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Not for being born wrong, or for failing to dismantle a thousand years of patriarchy on my personal timetable.

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Even when a woman consents to sex, ideologists such as jensen want them to have the right to ruin a man’s life, because, you know, the patriarchy.

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If we decide we aren’t going to talk about patriarchy, then let’s stop pretending we are going to stop sexual violence and recognize that, at best, all we can do is manage the problem.

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If we can’t talk about patriarchy, then let’s admit that we are giving up on the idea of gender justice and goal of a world without rape.

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Second-wave radical feminists in the second half of the 20th century identified men’s violence against women — rape, child sexual assault, domestic violence and various forms of harassment — as a key method of patriarchal control and made a compelling argument that sexual assault cannot be understood outside of an analysis of patriarchy’s ideology.