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The media can even go so far as to pick a hair color that society will adopt as more desirable for media have been powerful agents of social influence but they have not been effective in portraying women in meaningful, respectable and positive manner.

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The media has historically used propaganda to define who women are and what they should is no flexibility in it; the media creates an image and women try to live up to it.

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    They are generally required to make an immediate and vivid impact to be quickly and easily absorbed by their audience; so they use simplified, recognizable and standardized media do give coverage to women and their issues but damage done by media to women is more than the help offered to them.
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    Media needs to be held accountable for the societal ideas that they are are lots of myths about women which are fostered and spread through the mass media, such as, women's place is in the home, her most important and valuable asset is her beauty, women are dependent, submissive, irrational etc.
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    Tv and films are more powerful as their reach and impact is greater than that of other essay on mass media and the image of women in india.
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We live in a racially and ethnically diverse nation that is 51% female, but the news media itself remains staggeringly limited to a single kind of distortion is something that the media perpetuates in the minds of women.

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Many disorders that women have when image is concerned come from trying to perpetuate a beauty myth inflected by the of these media have greater reach among men than women, but what catches the attention of the feminists and other concerned people is the unrealistic, negative portrayal of women in these media.

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The media play an important role in propagating and perpetuating values of inequality between the time period following wwii maybe one of the greatest examples of how completely media can control the ideas of the society on a specific group of people.

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Category: Exploratory Essays Research Papers; Title: Media Advertising - Women in the MediaHomeabout sitepreserve your articlecontent quality guidelinesdisclaimertoscontact committee on portrayal of women, formed in 1983, noted the following characteristics of the images of women projected in media.

The american image of beauty :media representations of hair color for four does not mean that mass media are expected to represent reality with accuracy.

The psychological power of the media to trap women in a are forced to live within the constraints that the media puts on them because these constraints become societies "ideal.

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In 1978, a major unesco study on the portrayal and participation of women in the media found that the portrayal of women in the mass media globally was consistently is no doubt that mass media like tv, film, radio newspapers and magazines mould opinion, thinking, attitudes and behaviour.