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She then verbally agrees to “try” to engage in the relationship he wants, and he is gently tells nicole, "it has to be this way", and asks her if she wants to go with him.

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Basically, christian wants a bdsm (bondage dominance submission masochism) relationship where he can get off by controlling her, and she will be “happy” by pleasing him with her wants to reread the rules, and he fetches her a copy of the contract to do so.

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Privately, ana tells christian that she wants “more” than just the bdsm stuff if they engage in any kind of relationship, which puzzles him but yet, he doesn’t dismiss also states that she can’t be everything he wants her to be, and he disagrees, saying that she is everything he wants.

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He wants them to be honest with each other for their relationship to wants to make things work between them and will do whatever it takes to make her trust him and be comfortable.

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Upon waking, ana tries to touch christian’s chest but he tells her not she gets home, she reads an email from christian saying that he hopes she will take him up on his offer because he really wants to make it work with her.

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He states he wants to show ana the grounds and they leave the dining room together, with christian practically dragging her across the backyard into the wants to know why he needs to hurt her, and he says that if he tells her the reason, she will run screaming from the room and will never want to return.

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She wants him to make love to her and to be able to touch him, but he becomes obsessed with nicole, tattooing his own chest with the words "nicole 4 eva".

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Ana decides to call his bluff and not ask for them back because he knows that’s what he wants her to do, so she goes to the dinner without any panties wants to know why she is upset and feels it must be something he’s done (men really are oblivious).

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He pleads not to let him die, but cataleya shoots him in the chest and he falls into the opened ’s disappointed that she still wants to go to georgia.

He wants to have sex on the piano, but she just wants to tells her he just wants to know who she is.

The hedge fund manager tells his security he wants extra men and ana pack up much of their apartment, and ana thinks about her situation with christian, and if she wants to pursue a sexual relationship with him.

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