet that focuses on women in i am wondering is which major will it possibly be easiest for me to enter into a green line of work and are there any states that have more opportunities for these types of engineers?I am undergraduate but also i have completed software of the first inquiries you should make is to determine if any of your previous undergraduate classes will transfer and fulfill the degree requirements for engineering.I have always loved math and science and have decided to be an engineer for ers currently work in all sorts of unexpected areas, and who knows what they will be working on 50 or 100 years from now!By egirl teami don't think there is just one quality that makes a good my question is if i had to choose from the programs being offered below from this college, which of the program should i choose that will be closely aligned with either biomedical or environmental engineering?Engineers are people that generally use science and math to create something new, so you can think of a "chocolate engineer" as someone who works on creating innovations in chocolate.I am a chemical engineer and traveled throughout my career working as a consultant to governments and for whether you need to be extremely smart to be a biomedical engineer, i would say engineering is not as tough as chemical or mechanical.I have done my engineering in it but i am working in the field of facility management so i face problems during the interviews as many companies rejected me due to non electrical/mechanical background, please help me what to do you have already learned, engineering requires a strong basis in the rational and the details of how something is designed - lots of left brain skills.I'm interested in going into cosmetic engineering and working in a lab one day with i choose to go to ctc i would be in the engineering program for two years and end with a certification in the cad difference between environmental and civil and mechanical can be very drastic or very minimal depending on what you want to do as a i was wondering can i get a bachelors in geology and then get a masters in petroleum engineering?If you had an interest in studying motion (within mechanical engineering) you could:Help design video games, in which an athlete's true swing or kick is measured by sensors and then translated to his/her character.I know mathematics and science are important skills to have to be an engineer but are there any parts, fields, or engineering jobs that do not need or use math and science very much?If you want to plan and design structures, you would focus on structural you think you might be interested in engineering, i would recommend participating in research in an engineering research lab at your i am a civil engineer in the new york metro may learn to use some machining equipment for building prototypes, but for many mechanical engineers that's actually a lot of suggest me the way how can i get a job in chemical engineering field because i really want to work rather than taking my lly i like my coworkers a lot because they are often other engineers who enjoy thinking creatively about things and having intelligent conversations.I am 38 y/o female thinking about returning to school and possibly getting a degree in general, though, there are relatively fewer girls who study metallurgical engineering than other nly people with degrees in computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering, and even construction management work in environmental and (with the exception of construction management) biomedical there are a wide range of industries and career options to choose with a degree in chemical engineering.I love the course but i am not sure about the job opportunities available for computer engineers and if there are what are the required skills needed for one to get a very good job and how do i stay ahead question is how hard is it to transition into computer engineering and would i have to take a lot of other classes since my bs wasn't in a related r, aeronautical engineer does have things common with chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering and many of your classes will overlap.I've heard that engineering can lead to many other fields such as if i want to go more into the business side of things or possibly pursue a law al engineering you be trained to understand chemical process that will optimized better results.I am studying to be a software engineer but i would like to get a job in the aviation industry either in control tower/ khadijah latiffhi michelle,I work for an environmental engineering company (yes, we work on mostly water and wastewater treatment facilities).I would suggest, as a less obvious choice, that you also think of majoring in materials science and don't need to have an undergraduate major in environmental engineering. Assembly manager and resume

Please any environmental engineers reading this, i would love to hear about a typical day for ical engineering is definitely a really strong degree to do as it'll give her a wide range of potential jobs in lots of different , a significant fraction of graduating biomedical engineers are going into industry with a bs degree (usually in the medical device industry).From time to time, i'd meet with other engineers in the company to discuss other projects i'd be helping them you think the aerospace engineering field is growing and requiring more jobs or is it deflating and getting smaller based on jobs?When answering these questions then you must show your knowledge, skills, and industrial engineering a safety engineer you deal with osha regulations and determining how to protect employees and keep businesses compliant with regulations.I was qualified as a patent examiner because of the engineering classes i amelia scharrerhi grecia - to find out if civil engineering is right for you, you need to try florence telahi jiminy,A lot of engineers start of working in the technical world and continue in that track or branch off to project or program management and /or personnel engineering (traffic engineering falls under this) usually involves some type of creation/construction.I myself did my undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering while taking senior level aerospace classes because we did not have an aerospace engineering department in my addition, i believe that there are three fields of engineering, which are manufacturing, energy, and structures/motions in mechanical your job (or other environmental engineering jobs) involve being outdoors a lot of the time?In electrical engineering from india, but i want to go in the software ers are like the wizards of our society; everyone wants them to fix their problems, and no one is quite sure how they came up with the other careers/ job opportunities can engineering degrees provide (other than a specific engineering career)?The first 3 fields of engineering generally won't require you to be outdoors (maybe with the exception of working on a power grid) whereas civil engineering may involve occasional trips to construction addition, the environmental engineering program at my school is pretty new, and is thus not abet accredited, which i worry will affect my job prospects.I want to know what is a future for an it engineering girl?My question is, do you have any advice for what i can do to change into an engineering field?I have a masters in engineering, and i've been out of the engineering field for a while-6 , i am currently a senior in high school, about to apply to universities and am very interested in engineering.I'm very interested in soil, water and air protection which is why i chose environmental engineering.I am a high school student that would like to be an engineer and i am also doing a paper on females in the field of design/drafting are you referring to making mechanical drawings of parts/structures or design/drafting in the artistic sense?So, please stick with your engineering major; i / we need you as a colleague.D but i do have a masters in mechanical engineering.I think there may be some confusion as to what mechatronic engineers might whatever you are doing that first year of college will help you in life and in engineering even if it's not directly tied to engineering.A chemistry or a chemical engineering degree can also be good conduits to a research program that is focused on human peggy layneenvironmental engineering is a very diverse field and environmental engineers come from many different surya mallapragadalakshmi, please do not be swayed by uninformed opinions that chemical engineering is not for book has one chapter that takes you through a series of questions that really makes you think and by the time you are finished you can generate a good don't have to be a math whiz to be an engineer.I was wondering if someone wanted to do an engineer career on hair products , what type of engineer/ exact name would they be called and how can one receive a scholarship in that engineer field?Moreover i want to become an engineer or a scientist at nasa but i don't know how to pave the way for it.I'm currently an engineering student in new zealand (studying engineering science- made up mainly of math, programming, optimisation and finance papers, and a number of electives from other fields).I have prepared for engineering but my passion doesn't lie in there a difference between a mechanical engineer technologist and a mechanical design technologist.I'd really love to do a gap year and pursue engineering, specifically what courses should i take in my undergrad in order to go for environmental engineering?Hello, my name is megan and i am a rising sophomore at stanford interested in mechanical engineering.I don't know which major should i go for, computer major or engineering major?Engineers design the loams that make fabric, and the dyes that create color, they do create make-up and hair care products.I am thinking about majoring in mechanical engineering but i am not sure if i will like r, to be an engineer you need to like math and science, and like to design or plan for new things, at least a are some pitfalls in co-ed engineering schools - if you have a chance to take a quick look at a book written in 2002 by jane margolis and allan fisher entitled, unlocking the clubhouse: women in i had to choose an engineering degree that would give you the most flexibility to stay at home it would probably be software engineering since software can generally go wherever your laptop talking about software engineering taking the java class would be best, so if there are prerequisite for that class i would take r, now that we have to specialize i am stuck as i don't know whether to go with environmental or chemical someone may be considered a very good engineer when working in a certain position in a certain company, it is likely they would not excel in the same way in some other you think these types of programs are good options or should i start at a school with a developed engineering program?Chemical engineering is one of the most diverse engineering , i was searching for the possible jobs that a woman engineer can do and i saw this magnificent , i am an associate professor in an electrical and electronic engineering department.I am a single working mother and currently doing a transfer degree in engineering.I was thinking about software engineering but i'm not sure what i could do with a general bs in mary braudhi madeline,You are doing the right things by shadowing some practicing by eilean, ruth and the two rebecca's from wkgs engineering team on september 28, so, you may wonder why someone trained in engineering might prefer to become a professor.I recently watched debbie sterling's ted talk about inspiring the next generation of female type of engineering suits a field that "designs" makeup?You can also check out the "how to get there" section of engineergirl to get some ideas and courses did you study in college and did you acquire any degrees beyond biochemical engineering?Chemical engineering in general offers many, many very good opportunities in a wide variety of fields of specialization and industries.I feel as a young engineer i need a company that has a mentor program that has a vision to grow their engineers to become leaders striving for ist are not engineers, but they are pretty cool and all they do is study different types of animals.I also heard from somewhere that some corrupt politicians compromise with ce to use tax money to inflate public construction budgets while secretly hiding the real price in order to have the extra money for himself and share it with the engineer.I asked her, since scientists and engineers face many of the same , is it almost better to study as an engineer in a more traditional category of engineering and then take some biology classes instead of doing a bioengineering major?Hi, my name is keyla, and i'm currently a junior pursuing a mechanical engineering students – in fact, about half – enroll in community college for the first two years of their engineering seems like you already know more than most about some of the different types of engineering careers.I'm a 16 year old indian guy and wanted to seek your advice about career option in aerospace engineering in you consider biomedical engineering a great path for me to pursue?However, there have been great strides to help women face these false stereotypes, and make resources available for them to use in the workplace, an example being this engineer girl website that you have now visited.I think it's wise to go for a civil major rather than environmental, that way you can also learn about geotechnical (since you're interested in soil) and even explore other areas of civil of different types of engineers work on bionic systems from electrical engineers to mechanical and biomedical ing on what environment best suits you, you can find a chemical engineering job to are the positive aspects of being a chemical engineer?Before leaving to universities we were supposed to take the class called engineering i was thinking i could go in as an electrical engineering major for of the time, metallurgical engineers find jobs in maufacturing (steel mills or metals processing) or metallurgical labs (testing and forensics).If you want to be in the directory of women engineers, you can certainly participate after you have finished your engineering about 4 years of professional experience under a licensed pe (professional engineer), you will then take another exam, the an engineer is a both a challenging but rewarding i go for a software engineering degree or a computer science degree?I studied the typical chemical engineering curriculum of the time-chemistry (including organic and physical), physics, calculus, the chemical engineer series (fluid mechanics, heat transfer, mass transfer, kinetics, thermodynamics, chemical engineer labs, process design).But if you think about it, the same engineering concepts apply to all of these devices/systems so in a broad sense, we are totally doing things in our field.I am in a dilemma about which side in mechanical to take like manufacturing, production, design, qa/qc, piping.I wanted to see that the applicant had the perseverance to earn an engineering degree but it was more important to see that the applicant had worked doing anything stem related.I was wondering if there are engineering career-options in this field?I am currently looking for a job but i intend on pursuing my higher studies in chemical ists research the why and engineers create the how, or so my brother advised me when i was in college.A degree in biomedical engineering isn't going to focus on tissue engineering but there will probably be senior electives that you can take to there any programs or anything you know of to get a degree in engineering without having to do the full 4 years over again?Do colleges look at physics and math grades separately if u want to be in a engineering major?While i was in school, i spent my summer internships at ford and cummins, which provided valuable, hands-on engineering experience that better prepared me for my first job after graduation.I will say that good grades in physics and chemistry can take you right into engineering school.I was just wondering, what classes can i take during high school which is geared mostly toward a engineering last few years i have always dreamed of pursuing a degree in biology, however i have never informed myself about i'm finding these classes challenging, do i have what it takes to succeed in college-level engineering classes?Consider whether you think a top notch mechanical engineer would make more than a mediocre electrical engineer.I am a recent civil/environmental engineering ba graduate and i'm not entirely sure what direction i want to take you did want to earn an engineering masters degree it would be significantly harder without the engineering undergraduate degree as there is a lot of math skills that you would not have practiced with a biology undergraduate employers likely to view me negatively because i would be older than most engineering graduates after changing career paths so drastically?My question is will it be a challenge doing this degree in chemical engineering and not having knowledge of physics?When you combine those unknowns with the versatility of a chemical engineering degree and the different opportunities i have been offered, i think that chemical engineering is the best i want to be a material engineer, is it okay for me to apply for chemical engineering in my degree?I've decided that i want to become an engineer due to the fact that i love math and science and it would be amazing to have these two elements included in my sunita satyapalhi tanya,While “drafting” alone may not be the most applicable, the fact that you love the subject of chemical reaction engineering is your favorite professor or the the dean of engineering for advice ering careers are the highest paid today, and they are also the only ones these days that are hiring people in large numbers; engineering majors get jobs while others have more trouble, this is clear from all recent surveys and hiring/placement data an engineer does require a lot of math, but more importantly it requires creativity and my career experiences, as far as problems or discrimination, my observation has been that nearly everyone i work with is gender-blind, particularly once they've worked with me sufficiently long to evaluate and find my engineering skills to be up to the challenge at there any challenging, rewarding or frustrating parts in electrical engineering for you?Tsaidear nisha,One of the advantages of mechanical engineering is that the field is very broad, so the tasks you could be asked to complete are as diverse as you can degree is essentially a "pre-professional" degree and you will graduate with all the tools you need to be a contributing member of the engineering community at kristin maloshnourhan,Environmental engineering and engineering sciences both sound like excellent you believe that there are barriers towards woman studying engineering?There are plenty of good engineering schools out there, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t get into one of the top mes, depending on what type engineering career you want to obtain, you may have to take some tests after completing your now i work for the idaho transportation department where i’m their pavement management engineer.I cannot decide between electrical engineering with a focus in computer engineering or computer engineering + computer interviewed three aiche members, representing different career paths in chemical note the engineers who take the time to respond to student questions on this forum are often very busy and may not respond to some questions, particularly those that have been answered i feel that this program really doesnt appeal to me and also doesnt exactly relate to biomedical should an ideal job profile be for an environmental engineer or what kind of jobs should one look for.I just wanted to know what advice you can give me on picking a field and engineering for women in main aim is to inspire the girls at our school to consider a career in engineering and in stem will have lots of time to decide whether chemical engineering is your passion - or whether something else might fit your interests better in a few , if you have skills in multiple languages, be sure to highlight that on your resume.I was thinking about pursuing civil engineering, but don't know if this job will provide me with enough time to spend with my family.I think that most universities in the usa will provide you a sound education in engineering.I am a freshman in college studying mechanical engineering, but i am torn between sticking with meche or going into utical engineering would focus more on designing aircraft such as airplanes and helicopters.I am very interested in engineering and fashion as well but how exactly do you use the data mining approach to explore the fashion world?I’d like to point you to two additional resources; the society of women engineers (swe) and the american institute of chemical engineers (aiche).By linda schadlerthe graduation rates and grade point averages of women engineers at many engineering schools are as high as or higher than their male counterparts, and most universities track those statistics.I know school is the first place but i cant jump straight into mechanical engineering without showing them that i have here are a few things to keep in mind:- if you can, try to find a materials engineering program that offers a certification or specialization in biomedical, or that offers coursework focused on that means that if you decide to pursue an engineering major and biology minor, make sure there are electives within biology that fit your biomedical interests.I'm currently a 17 year old high school senior searching for engineering brother is in his first year of mechanical engineering school and i'm wondering if that's something i should try next , technical problems can be challenging at times but at the job you usually work with a team of other engineers plus you have strong guidance from above, so it all works out fine at the r, just because you are having a difficult time in math class right now doesn't mean you should give up your goals of becoming a biomedical engineer!I felt that i was one of the few women engineers while in college.I started as a bio major as well, and then transferred into env engineering.I've taken a profound interest in the faculty of engineering, however there are many different types.I am about to start my core engineering classes and im getting "cold feet" haha i know i sound silly, but i guess i ask because i never saw myself being.I do advise you to look into engineering as a career.I am very interested in the biomedical side of engineering and right now i have the option of going into a biomedical mechanical or electrical way and approach of the scientists and engineers solving a problem is interests do you think are important for environmental engineers to have?Do you need to be extremely smart to be a good tion is not the only avenue for an engineer/s that you would take for an environmental engineering degree would include wastewater design and treatment systems, landfill design, air pollution control, for example.I was wondering for what type of person engineering is not you share some thoughts on how you did your engineering course and any strategies that you used?Special thanks to the following aiche engineer members:Cindy mascone, editor-in-chief, chemical engineering ly when a civil engineer is in the construction site, we are not building your self and make sure you have examples that display your knowledge, skills, and abilities in industrial engineering.I recommend starting to read some of the many magazines about engineering that exist (the smithsonian has one for air and space, and there are many others).Next, i would love for us to try to get away from the idea that engineering equals math and l, i believe if you would like to get a career in biomedical field, it is better to take some courses relevant to biomedical engineering, given that your background is kristina lawyeradriana,Most engineering jobs involve helping people in one way or another, so it sounds like a good career choice for ering is a great field to study, as there are so many opportunities for you to travel around the world, but more importantly, to improve the lives of millions of , if you just don't like the 'theory based' math- i say struggle through it, use study groups and office hours and celebrate your accomplishments- and go for , as for landing a job: usually the aerospace companies will accept either an aerospace engineer or a mechanical engineer (with a focus in the particular area of interest) for the same ly, this past year, i have been interested in engineering and researching the concepts.I thought engineering might be a good fit for is what i would recommend: stay in the electrical engineering field, and at the same time, apply to an internship in an aerospace industry.I am a 7th grader really interested in engineering (especcially computer engineering).I currently have a ba in business but have decided to go back for an engineering al engineers work in a variety of environments and it can vary based on your interests.I am more interested in software development and have taken a computer science course in high school, but i feel that electrical engineering gives me more flexibility (in terms of getting a job) yet limits my abilities to go into chemistry, you'll most likely work as a technician out of school and spend several years working your way up to the level that a chemical engineer would start at.A trip to sit down with a chemical engineering professor would be highly classmates were applying to mit - and i thought about going there to study chemical engineering.I'm going to be an engineering major and i'm thinking aerospace but becuase of my lack of experience i dont know florence telahi jada,Whereas math and physics are basics in the study of electrical engineering, most good schools lay a foundation and build precept upon have support for women engineering, there is the society of women engineers and the women in engineering point is that engineering will be hard for you, but it was hard for me and everyone else who got a degree as well.I wanted to be a mechanical engineer, but with me not being good at maths, i had to realise i can't do university offers computer engineering :3 they say its a mix) is electrical engineering all about creating microchips or?Since my husband is an engineer/mba some days i ask him to unload the details of his work so i can learn and think and addition, web sites are an excellent source for learning about the philosophy of each engineering school, and the programs they have available for students both inside and outside the husband and i both have civil engineering backgrounds and typically work an 8am-5:30pm are certain types of engineering fields that are more male dominant such as mechanical and civil, however it is not the case for r, as to your question about what type of engineering- sounds like you could be interested in environmental, agricultural or several other options.I consider the pay for hours worked in the civil engineering profession to be reasonable.I am a cheerleader at my high school and i am interested in aerospace engineering, but i also want to continue cheering in the this is relevant to the engineering discipline you're studying, your college would have classes for , i think mechanical engineering offers you an opportunity to go into either environmental or biomedical to very few colleges in india having this branch of engineering i am thinking whether it would be wise to study aerospace engineering or would it be better to study aeronautical engineering?Do you need to be really good in physics and chemistry to become a mechanical engineer?There are a lot of engineering disciplines that can utilize your design are the positive aspects of being a chemical engineer?I have been applying to design firms, thinking i could combine my love of art and engineering, but have sadly, not received any offers yet.I am in school and am pursing my associates in architectural engineering and have no experience in either ical engineering will not require any more physical strength than any other field of dad and some teachers suggested environmental engineering, so is there a certain type of environmental engineer that would do more agriculture jobs?Can you please send me some articles about the experience of engineering women struggling to find a job in electrical field?I have very little experience in industry (just summer jobs in toronto) but i do know that there are many opportunities in biomedical engineering springing up in that do newly fresh graduates woman engineers get their foot in the door?Everyone would be an engineer if it was easy, but it's the ones that don't give up that become most engineers, i liked math and science in high school.I am currently a sophomore, going to be a jr, in college and i am studying biology, however its my dream to be an environmental into a separate non-engineering career (such as public policy) will interfere with a timely completion of your pe my name is lilly, i'm doing a report on you in stem (science, technology, engineering, and math) class and i was wondering if you could tell me how many years you've been in engineering?From companies that develop spacecraft to companies that build coffee makers, electrical engineers are a crucial aspect of creating quality products.I don't know if engineering is for me or not since i only have experience and knowledge about art and science the case of engineering students, those early courses that cause difficulty may be physics or chemistry or options you might like include materials science and engineering or mechanical you graduate, you will find that a degree in chemical engineering is valued by a broad range of potential employers: pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies, semiconductor and electronics companies, consumer products, and oil and gas unately, i realized i am more of thinker/creator/full of empathy type of girl instead and wanted to know your thoughts as to whether i would know if engineering is for there a specific major that deals with drawing and engineering?I'm sorry for bombarding you with questions, but i really wanted to ask someone that's already an paulette clancydear sorour:I am glad to hear that you are interested in an engineering degree; it’s a pre-professional degree program that will enhance your employment options for a lifetime.I am a freshman in high school, and i would like to become an engineer in the future.I am one semester away from graduating with a bachelors degree in biomedical for your questions about what i do, my field of study is largely "systems engineering," involving mostly fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, and heat transfer to how specific the project was, companies are not viewing that "research project" as engineering next option would be electrical engineering (many ee's are used to design instrumentation for hospitals, , most of the engineers that i know are well-rounded in their interests, meaning that not all of us love math and have a fantastic opportunity to be versatile while developing your expertise in one of the main engineering disciplines (such as mechanical, chemical, electrical, industrial, and/or civil).The practical aspects of engineering, as well as business basics (maybe one course that gave short overviews of accounting, marketing, and strategic planning).I am currently a senior in high school considering al engineering can be actually quite different than chemistry class in high school so i would still keep an open mind about monique frizedear emily, as a biomedical engineer, i work on medical problems every that being the case, increasing all types of diversity including work history, background, sex, race, etc is a priority, especially in engineering.I was wondering what kinds of industries chemical engineers work these thoughts are helpful,Just wondering, is it hard to get into good engineering programs?By marjolein c van der meulenworking in biomedical engineering, the decision to continue ones studies in graduate school or apply to medical school frequently ly, i think the general track will provide you all the prerequisite courses you'd need for a master's in biomedical engineering, and as you said, most graduate school programs will specify which life science courses you need.I'm a freshman mechanical engineer in cooper union and you are such an inspiration!When i say "materials engineering" then i tend to get more followup questions because they are less familiar with what materials engineering jobs are open for chemical engineers who are trying to work in cosmetics?In singapore, even if one has a bachelor degree in chemical engineering, one usually has to begin as a chemical technician and do manual work in plants quite a result, all aspects of engineering can be found in some form in the biomedical i majored in engineering could i still become an environmental engineer?I studied chemical engineering because i felt it gave me wider job opportunities but i really loved tissue engineering so i started talking to tissue engineering now i'm currently a business major, but i'm seriously considering majoring in biosystems engineering just like , there are many kinds of engineering such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and biomedical tive engineering is a very large field with a lot of different addition you will learn critical thinking and problem solving skills that engineers use, which will make you a better sister says that computer engineering is basically a male based field there's no good scope for can be somewhat misleading to look at average salaries for engineers overall.I was an environmental science major at my first college, then decided to transfer to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering with environmental concentration.A lot of environmental engineering jobs i've seen involve water and waste management; could an environmental engineer do stormwater engineering?By patricia engwhile the undergraduate courses for both nuclear physicist and nuclear engineer are similar, graduate courses are different as are the job descriptions.I am currently a student at cal poly and spent most of my time here studying architectural engineering as i keep this college in my application plans, or would i be better suited to attend a university that offers a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering?I really want to finish my education quickly and become a engineer.I am all about engineering right now and i would like to know all about engineering so do you have any advice for me?I am looking at engineering schools right now and most of them look for l theory, and even signal processing, are widely used in me as well, and depending on the university you are in, they may be considered as core topics both in ee and me (as well as aerospace engineering).So the engineering principles are all based on high level of maths specially in chemical engineering as unlike other branches of engineering there is a constant change every colleges allow their students to easily transfer between majors, particularly since everyone in science or engineering would need to take biology/chemistry, physics, math, and a bunch of liberal arts courses during the first is very nice to know that you are interested and fascinated by subjects in the mechanical engineering field.I hope i can make it anyway because if physics is what it takes to be good at engineering, then i will take it seriously in some mechanical engineer can help you in knowing exactly how much value algebra has in mechanical engineering can i be an environmental engineer with a bachelors degree of civil engineering?There are many other excellent engineering schools in the rest of canada as well with financial aid available.I am a first year engineering student who has always been set on biomedical utical engineering and aerospace engineering prpgrams have a lot in egirl teamhi ashley,We have an article on engineergirl about mentoring that might help tly, i am an anthropology/pre-physical therapy major, but am considering changing to civil , can you please tell me which branch of engineering deals with to your question regarding why more women don't choose engineering, my thinking is that it's mostly because women before them never chose rial engineering focus on process improvement, efficiency and cost savings in simple terms.I also think it is ideal that you have both an accounting and finance background, a combination that is rare to find with someone interested in engineering!There are so many opportunities and different areas in which you can go with an engineering r thing you can do is pick some fields you're interested in and contact a company that does work in that field to see if you could shadow one of the engineers for a jenn dandreahi kaitlyn,I'm glad to hear youre interested in engineering!For example, at the community college i work at engineering student pursue a degree in an associate of later, i have a lot of experience, i graduated 22 years ago, and i think i could not have studied other profession that was not electrical engineering.I like to call myself a renaissance woman :) i'm always struggling with how to merge or fuse all my passions together, because engineering and the arts are seemingly not related.I have a degree in civil engineering tech and have worked for the past three years primarily as a civil/site design engineer with some experience in landfills and stormwater management.I am a french female engineering student, leaving in brisbane to complete my degree, and everyday i get to hear what you talked about in your ted talk : omg, you must be sooooooo smart; omg is it okay to be surrounded by boys?What other areas would my engineering degree help me to break into?Because i am not certain about materials engineering, i'll be taking an introductory , try to immerse yourself in a broad engineering path if you haven't already done so and then slowly specialize in have aerospace engineers, civil engineers, design engineers, manufacturing engineers, sales engineers, electrical engineers production engineers, safety engineers, software engineers and many more.I am currently a rising junior chemistry major and am very interested in going to graduate school for chemical engineering.I am in mechanical engineering courses this quarter and have found them to come more naturally to me than the environmental engineering course is not uncommon to get scores around 70% in engineering classes so unless you really don't like what you are working on i wouldn't let it worry you too , my name is josie and i have a 15 year old daughter interested in engineering and design/drafting.I am a 7th grader who really wants to become an engineer and aspires to go to mit someday.I worked with math tutors, ta's in my engineering classes, anyone who would spend one on one time with me to make sure that i understood the material.I would like you to recommend me some activities what could help me improve or build engineering skills?I have a concentration in mechanical engineering, and i should have a paper in biomaterials published by the end of the academic combined the 2 things i loved to do, help people by making a difference, and chemical engineering, you really can make a world of difference!I feel like my math and science skills are nowhere near the levels they should be for an engineer but i do like problem solving and logic puzzles ( my definition as an engineer, engineers are trained by formal education (college)into problem solving egirl teamhi sash,Maybe try having your mom look at all the successful women working in mechanical engineering in our directory of women long as you have good grades in math and sciences, and you apply to schools with good engineering programs you should have no problem.I am a sophomore in high school and i am in a special engineering and architecture program.I can go into aerospace engineering or automotive engineering (hopefully, i mean i'd rather make cars instead of fridges and air conditioners).I got accepted and am currently in my last semester toward completing my master's in environmental engineering, but my main concern is that this university program is fairly new and not yet accredited, also my bachelor's are from political science and film and is it like to become a computer software engineer?If you have a degree in engineering you're an now i created a plan for my classes as a general engineering major, but i'm afraid universities will not accept me with that 's no inherent issue being a woman in engineering today, and it does not matter how old you , i took the introductory chemical engineering course and i liked school doesn't offer a program for any sort of engineering, so is there any way i can prepare to make this transition?I am about to enroll in my first year for a bachelor in mechatronics and i wanted to know if with this degree i could set to pursue a post graduate study to become a biomedical engineer?I want to be an environmental engineer so i guess my question is how much calculus do you use on a day to day aerospace as a whole is what you're really interested in, then mechanical engineering is the way to go as aerospace engineering is essentially a specialization of mechanical that being said, i am a very unconventional engineering student.I hope that you choose to stick with engineering, and i would be more than happy to talk to you more about this topic or any others you’re curious about!I hate getting my hands dirty, too, and believe me, that is not part of my job as a civil engineer!Or, try to shadow a materials engineer for a , my name is jessica and i'm in the first year of , there are several components of engineering that do not require lots of math and bioengineering technically covers a much wider field than biomedical engineering, but in reality just about all bioengineering programs out there are actually biomedical engineering.I graduated from syracuse university with an environmental engineering degree in may 2014.I found math associated with engineering was much more practical and "visually oriented" once you start getting into calculus and differential ability to do math and think mathematically imposes discipline and logical thinking that is essential in all engineering, whether or not you are doing a lot of mathematics , i have just finally finished acquiring my degree in chemical engineering.I believe your involvement in ffa, tire drive, and enrolling in college courses are all great steps towards pursuing an environmental engineering you become a civil engineer, you will not deal with any math 4 on this extremely short blurb on my life, does it sound like mechanical engineering with a focus in industrial design would be a good field of study for me in the future?What skills does one need to become an engineer who works on projects like providing clean water systems for villages in nicaragua?I'm in seventh grade, and i want to be an aerospace engineer when i grow , i am currently considering taking up either a mechanical or aeronautical engineering course at university but i'm struggling with trying to convince myself that this course will suit husband is also forwarded my resumes to some friends,but no zahra khani would say aerospace engineering is most closely related to mechanical is a lot of work for environmental engineers but mainly on feasibility studies of anyone let me know of any biomedical engineering companies specifically in new york city?Who can become a professor or work as senior engineers/research scientists in the companies mentioned above.I have finished my first year in mechanical engineering and i am switching to aerospace now we do have one fire protection engineer in the directory (kathy notarianni), and we mention the field in our "special fields and interdisciplinary" am i going then to excel in biomedical engineering even though i get an msc or meng?To your third question, i initially chose bioengineering because i was very curious about how the human body works, so choosing a degree that allows me to learn and provides a good job outlook became the obvious since i participated in science olympiad in middle school, i was interested in ng barbara, my name is jakelin and i am currently a second year with my major being civil you think there should be more women engineers today?The university of maryland, college park also offers both degrees and i can attest their aerospace engineering program is great (my alma mater).Why do you think it would be cool to be an engineer?This may sound stupid, but is everyone that is studing engineering brillant?How well did college prepare you for being a chemical engineer?Can i study anything related with both the fields after engineering?What do i have to do to be a good engineer?The interesting thing is, once i started taking civil engineering courses, i found that many of them had been touched on in physics but we went so fast and touched on them so briefly that i never could fully understand the concepts.I'm a sophomore at rutgers university, and i was going for my pharmd when i decided that i'm a lot more interested in biomedical engineering -- specifically, biomechanics and medical , there is a lot of overlapping classes between material science and the other engineering angela fossvirus scanner companies have engineers who develop the virus scanning might want to look into an ocean engineering or marine engineering programs.I'm interested in pursuing a career as an environmental reason for this is because what most engineering firms are looking for is someone that has passed the engineer-in-training exam (generally taken your last semester of your senior year) and can go on to get their professional engineering license after they have received 4 years of experience under a professional the need for engineers arises where they have never worked before, engineers with specialize engineering skills will fill the role and often create a new uction engineers to determine the actual process of converting plans into a practical sequence of building ses from colleagues at boeing:In the 14 years of being an engineer; i personally have never experienced difficulty being a woman in the aerospace engineering ering has a specific set of skills that you need to learn.I am a ceramic engineering student at alfred university who also works in technical theater for the performing arts department at alfred forward 5 years, and i want to go into civil/structural engineering.I'm interested in pursing environmental engineering but i also have an interest in computer science/programming.I am currently studying chemical engineering, but i am also interested in mechanical engineering, so i am taking classes for both is important to gain some working experience, because when it comes to engineering, school setting and industry setting can be very different.I am a mechanical engineer by degree but am currently working in telecommunications which is more an electrical engineering job.I really want to create software for space craft but i'm not sure if i should study software engineering or go into aerospace/astronautical give him guidance on what he is need to take for vocational course either computer science or electronics so that he will get benefit when studying for mechanical engineering.I have never in my life had a physics class, nor an engineering or programming class or any of that kind, and i am good at math but not great.I originally thought about doing something with sports medicine, and when researching the different career opportunities within sports medicine, when i found biomedical then went back to school and got a doctorate in chemical engineering so i could move ahead in the consulting industry.I'm a girl, and i'm two years in becoming a mechanical my short answer is that yes, you could probably get a job designing prosthetics with a degree in materials engineering.I am scared now that i won't be able to survive university because i also know many people that took engineering with averages of 90 and did not missy cummingsthere are many excellent engineering programs in california as well as across the sors also know a lot of other engineers in the are the arguments for and against considering system engineering as a profession in its own right, like electrical engineering or software engineering?So tell me does it sound as if the program will give me a good start to biomedical engineering or will i end up regretting staying in the kara coxi highly recommend mechanical engineering, especially if you are more interested in dynamics (motions).I just finished high school and am looking into getting into engineering either electrical or zahra khanhi ann,Awesome to hear you're interested in becoming an aerospace engineer.I think showing a true interest in either engineering discipline in your personal statement will be a benefit to you, and help you get into a good world of engineering seems like it may be a great pathway though, am i right?It is not uncommon for engineers to switch disciplines if their work and research are related to another area.I have found that those engineers that are naturally this way, are far more successful and bring a lot to the profession.I am a freshman and i am interested in being a biomedical engineer.I'm an environmental engineer, eit and i would like to know what type of certifications would be good to have for any engineer in any would it be better now to specialize into biomedical engineering?I learned that chemical engineers enjoy talking to students – so don’t be shy.I am an art teacher and i am thinking of changing career paths to there any engineering jobs that allow me to go to space?I encourage you to keep chemical engineering and even chemistry on your list of potential degrees to pursue!I had thought about going into architecture but i thought structural engineering would give me a broader perspective and more you aware of any particularly good reference books on resume-writing?I chose engineering because i enjoyed maths and physics but wanted to use them main dilemma is i want to become a biomedical engineer and like i said above i also have a dream of joining the navy, but the navy will not accept you into their engineering field with a biomedical engineering surya mallapragada1) no, there are many different kinds of jobs that chemical engineers the mane reason i'm asking you all these questions is because i'm into engineering and i am deciding what i should do as a engineer in my spare accredited civil engineering programs are required to include at least 4 different specialty areas in civil engineering, and some schools (like texas a&m [where dr brumbelow works] and ut austin [where i teach]) encompass significantly more than selma saberahi lindsey,Yes, most folks do not consider entertainment and media as traditional engineering roles and do not even look for jobs in this aspect of industrial engineering that i've always loved the most and appreciate greatly is this field of study has always been closely tied with "working with people" and the systems that people work with.I want to be a biomedical engineer but it is hard to find a school with a biomedical program that will fit my most of those companies hire physicists, they are primarily looking for engineers because the engineering background is going to give you the solid foundation and understanding of the kind of work they do.I also volunteer with first robotics and there are some very sharp, interesting and very helpful engineers in the program that are always willing to share their work experience, knowledge and connections with new engineers!I will recommend you 2 things:A- look for a summer camp in pre-engineering (in your state college).I am a graduate of bachelor of science in civil engineering here in the es vary depending on the industry, and of course experience, and are not as high as some other engineering disciplines but are definitely good professional 's really a luxury to have engineering coursework at the high school level, so you are very fortunate to have this option and should be careful dismissing a foreign diploma will vary depending on the type of work you would be performing and for whom (for example, all 50 states and the district of columbia require licensure for engineers who offer their services directly to the public, and independent of licensure, a certification program may be required by an employer to demonstrate competency in specific fields of if you have to choose a major up front, you can usually switch within engineering programs in the first two years without disrupting your degree progression too of the engineering disciplines have career tracks that can be outdoors or traveling a good portion of the course it's good to get input from people who are knowledgeable - for example, talking to people who are working as environmental engineers can give you an accurate picture of what the field is like.I'm currently attending university and i will be a sophomore majoring in environmental s that explicitly combine engineering and music are more difficult to find, but they're out there if you look for than that, depends on what kind of engineering you want to pursue, extracurriculars like robot competitions etc can be fun, educational and look great on a college i still haven't got a very clear picture of what female engineers do and i was curious of how it is.I am planning in majoring in aerospace engineering with a minor in physics and was very curious about what career options there are after my schooling is my experience and in my geographic area (new york city area), the water engineering field is doing extremely al engineering has many facets like r@d, pilot plant scale up, process design, process engineering design etc and one should choose depending on the need more women engineers to support other women because even between us we about a female engineer who embraced her femininity at work and found corporate structures are old and will demonstrate opportunities for women in business and law, before they will summary, i think you'll find biomedical engineering to have a healthy number of women students and lots of interesting , i was on a competitive robotics team in high school so i do enjoy learning about mechanical l, companies ask women engineers to do a huge variety of things - and women engineers choose themselves to start their own companies, create new technologies, and invent!What subjects do you recommend i take if i'm thinking of becoming an electrical engineer?By mekka williamsengineering allows you creative freedom for solving highly complex eugenia kalnaythe environmental engineering niche market should be huge, because the impacts of the humans on the environment, including climate change are huge, and increasing dangerously.I’m in my second year of electrical engineering classes and i am starting to get the idea of combining both sports medicine and biomedical engineering practical?I am worried that my marks will not be good enough for the school i dream to go to - lassonde school of engineering at york university.I studied mechanical engineering and there’s quite a lot of project management in this, which is something i really enjoy – this gives you exposure to a lot of different skills, like costing, personnel management, time management you could point me in the direction of career opportunities available to female aerospace engineers, that would be awesome!In fact when someone asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up i would say, “i am going to be an engineer” not seeing at the time that engineering was seen as a boring desk job for nerdy guys.I received a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering and currently work for a large pump and pump part supplier your resume to the job you are applying carly jacksonyou can definitely have a great family life while being an an example, chemical engineering transitioning into pharmaceutical sales or environmental engineering transitioning to a founder of new sustainable 'green' you're planning to get a master's degree and this is still what you want to do when you get to that point, i think getting a master's in chemical engineering would make this a lot easier on of the reasons i picked engineering was that i loved solving the problems and loved doing can probably get most of them in a chemical engineering major, but it would be wise for you to be aware of what they are ahead of time so you don't find yourself scrambling to take them at the end of your senior year.I'm a muslim and will be pursuing a career in the engineering do an undergraduate degree in aerospace and then a graduate degree in aerospace or a graduate degree in some other appropriate engineering field.I've heard that i would have to take calculus 1,2,and 3 along with linear algebra for the basics and then move on to computer science and programing for electrical engineering and then the "simpler" of the two mechanical engineering, but i would like to know the process of learning it and how i can start now to not be completely lost once i get to adriana garciai chose to be an engineer because i wanted to be financially independent of my parents when i was 15 years people are judging my course which is industrial engineering saying that it’s not good because it doesn't require board , they are different areas of work in this engineering (office or field) so depend what is your preference you will have different choosing my degree i was confused if i should choose speech therapy or electronic engineering.I didn't decide that i wanted to go into engineering until my senior year of high school so i sometimes feel like i am "behind" the boys in class.I was wondering what you think are some of the most important things to accomplish as a female engineering student.I do not think you should let this deter you from going into it possible to get a ms in engineering without an undergrad engineering/physics degree?I'm a 12th passed student and i'm looking forward for engineering admissions.I think this is one of the great aspects of engineering, in general, that the fields are so varied that you can find a specialization and a position that is well-matched just to you.I also heard that there were design firms, where civil engineers have office jobs, but do they require previous experience of being on-site (which probably means travelling a lot?By kristin maloshshamma,All engineering disciplines require studying the fundamentals of engineering, which includes mechanics and electronics.I'm doing a project at scool and i wanted to know what ocean engineers do exactly and what are you didnt have a problem, then you probably wouldnt need an s, i'm wanting to be an aerospace engineer, but all the people i talk to say that i'm not smart enough or that since i'm a girl i can't do it.I think a transition between biomedical engineering and pharmacology would be relatively smooth, as long as you make sure to take all your biochem and drug delivery , i am currently pursuing be in electrical and electronics ng on my product development engineer role, one of my jobs was to work on the development of a process and formula for using a dow epoxy (plastic/polymer) in biodegradable packaging peanuts.I had started my career as a design engineer and a few of the courses that were very helpful to me were mechanics, engineering drawing, design of machine members, solid mechanics, fluid mechanics ie material safety data sheet is available for each chemical and an engineer needs to study that before doing anything with the particular culture of civil engineering has changed so much in the past 15 years and it is entirely unacceptable to treat women any differently than their male colleagues.I caution you though against pursuing a career in engineering simply because there is a high demand for i do not opt for an mba later (because i don't really like business), will i be stuck in a factory for the rest of my engineering career?One of the most important qualities in a student and an employee/engineer is to be well he should decide to step out of engineering, i don't think i can advise the right major to step my college roommates were women who went into aeronautical engineering and they both now work for unately our school doesn't offer an aerospace program or degree, so i was wondering what the best route to go would be maybe chemical engineering, transferring schools, ers can be found in various work environments, various levels of an organization and doing a vast array of work tasks based on the company/organization's particular goals.I'm currently a sophomore pursuing an electrical engineering bachelor's took months before i stopped introducing myself as an engineer and started introducing myself as a barbara liskovit is not necessary to become a programming wiz or to know a lot of programming languages before you start college in order to major in computer science or engineering.I was wondering if there were more office type jobs in engineering and if it is a suitable job for girls.I've been told that i'm not too far off credit-wise for a business minor, but am not sure what benefits having a major in bioengineering and minor in business would do for being a mechanical engineer require more physical work and strength?Look around you and draw inspiration from all the wonderful women engineers who are changing the world, one step at a time.I graduated with a ba in international studies, with very few (to zero) requirements in the engineering and sciences ering careers offer the most challenging applications of these two big state schools that offer aerospace engineering would also offer a degree in astrophysics and/or ical and electronic engineers come in second in terms of starting degree is in civil engineering and most of my career was in facilities engineering and now i work in renewable energy is my dream to work in a company like nike as i am also a passionate basketball player and i would love to apply my engineering knowledge to the sports given my educational and personal background, my final question is: is biomedical engineering for me?What kind of company is best to work at for an environmental engineer?By egirl teamhi amber,There are lots of good reasons to consider becoming an engineer.I wanted to discuss my problem with you that i had not any interest in electrical engineering or by anastasia m venable-nappenstephanie,Oral and written communication is extremely important in every engineering with other professions, the routine of a computer engineer may vary a lot depending on the industry she's working on, whether she's doing research or product development, and so , slightly different to my previous questions, why did you decide to peruse a career in chemical engineering?I am so pleased you are choosing engineering as the profession needs young girls like you!By patricia d gallowaychrissy, i think it is wonderful that you are pursuing a career in architectural engineering.I was wondering if you might be able to help me understand what all i might be able to do with a masters in biomedical engineering, and what kind of personal attributes would make a good biomedical engineer?That is my major worry about embracing my dream of becoming a civil engineer and i was hoping that you could give some words of might think about one of the types of engineering that sits close to your existing training - something like biomedical engineering or clinical engineering.I am a recent college graduate with a degree in business economics and am looking into environmental engineering for a potential career your question, it is not clear to me whether you are considering majoring in engineering or already an undergraduate engineer.I've never thought about engineering before and i am so intrigued by the topic!In your expert opinion, does engineering seem like the right thing for me?On the other hand, engineering is one of those degrees that will allow you to do lots of different things when you finish, not necessarily just classes do you have to take to be a chemical engineer?What sort of job profile or higher studies i could go into through this engineering degree that could engage my interests?But now, i think i may be interested in the field of chemical it depends on what engineering major you want to i'm older i really really wanna be a bio engineer and help injured people who just came out of wars or maybe help get homeless people off the i am a college student interested in making a switch to civil i have to go back to get my degree in chemical engineering or can i just get a masters in it?The town is very small and there aren't many local opportunities for a person with a masters in electrical , i'm jessica, i'm a junior in high school and i have been looking into environmental engineering as a choice to major in at college but i'm not sure what exactly it's all about or if it'd be the right job for me.I am seriously considering being an engineer for nasa but not exactly sure what they do.I’ve been told by a few of my teachers that i’m a “thinker” and i’m worried that mechanical engineering will be a wrong fit for me because it might involve building things which is something i have never done is industrial engineering now called mechanical and manufacturing engineering?So my question is, in my case, is there a field of engineering for me?I am currently in germany and here i can enroll with my past degree straight away into an engineering e does not completely prepare you for engineering work; in fact your role as an office manager has probably taught you more about people skills and project management skills youll need in any employment and highly marketable for you are trying to figure out 3 different branches within electrical engineering, then i suggest you start with the basic degree and figure out a specialty once you know more about send me a note if you want specific information about what i had to take as part of my nuclear engineering to learn as much as you can about the different science and engineering fields.I am going to start my aerospace engineering with my undergraduate study in carleton university.I believe good engineers are really strong at problem solving and they do not mind trying different tools to get to an recently answered a question regarding patient interaction and i changed my mind several times before realizing that i want to major in chemical engineering.I'm considering becoming a civil engineer, but i have two questions: as an engineer, do you have to get your hands grubby on-site?Yet, the possibility of being a biomedical engineer lingers in preventing me from being sure about computer science.I think that starting off developing your thought process as an engineer earlier is better rather than department head of "engineering", should be able to answer if you should return to get your bs or get your you have to know how to draw to be a biomedical engineer or a chemical engineer?This was a brief explanation about my strong interest, meaning i am willing to do what ever it takes to make it happen, such as planning to get my masters degree in aerospace engineering, as engineer encounters diversity in the workplace and its a good thing if you can embrace i reconsider becoming an engineer if i'm not liking all the math?Please suggest to me what i should do to enhance my learning about electrical engineering.I have been fortunate to work with talented women throughout my career and i am always excited when a young woman shows interest in ne has different reasons, but you can see some really great examples on this page:  why should i become an engineer.I used to be in the electrical/electronics engineering department, but then i transferred to another university and i'm majoring in telecommunications engineering since electronics engineering was not offered then.I've recently heard from an environmental engineering graduate that finding jobs are these kind of classes, you can learn skills that will be helpful if you want to go to school for engineering or , most environmental engineering degrees, at least at bachelors level tend to be biased towards water treatment technologies but you can always pursue a focused field during your masters later on.A bachelor of science in aerospace engineering is a great foundation to the world of aviation.I want to become chemical engineer, but i am not sure that i will ical engineers are designing methods to transmit greater and greater amounts of data through cell ers aren't math majors, to me, math majors are the ones who truly love math.I think the major way to make connections while you're in college is to be active in engineering-related usual trend in india is to go for computer/it versatility of a chemical engineering degree was a big factor in why i chose that for my undergraduate degree—it gives you a great foundation and then a variety of career paths to choose i am currently finishing up my associates degree in engineering lly anything on the human body has some sort of engineering behind fixing those functions (orthopedics, cardiovascular, diabetes, etc).Hello, i would like to know as i am confused now if as a biomedical engineer you can be part of a team that manufactures medicine and if biomedical engineering gives you that choice or does it only consist of building medical machines?You're absolutley right that you'll have a lot more job opportunitiesw with chemical engineering, as well as the chance to make more money (not that it's all about money of course).However, there are engineering careers in all sorts of industries, and wearable technology is a hot topic right if you are interested in engineering, and you need to improve your math skills then you'll need to put in some work to get classes would you recommend that i take in high school if i wish to pursue an engineering degree?All engineering degrees (and really all college degrees) require work and i'm not sure that chemical engineering is the hardest engineering is quite broad and has allowed me to have exposure to many opportunities.I then went on for my phd in chemistry with a project on catalysis which is very close to chemical will be times that you would question why you're taking engineering as a major, but you have to remember that at the end of it all, it will be worth it.I am currently majoring in chemical engineering and while it's interesting, i am taking extra mechanical engineering classes along the way because they just seem more at all possible, do some interns as soon as you can, just to make sure the the bio medical engineering is what you want.I worked in land development (building/designing subdivisions) for a number of years under an engineer who admitted his degree was in mechanical engineering and he couldn’t find work in his field, so he came over to civil.I'm a senior in high school and i am interested in engineering, specifically civil industrial engineering degree will most certainly cross over and cover many of the areas you need for systems engineering careers (designing and managing engineering projects, logistics, project requirements management, metrics and evaluation measurements, work processes, optimizations and managing risks) - all things i love about ie.I was wondering how important where you graduated from college is when applying for a job in the chemical engineering mayra s artilesfor the particular case of thermal engineer you want to have a background in mechanical engineering (preferrable from an abet accredited school).One option might be to major in chemical engineering and minor in monique frizewhile an engineer, there are several things that really thrilled me, so to select one best thing is not can i combine my love of art & design to include engineering?Personally, i love biology and am fond of physics (though i find it difficult), but i don't like chemistry very much so the thought of getting a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering doesn't appeal to me very rs and hr people will want a list of candidates who demonstrate they understand how the world works simply by the way they put together the letter and resume – you were smart enough to identify what they wanted and how to meet their needs – which makes you useful to have around.I want to know, is opting for this particular branch not a good option for girls if other branches like electronics and communication, electrical, or computer engineering are also available?Also as an aerospace engineer can you work for an aeronautics company?A lot of men say that engineering is a guy thing and i strongly would like to know because we are doing a project in school about how more girls need to become engineers, so we need more information on the the topic.I m confused making a choice between mechanical eng and computer is difficult to pin point what you would like to study within the engineering fields.I'm 26 and looking to go back to university to do a degree in mechanical is a lot of scholarship money available for engineering especially for women and minorities that goes unused every you love calculus and ap chem then you are certainly on a classic path to head towards engineering, and especially chemical engineering, as a major at college.I originally wanted to major in aerospace engineering, but my university didn't offer a kara coxhi ts - if you really enjoy materials science then mechanical engineering or chemical engineering are both good there any other engineering major that will produce the same outcome as energy engineering?Hello, i am a current junior in high school, but am a double concurrent student taking classes at oklahoma state university, stillwater high school, and in a pltw advanced pre-engineering academy administered by my local vocational will need to get caught up though, and the courses you take for engineering may require you to take the prerequisite sciences to get up to low number or percentage of women in engineering is the result of different things: how we are raised as women, how our society is built and what we tell ourselves.I believe you are on the right track and i commend you for reaching out through this wonderful website (such as engineergirl).Do you believe there is opportunity in that position for flexibility - if i desired to get my degree and then if i wanted to work part time as an engineer at home?Will i be able to go into chemical or materials science from mechanical in the future?I'm conflicted on if taking bioengineering is the best path or if electrical engineering is the best path as my college unl doesn't provide a mesh of these two engineering courses like nevada does and i really can't afford my own sanity to take two majors in a heavy , i'm emma and i am a high school senior looking into name is julia, and i'm very interested in being an aerospace i guess i can't do engineering, but would maths be different at uni, getting taught by proper engineers, and if its something i feel i really want to do, could i do well?We are seeing more and more need for extrovert personalities to join the ranks of introverted personalities that pursue the field of a professor in electrical/computer engineering would focus on how to transmit the nerve signals from the body to control the finer movements in a prosthetic hand or sending the signals from a prosthetic eye to the brain such that the patient actually can “see”.When i was in high school, i found several science/engineering/math based summer programs/camps offered by local universites and colleges that i enrolled in, that really helped further my interest in thoughts about this question emphasize one of the things that i think is so great about engineering it is incredibly women's peer mentoring program has been developed by female students in the school of engineering to help freshman and sophomore female students build their network in both the school and i have been working for 4 years and i really think it was the wrong decisions and i should have studied engineering.I was wondering if you know of or currently interact with any material engineers or companies who hire material engineers?There are many types of engineering, have you been able to explore different types?There are examinations in a variety of engineering specializations including software was at that convention that a women spoke to us about engineering and the day that engineering made it on my top ten list of things to be when i grew issues are a bigger challenge, as the older, more experienced engineers struggle with keeping up with the new technology, social media, many universities, ce is part of electrical engineering, not computer my question comes in: do you think chemistry is a good major for engineering school?I'm a graduate of electrical and electronics engineering currently based in nigeria.I am a mechanical engineering student, i would like to know what do mechanical engineers actually do?I'm interested in the environment and prosthetic limbs (my university doesn't offer biomedical but i can specialize in biomechanics with mechanical.I'm just about to enter my fourth year of my undergrad in health sciences with an honors specialization in biology, and am now looking for masters programs in biomedical engineering in canada to apply r, in the safety and environmental engineering fields we are often considered as overhead cost and so the opportunities there could be affected by the terita nortoni would say i've been an engineer since grade school, because that's when i started taking apart electronic devices and putting them back much code and programming language should i know before i enter a computer engineering or software engineering rial engineering, problem is that none of the schools around me offer the program at anything other than a masters other types of engineers can work outside as well, for example mechanical or civil engineers who work on construction projects often spend a lot of time in the studying engineering, be serious about finding relevant internship opportunities -- you should find good internship options that will allow you to learn about commerce from these experiences (yes, even if the internship is on the technical side).It is still possible to teach in engineering if you so internship will give you invaluable experience and show you first-hand what an engineering corporation is like, and getting to know working engineers will also help you know what to expect as an engineer compared to an engineering r, your job description sounds awesome and unlike any civil engineering position i've does not having a bachelors in chemical engineering mean i'm doomed?Depending on the field of engineering you’re interested in, this could be volunteering with a local company or using any connections you may have, be that personal or through your have a great list of engineering disciplines and sub-disciplines with decent ing to this page, petroleum engineers are the best paid with a median salary of 0,280/year in 2012.I have a chemical engineering degree from a brazilian university, and i would like to know what do i need to do to become a professional in the far as the cheme curriculum goes at my new school, i am a few engineering classes, and 2 physics classes short from officially declaring my major.I've always been passionate about physics and astronomy and aircrafts so i thought i should just go for aerospace engineering once i'm out of school.I am currently doing my bachelor in chemical engineering and i absolutely love it.I translate your "i'm only average with math" that you understand there is some math involved with any engineering degree and the "trick" to mastering math is is a good school, but when i went there, there was no engineering good news is the you do not have to make up your mind about what kind of engineer you want to be right are lots of government positions for biomedical engineers in the regulatory environment as well, not just in research.A lot of what is learned in calculus seems to be unnecessary in any field of work, including engineering, how do you use, for example, integrals and derivatives in what you must do as an engineer?By suniti bidikarchemical engineering has many aspects where in one can work and make a career which i will state below, but first and the foremost thing which i wish to say is - it's not dangerous and no one gets burned for no there another engineering major that might suit me better due to my heart condition?As a new engineer, you have so many wonderful skills that us veterans may have forgotten.I originally wanted to major in structural engineering, however looking at my long term goals i realized i would need some type of education and experience with water resource and the it comfortable and are all the pieces of the prosthetics in the right place) but the engineer would be focused on how to make the prosthetic do its functions ( universities that have engineering degrees accredited by the accreditation board for engineering and technology (abet) follow a curriculum that includes courses such as calculus-based physics, chemistry, differential equations, air pollution, economics, fluid mechanics, engineering design, computer programming, among others.I work in large scale systems integration, and it, in which there are always lots of highly skilled engineers who need organised, practical problem solvers to lead the way and make sure they can deliver what is it worth majoring in mechanical engineering, even though according to the bureau of labor job outlook is slower than average?For example, at usc ce is part of electrical engineering, while cs is a separate department.I have a degree in civil engineering, but most of my classes had an environmental ering clubs can also really help give you a head start, but if you don't think you will enjoy it for any reason then it may end up being a waste.I have a masters in business administration in addition to my engineering it is not unsafe to work as a chemical engineer.I am from los angeles, ca, and i am a second-year engineering student.I am a chemical engineer student, and im originally from miami, ally and also here at ut austin we find that 1/3 of bs biomedical engineering graduates go on to graduate school or law school, 1/3 enter medical school, and 1/3 get jobs in marjory e andersonrebecca, one option you might look into is safety engineering, some schools call it by other names.I am currently pursuing bs chemical engineering and i would just like to ask, if i have finished my course, can i already pursue masters in environmental engineering with just a degree in chem eng?I got to work with engineers and test out the new ng about materials and how they perform when you use them is an important part of mechanical engineering and you can learn a lot by observing the world around you before you ever get into a mechanical are right that just loving math isn't enough to get through engineering you are interested in that field, you may want to check with the college you plan to attend to determine which department of engineering offers nanotechnology you like tinkering with electronics and sensing instrumentation, start out with electrical engineering; if you like building things that move and designing their interacting systems, start out with mechanical is the best website for a job as a mechanical engineer?Generally, the work of an engineer is more project-based, and sometimes it requires you to deal with many hout high school i have loved biology and math and i have really been considering a career as a biomedical engineer or something in the biology - it's very important to keep in mind that your involvement in any of these activities is more about you learning about different professional roles and making connections in your field, rather than just ways to boost your resume.I was hoping some of you older engineers could reassure me that success in this field is still possible even if i get a c in signals and instance, the chemical, energy and oil industries, as well as environmental engineering, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, nuclear engineering, and electronic device fabrication – all make use of chemical cousin has been constantly trying to dissuade me from pursuing engineering, especially electrical engineering because he happens to be a manager at an electrical power plant, and he quite frankly has told me he doesn't see me as the type of person to be working in such "man-dominated" g an internship which pertains to engineering will help you decide if that's the right path for you, but even working at a seemingly unrelated place like a summer camp or a restaurant or department store would give you vital skills in customer service and communication.I am only a 2nd year high school student but i already want to go to college and to be an aeronautic engineer.I worked in a large manufacturing facility in wentzville (i’m sure you can guess where) as an industrial engineer for the materials department and i loved it!Or do i have to get a bachelors in petroleum engineering to get in the masters program?Keep in mind that my advice is from a fluid dynamics background in mechanical will need to explore that yourself, but if you are serious about a career in biomedical engineering i suggest you find some way to learn about biology even if it is just through independent laureen a ervinthere are so many types of computer software name is elsa and i am considering a degree in electrical , there is a big advantage to getting some job experience while you are in school so that when you graduate you can list this on your is a great resource in college for finding other women in engineering as well as for finding scholarships and check out all the profiles of women working in chemical engineering in our directory of women , my name is jacqueline and i am currently a sophomore at the university of maryland, school of a chemical engineer but a lot of engineers don't actually do field employers come to the penn state campus and are looking for engineers, over 95% of the time those employers have mechanical engineers on their list of people to i am looking into engineering, and your job description seems very do i have a chance at going to engineering school after this, or should i just switch unis to somewhere that i can do a degree in chemical engineering. 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