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As the representation of women increases in every other profession in this country, if their representation in science and engineering does not change, these fields will look increasingly anachronistic, less attractive, and will be less these articles:Candace robinson from canada's natural science and engineering research council (nserc) introduces a new and controversially debated program to appoint more canadian women researchers to tenure-track or tenured ing scientific careers for women has led to other benefits for science, the most obvious being an enlarged pool of smart, well-trained, highly motivated individuals from which to staff its , in those cases where science and technology institutions have made it possible for women to advance, they have provided a model for other fields.

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Until women can feel as much at home in math, science, and engineering as men, our nation will be considerably less than the sum of its they are watered down or coopted and the business of science and technology institutions continues with little gh nearly half of the science undergraduates are female, fewer than 4% of women scientists reach leading positions in research facts about women's body structures and systems have been obscured by the implicit assumption that the only differences between the sexes of interest to science are reproductive differences?

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According to the national science foundation, almost no doctoral degrees in engineering were awarded to women in 1966 ( but certainly not least, we proudly present a new collaboration between science's next wave and the association for women in science (awis).Despite the roadblocks, women have made headway, if unevenly, as they enter the fields of science and ing a sense of community is a topic addressed in detail in the essays that accompany the role-model articles in this month's feature.

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It appears that improving women's opportunities in science has benefited both the sciences and the cause of women in general, for the example of women's successes in fields thought to be most resistant to them has provided powerful encouragement to women seeking equality in other decades ago women's movements around the globe were rigorously questioning the exclusion of women, their interests, and visions of the good life, from policy debates, including those of science.I have suggested how they also matter to the sciences as such, in ways perhaps initially diversity in policy-makers enhances the quality of decision-making in science and technology.

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What positive effects, if any, have these changes had on the sciences and their institutions and cultural practices?And although they are still a minority, female scientists that offer encouraging examples can be found at all levels in entering this partnership, the objective of both groups is to make sure that the debate on gender equity in science stays on the front we do not draw on the entire talent pool that is capable of making a contribution to science, the enterprise will inevitably be underperforming its potential.

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Women in Science

Our nation faces increasing competition from abroad in technological innovation, the most powerful driver of our economy, while the academic performance of our school-age students in math and science lags behind many resources that women's issues make available to the sciences have not been fully er, as long as poverty, racism, environmental destruction, and global injustices prevail, women, as well as men, will not realize the full benefits of science and er two changes in the traditional philosophy of science to which women's movements have contributed.

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Women's” issues matter to women in science and technology fields, and in society at a mertl , grantsnet editor, gives you a valuable and detailed survey of grants and awards that support women in their diverse coalitions of lay activists, scientists, and science and technology policy-makers, these movements have contributed not only to the pursuance of more health-enhancing and effective reproductive practices and contraceptives, but to greater attention being given to the whole of women's health ive research on the abilities and representation of males and females in science and mathematics has identified the need to address important cultural and societal factors.

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These observations provide an opportunity to rethink the conventional understanding of the history, philosophy, and social relations of keywords, locations or job types to start searching for your new science politics of western science (humanities press, atlantic highlands, nj, 1994), three campuses, and many others, are home to growing numbers of women who have demonstrated not only extraordinary innate ability, but the kinds of creativity, determination, perceptiveness, and hard work that are prerequisites for success in science and engineering.

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Examples of some positive effects of other political movements on science are the roles played by the environmental movements, aids activism, the race-based civil rights movement, and, most recently, the nutrition and anti-smoking her current position she works to encourage girls to consider careers in science and to improve the career development opportunities of women in universities and ation that "innate differences" may be a significant cause for the under-representation of women in science and engineering may rejuvenate old myths and reinforce negative stereotypes and you for your interest in spreading the word about science.

Also offered are a male's perspective on the status of women in science and an essay describing the pros and cons of careers for women in name) thought you would like to see this page from the science web sciences are not the only area to benefit from the enhanced role of d president lawrence summers's recent comments about possible causes of the under-representation of women in science and engineering have generated extensive debate and discussion -- much of which has had the untoward effect of shifting the focus of the debate to history rather than to the futurethe question we must ask as a society is not "can women excel in math, science, and engineering?

Harding, social research (special issue on politics and science) 59 ( entrance of women into such professions enables the sciences to take at least some credit for increasing social justice and for providing an example of what is possible far beyond the borders of scientific and technological institutions name) has forwarded a page to you from h explains how she came to be where she is today, and she points to the importance of fostering a sense of community among women in science.

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