Women in Policing

Of women sworn into law enforcement positions in large police agencies with one hundred or more officers.

Interactions of Transgender Latina Women with Law Enforcement

There are many questions to why more women do not join law enforcement.

Women in Policing essays

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Like me, there are a lot of girls that want to grow up and be in law enforcement for the simple reason that they want to help people and put the "bad people" in jail.

Hiring & Retaining More Women: Advantages to Law

Like me, there are a lot of girls that want to grow up and be in law enforcement for the simpleCriminal justice ยป law enforcement.


Unfortunately, the single largest barrier keeping women from law enforcement is the behavior of male police officers.

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At this rate of growth it will take several generations for women to achieve equality in law enforcement.

Women in Law Enforcement: Two steps forward, three steps back

Women in Policing essaysWomen in Policing and the Gender Gap When I was a little girl I wanted to be a police officer.

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