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She points out that playing with women is an equally valid goal, and that knowing the game's rules at a young age will help women become equipped to be officials or to have roles in the front office or on the coaching staff of nfl teams.

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Remember: this is not about women playing against men, where, in some instances, strength and muscular advantages are unmistakable factors.

Female coaches: Why aren't there more women in charge of men's

There are exactly zero women working as coaches for the 122 teams playing in the nba, mlb, nhl, and nfl.

Can a Woman Play In the NBA?

Still, she isn't convinced that the goal should be playing professionally.

Women in the Pros -- For women, tackling NFL is a long shot

These guys all demonstrate that playing the sport is not a prerequisite to coaching it—and one could argue that it’s possible to become more educated than most about methods of achieving success in a sport, to follow and study it like no other, to simply outwork those who may have played that sport for a living.

Basketball's Gender Wage Gap Is Even Worse Than You Think

A woman serving as the head coach of a team playing in one of the four major american sports leagues would go a long way toward spurring change more broadly.

Women in Pro Sports -- Can women play with the men?

When it comes to a woman playing a professional sport in a traditionally male league, the nfl just might be the longest shot.

College athletes greatly overestimate their chances of playing

Women have played football in high school and college, and have their own tackle leagues.

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Those were the best playing days of my life," hnida said.

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