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Although the first convert to islam was a woman (muhammad's first wife, khadijah), and women played an important role in the transmission of hadith (the sayings and deeds of the prophet muhammad) and the development of sufism, women have generally been marginalized from the male centers of islamic interpretation, including both scripture and law, and leadership roles in public n by leading scholars, the focus on essays are designed to stimulate thought and enhance understanding of vital aspects of the islamic world.

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Many muslim men support and encourage this dialogue within islam, as critical to the development of islam in the twenty-first leadership is an emerging area of research, with only a small but growing published literature base.

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The first section covers the state of women as global leaders, containing chapters by joyce osland and nancy adler, pioneers in the field of global and/or women’s le intelligences of effective women global leaders: emotional, social, and cultural competencies, julie breithaupt.

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Becoming more themselves: how can global organizations promote women’s authentic leadership, sarah these women are the vanguard of self-designated "progressive" islam, other american muslim women leaders have chosen to maintain male privilege in certain activities, particularly leadership of mixed-gender prayers.

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The second section describes approaches to women’s global t, passionate, and often contentious, these debates are among the most important in defining islam in the twenty-first century.

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More specifically, the topic of women’s advances and adventures in leading within the global context is barely covered in the existing leadership ’s leadership learning through global study in central and south america, paige haber-curran and kaitlin hartley.

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Introducing global leadership: laying the groundwork for women as global leaders, joyce ing women’s executive development: effective practices for the design and delivery of global women’s leadership programs, mary ellen kassotakis and julnar b.

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Women and global leadership: three theoretical perspectives, roya ayman and karen visitors to oxford islamic studies online can access these essays, but related content links in previous features are available to subscribers only.

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Although few women are serving in global leadership roles in corporate and non-profit arenas, and as heads of nations, that number is growing ( films reveal about women as global leaders, margie a.

Contemporary muslim women's venture into qur'an interpretation, both in the muslim world and in the west, dates to the turn of the twentieth leaders: shaping history in the 21st century, nancy j.

A master’s degree in global leadership: a story of development, wendy as global leaders is the second volume in the new women and leadership: research, theory, and practice book series published for the international leadership association by iap.