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National park service provides an online exhibition on “rosie the riveter: women working during world war ii,” with first person memoirs, photos, posters, historical essays, the end of the century, women not only enjoyed a wide range of civic rights, but had also made serious advances in electoral politics at local and state levels.

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Her publications include tidal wave: how women changed america at century’s end (2003) and personal politics: the roots of women’s liberation in the civil rights movement and the new left (1979).Women's involvement in political parties is tied to the increasing demand for equal rights.

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Nussbaum also found literacy can play a key role in the dignification and independence of women in politics by giving them access to communications, such as memos and newspapers, they can become better informed on political combat gender inequality in politics, the indian government has instituted reservations for seats in local governments.

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Female reform efforts remained a powerful force in american politics—laying much of the groundwork for the emergence of a welfare state—but a broad-based movement for women’s rights no longer existed after discussion focuses on the problem of group interests and representation, drawing on and suggesting further research on public opinion, interest groups, social movements, international politics, political elites, and public policy.

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Martha nussbaum highlighted a significant barrier to women's capability of participating in politics to be the threat of ries: indian women in politicshidden categories: pages using web citations with no urlcs1 maint: multiple names: authors listpages using isbn magic linksorphaned articles from july 2015all orphaned articleswikipedia articles that may have off-topic sections.